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  1. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Because making applier clothing is completely different! Because it ISN'T OPPOSITE DAY!!! Which mean's IT'S OPPOSITE DAY! Oh, wait... dammit... Meanwhile, Mr. Meriman's argument is that we should wait until it's possible to make crappy painted-on clothing with materials! The opposition also argues simultaneously that nobody will buy bodies using bakes-on-mesh because they lurve their appliers and alpha cuts so much, but we need to wait for Linden Lab to create a system that uses magic skyhooks to re-use old appliers because the old bodies that use them will mysteriously vanish - not only from the market, but apparently from people's inventories as well - the moment the project is released. Seems legit...
  2. standard clothing on mesh avatars

    All the major human mesh bodies use a UV map that's based on and 95% identical to the default avatar UV map. Appliers essentially contain the textures used for system skin, possibly with slight adjustments in areas like nipples, navel, facial features, etc. to align exactly with that body. The big brands also are Omega compatible, which means they're working to common UV map for those appliers.
  3. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Huh? That's exactly what the outfit system was made for, and does. One of my avatars has over sixty separate characters she can change to instantly; this is all using system layers. Does this mean that any time your body is updated you need to re-apply all these textures to all these separate objects individually? Yish... With bakes on mesh you'll only need to update a single body or head that will automatically be re-textured appropriately for every outfit.
  4. I am trying to find out why I have such bad FPS

    Most other games don't have objectives that involve taking ultra-closeup high-resolution photos of your character's face or photos of extremely cluttered static scenes with complicated lighting. Second Life does, because people set their own objectives and those are things that people want to do. There are products on the market that work really well for those objectives but horribly for other more traditionally "gamelike" activities. Taking thirty different heads (from four mesh makers and eighteen different texture makers) designed for ultra-closeups and putting them all together in one place while animating them (i.e. dance club?) Terrible idea. The question is - how much do you want to protect people from their own decisions, or other people's decisions, when those decisions might be perfectly appropriate for other parts of Second Life?
  5. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Scott Adams of the "Dilbert" cartoon wrote a book called "Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook." One of the rules for a (bad) manager to keep in mind was, "Anything you don't understand is simple and easy to do." When cars were introduced it would have made livery stable owners a lot happier if they weren't introduced until they could run on oats. The engineers who had to figure out a way of making this work wouldn't have been happier, nor would the prospective consumers who'd have to wait until this was worked out. And unlike this analogy, right now in the avatar business there are "gas stations" all over already.
  6. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    You asked at the start of this thread if people were finding sim crossing far worse since last Tuesday. It looks like most people aren't. I've tried to experience your problems. I can't. I don't doubt that you're having problems but it looks like they're not because of the server changes.
  7. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Because it won't be the present, it will have to be be the future, and you don't even know what's involved to do what you want. Meanwhile, things will work for me right now, and releasing it won't do anything to interfere with what the appliers and bodies that use them do. I heard someone in a chat say that were using Lola Tangos on a Maitreya mesh body. Just because something new comes out doesn't mean that the old things vanish.
  8. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    And it will disappear after a relog or an outfit change unless something's done to "touch their inventory."
  9. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    After fairly extensive testing, I'd say that yes, the crossings from Halsey to Zumwalt and from Zumwalt to Rickover are pretty bad. All the other crossings I made in that area, in essentially similar conditions with the same server software, aren't bad - with three different power boats by three different scripters at full throttle while wearing my script-pig regular AO instead of the lighter-scripted one I usually use for traveling, and over enough regions that I got lost a couple of times and had to work my way back. And I've seen worse crossings regularly with the old version you'd want to roll back to. As far as can tell, you had bad luck hitting a couple of isolated problem areas that could have happened any time since the Blake Sea was created. An interesting statement, seeing that the problem areas aren't running on RC channels.
  10. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    How many appliers do you have and use regularly?
  11. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    I'd be willing to say that every skin and tattoo made since 2012 was already made with 1024 x 1024 textures. Realistically, most skin makers only stopped providing system skins in 2016 when Bento made mesh heads mainstream. What some people are asking for is not just scripting, but scripting that would allow existing appliers to be used, and they can't describe how this will work within the Second Life inventory structure. Meanwhile, nothing about the scripting will change the basic technology of showing an avatar bake on a worn mesh, which already works quite well. Why the delay?
  12. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    What's new about it? It's basically the way Second Life avatars were dressed since 2003, and how the starter avatars still are. I see chatter in a number of groups (including the Omega group, by the way) from people who are champing at the bit for bakes-on-mesh to be released the way it is. And as far as the existing appliers go, cossacks aren't going to go through everyone's inventory the day bakes-on-mesh is released and fling their current mesh avatars against the wall, shattering them like smashed matryoshkas. The people who've bought the appliers can still use them on the bodies they bought them for.
  13. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    This is different from current mesh bodies not working with existing skins when they were released how? ( oh, besides the fact that there were many more skins rendered obsolescent when mesh bodies were introduced than there are appliers which will be rendered obsolescent when bakes-on-mesh is released.) Were the people who were "against script support" against it, or just not willing to wait for it?
  14. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Do you have a drivers' license for your digital cars? A permit for your digital guns?
  15. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    Nope. Tested for a week on Snack, then a week on the RC regions, then rolled out to the main channel, just the way it usually works.