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Found 36 results

  1. Problem with baking AO texture

    HELLO! I'm trying to create an exploding barrel and now I made such a mesh. But I have a problem with baking AO shadows texture. On the sides of the barrel where the ribs are visible strips. This is despite the fact that the cylinder 24 VERTS, the SMOOTH is switched on. I can of course make a blur in the photo editor, but how can I make the blur in the settings of baking? Is this possible? Please advise. Thank you so much!
  2. ISO: "New" AO with New llOverrideAnimations

    heyas! so... yeah, i've been mostly inactive for a while, and while browsing the lsl wiki the other day, i discovered a "new" permission and command for overriding animations! wow. (that came out in 2013. :X) so i was wondering... has anybody released and open source AO script using this new functionality? you know, like franimation and zhao overriders of days long gone? or do i have to do it myself? also... i'm sensing... that it can't do things the old overriders could, like have several stands that could randomly be cycled through. and do i also understand that it doesn't play the built-in SL animations AT ALL? (my TAO2 ao for tinies uses a blend where some limbs are unlocked to just use the standard anims.) annnnnnd... i was reading that states like 'pre jump' and 'landing' etc can't be looped animations, or the avatar will get stuck in place. buuuut, i was just doing an AO for a new avatar, and it only worked right if they WERE looped. (of course the old-style ao uses llStopAnimation to change 'states.') if they're not looped, do i have to get the exact timing down on how long those should last? what if they're too short? i'd love to play and experiment, but i'm working on a project i need to get done. : / thanks!
  3. *Winkies*

    Question: Has anyone ever used mesh head's WINK AO to attract attention from another avi while in public? Really, I'm interested in hearing if the ladies do this.... (as I've been watching randomly). But guys.... is ok if you answer too, not discriminating here!! I let mine run sometimes but not with a specific 'target' in mind. IF anyone has successfully used this method of obtaining interests/interaction with another 'stranger' ... I'd like to hear of that also!
  4. Wanted: Custom AO Animatons

    Hi, I have a tendancy to ramble in forum posts but I'll try and keep this one short, contact me (Nix Marabana in world, notecard or IM) for more details or to discuss the project further. I need to get some animations made for a mesh furisode kimono that uses bento wing bones for the sleeves: I've made my own (very basic) ones at this point, but I'm not happy with them, so I'd like to update them with some animations made by someone who is more skilled with making AO type animations than I am. There are 2 ways we can do this: Way 1: I hire you to make animations for me on a per animation basis. I mainly need to get some good basic walks, stands and sits for the basic priority 2 AO that lives inside the kimono. My files are all in blender, so if you use blender to make animations, I can send you a version of the mesh to animate with. It's mostly important that the animations be smooth, not have too much clipping with the kimono and basically "work" as polite/slightly formal movement in kimono, just so I have a good default in there. If you are interested, please contact me with some idea of pricing (I'd prefer a per-animation quote, or if you're quoting by hour, some idea of how long it takes you to make an animation) and some way to look at examples of your work. (Also, if you look at the mesh and think you have a better way to rig the sleeves, I might be able to change the rigging somewhat to work better with animations) Way 2: (I'd rather do this after I have all of the basics from way 1 already finished, but feel free to chat at me if you'd be interested in doing animations like this anyhow.) If someone who makes AOs would like to make standalone AOs that work with the sleeves of the kimono and sell them separately, I'd be willing to share an animate-able version of the mesh and put your logo/LM near the kimono area of my shop so that people can try out your AO with the kimono once you have them done. If you're interested in doing that, I'd basically want to see that you've already got some kind of animation shop going. Thanks for reading, hopefully I can find someone who's interested in this project. Again, contacting me in-world will probably get a quicker response than replying here. ~Nix (edited to add images)
  5. Texture bake stands on 0 %

