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  1. BiroIsHere

    Mesh creator for hire

    Like in title, i can do alot of stuffs, notecard me in world or pm here.
  2. BiroIsHere

    Looking for tattoo

    Yvw ;] img glad nobody attack me for my advise again and somebody is happy. Ppl here are so mean like thye must so suffer inside i bet.
  3. BiroIsHere

    Looking for tattoo

    Try speakeasy. I think i saw somwthing smillar there.
  4. BiroIsHere

    Looking for something

    Try to some fashion events. If you add me to friends in world i can sent u few lm to them. Newest, best stuff there and alot of brands. biroishere
  5. BiroIsHere


    My bad, btw if u offer help with decoration topic shall be in job section?
  6. BiroIsHere

    Looking for shops with extremely high platforms

    Pls learn to use search engine
  7. BiroIsHere

    Need Custom Furniture WILL PAY!

    If you still need service contact me - biroishere
  8. BiroIsHere

    Photography Profile Picture

    Feel free to contsct me if you need any good photo.
  9. BiroIsHere


  10. BiroIsHere

    Need Right Hand Man/Inbetween/Women

    So you wanna somebody with rl expirance to spend alot time daily to make money for you for, almost work like real work to make effects for 4$ weekly? Nice. Even in my country its money for 1h of work.
  11. BiroIsHere

    Need Right Hand Man/Inbetween/Women

    1K daily or weekly?
  12. BiroIsHere

    Farm to Fork Restaurant: HIRING

    I will take care of your barells like a pro
  13. BiroIsHere

    Can anyone edit a picture for me?

    Hello, i will gladly take care of your picture
  14. I will be interesed to rent 400 prims in next week for 200.