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  1. go with a brand new 1050TI then i just recent got this card and stuck it in my 6 year old computer. Goes good, and I didnt have to upgrade my power supply or change out my motherboard which I would have had to do, had I gone with a 1060 or higher when I connect the 1050TI to my old screen (1920x1080) then is noticeably higher FPS in SL overall on all scenes and configurations than with my old 660GTX card. Easy hitting 60FPS when by myself in mesh body and lots of mesh attachments. Marginally higher when crank the configuration to Ultra. Marginally higher meaning about 2-5 FPS extra on Ultra overall scenes with my new (2560x1440) screen then in SL is about the same to marginally better FPS overall as the 660GTX + (1920x1080). Just a whole lot more pixels and crisper view which is why I got it
  2. with dragcopy, the new copy is at the position of the original object and it is the original that is dragged/moved with KFM enabled then when the dragcopy is completed, the moving_end event in the original object should fire. The script in the copy at the original position being reset like you have observed
  3. thinking about how this might be done. Am not sure of the current status of the LSL commands but reading Inara Pey's last blogs about these then so far seems it is: llGetEnvironment() which reads the parcel property and llSetAgentEnvironment() and llAdjustAgentEnvironment(). So all good on being able to get the parcel environment and set the players windlights using a script LL may have already thought about being able to detect what environment setting a player has, but it wouldn't hurt to make a jira about it if you want Bellimora if so then I would suggest a jira request for something like: integer llSameEnvironment(key agent_id, key environment_id) is similar to how llSameGroup() works. So not to be too nosey about visitors to the region. On the game arena we just want to know if the player is using the arena environment or not a code example of how this can go: key player = "some player uuid"; key environment = "our environment uuid"; integer warned; integer game_on; if (game_on) { if (!llSameEnvironment(player, environment)) { llSetAgentEnvironment(player, "our environment name", 1.0); if (warned) { llRegionSayTo(player, 0, "You are gone!"); llTeleportAgent(player, ...somewhere_not_here...); warned = FALSE; } else { llRegionSayTo(player, 0, "Environment change violation. You are warned."); warned = TRUE; } } } else // person is not in the game { // so do nothing }
  4. i downloaded it. I like :) i might even use it now
  5. 4 years as a renter like you mention in other thread. One day over your last day and all your stuffs mass returned. Thats pretty brutal. Is business sure but still pretty brutal
  6. i think that you will only have any chance to be able to force a name change of the current sim if you can provide RL evidence that the name is your RL trademark. And probably also be able to show that the now usage of the region is some kinda landscaping oriented business
  7. LL Governance look at every abuse report. How they decide from there seems in the first instance to depend on who Exactly Linden is, when the report is reviewed. When it is the same avatar account doing the harassing over and over, then Exactly Linden morphs into Banhammer Linden
  8. if you are running Windows 10 64-bit then more memory is always a good thing. And if you can see the offered video card running then thats a good thing as well
  9. this you have in common with people like Socrates and Albert Einstein the more we know, the more we understand how little this is compared to all the things we know we don't know, and how even littler this is compared to all the things we don't know that we don't know or as sometimes people say, there are the known knowns, the unknown knowns, the known unknowns and then the unknown unknowns. And when they say this we go: Am not sure they know what they are talking about. And they go: Me either really but it sounds cool which makes it a known known for me even if I don't understand it. And as you don't understand it either same as me, even tho you now know as I just told you, is a known unknown for you and we go: would you like another cup of tea ?
  10. i have no idea who this creator is, but why ever would LL get into a public spaces support partnership with anyone who names their enterprise as GTFO? Is mind boggling to even consider it might be that this creator has a comprehensive train running system but GTFO ?! really !? seriously ?!