    Hello the community and thank you in advance for your interest. I was baking several materials with success and it suddenly stopped to work ; I mean the Texture bake fonction stands on 0 % progress. As you can see on the picture, I have several objects in my scenery. I already baked with no problem the 18 materials of the pillars, walls, fake doors and windows and one of the balcony. As I want to bake material 049, it stands on 0 % since over 45 minutes. Usually it takes from 5 to 10 minutes for my PC to bake a material. What I did already : I deleted all the objects that are not necessary for the bake process I checked each material is not repeated on an other object I saved all my works, stopped and started again the computer I tried to bake with only Blender working on my PC I tried to bake an other material Still not working. Also there is not the usual sound of the baking process, while it stands on 0 %. Edit 1 : I could bake a material on the roof but it stands on 0% and seems it doesn't end the baking process... Please help ! Following pictures of the scenery and the baking settings. Warm regards, Pierre
  6. Hello everyone! I've come here to look for a creator who is knowledgeable in bento animations and AO's. Why? I find myself frustrated for the lack of mermaid AO's that don't look stiff while wearing a bento mermaid tail, as a roleplayer i find this extremely annoying and while i know bento is still new, I would like to put this out there and see if anyone is already working on this or maybe is willing to. If the answer to the latter is yes, i would also like to know the cost and more details about it since i'm not very knowledgeable in bento or animations at all. Feel free to IM me: meileeprincess or leave a reply here. Thanks! <3
  7. Friday: 4pm to 6pm Friday Night Dance Party. Saturday: 7am Make an AO Class , in Swindlehurst classroom. 8am Introduction to Building Class in main sandbox. 10am Prim Charades, in Skygarden sandbox. 11am to 1pm DJ Hippie Party on the beach. Sunday: 7am Learning to Script Class 3 , in Skygarden sandbox. 8am to 10am Breakfast Club on the beach. 12pm to 2pm DJ Tim Beach Party. All classes are free, more details at:
  8. Male AO with 'narrow' stance

    Does anyone know where I can find a good, preferably bento, male AO with a narrow stance (ie, where the legs are ideally not wider than hip width when standing)? I primarily wear kimono in world, and most male AOs I've found have a very wide stance, which distorts the texture on kimono quite badly. I just wanna stand with my legs together ;_;
  9. Any known stores with many AOs to try?

    Being a big fan of mixing and matching animations from AOs, I'm always looking for more animations to buy-- either in a full AO or in separate pieces. Does anyone know of any good places to browse a wide selection of different AOs? I've got nothing in particular on my mind, I just want to look at new animations to use. Only specification is that I'm not really interested in any AOs in the marketplace. It's too difficult to tell the quality of any animations you're getting from static images alone, and no one likes paying anywhere from 300 to 1k L on something that either doesn't look good, doesn't work for what you want, or is too similar to what you have already to actually be used. I want to be able to preview them in-world!
  10. Remember when your avatar would turn its head to look at the nearest typing avatar? When your avatar would look in the direction you were camming? When your head wasn't locked into whatever pose the standing animation you were using had you facing? I miss those days and Bento would make this even more immersive since now your face isn't locked in a single expression if you have a Bento AO. It's way too difficult to find AOs these days that leave the neck free. There was a time when many animation sellers would include two versions of their animations, one that animated the neck, and one that left it free to look around, so customers could choose their preference.
  11. Weird server behaviour

    Anyone else who experience the following: AO - default and attached does not start after login and after TP to other SIM - have to stop and revoke permissions, turn off/on AO Scripts/NC not saved, timeout error Linking objects and positioning them, then the last linked objects moves in another position Zero set prim of linked objects only moves some linked object correct to <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> And thanksgiving extended weekend... - but anyway happy thanksgiving to you all .
  12. Vista Animations AO Questions

    Hi, I'm interesting in Miriam Bento AO at Vista Animations, but there are some animations that I don't like with it. Could I turn off those animations I don't like and be able to choose which animations I do want to use? Anything else I should know about the AO? Thanks
  13. Best AO for wide furry avatar ?

    So I recently got a new furry avi [ this one here ] and I haven't been able to find an AO that really works with it. It's very wide and thick so the hands and legs clip a lot for walking, sitting and any general animation. Now, since I have a lot of furry avatars I'm pretty used to having to pick and choose from the few that work with their anatomy, and even select individual animations from different things to make a customized one. However, on this one it seems even hard to do that as ANY animation that doesn't clip is very very hard to find. I was wondering if anyone knew of some AO's that are good for this kinda thing?
  14. Friday: 4pm to 6pm Friday Night Dance Party. Saturday: 7am Make an AO Class. 8am Intermediate Building Class- make a flying pedal vehicle. 11am to 1pm DJ Blue Party. Sunday: 7am Scripting Class- Physics. 8am to 10am Breakfast Club. 12pm to 2pm DJ Tim Party. All classes are free and held in sandbox unless otherwise stated on class notices. More details at
  15. Broken AO - Pls Halp

