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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, I love driving around in SL and I've recently started getting into transport related games such as GTFO, BelliBins, BBB Passport travels, etc. It's great, except for one very annoying issue that's been driving me mad; road vehicle camera mode bugs during region crossings. In most road vehicles using the driving scripts created by karyn.vaher, the following happens: I drive in 'FollowCam' mode, via the vehicle menu > Options > Camera > Cam Type. This is my preferred way of driving, and also appears to be the default, until I cross into a different region. Then the camera jumps to what appears similar to the "SportCam' mode, where I am unable to see the vehicle, and the only way to get it back to the FollowCam mode is to ctrl+option cam away, so that I can see my vehicle again, touch it to open its menu, and then go to Options > Camera, and click the "Cam Type" button twice, then it finally goes back to the usual 'FollowCam' mode. This happens every time, at every region crossing, in every vehicle that uses the same creator's scripts, which seem to be most road vehicles. Most seem to be using the same scripts from the same creator, and they all do this for me when crossing regions. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I'd like my vehicles to stay in 'FollowCam' mode, and not switch to what appears to be "SportCam" on every region crossing - Even though the menu still shows that I'm in FollowCam Mode, I have to push the Cam Type button twice to get the cam view back to where it's supposed to be. How can I prevent this from happening? I would also like to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, or if anyone can recommend a vehicle creator that does not use karyn.vaher's scripts (preferable a GTFO-compatible vehicle creator). This cam issue is driving me insane and I would really like to know if there's a way to fix it, or if there are alternative vehicles that I can use that don't make use of these Cam-Type scripts that seem to break on every region crossing. Please help!
  2. I didn't find any image of the railroads of Bellisseria, so I made one.The red lines are the railroads, the yellows squares are the stations, and the two community areas next to the stations. Rez zones are marked with a yellow "R". I put some of those that I found near the stations. The nortwest sections can't be used from the switch in Gully Wash, since both guides are active on the switch (that zone is still under construction).
  3. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/2X-protected-sail-between-continents-Agapema-21280-4272m2/22735684 Beautiful house with pool overlooking protected water - Protected Linden road to the north (Route 1); your own harbor to the south--near the sailing corridor between Heterocera Atoll and Sansara continents. 1466 prims. GTFO Hub/train station right across the road, Calleta Union Station and Port Calleta just around the corner! Want more? The neighboring 2048m2 plot is for sale as well, it also has both road and water access, and it's own pier with dock! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/2X-protected-sail-between-continents-Agapema-23676-2048m-1/22735685
  4. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/2X-protected-sail-between-continents-Agapema-23676-2048m-1/22735685 Beautiful property overlooking protected water - Protected Linden road to the north (Route 1); your own harbor to the south--near the sailing corridor between Heterocera Atoll and Sansara continents. Flat, build-able land in between with 703 prims. Perfect! GTFO Hub/train station right across the road, Calleta Union Station and Port Calleta just around the corner! Port Calleta has some aircraft hangar rental space. Want more? The neighboring 4272m2 plot is for sale as well, it also has both road and water access, a beautiful house, and it's own pier with docks! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/2X-protected-sail-between-continents-Agapema-21280-4272m2/22735684
  5. Beautiful property with Blake Sea access. 2560 m2 for L$1100 per week. East facing, a little creative derendering of one small house and you have an incredible sunrise view. Amazing Maven home provided. No covenant. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Faravari/179/16/21
  6. INCREDIBLE DOUBLE PROTECTED SIM SIZE: 56,576 m2 (Other land is ONLY LL protected land in the form of river access) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Humuli/170/75/31 LOW SALE PRICE AVG 50% BELOW COMPS! L$ 599,999 (L$10.6/m2) This parcel has an additional parcel of 6464m2 available with purchase on Drymonia (neighbor sim) to expand your sim even further at no additional tier cost using group bonus! Water Portion goes nearly half the sim to create a great FULLY PROTECTED private island on Mainland ON A CORNER!!!
  7. INCREDIBLE 3X PROTECTED FULL SIM SIZE: 56,576 m2 (Other land is ONLY protected land) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Humuli/170/75/31 LOW SALE PRICE AVG 50% BELOW COMPS! L$ 688,888 (L$12.2/m2) (Local similar protected road/river only comps: L$20.4/m2 | L$25.0/m2 | L$29.3/m2 | L$20.0/m2) Tier: $175/Month (Include Drymonia land available via group bonus for no additional cost!) This full sim has an additional parcel of 6464m2 available with purchase on Drymonia (neighbor sim) to expand your full sim even further at no additional cost! SAILING | GTFO | PROTECTED OCEAN SUNSET VIEWS | ROAD AND RIVER ACCESS TONS OF WATER LAND OR RAISE FOR TERRAIN | CORNER SIM | RENTAL LAND MAKE THIS GORGEOUS SIM YOUR HOME OR STORE TODAY!
