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  1. So this VR smart coder, peter kappler, started a project that makes SL work in VR with Steam and Firestorm. Unfortunately he's too busy to get it working for simple folks until possibly October. https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2019/02/firestorm-sl-open-source-vr-viewer.html I'm not super VR or computer savvy, but I know many that frequent these forums are, so asking for someone to get it working and then provide steps. I am willing to pay for time and effort. Thanks.
  2. Odd that you had such a bad shopping experience. I just bought the Legacy body again for an alt in FS and was in in out within 30 seconds.
  3. I posted this in another thread but will also put it here so it might benefit others who aren't connected to that other. Basically I am amazed at how easy it is to edit the layers and completely customize the look. The more I work with it the more happy of the buy I am and will likely switch my alt out from belleza - as someone else mentioned, Lara's lower half does look like blocky puddy so the only time I wver wore her was when I could cover most of it with exclusive clothes. So today I wanted to see if I make desired changes just from the materials hud and shockingly I was able to add
  4. So today I wanted to see if I could make desired changes just from the materials hud and shockingly I was able to add custom detail like abs, pubic hair, tan lines, rib bones, breast veins, and other detail for realism and it was so easy. Just export my creations from Gimp, upload to sl, and apply via the materials editor. NO need for omega, it was so simple. If I liked tattoos I could easily have done that as well. So far the only complaint I have about the entire setup is that if you have a 4K monitor you can see fine lines on various places on the body at any altitude close up. Not a b
  5. Lol.... You cant offend me...I'd have to value your opinion first.
  6. Btw essence makes some legacy skin and a genus skin to match. I tried it and wasnt sold since the default legacy skin is astoundingly the best skin I've ever seen in sl with the way you can enhance it with the HUDs bump and shine settings. The butt, breasts, legs, stomach areas are incredibly nice, blended well, and realistic in appearance so much so that I doubt any skin will come along soon to beat what comes with the body. I have the new L'Etre for my lara and belleza which I loved most and Legacy's skin murders it in comparison.
  7. If you use the feet deformer it is absolutely amazing in the way you can use just about any lara based shoes/heels I've tried without any oddity or blemish. This aspect has impressed me tremendously. There isnt any current rings or nails yet but the nails that come standard with Legacy are very pretty dont make you feel like you've got to run out and cover them with something better just to look complete. Punch has some navel piercings that fit and are gorgeous- one set is for legacy the other tmp and happen to fit great.
  8. I wonder if that works like omega. That would be fantastic if so.
  9. 5k is only 20-ish $ in rl. Is 20$ really that big of a deal to you?? I've donated 5 times that amount in sl over my 12 years and don't understand your silly grief over 20 bucks.....unless youre a kid or dont have a job, in which case you should be out job hunting and not playing games or in forums busting others arses over what they are entitled to spend.
  10. No clothes?? No skins? Lol https://www.flickr.com/groups/4644070@N22/ Hating and bashing without proper researching. Legacy is by far the best looking body in SL in 15 years. I've had none of the drama lined out in this post. Maybe some folks just need a reason to be negative, which is fine for me because I dont mind looking better than 98% of those around me. But I'm also happy to help anyone who cares about visual fidelity and I get that there's a lot in SL or in rl that do not care about this at all ❤️
  11. I should follow up after trying all the features of Legacy this weekend. The body proves to me that its worth a mere 20$ ish dollars, to me. With the deformers I can wear all my lara shoes, most tops, and even a lot of the shorts look good with some small gaps. Pants fit great - I was blown away with this feature. The default skin with bump and shine options is the best I've seen in sl period. Those who do not care about realism it may not be worth it to you, but those who have guys or partners who are visual may appreciate it. My partners are amazed and love my new body over any of the others
  12. I guess by this topics estimation I am utterly foolish because I did spend 5k on the new legacy body after demoing it. I have every body except for slink as I dont like the lack of realistic feminine curves and other unmentionables, and in my opinon the new Legacy body is hyper realistic and beautiful, the best body currently available. I frequently use Lara and Freya sometimes Isis and love those bodies but the default skin, shape, and realistic butt/genital area are superior. This will be my primary body from here forward and I'm estatic to see already a number of high quality creators supp
  13. Bought the bed today and I have to tell it's the most amazing master piece SL has seen in all it's years. This creator is absolutely un-matchable. If more animation were made like his, SL would compete with AAA games. Lollipop drop
  14. He's ( reguster) got a new bed release on June 1st. OMG, these are are the best animations I've ever played with in SL, I'm blown away and hope he keeps producing more products. In world test: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Refugio/101/137/69/ Thank you for posting this Nalates.
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