  11. i am with you when people try to do this to me. I don't ever complain. I don't communicate my own views to them. I don't ban. I don't report. I don't block. I just ignore people like this. They don't exist for me while they continue to behave as they do. I have stoneface of indifference and oh! well
  12. like @moirakathleen says, the chat log path can be set to a drive which is accessible from any device which has network permissions to access that drive. Maybe a person with more network experience will reply soon on how to set this up i can see why you might want to do something like this. Like you want to save all chat logs to your main computer, and be able to read/write the logs also from your laptop and/or phone chat app
  13. from a coding pov then is possible to do a character translator app fairly easily. Whats not easy is getting the translation 100% correct in every instance. But I think it would be possible to achieve +90%. The more rules coded/catered for then the closer to 100% we can get a thing is that the Change Display Name box doesn't accept all characters. It seems that it only accepts Unicode 16 - 2 byte characters. The extended 3 byte character set it doesn't. Am not sure if this is absolutely true but I do know that some characters it does not accept and I think its the 3 byte characters. Somebody reading might be able to shed further light on this putting this aside for now. A way to do this is something like: list alphabet = ["Aa", "Bb", ... "Zz"]; where the list contains 26 strings of symbols. List element 0 = "Symbols that can be used as A". List element 1 = "Symbols that can be used as B". Etc etc. upto List element 25 = "Symbols that can be used as Z" parse the DisplayName, 1 symbol at a time, look up the symbol in alphabet then assign it to "a", "b", "c" etc. Assigning "A", "B", etc when used literally in the parsed string then start adding rules. Which can include: - further capitalisation of words made of symbols - when a word contains all upside down symbols then reverse the output - when a symbol is not found in alphabet then output it verbatim. Or substitute a symbol for unknown. A space, dot or whichever - when a symbol is a number then output it verbatim - when a symbol can be used to represent more than 1 character then default to the lexicon (first found) order of the alphabet and so on
  14. i never get why people with commercial aspirations don't try to make something that is in sympathy with the neighbours existing builds like you have a little public chill place which attracts some people. A real estate agent sees that you do get some visitor traffic. They think they might be able to get some of that traffic to view some of their offerings. So they put an agency office next door. Because not sympathetic build then nobody comes to your place anymore. So the real estate agent gains nothing positive from this. If anything, all they get is the annoyance of the people who used to come to your place had they built something that sympathetically flowed between their parcel and your parcel then you and they win, so would the visitors to either or both. Instead you get the Totes Bananas Real Estate Company as a neighbour. With company mission statement: Going broke in SL and dunno why
  15. i like that you are going with the oh! well plan meaning derendering the neighbour's stuff and forget that you even have a neighbour. When your friends come to visit then have them go with the oh! well plan also
  16. the classic measurements for a lean-ish man is Vitruvian Man first described by Vitruvius and became well-known thru the drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitruvian_Man in SL a way to do this is get on a pose stand with feet together and arms outstretched make a prim, move it to your head. Adjust your head size til you happy with it - width and height. Set the prim to the same size. Then drag copy the prim down 7 times, to get your height. then from the center of your head prim dragcopy 4 prims to the left and 4 to the right to get your arm length then adjust your shoulder width, neck length, torso length, hip length, hip width and leg length to fit within this prim cross shape accordiing to the measurements given by Vitruvius then tweak them slightly from there to get an individual aesthetic look that you are happy with
  17. as you realise we cant do this kind of assignment as a global declaration we have to do it in state_entry(). Example: integer Maxhealth = 300; integer MainBody; integer Rarm; default { state_entry() { Mainbody = (integer)(0.5 * (float)Maxhealth); Rarm = (integer)(0.1 * (float)Maxhealth); } } note also that the assignments have been typecast in this example. When we mix integers and floats in calculations then when we don't typecast then we can get results that are not what we expect ps. If you have any other scripting questions then best to put them in the LSL Scripting forum on here, as not as many people come in to this part - the LSL Library
  18. stick all the pieces into a prim box. And sell the box If you want to seperate out all items that come with each piece (not jumble everything up) by sticking all in the same box, then stick each piece (and related items) into separate boxes then link them all to together. Then list the linked boxset as 1 for sale item
  19. Ayane, the code snippet that Rolig last posted cannot return this error. So something else is now going on. It might be that you are writing the following: llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_SET, [ [ 34, 2, PRIM_POS_LOCAL, llList2Vector(lAllPositions,0) + vOffset ], [ 34, 3, PRIM_POS_LOCAL, llList2Vector(lAllPositions,1) + vOffset ], [ 34, 4, PRIM_POS_LOCAL, llList2Vector(lAllPositions,2) + vOffset ], ... if so then you will get this error if you are not then post the code you are using and we can have a look at it with you
  20. hugs for Rolig 👩‍❤️‍👩
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