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  1. i tried the demo for one and messed around with shapes and skins till i found a look i really liked, i was nearly ready to buy the head but when i switched on my ao i noticed all of the animations seemed to warp and twist the neck really unrealistically. i tried this on three different mesh bodies and with all my animations and this bad interaction continued. the only time this does not happen is when i'm using the stiff default SL ao. i tried switching off head animations in the hud but i'm pretty certain that's just for stopping the facial expressions. this doesn't happen with my catwa head so i believe it must be some issue with the lelutka one. does someone know a way to get past this?? sorry if it's a newbie sounding question i'm just feeling really bummed and want a way to make the head work without having to confine myself to no movements.
  2. I am trying to upload an animation/pose that I have created in QAvimator. The purpose is to hold the arm in a certain position no matter what, overriding everything, even the AO. (I use the built-in AO in Firestorm). The problem is even when I upload it as priority 6, the AO walk will break the pose and the arm will swing according to the walking animation. I have other poses that do this (hold the pose over the AO walks), and they have the time set to 0, whereas the ones I upload are 0.07 seconds, which I think is the minimum for an animation (2 frames). However, if this is indeed the solution, I don't seem to be able to do it in QAvimator. If I try to reduce the animation to 1 frame, I cannot move anything on the model. Does someone know the answer to this?
  3. Good day, I am looking for a scripter who can create an AO for my mesh tail. Hud and animations are already ready 4 animations Sitting (on and only active when sitting, off) 2 Middle 1 Bottom animation all have priority 3 HUD appearance on off top toggles between visible and not visible TOA on/off switches AO on and off If you are interested please contact Makunia Resident or via Discord Makun#1363. Please with asking price.
  4. I haven't been on secondlife in a min and when i logged back in i noticed a lot of things changed for one I no longer have an AO button or menu thing ive look everywhere for it, also I cant seem to find how to change my environments lighting its super dark.
  5. I know I probably seem silly asking for help for a player of 11 years but I am just returning after having been gone for 6 years. I have been back for 2 days and all I have been doing is reaquaintancing myself with my inventory. Having trouble already, too! My furniture doesn't work. I click on it and nothing happens when menus are supposed to show up. I click on poseballs and just take on an awkward sitting position on them. My old familiar animation override is not working. Items are taking a very long time to rezz. I don't know which viewer to use as it has been so long so I need someone currently very experienced to help me! Is all this trouble because my inventory is a bunch of antiques (including ME?) and the scripts no longer work in them or is it because I am using the Second Life Viewer? Or do I need to toggle a few buttons and switches that I may not know about at this present time? PLEASE somebody help an old "IN"-experienced player? Thank you bunches!
  6. Hey there.. I have bought a Handbag that i like and it poses when i equip it but my AO messes it up when i start walking is there a way to fix this i would like my hand to stay in the holding bag pose while i have my AO so i want them both so i want to move and see my AO woking while my hand that's holding the bag is not moving posing in its place holding the handbag - THANK YOU -
  7. I'm not sure how many of us are, but my AO from Vista Animations has started self cancelling out after 15 seconds, even though it was set for 2 minutes per animation with a list of animations to cycle through. After 15 minutes of animating, the avatar goes into default animation slouch mode and curls up the wrists as though they have had a stroke or some sort of neurological malfunction. How do we stop this from happening?
