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  1. That's an excellent explanation, but I'm sorry, I should have been a bit clearer - I meant things to avoid as a creator.
  2. Is there an SL-centric list anywhere of things to avoid? I can avoid the things that trigger me (caveat: I'm not epileptic, but some of the photosensitive epilepsy triggers do send me on very unpleasant and nauseating spacey trips), but everyone is so different...
  3. I've had much success with texturing prims as real world measuring devices. I have a ruler and a protractor, and intersect these with what I want to measure, to avoid camera parallax. The measurements I read off have all been quite accurate enough for my purposes, and comparative with measurements directly within Blender.
  4. You can cross that one off your list...
  5. This I disagree with. Even if the normal map is nothing to write home about, it still allows the use of specularity on non-metalic surfaces. Where you then wind up having trouble is that your specular and normal maps are tied to the same resolution.
  6. I've spent a fair amount of time using SL on machines with performance that would be better measured in seconds per frame (need to stay in touch, can't take my desktop with me when I travel). 5-7fps is about the point where it stops being a chat application with accompanying slideshow and starts to become usable. 10fps is a dream. As an aside for anyone in the same situation, Firestorm's text-only mode is amazing, and runs nicely on my Celeron-based Chromebook (Celeron N2840 - probably still too powerful for Penny).
  7. Actually I'm quite impressed by that - with a thread that size, that's no mean feat.
  8. Not all countries issue goverment-ID other than passports, which are hideously expensive to apply for (and you have to be eligible first, which isn't a given). There are driving licences in the UK, but not everyone has one of those either. I'm disqualified for medical reasons. There are "official" nationally recognised ID schemes like CitizenCard that allow those without passports or driving licenses to prove age/identity, but these are not government issued.
  9. As I understand it, the current issue is that some old computers misreport the amount of graphics memory available. If SL believes them and tries to fill it, the viewer crashes in such a way that you can't then get in and change the setting, effectively blocking them from SL. This was briefly refered to in passing in a TPV developer's meeting, so it's no wonder you're a bit confused. I only happened to hear about it because there's sufficent gibberish in those for the recordings to make nice background noise while I work.
  10. Ooops, I hadn't picked up on that part. Thanks for catching that Wufie.
  11. I googled "lsl random channel" and found http://www.aliciastella.com/modules/AMS/article.php?storyid=24 , which seems to be a good, working example of exactly that. I know it's infuriating, but if you want complete code for your exact application, you'll have to pay for that. If you want free help, it's going to be somewhat spottty and incomplete, because we're all doing this in our free time. I'm missing my game of Primtionary trying to help you.
  12. I really do think you've got the wrong end of the stick, for me, mistakes are good. It's not even that making a mistake means you're wrong. Your solution was perfectly right - It compiles and works. But it was still a typical "beginner's mistake", ie there are solutions which are better.
  13. Memory usage is a bit of a red herring - idle scripts that do nothing have a disproportionate effect on the sim. Obviously it depends how many buttons you have, but if you're relying on the user taking the hud off before going anywhere, unless that is you or your best friend, it's unfortunately not reliable. I wouldn't fixate on the word mistake. If you do, you're not going to get very far with scripting. Learn to love your mistakes, bugs, and unexpected behaviours. Any scripter who does not make mistakes is either not learning, or is making mistakes but can't see them.
  14. Sounds like you might enjoy attending some bible study groups in SL. There are several - my church runs one at 10.30am on Sundays, but you can find others. We're at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Epiphany/101/147/50 - please excuse the mess, we're in the middle of a sim rebuild, so the layout is functional but not very pretty.
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