  8. The inhabitants of Inworld are a people of Artists, Navigators and (cultural) mutants. This is the interview I did to Diamonte, intergalactic smuggler and operative in GTFO the most intriguing roleplay of all Second Life. Read here the post by Diamonte
  9. BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE PROTECTED WATER FRONT PROPERTY AMAZING SUNSET VIEWS Sim Humuli http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Humuli/170/75/31 16,384 m2 - Protected Road Access For Exploring & GTFO - Protected Water Access For Sailing, Docks, GTFO
  10. Second Life is a fascinating world, which allows anyone to travel to fantastic places and discover cities, islands, entire continents traveling by any means: trains, cars, planes, ships. The pleasure of discovery and travel is the basis of GTFO! A logistics and exploration game for SecondLife that counts hundreds of players - enthusiastic transporters. DeNasty Tigerpaw the lead moderator of the GTFO community tells us his experience, but he also lets us know the players' experience, what are their interests and preferences by bringing us the data of an original survey conducted for this interview, absolutely not to be missed to understand the fascination of "slow" travel in Second Life. "Creating stories around the world helps to make a place more memorable," says DeNasty, and we agree. Read here the post by DeNasty
  11. For sale is a nice roadside 5120 square meter parcel with GTFO at the end of Route 8 in South Satori / Bagheera Quiet location with access to Route 8. 1757 Prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bagheera/124/210/56 L$56,320 - L$11/m2 Reasonable offers considered.
  12. ▒░░.ASCENDBNB RENTAL EXPERIENCES.░░▒▓ https://ascendbnb.tumblr.com AscendBnB is a collection of luxury rental experiences featuring thoughtfully chosen, adventurous destinations in several continents around mainland. Each home features local destinations of interest to explore, tastefully decorated spaces, and comfortable accommodations for singles, couples, families, and/or groups. Visit our website for pricing, pictures, and more information about the properties listed: https://ascendbnb.tumblr.com --- Here's some of the experiences available currently: Ascend Landing- Motel, Cafe, and Seaport -------------------------------- Three finely accommodated, FREE motel rooms with full bath, cable TV, and comfortable beds. The Morning Brew cafe is onsite, with delicious coffee Bento holdable coffee cups available. Off Route 11 in Corsica, adjacent to a seaport with Blake Sea and Linden water access, NR/7Seas Fishing, and a cozy clubhouse. It's also a GTFO Hub! Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tealeaf/226/70/33 Ascend Lofts- Hi-Rise Living on the Blake Sea -------------------------------- Enjoy the high life at Ascend Lofts, a luxury loft living experience. Feel the energy of downtown living while enjoying a cocktail at the cozy lobby bar, taking a dip in the indoor pool in the fitness center, or taking in the view in your well-appointed loft. A coffeemaker, YouTube TV, and other thoughtful amenities adorn the loft, with password-protected elevator access to each floor of the loft building. Located right off of the Blake Sea, take one of our complimentary boats and sail away for a day or visit the neighboring airport to fly the Linden skies. A gps hud guide shares even more local attractions for guests to enjoy. $1000L/week, fully furnished with extra prims available. Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beaulieu/112/237/336 AscendBnB- Winter Escape -------------------------------- Tucked atop a hill on the Alpine Byway, feel the peace of winter every day in this calming cabin. Intricately designed for peace, you'll be happy to retreat here after a long day at the Linden Chalet, a sled ride away. Complimentary access to a snow mobile and a gps hud guide will help you to explore the Snowlands! $500L/week, fully furnished with extra prims available. Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Verbier/224/10/212 Ascension Glamping Resort and Park -------------------------------- Take a rest from your hike on High Mountain Road (Route 6) and camp in peace at our mountain respite. A full camping experience awaits you with deluxe amenities in uniquely designed cabins, with a bonfire, outdoor bar, and hot springs on the grounds. Next door, be sure to stop by Ascension Park and watch the trains go by on the SL Railroad, or continue the trail to the head of the Great Wall. Now available for group and special occasion stays, with daily rates available. Daily rate starts at $50L/hour, can be negotiated by day. For longer stays, please contact Soulsofree Resident. Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fucosa/63/73/127 ███▓▒░░.SUPPORT.░░▒▓███ Feel free to contact soulsofree Resident (Soul) for more information about our rental experiences.
  13. Ci sono giocatori italiani di GTFO che vogliono organizzarsi in una community? io non ne conosco, qualcuno sa indicarmi se esiste o se c'è qualcuno con cui costituirla?
  14. I hope There's Upcoming High Speed Train by LDPW Moles in the Satori Region,Nautilus,Corsica that I wished very well with Electrified Rail constructed by LDPW Moles. runs from West to East in Satori and Corsica and the South to North in Nautilus. connecting point to point. the LDPW railcar speed is 160 km/h. and no need driver to control the train. like YavaScript Pods. and There's LDPW Road Accessible Ferry Port constructed near water. you can teleport the car from ferry to Ferry (ETS2 Ferry Style) like Teleportable Satori Tunnel. with Parking and LDPW Road Access are build in the Waterfront. Especially Jeogeot,Nautilus,Nautlius City,Corsica,Gaeta V and the Satori. These Things are used for the December-January SL Town Hall Meeting. very good idea by me. to Second Life Employees and Moles!.
  15. Anyone can make the Lockheed L-188 Electra in Second Life? for the Passengers,GTFO Freight and much others? with modifiable permission. It's will be first four engined turboprop airliner in SL in Mesh.
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