  8. Apologies in advance if this should be in the 'Your Avatar' forum? Happy to move it there? But anyone know why this happens, or how to avoid it happening - it's getting embarrassing? So - Whenver I sit or lie on anything (chairs, beds, beach towels, cars and boats, etc) I start out being sat totally normal - in the right position - looking normal and everthing fine. But then after about 15 - 30 secods, I suddenly 'sink' into the chair. The only way to then get back to sitting normal, is to EITHER use the adjust setting in the sitter control box (which takes forever). OR if I turn my (VISTA) AO off, I then also return to a normal sitting position. It's a real pain to have to remember to do this every single time I want to sit / lie on anything. Or is it just the way it is? Or is there a setting I can change to avoid this happening. And is it just me, or does this happen to eveyone? Example Video GIF below shows me sitting normally, and then suddenly sinking, (Which happneed about 30 seconds after sitting). I then return to normal if I turn my AO off (as I did shown right at the end of video GIF) https://gyazo.com/11777c9b2d4f70bc9dfdec172bb9e214
  9. I want to find a face animator hud / AO - or persuade someone to create one. (I’d do it myself but couldn’t script my way out of a paper bag). Why is such a thing needed? Most of us these days have mesh heads that come with a range of animations. The huds that control these tend to be a bit clunky and lack flexibility. You can’t create your own animation sequences effectively. In particular, what I want to do is take the best animations from a series of heads that I own (Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, AK) and blend these into a series of sequences for different occasions. (In truth, I’m wearing a Genus head at the moment because it goes with a skin I love but I’m using Lelutka animations with it almost exclusively. They’re much better, IMHO) I’ve already extracted the animations I need (wear the head, right click, edit, contents tab, drag and drop to a suitable folder in inventory, repeat for all the other brands of head you own). I’ve also made sequences - such as chatting; flirting; sensuous; happy; etc. I’ve tried two approaches so far, both of which work up to a point but are fundamentally flawed: 1) Put them in a Zhao AO and use notecards - They do work as face animations and you can run your standing anims using the Firestorm AO or a second AO hud. This approach is flawed because when you sit on furniture such as a seat, bed, etc they stop working. And that’s when you are likely to need them most. (Kissing someone tends to attract their close attention - in an ideal world). 2) Create ‘standing’ animation sequences using the Firestorm AO which are actually face anims. This works and is dead easy because there are no notecards to deal with. You can still have your standing animations running by also wearing a traditional AO. But this is once again flawed because they stop working when you sit. So, I want a hud that will allow me to keep them running at all times - or at least until I turn them off. This is possible, because the head animators that come with the mesh heads achieve this. I also have a head animator from Chrysanthemum which provides ‘sexy’ face expressions which continue to run while on a chair or bed. (It comes with its own anims, but doesn’t allow you to add your own. They are all a bit ‘advanced’ and wouldn’t be used for a mere cuddle). Please note that I’m not aiming to sell this or load it with animations to then give it away. This is for personal use and once loaded with the anims taken from the mesh heads it would not be transferable. It might be something which a creator could sell to people such as myself, provided the customers were willing to load up the animations they already own. It might be possible to edit the Zhao scripts to adapt them for this scenario but I don’t know where to start. Does anyone know of such an animator already available? Or does anyone know where I could find appropriate scripts to create one? Or is anyone keen on making one from scratch?
  10. Hi! I was looking, as the title say: a non static fairy stand. I really need something CHEAP or freebie/dollarbie because it is for a couple of hours, I actually don't play as a fairy, and since I hardly have lindens, I don't want to invest much in it.. (like 10 lindens is too much) I have got around 10 stands, but they are static, so my avie looks like a robot changing from one to another using the built in AO from Firestorm. At the marketplace there is no AO or stand as I'm looking for. Any fairies around that can do some magic with information? Thank you.
  11. Hi all I'm by no means a newbie (born 2006!) but I don't know how to fix this long-standing problem. The issue is that when I sit on any seat my avatar sinks into the chair or seat. I have to use the hover to raise my av so it looks like I'm sitting normally. However, when I stand up, I am hovering about a foot above the ground and have to re-adjust the hover down again. Is there an obvious fix I am missing? I have a Slink Physique body and my av is not tall or particularly short (2m tall according to Appearance). I'm using Vista Rachel AO - both the regular and short av versions create the same problem with sitting/standing. I'll be very grateful for any help anyone can offer.
  12. I have the Gracie living room sofa from Dust Bunny and my AO is from Oracul. When I sit on the couch, I get a script error pop-up that says Could not find animation ''. It still lets me sit but some of the poses don't seem to work (cuddles for example) and I get the little script error icon hovering over the couch for a little while afterward. I contacted the creator as I thought it was an issue with the couch itself at first but ultimately figured out that it was my AO causing it. Is there any way to fix this other than getting a new AO? I really like mine and don't want to have to change it unless absolutely necessary. This is the first time I've ever had this issue and it only happens with this sofa in particular. I do realize that the easiest solution would be to just turn my AO off any time I want to sit on that couch but this really boggles my mind and I'd like to figure it out if at all possible.
