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Found 13 results

  1. Howdy folks! I've been searching this forum (and others) for, simply put, a tutorial or description of the workflow for someone beginning in Marvelous, best export settings used, tools programs used, etc. I realize - or the sense I get, anyway - that MD gets a bad rap for lazy creators dumping rigged DAEs straight from it into SL, and it's the retopologizing/optimization process I'm struggling with the most. I have experience in rigging simple shapes, photoshop-and-local-textures based texturing and know enough to be dangerous, but I cop to having a lack of foundation (along with a measurable artistic disability that's alleviated by using tools like MD rather than being able to sculpt a hoodie from scratch.) I'm not even looking to start a big successful fashion label, but I would like to dress my Jake + 3rd party devkit combo, and I'd like to learn as many best practices as I'm able. Even after my best attempts at re-meshing and optimization I see this: (I realize textures do most of the magic in this process, and the shirt has none - it's the rough edges around the arms and the breaks in the seams down the edge I don't see in 'professional' work.) But I digress into details. My eternal gratitude in advance for being pointed in the right direction. And maybe a free pair of trackies if I do get good ;E
  2. DISCORD: Pandha3D#3946 InWorld: eisriesen Resident Portfolio + Application Form : https://pandha3d.carrd.co/ Meshing fees - 5k L$/hour 1 on 1 Classes offered - 10k L$ per hour Hi! I'm friendly and a fast worker, I can do anything you imagine for Second Life, be it clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture or decor. I can rig for most of the bodies in the market (List included on my portfolio + rigging fees). You can both enter in contact with me via Discord, Second Life or by the Application Form I offer.
  3. Hi, I recently started creating fashion for second life. So far it works OK with Avatar. Like many other I create clothes with Marvelous Designer, export them to blender and use Avatar for rigging and then do some additional weight painting for the details. Now I wanted to create jeans for a Maitreia Avatar and as soon as I export it to blender the mesh between the legs stucks together as one mesh. Also I tried to change to a-pose of the maitreya avatar but then I run into problems with rigging with avatar. Does any body has some ideas, how I can create trousers properly for second life without baking together?
  4. So. I'm new to creating and I made a dress in marvelous designer. The problem I keep having is when I import the obj to Blender, it doesn't fit on the body. I used the Slink HG body in MD and I'm using it in Blender. Can someone please help me with this issue?
  5. Hey! Rookie her trying to work my way to making clothing. I think i bit off more than i could chew. 😅 So its in the title, tried to make a french maid outfit, and im struggling with the skirt. Big problem is trying to achieve the bell shape like this. But I'm not anywhere close on mine I've tried changing the fabric type three patterns types changing the gravity changing the density adjusting shear But still nothing. anybody got any tips?
  6. I just completed with learning Marvelous Designer and planning to buy avastar for blender to start making clothes, so is there anything else i need apart from this and any suggestion to best start with making clothes. Also i heard about getting some body dev kit so how do i make request for that? Please guide me with your suggestions as am new into this field.
  7. I'm having trouble importing the Slink body from blender into Marv D. Either it keeps crashing or I get an "Not in T Pose error. Any idea how to fix this ?
  8. Hello, so im having this continues issue when exporting mesh out of marvelous designer and into blender, my mesh seems to break at areas where my seam lines are (where the garments were sewed in MD) here's a screen capture of my mesh when I imported it into blender, I have asked for help in inworld creator groups but none seemed to know what the issue is exactly, id appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, so im having this continues issue when exporting mesh out of marvelous designer and into blender, my mesh seems to break at areas where my seam lines are (where the garments were sewed in MD) https://gyazo.com/6d4674da0b896de0a7cbf6491cb1c26c here's a screen capture of my mesh when I imported it into blender, I have asked for help in inworld creator groups but none seemed to know what the issue is exactly, id appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
  10. Okay so I took Signature Gianni Rigged body and exported it as .dae file , including armature and checked "deformed bones only" , then I imported that dae file in Marvelous designer and when i move the bones the mesh does not move with them, it seems unrigged. Please help me figure out what I'm missing what I'm doing wrong. I checked Forums and Youtube but nop no answers related to this issue
  11. I'm sorry I know this has been posted a billion times, but I am just starting out with making clothes in SL.. So far I am able to make them in Marvelous Designer but I am having SUCH an issue with exporting and importing into blender.. Bone rigging and whatever else.. Is there a "recent" tutorial that talks you through it slowly? All the ones Ive seen have been out of date and it's hard to keep up considering the programs are so different.. I hope someone out here can help.. Again.. sorry if this has been asked.. I'm in dire need of advice.. thanks again Hellor
  12. Hello residents, I am starting this topic because I do not where to start. I would like to become a second life designer for clothes and lingerie. The fact is that I do not know where to start. I have reached out to some fashion designers but... too bad. Is there someone who can tell me if Marvelous designer is a good program to start with? I do have the knowledge of different patterns and stuff. I have read many blogs and most of them say that Blender is the thing for a starter. Blender is not really my thing. Very complicated, as far as my opinion. I have been offline for a long time because of real life problems. Second Life has changed a lot. I see many different types of bodies and heads. How do you create clothes for all those different bodies? I really do not know where to start this journey... But I really am ready to start the journey. Hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards! BriaZz
  13. I am looking for someone to walk me through keep points of Blender and Marvelous Designer. I'm specifically looking for how to import specific mesh bodies into Marvelous Designer, exporting the clothing back into Blender, rigging and weight painting, creating highly detailed UV and AO maps (separating the collar, cuffs, waistband, etc. vs. just having a shirt half laid out), texturing, etc. I have a clothing store and would like to start selling full perm mesh. My knowledge of both programs is very beginner level. SL voice or Skype voice is preferred. Preferably weekends (flexible) or late weeknights (7pm-9pm SLT). This is a paid position. Amount TBD.
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