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  1. Theresa Tennyson

    Airplane script is affected by prim placement: Why?

    Theresa Tennyson sighs. Create a linkset. Then select "Edit linked", pick the prim you want to change, go to the "Features" tab and set the "Physics Shape Type" to "None." It works with regular prims, and we've been able to do that for years.
  2. Theresa Tennyson

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    As you're running Windows 10 then your machine has made changes to its operating system several times over the last 18 months, some of them major. Microsoft sends updates frequently whenever they feel necessary or whenever they want to add a new feature. They will upload and install the changes on their schedule without your knowledge or consent. This is not a conspiracy theory but the standard update path for a Windows 10 consumer installation. That's the main reason I've never installed Windows 10 on the machine I use for Second Life.
  3. Theresa Tennyson

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    And those who kvetch while knowing almost nothing about the technical aspects of the project are at their worst. And so, onward flows the Don...
  4. Theresa Tennyson


    Might want to check your math here - it's looking like you're calculating a day as lasting 45 seconds. Way to make me feel old...
  5. Theresa Tennyson

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Do you have HTTP pipelining enabled? (It will be unless you have specifically turned it off in debug settings.) When I had it enabled I would get bad "stereogram"-like textures on objects occasionally. It causes problems for quite a few people, apparently.
  6. Theresa Tennyson

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    The "special textures" are replaced with the textures that normally are applied to the default avatar. It's a case of having the viewer say, "If that avatar has something with texture 123XYZ, replace that texture with that avatar's baked head texture."
  7. Theresa Tennyson

    The Old Lie: "Dulce et Decorum Est"

    And one of his Colonial overlords is saying that he was a "better man than I am," rather than maintaining that Gunga Din deserved how he was treated as most of the speaker's peers (British soldiers, mind you) and many of his readers would maintain. Context - it's a thing.
  8. Theresa Tennyson

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    You need to take out a support ticket - it sounds like the problem is specific to that account and Linden Lab can't "fix" it by doing anything to anything other than that account itself. "Waiting" is going to do absolutely no good.
  9. Theresa Tennyson

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Go to your "avatar" menu and select "Choose an avatar." Pick any of the options. That should reset all your "required elements" and allow you to rez. Then you can rebuild your avatar the way you want.
  10. Theresa Tennyson

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    1024 x 1024 bakes are now live on the Main Grid, including for default avatars. You can see the difference with assets that were originally made with 1024 x 1024 textures.
  11. Theresa Tennyson

    The Old Lie: "Dulce et Decorum Est"

    There are exactly as many slaves alive from that time as there are Confederate soldiers alive to honor.
  12. Theresa Tennyson

    Elephant memory

    Perhaps on Opposite Day, but on any other day ever it meant the exact opposite - the bake had to be uploaded by that poor internet connection, meaning that the avatar might look correct to that person but the information didn't arrive for anyone else.
  13. Theresa Tennyson

    Appearing nude in (G) area due to lag/loading?

    Because of the people who say they'll never go to one?
  14. Theresa Tennyson

    Why is it nighttime on mainland now?

    There's no reason to tie Second Life time to Earth time. The Earth is in a heliocentric system, has a tilted axis and follows an elliptical orbit. Second Life is geocentric and the sun and moon rotate around the land mass in a circle - well, more accurately, they're attached to either end of an invisible non-physical bar and are an infinite distance away because there's no parallax. I DO know that the sun and moon are farther away than the Sphere of Fixed Stars because I've seen stars in front of the moon.
  15. Theresa Tennyson

    Why is it nighttime on mainland now?

    Indeed, 'tis better to ask a daft question then to remain daft and unquestioning. Note from our Legal Department: The above statement was not meant to be interpreted as referring to any particular forum participant, past or present.