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  1. Here's a thread from February of this year where there was wailing and gnashing of teeth when the exchange rate was in the neighborhood of 260 for an extended period of time, and which Mr. Neva posted in. I'm referring to him in the third person because I'm reasonably sure he has me blocked on the forum
  2. Assuming you still have access to that E-mail account, you could turn on "Send offline IM's to E-mail" and get someone to send you an IM when aren't logged in.
  3. You're actually in luck. The process for making BOM makeup and tattoos is for all intents and purposes identical to making them for system avatars. The graphics for a skin and an applier are exactly the same - the difference is how that texture is delivered. Most popular mesh bodies and heads have "UV" layouts that are based on the system avatar. Since bodies and heads have more built-in detail the locations are more critical, and head makers all have slightly different mapping around eyes, lips, etc. You can probably find developer kits for the heads if you want to get that precise. Ano
  4. You posted about sudden drops in your sales in 2016 and in 2013. What happened after those?
  5. Thermometer placement during the 19th century was quite erratic. A researcher did testing over 61-year period and discovered that the older protocols for measuring temperature tended to read about 1 degree high. https://theconversation.com/factcheck-was-the-1896-heatwave-wiped-from-the-record-33742
  6. Tonic makes butt-shaping deformers. With how they work they can automatically change both your body and your clothing without doing anything else. They were made for Tonic bodies but the "Butt in and uplift" one seems to work with Maitreya bodies fairly well.
  7. You mean where you say there's "100 years of accumulated debris" while the article says they've been doing controlled burns for years and there were laws passed to do more? Between 1982 and 1998, California’s agency land managers burned, on average, about 30,000 acres a year. Between 1999 and 2017, that number dropped to an annual 13,000 acres. The state passed a few new laws in 2018 designed to facilitate more intentional burning.
  8. The article you linked to did though. You wouldn't have taken it at face value without checking what it based itself on, would you?
  9. And in the article that the post you linked to refers to: "Now climate change has made it hotter and drier than ever before, and the fire we’ve been forestalling is going to happen, fast, whether we plan for it or not." https://www.propublica.org/article/they-know-how-to-prevent-megafires-why-wont-anybody-listen
  10. Global warming doesn't "cause" forest fires, nor does poor forest management. Any fire requires three things: 1) fuel, 2) heat, and 3) oxygen. What weather conditions (i.e. global warming) can do is make it more likely that the exact same fuel (i.e. forest) requires less heat to catch fire. As far as fire management, the "extinguish all fires" policy that caused flammable underbrush to build up hasn't been common policy for decades. https://foresthistory.org/research-explore/us-forest-service-history/policy-and-law/fire-u-s-forest-service/u-s-forest-service-fire-suppression
  11. You need 5.2 and up to use adjustable-size shoes as well. With 5.3 the maker very thoughtfully decided that nobody wants to use body-fat over 5 with a system head or a head that uses a neck join based on one.
  12. That issue is exactly as laughable.
  13. Why is it that the people who are the most insistent about having their own opinions are also the same ones who are the most determined to give those opinions away to perfect strangers?
  14. Stand outside the lot and attempt to locate the orb. Right click it and go to "Report abuse." That will automatically fill in the owner's name. For the category, try "Disturbing the peace > Excessive scripted objects." The "your objects are not allowed on this parcel" is from the lot having object entry turned off, which is a standard setting available almost everywhere, including Bellisseria.. Normally a vehicle with a seated avatar is exempt from this setting but the orb unseated you and therefore the now-empty vehicle was returned.
  15. So, you're saying that nobody lives in a RL house while they're waiting for it to sell?
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