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  1. Wouldn't they more likely choose green or yellow rather than pink or blue. I mean, I have no idea. I think the idea is...well I won't say because someone told me in another thread not to say anything if it wasn't "nice".
  2. Submit it as a feature request. https://feedback.secondlife.com/feature-requests
  3. I really was just commenting on the picture. It's a male body so it doesn't matter really especially after almost 2 years ago.
  4. I don't see that at all. You think because someone "tells it like it is without sugar coating" they must be unhappy in RL. haha. Or do you say that to make yourself feel better?
  5. Maya's work almost perfectly with my avatar. I've bought a whole furnished house for just a couch or hammock since their stuff is only $99 or $199 whether PG or Adult.
  6. Ok, sheesh...can we give it a rest? If you don't want it on the forum then just report it. WE get you don't want it here. Back on Topic. The club I go to inevitably always ends up with someone talking about food or what they had for dinner or some restaurant they went to. I've gotten a lot of good ideas of what brands to buy that are good or where/how you can buy in bulk. Talking food I think is pretty safe to talk about in SL. The club also very often puts out food from Junk food or beer, wine etc. and she always brings out a cake and champagne if someone is celebrating a birthday in RL or a rezday, partnership or wedding in SL.
  7. The new TOS covers anyone presenting as under 18, including teens. No need for a separate one.
  8. I was hoping we could skip that whole conversation but I guess it was inevitable and am surprised that it took so long to come up. Peeve: People not realizing LL is going to continue to not address specific situations. They will write down what the minimum requirement is and will not budge on it based on thoughts of what sexuality is, what should be sexualized, what culture a resident is depicting, what country they come from or if little Susie down the street thinks so.
  9. I would agree with all this but the underlying psychological and /or sexual reasons doesn't matter. LL will enforce the rules based on what is acceptable to them and their attorney's so they don't get into legal issues. I doubt they care about anything else or any argument we come up with. If removing the back of the modesty layer for females won't put them legally incompliant they will allow it. Not because anyone cares that teens might wear low dresses or tops.
  10. You could put You could put boobs on a toddler....still makes them a toddler.
  11. Even if she wasn't wearing the diaper and pacifier she clearly looks under 18.
  12. Am I missing something. Where does it say Child Avatars are able to engage in combat?
  13. Not to my eyes and I guarantee you many more eyes than mine.
  14. I really like that avatar. You did a great job with it.
  15. For female prepubscent there would be no nipples because there will be some sort of covering. Whether that be a bra or t-shirt or tank top. BUT for male prepubscent avatars having no nipples, in my mind, would look stupid.
  16. I agree with this. I think if creators could create the modesty layer like the one on jamie w/o the back AND make it in different colors besides skin tone. White, cream , black, denim, etc so it could at least match the pants or top should it creep over the top of the shirt/pants they are wearing. This has the potential to be really cute. I'm not sure if a creator could make it like the Maitryeya HUD and have different skin colors you can choose from. If you are wearing jeans perhaps you choose a denim color for the bottoms so if the jeans are a little bit below the modesty panel it doesn't look so bad. It would blend in.
  17. I agree as well but I don't think that it should be removed. It should be a tank top or t-shirt type of covering for babies/toddlers. Nothing would be un-acceptable and I doubt they will go for it. No disrespect for the creator but I'm sorry, that is utterly UGLY. The top is WAY too invasive and covers too much for female on top though the bottoms are ok. I sure hope that other creators get "more creative" than this. It looks like they just slapped something together and threw it on the MP.
  18. So you mean...GASP!....there already isn't virtual privacy on Second Life after all? Has anyone let the marketing department know about this!
  19. They offer virtual living NOT your personal virtual privacy. I am not understanding what you are not getting about it. The Second Life product is being used by me the same way it's used by you. Are you seriously telling me I'm not using SL the way it's meant to be used? Why you play SL is not the same as me so yes it's intentional.
  20. I can't wait till all the people at the meeting that said babies/toddler look stupid with a bra as a modesty layer, because it looks sexual and want it removed, find out that re-evaluating it means they will make it be a tank top or onesie and not removed like they hoped for.
  21. I never said you couldn't be vocal and you seem to be doing a good job of it so carry on.
  22. SL isn't your personal life. All you have to do is shut the browser down and they are out of your face, out of your personal life. It is YOUR choice to utilize the platform for your entertainment. NOT A RIGHT.
  23. No, I don't want to explain it but thanks for inquiring.
  24. Because it doesn't bother me. I have nothing to hide so monitor away I say.
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