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  1. Not from what I heard, at least for the male body. It was probably the same for the female body. You may not have been looking for gaps.
  2. A dedicated flight simulation program is better at flight simulation than Second Life. Amaaaaayyyyyzzzziiiingggg.... And this competition has only been around since - well - the last 35 years, or longer than Windows. (By the way, the simulators are one of the few parts of Second Life that haven't been moved to the cloud.)
  3. Doing the same thing you do to install any other applier is "technical"?
  4. You know, there are stores in Second Life that are successful enough to need at least two humans to maintain them... catty comment meow meow Bear in mind that Blueberry makes mesh clothing and that skill set wouldn't have necessarily been in Second Life before 2011.
  5. The owner of Blueberry started on November 30, 2011 and her store's probably one of the most profitable in Second Life.
  6. LAQ has just updated all their current ("Next Level") body appliers with Bakes-on-Mesh tattoos.
  7. I'm a pilot who's been flying in Second Life for quite a bit longer than you have to judge from your profile. I've been hearing about these "sudden problems" for years and have noticed that the biggest factor in region crossings is where someone lives. A lot of them are brought up by Europeans like you. As a European, every message between your computer and the simulators you're going between have to go under the Atlantic and then across most of the United States across a series of different networks that neither you nor Linden Lab have any control over. Of course, if you can't wrap your head around the fact that the problem could be anywhere along this path that may well be another factor.
  8. I'm sorry, I thought when you said "non-human bodies"... ...you were talking about bodies that weren't - well - human. My mistake.
  9. Are your head and body both textured with the same applier? I have several avatars whose upper and lower bodies are actually textured by a tattoo instead of the skin graphics because that's how my skin maker distributes non-standard body layouts, and this is with the system body and not a mesh body. I've been doing it for years. Personally I'd prefer getting away from "blank" textures on unused slots, but if the skin maker has a coherent system I have no problem with splitting - it's really the most practical way of doing things with the current variety of head and body layouts.
  10. If you're planning where you should assign labor for a complicated new project in an elaborate system like Second Life, it most assuredly is about how many people need it. And nothing about Bakes on Mesh "removes" the ability of the handful of people doing what you say from continuing to do what they want to do with the bodies they already have. (By the way, you're not showing that dedicated non-human avatars have onion layers like the popular human ones. Most of your listings are mods for human bodies. The one for a Solarian requires a complete additional body to be worn, which suggests that it doesn't have onion layers. And even with how wasteful this would be, the typical human avatar now on the market is really wearing four complete avatars all the time.)
  11. Show us these bodies and how many people use them to do what you're mentioning AND can't do it themselves (given how popular modding is in the non-human avatar world), if it's significant maybe someone will work on it. Given that you didn't even bother to mention anything other than clothing, somehow I doubt that the numbers are comparable to mainstream human bodies.
  12. When you edit your body to apply the texture, click on the "Edit linked parts" button in the editor. Then select only the body parts from the waist down (the parts that look glitched in this picture.) The two halves of the body use two completely separate textures and you need to have the correct texture on the appropriate parts.
  13. It allows your skin to use skin add-ons like freckles, makeup and tattoos without needing to have them on separate layers that are hard on the graphics system and are prone to alpha-sorting glitches, and it makes it possible to use alpha wearables to hide parts of your mesh body instead of using an alpha-cut system. Alpha cuts are heavily scripted, sometimes unreliable and require your body to be made from over a hundred individual meshes
  14. Actually this thread is about the "need" for the baking service to provide composited materials. Some time ago there was a discussion as to whether high-end graphics were important seeing as Minecraft is popular and Minecraft's graphics are extremely simple. At the time I developed a theory which I called the Crappy Valley, which states that graphics will look good or bad depending on how well they do what they're trying to do. Minecraft isn't even trying to look realistic so the way it looks works for it. Most 3D computer environments are designed by their makers to be consistent and they can generally avoid falling into the Crappy Valley where it's obvious that they're failing to do what they're trying to do. Second Life, on the other hand, doesn't have a gatekeeper. It's entirely possible for someone to take a photograph of a real-life piece of highly detailed furniture and put it on a cube. Crappy Valley. With the old system avatars with their matte, comparatively cartoony/"arty" skins, clothing painted on them wasn't a jarring difference in realism. However, I'm arguing that when you have a modern mesh avatar with a highly detailed and realistic skin/look including materials, drawn-on clothing will look like crap even if it's drawn on using materials. Even clothing drawn on a stand-off layer doesn't look that great. (Let's be honest: a latex bodysuit on a clothing onion layer doesn't look like a latex bodysuit; it looks likr someone was bathing in tool-handle dip.) Not having that stand-off will just make things worse. That's not something that a normal map will really help in Second Life because in Second Life lighting is highly variable and we can see things close-up from many angles - it won't be able to make the clothing item appear to be above the surface of the skin like real clothing is. I'm not saying that materials compositing with avatar bakes is something that should never be considered, but its benefit isn't great enough for the work needed to provide it right now, and it certainly wasn't something that "needed" to be provided before BoM was released.
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