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  1. It does, but it's most useful for people who manage full sims. It has two main limitations - you need to be able to rez at (0,0), and the item must be copiable.
  2. Thanks! I already have a physics degree, so linear algebra is my jam. I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. When this gets released, I for one will be digging back through my inventory to check some old projects that never quite looked right. Also, thanks to @Beq Janus for the very interesting explanation. I'll be studying computer graphics in the autumn, so it's nice to hear the more mathsy details.
  4. If I understand this right, this new "Harden Normals" option for the bevel modifier in 2.80+ makes this process much easier, and removes the need for transfering normals from a copy of the mesh?
  5. Oh, i thought this was going to be about tilt shift photography!
  6. Because mainland can be beautiful too. Taken at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ohno/147/19/72
  7. The "API dood" has resolved this now for me, I'll leave his explanation of what the issue was in case someone encounters this with another server. The only question I'm left with is why does SL need this to be specified when other clients don't?
  8. I think that may wind up being the only fix. I wish I knew what is triggering it - at least then I would know how much is likely to be truncated. If it ever hits the end of the verse, then I can't see that I can recover from that, other than maintaining a list of bad verses and substituting in what "should" be returned.
  9. Not my server, so no, but I've opened an issue on github in the hope the creator might be able to shed some light on this. https://github.com/seven1m/bible_api/issues/30
  10. Firstly, thank you - that's a much better script than mine and shows nicely how i can improve mine. Can I ask about the extra parameters in the HTTP request? Secondly, unfortunately it's still truncated with your script, it's just pretty and truncated. I see that you've gotten around it by dropping the idea of using the JSON functions, but i'm still holding out hope that there might be a way of stopping it truncating. I've got some plans for further development (eg, stepping through very long passages verse by verse instead of flooding chat) that would be much easier if I can use the json functions instead of a strided list.
  11. Thanks - I am, and I'm using them, but I chopped them out, along with all the rest of the postresponse processing, for the sake of a clearer script. They don't work at all with invalid JSON, which is what I'm left with when it's truncated early.
  12. Other verses with overuse of or mismatched special chars that work fine: Leviticus 10:6 Deuteronomy 31:8 Jeremiah 9:23 Malachi 2:10 And, to recap, the ones that don't work are Joshua 1:9 and Malachi 3:2
  13. Thanks, i hadn't spotted that mismatch. Tested a few more places where people give long speeches that span several verses. Matthew 1:21 works fine. So does Jeremiah 1:10 and, back in the first chapter of Joshua, so does Joshua 1:18
  14. That's what I originally thought, but longer strings get through fine. I also tried using llGetSubString with negative indicies to llOwnerSay only the very last part of the string, and it was truncated in the exact same place. Wherever the issue is, I don't think it's with llOwnerSay.
  15. My scripting skills are very rusty, so i'm hoping someone on the forum can point out why this isn't working. I've got a very simple hud that reads JSON from someone else's server, and then uses that. Here is a stripped down version for reproducing my problem key http_request_id; string url = "http://bible-api.com/"; integer listenHandle; default { state_entry() { listenHandle = llListen(1, "", llGetOwner(), ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { http_request_id = llHTTPRequest(url + llEscapeURL(message), [HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH,16384], ""); } http_response(key request_id, integer status, list metadata, string body) { if (request_id != http_request_id) return;// exit if unknown llOwnerSay("HTTP status: " + (string)status); llOwnerSay("HTTP body: " + body); llOwnerSay("Metadata: " + llDumpList2String(metadata,",")); llOwnerSay("Length of HTTP body: " + (string)llStringLength(body)); } } If I request Joshua 1:9 (that is, verse 9 of the first chapter of the book of Joshua), the response is truncated early If I request Joshua 1:8-9 (which is longer than but inclusive of Joshua 1:9) all is fine. Likewise, Joshua 1:9-10 also works. I've tried other verses with quotation marks in, and other verses with question marks in, and they all seem to work fine. The only other bible verse I've found so far that chokes it is Malachi 1:3, which stops at a different point HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH is set to 16k, which should be enough for the entire chapter! Can anyone explain what is happening?
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