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  1. A simple solution would be for makers of add-ons for avatars based on the default skin layout to work out a standardized protocol for using AUX channels - for instance, using AUX 1 for head items like ears, AUX 2 for mid-body items like wings, and AUX 3 for lower body items like tails or legs. Mesh clothing never took off until a group clothing makers came up with the "standard sizing" initiative.
  2. Because consumers just can't understand complicated concepts. They'd never buy, say, makeup appliers that would only work with a specific brand of head or tolerate figuring out which of several different sets of clothing items they bought will work with their particular body. A business model like that would be dead in the water. Oh, wait...
  3. If by "alpha'ed" out you mean you completely turn the display of that part of the mesh you should be able to make that work. The avatar bake system has three main parts - the head, the upper body and the lower body. Those three sections can either be sent to a mesh body/head using BOM or display on the system body, and they're independent from each other. In order to do what you want, though, I think you have to make sure that the head part of your body hasn't been set to display BOM (even if it's shut off), because wearing any thing with one of the "magic" BOM textures will automatically turn off that main part of the body. If you have problems it may be with how the body was set to BOM. If you selected an option in the HUD it may be an "all or nothing" thing which means what you're trying to do won't work. The Omega appliers I'm familiar with, though, offer the option to apply BOM to the head only, body only, or both.
  4. My dad was a doctor. He'd order magazines for his office and the subscriber's name was the equivalent of "X Y Lastname MD PC." We used to get junk mail addressed to "X PC." Sometimes X PC was presumed to be a child, as he had a subscription to "Highlights." Because computers don't realize that sometimes values in fields that they expect to find a last name aren't last names.
  5. ...and it is in the Linden-written Knowledge Base... Which states that usernames after 2010 are single words. Your username is actually alyona.su; Caroline's is carolinestravels.
  6. "Resident" isn't a "last name" at all - it's not supposed to be seen and isn't normally visible. It only exists for old scripts that are looking for something in the last name field, and as a non-default setting in Firestorm. Someone in RL in a similar situation put it best:
  7. Were you aware that you've posted to this thread 47 times in approximately 4 hours? (I had to edit the count because I started this post about a minute ago.)
  8. The idea that one company is going to "build the Metaverse" - an all-pervasive thing which is also called "the 3D Internet" - is a fundamental misunderstanding of both how the Internet works and how world power structures work. No single company will be allowed that much power or control, either by governments or by other large and powerful companies. Amazon, Google and Facebook are already hitting heavy friction in their quests to become more powerful; Microsoft has already been cut down to size. Meanwhile, the Internet isn't a "thing." It's a set of protocols that allowed previously existing systems to be connected and communicate, without those systems needing to submit to outside control. Second Life and Fortnite could never be "the 3D Internet" - at best they could be 3D Compuserves or Prodigys. A true "metaverse" is going to be a set of protocols like this that allow people to operate across virtual environments instead of a single environment. It may well be that this is what Tim Sweeney is really thinking of and this particular writer is a nimbonog. (I have encountered enough shades of idiocy in my life that I'm getting to the point that I need to come up with new words to describe them all.) However, I'm not so sure. The minute you start talking about graphics engines in a case like this you've already failed, because graphics engines will become obsolete. You need to think on the level of flexible standards like TCP/IP or HTML. And in a true "Metaverse" like this "competition" is meaningless - Second Life and Fortnite would both be simply destinations and if either failed the Metaverse itself would continue without them unaffected.
  9. It sure looks like somebody had a... ahem.... virtual encounter with someone who's RL plumbing wasn't what he was expecting. Occam's Razor, people...
  10. Google doesn't have filters or categories. The Marketplace does. So it might be prudent to use filters and categories in a Marketplace search instead of relying only on keywords like you would with Google, seeing that Google has orders of magnitude more searches to feed through its algorithm.
  11. And remember, y'all - Ron's Ballroom predicted that their club would be the best in Second Life and just look at it today. Just search for it. Go 'head...
  12. 38 is the limit for attachments - body parts, mesh clothing pieces, etc. 62 (or whatever) is the limit for system layers - skins, tattoos, system clothing, etc. This is in addition to and independent from attachments. Applier layers are limited to the number of onion layers the body/head maker has built into their product, and there's a high probability of glitching when using more than one alpha-blended onion layer at a time.
  13. Theresa Tennyson sighs. The monthly cost for a private region from Linden Lab was lowered to $229 some time ago. https://secondlife.com/land/privatepricing.php
  14. The onion layers are still going to be part of the model and need to be downloaded, etc. However, even with exactly the same head/body you should see a performance increase if the skin and a texture that would otherwise be on an onion layer are combined and the onion layer is turned off versus the head having the skin on the base surface and the additional texture on an onion layer. When I did some controlled tests I found that displaying "occupied" onion layers is a pretty significant performance hit. To answer your philosophical question I would consider it "true" BoM but not optimized BoM. It's more of a factor with bodies - a body optimized for BoM will have things like alpha masking enabled to allow worn alphas under clothes and the option to smooth over nipples, crotch details, etc. on the main body layer.
  15. Slink's new bodies have no onion layers at all, and Tonic's new bodies only have one instead of the previous three.
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