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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I am using the Maitreya body and Genus head but every time I turn on advanced lighting Model my avatars head turns silver, how can I fix this? It's very annoying. I am using firestorm updated one
  2. Since I couldn't find anywhere else to post this I'll do it here. This is just a Thread for anyone to post any Problem, Issues Or just plain annoyances you have with Second Life. Maybe Linden will see this thread and fix some problems if it gets enough attention, who knows? Oh and the Topic? Other then Problems with SL, there isn't one!
  3. Someone said to me to not post links in the SL17B chat, and I had to immediately quit myself the SL17B groups, in danger that I could get kicked from the event, and log out from SL. All because i just was streaming video. Is that happening too often to you all? Just to let me know. This never happened to me until TODAY.
  4. So I managed to fight with the new Hasbro like interface of Blender and re-learned all the shortcuts and was making some headway in it... But when I went to bake out some normals and AO and Diffuse, the resultant bakes were horrible. Am i the only one with this? I'll return back to 2.79 for functional purposes, but now the UI looks old to me, lol.. Can't win. Got my copy of Substance Painter 2019 at the ready now.. perhaps I'll join the masses and start using proprietary software like everyone else...
  5. Hello! I recently (about two weeks) have been experiencing constant difficulties in trying to upload textures and mesh in a beta grid firestorm. not shown balance, permanent errors and feils. On main grid problems too. something is wrong with the sky and the stars, then all black is unclear what. what is happening? Who else has such problems? what is the reason?
  6. I'm currently trying to buy L$ with a prepaid master card and i'm having issues I never had these issues before and i really need 12k L$ for important things in SL I don't understand why this is happening to me now when it hasn't happened in a long time. Please help me fix this issue or something an I can't keep trying my card because it charges $1 fee for every failed attempt. I don't need to keep wasting money on attempts when it's not gonna let me buy the L$ I need for my SL life. Please help me.
  7. Just figured i'd post something here since I didn't know how to search this, and in turn could not find a solution. Anyways, some hairs have this thing involving their opacity/alpha with the mesh to make the hair strands blend. And for some clothing / furniture/ tattoo system layers / water ect. the hair will cause anything behind or around it to become transparent. Which makes you see clear right through the clothing, cause tattoo's to be invisible if the hair is around it, cause water to disappear if it's around the head of your avatar. I don't know if it's a issue that could be resolved with a flick of a settings button or not but, if there is a way I would really appreciate the support I like to take picture on second life so I run into this situation often and it can make things a pain lol. Below is a screen shot of the issue in world. Thank you https://gyazo.com/324d97c2a60483cf264c2a7901aa2d35
  8. mY wifi is all good so idk wat going on. havNt been on here in months. http://prntscr.com/l0j7p7
  9. constantly wanting to redownload over and over and i can't get on second life and currently stuck on mobile cause this keeps a happening and i can't use any third party viewers at all what the hell going on and why am i getting treated this way cause this is bull ***** i have horses that needs to be feed and can't feed them threw mobile
  10. Hello, my friend has a problem when she tries to log inworld, she cant since the saturday ,i hope you can help her, because she has this problem only with sl.
  11. Just got the newest update on the default viewer, for whatever reason my arrow keys, wasd, the numpad and even my mouse don't actually make me walk or move at all. Interestingly, I can still control the camera just fine with my mouse/arrow keys and with my xbox one controller. The keys that would otherwise move me to the side by default, just make me rotate in place. It's not a connection issue, and I've cleared my cache. Not entirely sure what's going on, but I know it's not me. Even the onscreen movement prompts don't really function aside from the left and right buttons which spin me right round, baby right round, and still do bugger all besides that.
  12. Followed all steps mentioned in this forum post: I've attached a screenshot of my issue. Upon booting up the generic Second Life Viewer, nothing loads, no ads, nothing (see below image). Upon login entry, the interface never loads one bit. Exact same way in the forum post listed above. I was IMing another user in SL, when suddenly my connection to SL servers crashed--I was force logged-out. I tried to access secondlife.com, and the page never loaded, as it didn't in the forum post. On my mobile device and laptop, I am also unable to connect to the website, or the servers. If I disconnect from the wifi, only then is the website able to load (on my mobile). Using my hotspot, my laptop successfully reconnected to the servers. I turned off all firewalls on my PC, to no avail. I flushed the DNS, no change. Restarted computer, reset modem/router. Nothing. I have my own wifi, I play plenty of other games and stream frequently. I have no restrictions on my internet, or anything to that extent. Any thoughts?
  13. Hi! Recently I bought Lara Mesh Body from Maitreya, the problem is: the clothes dont stay in my body My shoes are bigger, and are in my hand, my dress is floating, what do I do?
  14. Hello everyone! Lately on Second Life, more so the Firestorm viewer I've been having troubles with my microphone. What I mean is when I get on SL, usually the microphone button is grayed out and I am not able to hear anyone speak. I have a yeti microphone. Usually it fixes if I re-log, but I want to try and avoid having to do that a bunch of times.
  15. So this has been happening for a little while where I can't see any of my contacts online. I have an ALT account that is friended with my main one and yet I STILL CAN'T see it online or anyone else on that account. This must be an issue with my computer or the viewer.. I use the latest version of Firestorm.. Can anyone help me fix this issue? **I am logged into both accounts and cannot see either one online on each account...**
  16. I have a building I am wanting to sell, made of bought full perm mesh and my own original mesh. I have set all permissions to full perm in order to send it to my store account. However when I get it in my inventory in my store account, the permissions have changed. Whether its, no copy,mo mod. Or no tranfer, no copy. Or all three. I just can't seem to send it full perms. I have checked all door scripts, and made sure they are set to copy/trans/no mod as per the script writers request. I have detached all doors and sent just the structure, to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be going on? Cheers
  17. Hi all, I am having a very small issue. I have created a hammer of sorts on Blender, experiemting, getting used to the program, I can upload it to secondlife fine, no issues when uploading but, the issues start when i attempt to rez the object. The object rezzes, but, is not visible, 100% invisible, even when on build mode, rezzing the object I can see it "Exists" but its completely invisible. Resizing the object, the resize sections are even further away from the initial object. But, when i wear the object, I can see it perfectly. But, the X Y Z move tool to adjust it to my hand, it, once more, really far away from the object. I have attached some images with the issue at hand. The first, being my blender file itself. [IMAGES REMOVED PER POSTER]
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