  13. I was looking for an AO or non static pose to complement my voice talk so that I don't look like a robot. I don't know if it exists, but I wanted to work even if I'm seated, moving hands and arms naturally like when you talk. It could be an entire AO or just a pose, that work with my base AO (I'm looking on doing an AO with Firestorm), and maybe, some movement on my face (like arching of my eyebrows) I'm using mesh body + default head and mesh head (AK and Fiore Alura. I have Genus but they have ongoing defects on their animations) I'm not an expert on this 😅 Thank you!
  14. Is there a way to export or duplicate Firestorm-AO-Profiles? I would like to copy one of my profiles and change some animations on the go. Thanks to the UI, it feels very comfortable. But I didn't found out how to copy/duplicate profiles or export them to reimport them.
  15. Hello, I apologize if this isn't the right subject, but so far I have not found the root of the problem yet, so I'm thinking it's the Firestorm viewer for now. Encountered an occurring issue with my AO. For some reason everytime I log in, travel etc. my AO glitches, meaning it won't activate. Instead of the walk I put in my firestorm AO, I'm frozen and "skating" over the grounds looking like a mannequin. I've tried several things such as avatar health - stop avatar animations, undeform avatar, no gestures activated, clearing cache and reinstalling firestorm viewer itself. Also I've tried removing things I recently purchased to see if that had anything to do with it, but nothing has worked. I need help, it's getting super frustrating. Thank you ♥
  16. Hello there! Is it possible to make something like an AO script, that sets the Alpha of a prim instead of overriding the animations? llGetAgentInfo doesnt help me in what i planned to do and looking at all those AO scripts i am pretty clueless how to link an event like standing, walking, crouch walking, groundsit and so on to llSetAlpha commands. llGetAgentInfo doesnt help me since AGENT_WALKING refers to walking, running and crouchwalking but i need to seperate those events! I am clueless 😛
  17. Hi! My friend made me a custom avatar and I'm hoping to find someone to make a AO for her. She's very uniquely shaped so animations made specifically for her are needed. What types of animations she needs: -General AO -Ears (bento) -Tail (bento) -Expressions (bento) She's more on the cartoony than realistic, I'll attach some pictures I have! Oh, and she is adult oriented, so be prepared for flirty poses and stuff like that! I'm willing to discuss more of what I want with ya in private. I have a discord we can use for faster communication. And no worries, I'm ready to pay what's fair for this. Thank you very much! Hoping to work with you.
  18. I have my own walking and standing animations and I would like to put them into an AO. Is there a way to create such a thing and what else do I need? Is it easier to just go buy a new one? Thanks in advance, Milla
  19. it's sooo hard finding things! Any suggestions [stores and/creators] would be awesome.
  20. Hello! Please advise female bento AO as expressive, active and interesting as possible. The ones I have are pretty static and lets say.. making me bored very soon. I need something to keep watching and watching! I need to breathe life into my avatar.
  21. I've been playing around with various HUDs, but with a couple (the ones I actually like the layout of, wouldn't you know), I get a "Could not find animation" error message https://lensdump.com/i/WxnKBm Even though I get this warning, the animations still work fine, but closing out the box gets annoying, and I don't know I to fix it. I can not mod the scripts on ether HUD, as they are no mod. I am using Linden Labs Viewer.
  22. I have the cosmopolitan vista ao and the perfect lady vista ao and am wondering how to combine them into one hud? I got the free zhao II hud but not sure how to transfer ao's over. any help is welcome, thanks!
  23. Does anyone by any chance have a comprehensive list of all of the AO creators? I'm looking to create my own, and so far the only luck I've had with AO creators in my style that sell standalone poses are Oracul and Body Language. Lesser known stores are preferable (and please feel free to link your own stores if you are a creator!! )
  24. Anyone know Bento Ao for avatars that have bento ears and tails in in a single AO? without the need to buy a separete ears and tails.Found some Complete avatars with Bento Ears and tails,but i cant find aos or animatios,only separetely ears and tails.
  25. Hello! I am making a small building about 3 x 5 in size and baking AO map in blender render, but for some reason it appears too dark inside, the walls seem gray. How can I make it lighter but not lose the shadow in the corners? (the building has two doors and windows on all walls).
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