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  1. woroschilow

    L$ Transaction history in EXCEL

    That is exactly what I found just now! Great! I'll try it out and report later on. Thank you very much!
  2. woroschilow

    L$ Transaction history in EXCEL

    Oh, I'm sorry, I missed that part... Sounds totally reasonable. I think that especially for newbies this kind of topic in SL Forum will be a "nice to have" thing, because it will be a time saver for every one or at least an inspiration to think about it.
  3. woroschilow

    L$ Transaction history in EXCEL

    There is NO visual CHART. That's why I'm asking for a tutorial how to use the files from the Website to generate the charts. Or do I missed some functions of the SL website? Regards
  4. Hello, I would like to show off the transaction history of SL in excel as visual charts. Sadly I can't find any information about it. I attached some samples to showcase that it realy works, but I don't have the knowledge to create it by myself. So I hope for your expertise and support. Thank you very much! Regards, Nikolaj.
  5. Hallo, ich möchte meine Transaktionsstatistik gerne in einer Excel-Tabelle mit Charts darstellen lassen. Leider finde ich nirgends Informationen dazu. Im Anhang ein paar Bilder zu einem Video, welches deutlich zeigt, dass es funktioniert. Jedoch habe ich keine Ahnung, wie man das anstellt. Ich bitte um eure Expertise und Unterstützung. Vielen Dank für eure Zeit! Grüße, Nikolaj
  6. Hello, I applied as an Creator for the Rigged Mesh Body from Belezza and I want to build Jewelleries for hands. My friend told me that there is a big problem in using the Belezza Body for creation in Blender with avastar. Before I start to get to know the InDepth issues I would like to get informations and solution in front from experienced users of this body for blender. I hope to get your help. Regars, NIWO
  7. Hi, eventhough in Blender the weightpaint is smooth, it appears InGame very broken. Please take a look on the screenshot. Why is that? The vertices InGame are also shaking. Why is that? I'm using Blender 2.97b and Avastar 2.0.22 on Windows 10 and uploaded the mesh with FirestormOS Regards.
  8. woroschilow

    Beta Grid Cannot get there

    Hello, i have the same issue. I was never there before and my Login from "Normal Grid" doesn't work for "Beta Grid". I also can't register on Linden Lab. I alway got redirected to "secondlife.com". Also I contact the support about this, but no response since several days. Very annoying for a beginner Creator to join SL.