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  1. Shaders being almost... undesiredable?

    "Atmospheric Shaders" is the same thing as "Windlight." You're turning off the (possibly customized) region lighting for where you are; it's not going to be a predictable thing. You're also turning off "Advanced Lighting" which will often make light sources brighter.
  2. Hippo Technologies is down?

    Mmm hmmm... That would be like the management of Sears/K-Mart saying, "Our business is down because people aren't buying things." They aren't buying things from you...
  3. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    Odds are he would have been saying the same things, practically word for word, in Second Life in 2003. I wasn't in Second Life in 2007-2008 when it was the Next Big Thing because the hype pictures looked like crap compared to the Sims 2 and since I was using dial-up internet it would have been unusable.
  4. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    Second Life had been open to the public and actively developed for five years when you joined.
  5. Some basic Mesh Avatar questions

    One thing you might want to bear in mind is that there's a project being worked on that will allow the current "baked"/"system" skins, clothing, etc. to be used with mesh avatars (which can't be done now without the makers of those items providing "appliers.") This project looks like it may be rolled out mid-2018. For your purposes you may want to wait until you see what will be available then.
  6. Tattoo creator dev kits help

    What do you think a "tattoo layer" IS? Actually having tattoos on a separate wearable may be more efficient than the way bodies are set up now.
  7. Madlands

    The jumbled terrain that is the mind of the one forum poster who routinely uses that term.
  8. Hair Diffusing Problems.

    A good fix for the exact problem you're seeing in that screenshot is to change the alpha mode on the jacket. Textures used for things in Second Life can be of two types - a "24-bit" texture, which can only be solid and non-see through, or a "32-bit" texture, which has an "alpha channel" which also gives information about its transparency. The viewer will treat any 32-bit texture as a transparent texture even if it doesn't look transparent and you'll see the glitch you're posting about. The jacket you're wearing must have been textured with a 32-bit texture even though it doesn't look like it needs one (for the leather part, at least.) This can be a common issue on clothing. If the jacket is modifiable you can change its alpha mode to "alpha masking" - if it's non-modifiable you either have to contact to maker or, well, get a better jacket.
  9. The Strange Version Viewer Window That Opens and Scans

    Theresa Tennyson sighs. Probably GRU surveillance then. (Because once you rule out what something is, the only possibility remaining is that it's something that it isn't.) Theresa Tennyson crawls around until she finds her right eye, which has finally popped clean out of its socket after a particularly savage eye-roll, and presses it back in place. The windows that you are seeing that stay around long enough to read are what we said - the windows that start when a 64-bit Linden Lab viewer is launched. You're using a 64 bit Linden Lab viewer, whether you realize it or not. The windows that you are seeing that don't stay around long enough to read are completely different. They are an internal system console window that will briefly pop up when the viewer finds a media source. It's not the thing that actually plays the media. If there's a television, etc. within range of you (and the range can be very long - so long that you might not actually be able see to that television) that window may pop up for a fraction of a second, even if you're over open air or water.
  10. Is anyone else playing GTFO! ?

    It involves using vehicles to deliver "packages" from place to place. There's a reward system. I'm seeing quite a few "freight depots" pop up around the Mainland. This is the organizing company.
  11. The Strange Version Viewer Window That Opens and Scans

    The earlier "too-quick-to-read" windows were probably console windows popping up when media started:
  12. The Strange Version Viewer Window That Opens and Scans

    What you're seeing NOW (which you WEREN'T seeing before) are the pop-ups from the current 64-bit viewer which uses a launcher to load. You'll see them at initial log-in and if you're trying to go someplace from a SLURL from outside of Second Life (i.e. a link from Seraphim in a separate browser, etc.)
  13. Best Vehicle?

    A great deal depends on how you want to drive. The majority of cars on the market currently use the same scripts (ACS) which aren't ideal for region crossings. Of these cars, I'd recommend Cindy Henusaki's C.H.C., Aikioto and Hotaru. Those three companies share two regions that are right next to each other and you can test drive the cars' handling and region crossing there. Palaccio/213/71/1501 Surplus Motors also uses the same scripts - their handling within a region is usually very good and make dedicated circuit racing cars. Amariah Francis uses the ACS scripts and has very affordable cars that are usually well set-up and test-drivable. I agree with ChinRey (don't get used to it) on GEMC and Arton Rotaru's cars as well. GEMC now sells out of the Prototype region, which also has a number of good makers of more specialized commercial vehicles. My personal favorite cars for long distance driving are from a group of Japanese makers who use different scripts that appear to be much lighter for region crossings than the ACS scripts. Makers include Manji, TNK Works, SUMI (Sumire Papp) and M's R and D (Myuki Mills.) Haru's cars are works of art to look at but aren't the best on a region crossing. Manji and TNK demos are available at Haru. SUMI and Myuki Mills sell out of Burns. Movita uses similar or the same scripts and their cars are often very reasonably priced, though sometimes it's a "pot luck" situation because their quality can be uneven.
  14. WTF is "all alpha hair" ???

    How would enabling basic shaders and hardware skinning drop your quality? Shaders are cumulative - higher levels of quality expect the lower levels to be turned on.
  15. Chat in restaurants, cafes, etc. -- chaos?

    Okay, am I missing something? Are you talking in voice or text? And if it's text, why don't you just talk to your dining partner in IM and ignore local?