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  1. As of Sunday, this was the generally accepted course of action for those who wanted things their own way:
  2. "I guess I'm the only one not thrilled to death by the idea of having my wilderness camping experience cheapened by bad cell phone service."
  3. Are you making this avatar and laying out the UV map yourself? All of the body slots are 1024 x 1024 - you should be able to use the same channel the ears and tail with a texture that big.
  4. Sooo, who's telling the actual landowner (Linden Lab) what to do with their land now? I pay my landlord for my apartment but that doesn't mean they have to listen to what I say about how they run their business outside of my lease agreement with them. I don't necessarily disagree with you; just enjoying my midday irony supplement. Yummy!
  5. Pink Fuel has good support for softer female body textures as well.
  6. The list of items you're wearing is stored in a part of your inventory called the "Current Outfit" folder. It updates on the server every time you make a change. The items you are wearing are stored on the "asset servers." The item state in the asset server doesn't change until you remove the worn item or log out cleanly.
  7. What's the difference in the amount you pay for Premium membership whether you take the lot or not? And how much do you pay for the actual lot?
  8. Everything you've said lately (over and over) suggests that you won't be happy in the new Linden Home development. So - don't live there. Doesn't that make sense?
  9. Is it a fairly new mesh object? If it is then it needs to be copied from the asset server to your nearest Content Delivery Service node, then it will take time for it to download and resolve. In fact, it could take (wait for it..) forty seconds.
  10. You have a LOT of RL information in your profile and it may well be enough for someone to work out your E-mail address by following the chain. This isn't even taking into account the possibility that you've given out more identifiable information in-world, and judging from how you say you approach SL you probably have.
  11. I had a similar situation about the same time but it went away a few minutes later. Now behave yourself or Linden Lab will reboot your computer again.
  12. No. With the way Second Life handles animation there's very little chance of that ever being possible. It may be possible in Sansar though - they're putting in body tracking.
  13. It's your PC. Second Life is having networking issues for some people, yes. But a server problem simply can't do what you're saying it's doing.
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