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  1. yes. I want add the Belisseria Train Channel Service Between Sansara and Belisseria and Belisseria and Jeogeot that behaves like the Channel Tunnel Between France and United Kingdom in Real Life. It's Transport Passengers as well with Cars,Truck and others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channel_Tunnel
  2. aka. Transport System Efficiency requires the designing of this system for the High Speed Rail and The Ferry Dock. to use With on The SL Mainland Infrastructure in terms of the LDPW's Constuction work take place at the Construction Site.
  3. yes. High Speed Rail will be possible if you want to have an public private partnership Investment with LDPW by SL Residents. to use the land. for example GTFO Land Holdings by Syler and Cinn. It had large GTFO Projects scattered around SL Mainland. It's would be perfect for Transportation efficiency
  4. I hope There's Upcoming High Speed Train by LDPW Moles in the Satori Region,Nautilus,Corsica that I wished very well with Electrified Rail constructed by LDPW Moles. runs from West to East in Satori and Corsica and the South to North in Nautilus. connecting point to point. the LDPW railcar speed is 160 km/h. and no need driver to control the train. like YavaScript Pods. and There's LDPW Road Accessible Ferry Port constructed near water. you can teleport the car from ferry to Ferry (ETS2 Ferry Style) like Teleportable Satori Tunnel. with Parking and LDPW Road Access are build in the Waterfront. Especially Jeogeot,Nautilus,Nautlius City,Corsica,Gaeta V and the Satori. These Things are used for the December-January SL Town Hall Meeting. very good idea by me. to Second Life Employees and Moles!.
  5. SSP? more like Super-Scalar Place to move on in SL. Soon It will have the new GTFO! Capable Continent in SL.
  6. I hope SSP will have an High speed Train reaching 200 km/h. by LDPW. with 4-lane Autobahn Like Expressway. by LDPW. referring the one of war thunder map https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Fulda_Gap
  7. I'm looking for the Anime Friends that using Fitted Kemono Torso. Especially Busty One. that Includes the Fitted Kemono T-Shirt and Pajama Pants on their Inventory. ready to wear. anyone can reply me? I'm making a peaceful friending purpose!
  8. What Hair Name? for Ayashi? and Marketplace Link Please?
  9. asked and waiting for saya reply. currently she's not online at this time. i hope she will be online soon.
  10. Could Anyone can find the Greenwood Anime Hair? Presumably Ayashi and Magika?
  11. The War Against HCI and AT by Conrad are started caused by Lyte to release the volta are scrapped and cancelled. causing upset in other peoples. this action will spread to the shergood aviation. to cancel the H160 this will be true SL Great war. like a world war I on earth!
  12. We should Strongly Encourage LL to do the region adding from the Heterocera. as well with Azure Islands,Fairchang. to connect from Sansara to Satori or Heteocera to Satori. to support aircraft flights and large ship to the ferry port/marina.
  13. Maybe. I'm looking for the Asset Related Error on the Older Viewer and OpenMetaverse-Based Viewer as well. After Series of maintenance until Tuesday Next Week. The Grid Status are Referred from the https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/hcjp7p3nh0z6.
  14. 1.Presumably It will break the OpenMetaverse-based bot like Radegast and MetaBolt if They started the Deprecating the old UDP Protocol for good. if Happens. 2.For the viewer that Didn't support the AssetHTTP. "Unable to Load Gestures" "Unable to Load Landmark" Message will appear.
  15. Series of the Scheduled SL Maintenance on the Grid Status that Linden will be shut off the UDP Asset Fetching on the Server. causing the user that doesn't use AssetHTTP Server cannot load the Gestures,Animations,Landmark,Wearables and Sounds.
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