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  1. but cant say those cigs looks rly nice, its aslo looks like made for render visualisation than for game from 2003. Aslo i think 90 % of ppl wont zoom at it so much
  2. Sad is that most customers cares only how stuffs looks. They dont care about polys and textures and lags at all.
  3. u can scuplt in blender wo problem. Hardest part would be rigging it and scripting then. ( if u wanna have appilers to it like omega, and some hud so head would be more usable)
  4. Yeah Ngons can cause mass of glitches. maybe try use triangulate modifier in blender? Or try find in edit mode if is there some face what have more than 4 verts.
  5. Try play with settings in render tab maybe, same with lighting cuz it means alot, i always have diffrent results with any HDR lighting. Sad true is its rly hard to bake good looking metal materials in blender but maybe i did it wrong whole time.
  6. Yeah thats exacly what i did mean. Making topics at forum how to bypass or even copybot feets wont help u in that.
  7. Better use Materialize Its free, better and faster. Normal maps looks smillar at every windlight, point is in specular maps. I realized Diffuse Glossynes maps made like for Unity4 (shines only at alpha background) works way better for SL and at any windlight than most of traditional Specular maps. Ofc its need to be made right way + settings inworld at specular need be set right too. I wish LL will add intensity slider for normal maps ;c
  8. Maybe make more basic stuffs for shop, make a social media, be active there. So friend did break ToS of rules of developer kit too but seems there is no way to have borken feets inside developer kit...
  9. or select edge loop what do not fit, click double G, then move it so it will link with other edge, select all, space, type remove doubles, enter. Do it till all works. Then merge edges. Aslo if u use trinagle wrokflow do same with verts but look out to do not destroy shape of your model.
  10. Dude... u just wanna break ToS? Its illegal... apply for mesh developer kits like everybody do. With viewer u would use for export huh? Copybot? lol u even showed screen u actually did it and have it in blender wo mesh devkit? ;D thats funny. Its not hard to fill app rly.
  11. yeah i think that too, change pose to that what u wanna in MD and then place it there. Rig it after u make it in blender.
  12. Not true. Back to topic. I think ppl just wanna see effects instantly. Learning basics is rly long and borning process.
  13. Maybe its some material foult? Maybe its just gray there, or u have weak lighting inside.
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