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  1. The Script for my HUD is DONE!!! Regards
  2. I will not attend any silly discussion anymore in this thread. It's a waste of YOUR precious and most important MY time. Anyone who is willing to contribute to the topic with help is welcome. I'll respond. A discussion which is aiming to talk about clarified perspectives will be ignored. Regards.
  3. And where did I talked about cash value? A very "mature" decision. I recommend you to read carefully and not judge without understanding the whole point of the discussion. How about we all stop to argue around, whether it is a wise decision or not to show off some policies and copyrights. This is each individual their own decision. I never asked to share any one's perspectives. From here I quote again what my main question was. If someone can't contribute to this topic, please feel free to leave this conversation.
  4. I made my point clear enough in the previous post. If you really think that creators products have a low or no value, you should think about, why customers purchase or thieves try to get them. All the big players are doing it. FB, Google, MS, Lindenlab and all good creators in SL. From a business perspective, it has to be done. Of course, some people can have a silly perspective on it. I guess you count yourself to these people? I don't care about their perspective, because they will buy it and I will be on the safe side. Regards
  5. Paranoid? Some people have a big fantasy. I will not deny this. hahaha It is naive to believe that thieves do not exist in SL and yes they will get their stuff if they want. The majority of SL players just want to play and they probably never took a look at the policy of SL. I small reminder before purchase is a good thing. I don't care, if the majority would think I'm paranoid, as long they follow my policy, the general policy of Lindenlab or even the USA's DMCA. It isn't professional to give your creations without any clarification about, what people can or can't do with it. No one will be forced to read or even to see the copyright or policy. But a clear hint will be there.
  6. Don't worry about that. A customer doesn't care if it isn't forced on them. Whether I'll enforce the lawsuit or not is on another table. In the first place, I want to be legally safe and suited for that. This Notes will give me the chance to act fast in any case. If I have nothing on the table, I'm weak! Also, it's contributing to a professional appearance.
  7. Hello, is there any template that can be used for self-made creations? Where I can get a copy from? Second Life has its own policy which is probably protecting to some extent each creation, but I want to make it as safe and clear as possible to everyone who want to buy my creations. As a use case example can be seen in the sale of jewelry. Regards
  8. Hello, is it possible to get a group invitation looking like in the screenshot by clicking on an object? How to achieve that? Regards
  9. How to change the color with a HUD, if I should use only 1 material which only can contain 1 texture map?
  10. How many are recommended? @ ChinRey Thank you for this information!
  11. Very good explanation! Thank you very much for your time and advise! Regards
  12. Thank you ver much for the hint! I repost it and made some corrections. The script-maker should know how much time this could take and name the price. I have no idea about calculating the price for this commission. @ALL How to close this thread?
  13. Hello, I need someone who can help me out with a custom script. The HUD will look similar to the attached one. Please PN me, if you are interested and are experienced in SL scripting. I attached an example of another artist. Until now there is no HUD concept from me, but I will make a similar one like the attached. The features will be the same as you can see on the example HUD. If you can consult me with more useful features, please tell me about them. I'm NOT a script-maker and have no idea how much time it will take or how the cost will be. Name your price and the time for making. Please be realistic! Deadline is actually as soon as possible! Make a list of all needs (graphics, inworld-"things", etc.) you will need from me. Regards
  14. Thank you for the Info! Why not using 1024x1024? Should I use bigger or smaller? I would like to know, whether it will be smart to give every object-group (Diamonds, etc.) it's own UV map in order to get more details. So each diamond could have its own space on the UV. To overlap everything will make every Diamond looks the same.
  15. Hello, I want to build some jewelry and let the user choose the color of the diamonds and metals. The question I have is, whether I can solve this with only one UV map which will be used by all models... OR... ...should I give each model its own UV map? Is this a big deal for land impact if I use more Maps? I attached an example of another artist to show off how it could look like. Regards
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