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  1. Time is a funny thing - for instance, you apparently didn't have time to try the demo, which includes the animations.
  2. My biggest problem with the drama about increasing the cash-out percentage is many of the llamas are completely ignoring the reduction in land cost that took place at the same time. If they said, "I did the math and it turns out this hurts me as a net result because of these figures," I'd be a lot more inclined to listen. As it is, reducing land cost is a reduction in the fixed cost to a merchant which they will need to pay every month whether they sell 1 widget or 1000 widgets. Meanwhile the increase is going to be almost nothing in the month when they sell 1 widget and they'll still be getting 95% of the income for a 1000-widget month.
  3. Not at all. But if someone uses a number as the amount of entities in a given set, and then in their next sentence indicates that the number doesn't have a strong correlation to what they're counting that's a problem with their reasoning.
  4. And not allowing people who are playing underage avatars - you know, the type who often wear products that flatten the chest of a female mesh avatar or who model their avatars after a fictional character who's in the middle grades of a Japanese high school.
  5. We really don't know enough about the situation and item in question to answer that. From the pictures, though, it looks like Johiro is wearing a Kemono avatar or something similar, which would have a very proprietary set of accessories that will only work with that avatar and most things made for any other avatar won't work for it. With an avatar like that the buyer would have a higher responsibility than for most other types of avatar. In the real world most tire stores sell tires for cars and trucks. Do they need to tell customers that they don't sell tires for bicycles and lawn mowers, and is it their fault if a customer buys a lug wrench to remove a wheel and can't because it's a bicycle wheel they're trying to remove?
  6. Did it say that it did work on your type of avatar?
  7. The top bar doesn't tell you what you can do, it tells you what a visitor to the lot can do and a visitor to the lot can't build. It's been like that for a very long time. They briefly changed things to have the top bar actually tell you your settings and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth from residents because it was a change in behavior.
  8. Mouse over the "Entertainment" tile and you'll get choices of boxes to click. Most of us just skip past the whole screen.
  9. I didn't realize how much Coffee was cherry-pit-picking. This is what the actual fashion page looks like; the top picture is what she posted and the picture immediately below it is as white-bread as you could possibly want. http://go.secondlife.com/landing/fashion/?lang=en
  10. Now take a look at the opening post of this thread, which shows the web site is basically doing exactly that. Yes, the pictures are old; yes, some choices could probably be better. But they do show the variety you say they should show.
  11. I'm arguing that Second Life shouldn't be trying to increase their customer base by advertising itself as a worse version of everyday life. You seem to be completely lost on the concept that there's a difference between what might make someone interested in Second Life and what people do/buy when they're already in Second Life. Yes, far more people in Second Life buy clothes than start businesses, but it's easier to buy clothes in real life and easier to start a business in Second Life.
  12. If your grand scheme to market to "people who like to wear ordinary clothes" managed to pull in 8000 people over the world and 1% of them got it into their heads to visit Blueberry at any given time? No clothes for them. Second Life is hopelessly ill-suited for a mass-market audience because of the way it works.
  13. ...who will all try to get into Blueberry at the same time, be locked out and then say, "Forget this, I'll just buy real clothes."
  14. Yes, but I doubt that many of the people who are wearing them joined Second Life because they wanted to wear high street fashion.
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