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  1. I'm pretty sure it actually would - it would mean the video memory wouldn't be full of oversized in-world textures so it would be available to drive the monitor pixels, which is a completely different operation. Still doesn't change the fact that the monitor in question has more pixels than the human eye has cones (the structures it uses to form an image) - in fact, it has orders of magnitude more.
  2. There's this bizarre disconnect I keep seeing with posts like this. The reason anyone gets charged these fees is they are about to receive many times the amount of the fee as cash in their pocket. If the fees were something they would have to pay whether or not they were making money it would be a different thing, but it isn't, and a major reason that the fees were increased is that land cost, which is an actual recurring fixed expense, has been reduced.
  3. The "SL Mesh Body" you're referring is no more than a part of the "SL body" you also refer to than your RL hat is part of your RL body. What you're calling the "SL Mesh Body" is a cobbled-together system of attachments that works a certain way for a certain set of reasons and is currently the de facto standard, but it's neither the only way of doing things nor even the best way of doing things if an avatar system was developed from scratch. Things like alpha cuts and layers are complex kludges as you yourself acknowledge.
  4. You're not looking at regions, you're looking at parcels. Regions are all 256 by 256 square meters and are divided up into smaller parcels. Think of it like cookie dough. A "region" is a full batch of dough. Every batch you make has 2 cups of chocolate chips in it. Most regions are set up like brownies - all the chocolate is spread out equally. In a region set up for double-prim parcels, though, it's like a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Some places will be very chocolaty, and the rest of the area will be not very chocolaty at all. What someone who's renting/selling double-prim lots is doing is renting/selling people the chocolate chips, but that means they can't rent/sell the cookie part because there's not enough chocolate to go around.
  5. That's because "prims" aren't created equal. A box has much less of an impact on the system than a torus does, for instance. That's all the recalculation represents. And, by the way, if you link them into groups and change their physics type to "convex hull," you can put 60,000 box prims on a 30,000 land impact region if you so choose.
  6. Just paying for a premium cable station doesn't mean they'll show the movie you want to watch when you want to see it.
  7. The big problem with the default avatar is the way it's rigged. Parts of it aren't set up to have enough influence from the various bones of the skeleton so it doesn't "stretch" naturally the way human muscle and skin does. Some time ago someone set up a re-rigged version that looks and moves much better with exactly the same polygons but the Lab didn't want to change that rigging to the default because of existing content. This JIRA explains it: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-1800
  8. That's exactly what the Lab was hoping for with Linden homes.
  9. As someone else noted it was done that way in the past. There were problems - people would buy land they couldn't pay tier on in the long term and then abandon it again once they realized that. Meanwhile, with so much available land on the market it hurt the business of people who were holding land to re-sell, so those people stopped holding (and paying tier) on a lot of land.
  10. One problem with SL mesh avatars and clothing is that any given vertex can be "influenced" by no more than 4 bones of the skeleton, including the "collision bones" that are used to respond to the "soft tissue" type sliders. The human body and its muscle system is very complex and there are parts of the body that can't be well represented under these conditions - elbows, for instance. One of the reasons that I keep using system avatars wearing "standard size" clothing is that since the "standard size" clothing doesn't need to be rigged to collision bones any point can be rigged to more of the main "skeleton" bones and they often seem to move more naturally with some animations.
  11. You forgot Daz3D, and the fact that people want to take their Daz3D avatar and take it somewhere with 40 other Daz3D avatars with different geometry that all needs to be loaded and expect things to run at the framerate of an action game. Not to mention that they feel it's wear it's necessary to wear scripts to play cartoonish porn moans and attach animated timber wolves to themselves when they're out shopping. The great strength of Second Life is it allows you an extremely wide range of options of how to use it. This means that one of the options is to be a damn fool, and, as those using it are humans, this option will always be popular.
  12. What protection do you have against the Australian government changing their own privacy laws?
  13. They didn't fix it - they all DIED. (Theresa Tennyson empties a fire extinguisher on JJack to control collateral damage.)
  14. Or possibly those who have tried realized that the breasts will never smoothly transition into the body no matter how small, actually becoming flat plates or craters at very small sizes, and that body fat with that body can't be set over 24 or it will be impossible to match it to a head.
  15. Mesh bodies do respond to most of the sliders, but they're not as responsive over a wide range than the system body. You can't make any single mesh body go from looking like a child to looking like an obese adult, which you can with the system body. Also, the most popular mesh bodies have a more limited range of "looks" other than "commercially attractive young adult."
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