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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I had some helpful instruction from Aquila for a bit which was very kind of him which has enabled me to make more progress on things . However I have been stuck again on one part of a projects physics now I don't have lots of tiny triangles or DEGENARATIVE TRIANGLES as pointed out by the importer as far as I can see but this will not import without this error message. I don't know what to remove t get rid of this error as everything I have tried so far gives this same error the off movement of only the physics also happened when i tried to move the object to give better view it has all transformations applied: Does anyone have any ideas please Thankyou Denise
  2. Does anyone have a tutorial on texturing objects in blender 2.8 and getting the textures to appear in SL viewer? Blender 2.8 got rid of Blender Render which most older tutorials referenced, and the Collada export options also appear a little different. I only have one UV map for the whole mesh and one material for the whole mesh. Reimporting the .dae into blender shows that textures normally. But uploading to SLViewer return these messages: 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(752) log_upload_error : Error in stage: upload, Reason: (Http_200) 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(763) log_upload_error : error: {'TextureIndex':i0,'error':'TEXTURE_EMPTY','identifier':'Upload_InvalidAsset','message':'The texture is empty.'} 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(764) log_upload_error : mesh upload failed, stage 'upload', error 'TEXTURE_EMPTY', message 'The texture is empty.', id 'Upload_InvalidAsset' 2020-03-24T14:13:15Z WARNING # newview/lltoastalertpanel.cpp(176) LLToastAlertPanel::LLToastAlertPanel : Alert: unified_mesh failed to upload: The texture is empty.\n\nSee SecondLife.log for details
  3. Hey guys, so for some reason when i create poses for SL in blender, and i then upload them to SL, i can't use my genus head's facial HUD with it? The facial animations just won't play, neither will the static expressions. I especially don't incorporate fixed expressions into my poses so that people have the freedom to use their own when i upload them, but this problem is starting to really tick me off. I have the genus classic head, and a couple of others i'm not using atm because of the DMCA. I also have a lelutka head and i haven't tried with that one, so i can't confirm yet if this problem happens with that head too. I'd also like to mention that i've played around with avastar's priority settings when exporting the .anim file for the pose, setting it both to 3 and 4, but the problem persists. In fact, when i set the priority to 3, sometimes my avatar won't even get into the pose at all, even if i turn off her AO... Anyway, any help would be much appreciated! thanks a bunch ❤️
  4. Greetings! I've been trying to learn Blender over the last few months and I'll admit I'm still noob -(BTW, thanks for the tutorials Chic) I'm getting a little hung up on baking textures on different surfaces like floors, walls...inner, outer, etc. It looks great in render view, but when I bake, I must be missing some ingredients, because it looks really whacked. Also when selecting the entire floor, in order to scale down my textures, my UV map becomes much larger than the box that it's supposed to fit into and of course looks weird. https://gyazo.com/394a3e52ae8441037ca53e336c543afb Should I be separating parts of the build into more manageable, bite sized pieces? Does it matter if the walls are cubes vs planes? I know, lot's of questions. Any guidance is much appreciated. I haven't even thought about physics yet... Well, OK, I've thought about it but I'll leave that until I get this part figured out Thanks!
  5. I Started creating mesh object where i successfully got UV create but confused as i have different color material for that object so do i have to export texture for all material separately or is there any way to export all in one texture . please let me know how to export it properly. Using Blender 2.82a version
  6. Hello Everyone , I made something for the first time in blender. WOOHOOO!! , I'm trying to figure out the uvmap part i have everything ready i baked the textures onto the uv map but it isn't showing up as metallic its showing flat and smooth and shading on the uv map. I was wondering how do i get the uv map to understand and show the metallic node onto the uv map like i would love it to do?. I tried several times but i cannot get it to work right, Everything in my blender file is metallic for my object but in game it shows the flat smooth shading uv map. I did combined for the bake i'm not too sure if that's correct to use or what can someone help a noob out please? Thank you !!
  7. I've spent so long trying to figure out the physics model for my house and it's driving me nuts. I've read every post on here about it and I still can't figure it out. I have made a physics model and I know about the bounding box issue where the physics model will stretch to the bounding box of the high LOD mesh. But I don't understand how to fix that. Here's the high LOD: https://gyazo.com/6e7cbec5016c6d81d66f558919074bdb https://gyazo.com/e86d11c30f6c70a4aa48d617bdce402d Here's the physics model: https://gyazo.com/71ae50d9e7c37444d6a7b2fb68ecd17a https://gyazo.com/ad122de80f9f80ac5b6e6e670153a8c6 I would post a picture of it uploaded on second life in the uploader, showing the physics but for some reason it's stopped showing the physics preview when I upload the physics model, but anyway, parts of it are stretched and some objects are in the wrong position. Also it has the red lines so I'm not able to upload it because its saying the object has too many triangles (or something along those lines) Now I've done something and now my physics model isn't even appearing in the preview but it is uploaded. And when I upload the mesh, there isn't the option to change it to "Prim" I even tried the other method, which is setting the physics to either the high LOD or the medium LOD then hitting "analyze" but the problem says that the number of hulls exceeds 256 and not sure how to fix that either. Does anyone have any advice regarding this? Also is it better to upload in Firestorm or the Second life viewer?
  8. I just started using Blender 2.8 and this is the third time im making something and trying to upload it to SL but I get this error. I tried using Firestorm, SL Viewer and that third one S something. They all give me that same mistake. The object itself has 15.000 verts and i don’t really understand why the hell is SL forbidding me to upload it. Can someone help please?
  9. Hello , I made an earring for the first time in blender added color & metallic to it but in SecondLife i uploaded it and it only shows the colors no metallic what so ever. Am i doing something wrong? it's also not showing the flatness right of the heart thats pictures below can someone help me out plz 🙂 Thanks
  10. So I managed to fight with the new Hasbro like interface of Blender and re-learned all the shortcuts and was making some headway in it... But when I went to bake out some normals and AO and Diffuse, the resultant bakes were horrible. Am i the only one with this? I'll return back to 2.79 for functional purposes, but now the UI looks old to me, lol.. Can't win. Got my copy of Substance Painter 2019 at the ready now.. perhaps I'll join the masses and start using proprietary software like everyone else...
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