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  1. What ever gave you that idea? https://search.secondlife.com/?lang=en-US&collection_chosen=groups&query_term=anti
  2. Yes; wrong, mostly, if we're talking about how election administration works. Do you really believe that at least that many legally-empowered election officials are wrong or lying?
  3. An affidavit isn't subject to cross-examination or a judge's determination of admissibility. Also, it's only perjury if the person knows what they're saying is false, which is difficult to prove. An affidavit can be laughably inaccurate but it isn't perjury if the person thinks it's correct. https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/politics/2020/12/04/evidence-hearsay-voter-fraud-claims-in-affidavits-explained/
  4. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/101469
  5. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT If you use the same login name for your Second Life avatar as you do for other purposes - say, your business - anything you say and do in Second Life and/or the forums can very quickly be tied to your real-life identity.
  6. It's looking like all the companies that cancelled Parler were doing Parler's users a huge favor: https://www.wired.com/story/parler-hack-data-public-posts-images-video/
  7. Not even close. Ohio alone uses thirteen different systems among their counties. ftp://sosftp.sos.state.oh.us/free/publications/website/maps/votingSystems.pdf And your articles are about hybrid machines, that print out ballots as opposed to scanning in pre-marked ballots.
  8. So, can you tell us what jurisdictions used hybrid machines? I know Michigan, that wretched hive of scum and villainy, doesn't.
  9. For some reason Arielle never answered my question about whether a candidate doing better on Dominion machines was proof of cheating. The reason I asked that particular question is one day I sat down and did some math comparing Michigan counties that used Dominion, Hart and ES&S machines. It turns out that Donald Trump lost almost a percentage point in the balance between Democratic and Republican votes from 2016 to 2020 in the counties using Dominion machines. He lost over 2 percent in the counties that used Hart or ES&S machines.
  10. You mean like the "dead voters" that Tucker Carlson exposed on his show that turned out to be alive? I have a few mental tests that I apply to conspiracy theories. You're walking right into what I call the "crowded knoll" problem. If every JFK assassination plot theory was true there would have been so many assassins in town that they'd probably have ended up accidentally shooting each other and Kennedy would have rolled through scot-free. If there was a fix in, tell us what was actually done, where, and how. Hispanic children filling out 750,000 ballots in Texas? Admirably specific,
  11. I could sneak into a voting precinct and make Cafe Bustelo in their coffeemaker - that doesn't mean it's a Cuban plot to modify votes. BECAUSE THEY'RE COMPLETELY SEPARATE MACHINES.
  12. If you listen to the video he's talking about "poll pads" - the electronic equivalent of the paper poll books the little old ladies look up voter registration in. They have nothing to do with counting votes. Through all of his faffling and the aggressive editing he says nothing about accessing the actual voting terminals that the votes are cast and stored on. With voting machines you have to take out an actual data card from each machine to read. This explains the "scandal" of the Georgia counties that found uncounted ballots in the recount - someone forgot to pull the data cards from a c
  13. Haavvvvvvveeeee you been reading up on Supreme Court decisions on "religious freedom" lately?
  14. Let's say that a state used voting machines by three different companies, one of which was Dominion. If, when comparing the 2020 election to the 2016 election, one candidate performed noticeably better in the counties with Dominion machines in 2020 than in the counties using the other manufacturers' machines, would that be evidence of fraud on that candidate's part?
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