    Hello good people of the SL Forums. -insert waving here- I was driving a vehicle through a roleplay community when I crossed the dreaded sim crossings. When I finally got out of the car and reactivated my AO, my avatar didn't move. I chalked it up to sim lag so I logged out and back in. Toggled my AO on and off and back on again and still my animations would not work. . . I became increasingly concerned seeing as I didn't make multiple copies of this AO so I only have the ONE. I also do not have the packaging it came in anymore.. I know right, typical noob move. I need help, I love this AO it is no longer in the creators store, its no longer on marketplace. Here are some other things I have tried to do. -Toggle on and off -Relog -Rez AO on the ground, pick it up and add it on -Detach and Reattach -Refresh Avatar Attachements -Load Notecard within the AO -Click to change stands and nothing would move -Contact the Creator in hopes they still use SL -Cry, Just kidding. Though I am really upset about it. If you have any suggestions that are helpful please do let me know in the comments section below, or by contacting me in-world at RedWrath Resident. Thank you all for your time.
  16. Saturday: 7am Make an AO Class. 8am Intermediate Building Class- Make a flying saucer. 11am to 1pm DJ Blue Party on the beach. Sunday: 7am Learning to Script Class- Sit Animation. 12pm to 2pm DJ Tim Party. All classes are free and held in the sandbox unless otherwise stated on individual class notices. More details at
  17. Ao bento, male

    Hi all I'm looking for a nice set of ao suitable for bento hands and head Currently I'm using a hud named voir. Nice but some motions could be better, so I'm looking specifically for: stand, run and flight better animations. Any hint? Thanks
  18. AO mapping

    Hello. Please help! I'm trying to create ao map for the house. But inside I get darkness. Is it necessary to place a light source inside? And most importantly - can I get ao map of a house without a light source at all? Thank you very much for any help!
  19. AO Issues

    I am having an issue with my AO all of a sudden. I use Firestorm so I have the tab at the bottom where I can load my animations, and I have been using it without problem for some time now. However, today I opened it to change up some of my animations and I (accidentally) trashed everything. That really shouldn't present a problem. All that does it wipes my AO clean, but now I can't load any animations into my AO. I have tried closing out and relogging a couple of times, and nothing changes. I used to be able to drag and drop animations into it without any issue, but now, after it completes its reconfiguration, it tells me that there are no loaded animations. I have no idea why it is doing this. Does anyone have an idea why it keeps refusing to load animations into my AO now?
  20. Friday: 4pm to 6pm Friday Night Dance Party with DJ TarzanTom. Saturday: Building Classes resume in October. 8am Make an AO Class. 11am to 1pm DJ Blue Party. Sunday: 7am Learning to Script- Class 4. 12pm to 2pm Tapping the Keg Party with DJ Tim, part of our Oktoberfest celebrations. All classes are free and held in sandbox unless otherwise stated on individual class notices. More details at
  21. something i see quite often in the male (gay) clubs and gathering places.. might happen in all other places too.. the most new mesh bento bodies and heads... the most new clothes ... BUT forgetting to use bento AO's (animations) ... still walking around with the weird spreaded fingers and static poses. just wondering if they think wearing just a bento part is doing the trick. For a little more L$ there are enough animations for sale to use to the old AO ..or buy a full bento one of course... and some body sellers add a few already to their huds or in the package.
  22. Walking Skip Animation Help

    Ive seen this animation before on a female, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Its a walking - skipping animation, the hips slightly sway and if I remember correctly, the hands do move up and go behind the head at some point. Does anyone know of this animation or something similar? I can't seem to find any walking animations that I like other than this even though its technically skipping lol
  23. I would like to create a listing of Bento Mesh heads and the priority of their facial expressions, mainly to compose a list of mesh heads that are compatible to products that need to animate the head / face as well. I came across this topic as it seems various head makers use various policies about priorities for facial expressions. Some even seem to use priority 6 for simple background animations, thus making it impossible to override anything by 3rd party. Background Info: I am Mo Noel from MoDesign. Some of my product (as many products from other creators) use facial expressions to give a proper visual picture of the product in use. For example if you put a gag in ones mouth, the mouth eventually should stay open. Before the mesh heads era, this could be achieved by standard SL expressions, like „express_open_mouth“. The options where limited, but they worked reliable. Most mesh head brands do not support these standard expressions. Actually there is no brand I know that does scan the avatar animations for standard SL facial expressions and transform them to the corresponding mesh head expression. This renders the head incompatible to many products that animate the standard face. For basic animations, there is a reference about what priorities should be used for what kind of animations. It goes about like this: Priority 0 Used for many of the internal animations which are intended to be overridden with an AO. Priority 1 Used for internal emotes. Priority 2 Priority 2 is a good choice for stands in AOs. Priority 3 poses while moving (e.g. a walk) or that should override regular standing poses (like kneeling, a hug or standing with a handbag), but usually walks, dances, sits and most other animations that want to override standing poses Priority 4 enforced 1 (lower body) restricted walks, to overpower restricted stands this could be a walk in leg cuffs or humple walk when loosing a shoe Priority 5 enforced 2 (upper body) this could be enforced poses that need to override enforced walks like handcuffs, that should override the upper body even while walking in leg irons, as a leg iron walk also would animate the arms. Also a neck corset should be priority 5. Priority 6 anything that is even more restricting then priority 5 and we forgot to think about this could be special furniture things, for example, where a body might be folded as tiny as possible to hide it, e.g. to simulate a magic trick (Yes, some AO makers violate these rules, with the effect that A others do as well or B items don't work as expected) Example: Handcuffs and leg irons: 1. Avatar is standing: Prio 0: SL standing animation Prio 1: - Prio 2: standing animation of the AO Prio 3: - Prio 4: standing with restricted legs Prio 5: standing with restricted arms 2. Avatar is walking - same animations but * animations added Prio 0: SL standing animation Prio 1: - Prio 2: standing animation of the AO Prio 3: * walking animation of the AO -> overriding any stands Prio 4: standing with restricted legs Prio 4: *walking with restricted legs overriding the previously active prio 4 stand Prio 5: standing with restricted arms -> still overriding the arms of the restricted walk 1. Avatar is standing again - same animations, but the * animations from above stop: Prio 0: SL standing animation Prio 1: - Prio 2: standing animation of the AO -> takes over from the prio 3 walk Prio 3: - Prio 4: standing with restricted legs -> takes over from the prio 4 walk, still overrides Priority 2 stand Prio 5: standing with restricted arms -> still overrides loose arms of Prio 4 stand For a head, we need something similar. As there is no SL preset overriding face expressions by Bento animations, we could use the full range of the 6 priority levels. As a first sketch, the following "Mo-Rule" could be an idea to discuss: Priority 0 used for minor 3rd party animations or things that really don't matter and should be overpowered by standard face animation Priority 1 used for standard animations/emotes to keep the head alive while no one else is doing something Priority 2 Animations that override standard emotings, this could be smiles talking head whistle smoking etc. Priority 3 same as Priority 2, but for 3rd party items Priority 4 enforced 1 special effect animations e.g. avatar gets electroshocked Priority 5 enforced 2 real physical enforcements open mouth by a gag closed eyes by glue, death or something (e.g. a zombie avatar or a ghost) open eyes, hold open by matches etc. Priority 6 anything that is even more restricting then priority 5 and we forgot to think about (yes, some really may say this comes a tad late, but better late, then never.) (and yes, similar set of rules would be great for hands and feet and tails and ears …)
  24. Saturday: 7am Make an AO Class. Sunday: 7am Scripting Class-Dataserver Event- LAST SCRIPTING CLASS UNTIL SEPTEMBER! BUILDING CLASSES WILL RESUME IN OCTOBER! All classes are free and held in our sandbox unless otherwise stated on individual class notices. More details at: Haven Gateway/42/52/25
  25. Friday: 4pm to 6pm Friday Night Dance Party with DJ TarzanTom. Saturday: 7am Make an AO Class. Sunday: 7am Scripting Class-Dataserver Event- LAST SCRIPTING CLASS UNTIL SEPTEMBER! 12pm to 2pm DJ Tim Party. BUILDING CLASSES WILL RESUME IN OCTOBER! All classes are free and held in our sandbox unless otherwise stated on individual class notices. More details at: Haven Gateway/42/52/25