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About Me

Found 12 results

  1. We moved regions because we thought there was an issue while our land owners regions were moving to the Cloud. We had constant problems teleporting back to our region and at times could not log in at our land/home. Our land owners said nothing was wrong with region and maybe we had a griefer. We did not give that much thought till it just started in our new region we have been with for approximately 3 weeks. Yesterday my wife kicked an avatar that kept changing avatar shapes and clothes...only 1 day old. When asked by my wife and finally our sl mother to relocate while changing clothes (busine
  2. I seem to be stuck, I can't walk and if I tp to another sim I turn upside down and can't move. At home I can sit on a chair but when I stand I pop back to my home location. I've removed all attachments and still nothing. I've checked the land for anything suspicious, nothing. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!
  3. Sunday, March 15 i noticed in my Group IM list, i had some conference chat from "BELLYSNIFFER"... and decided it must be some griefing something and closed it, then blocked that person. several minutes later, i got another conference im from the same name (different account? dunno). i reported it through the abuse tools. others posted the settings below to prevent conference IMs. since i had the 'report automatically ignored' setting on, i began getting spammed by other accounts trying to conference me. these accounts were of established avatars, much older than the
  4. I have been wondering about this for some time. I do get griefed, pushed, multiple objects sticking to me, giant *****es engulfing my avatar, etc. Everyone gets that. It's SL, so it kind of comes with the territory to some extent. I never engage, just block the person, mute the objects if I can, and file a report. I'm sort of not sure if there's a point though. I mean does anyone really look into these things at all? Many attacks are petty and personal; I mean, who cares? How does it get investigated? Does it get investigated at all? Does the culprit at least get a warning? I'm sort of not sur
  5. A day and a half ago I logged into SL and was trying to sit on something at my sim, but was unable to. I did not get an error i did not get something saying unable to sit. As soon as my avatar or anyone elses would sit, they would get kicked off the item without prompt. About 10 other people besides myself have looked everywhere for anything off or strange. The only time people can sit is when i disable scripts or when my avatar is not on the sim. I have submitted a ticket to linden labs but they are taking a while and it's making me really anxious. I'm looking to see if anyone has had any exp
  6. I logged in at my home spot yesterday to find this ridiculousness -- I posted a video below to give some idea of what I'm dealing with. I usually only log in about once a week lately, so I don't know how long this has been going on for, but I noticed it yesterday and reported it last night, as of right now nothing has been done. The objects are not technically on my land, so I can't return them (and my neighbors don't seem to log on often, either). Muting the owner hasn't made them disappear, and derendering them isn't very helpful, as it is multiple objects, no idea how many there are. They a
  7. Is the a way to retrieve old chat and im messages going back a month, beyond that which is the viewer chat logs and on my computer. I have no intention of sharing with 3rd parties,or breaking the TOS, except maybe Linden Labs if that is allowed. A couple of recent friends are accusing me of stuff I would never do, and spreading untruths about me, I have no idea what they might do next. I might sadly need to defend myself.
  8. Ich bin oft auf der Linden-Sandbox Island und lerne LSL und kreiere alles Mögliche. Aber seit einigen Wochen ist ein Hirnloser Idiot (<Removed>) hier. Erkennbar weil er die 2 Sim's mit Bergen und Hochhäusern einrahmt und sofort die Sandbox Island mit unsichtbaren Objekten füllt (Sim is full). Zudem schiesst er mich regemässig in den Orbit gefolgt von einem gigantischen Video-Crasher. Dazu habe ich schon viele Reports an Linden geschickt, aber die tun gar nix ! Weiss jemand von Euch Rat ?
  9. I am requesting and asking if anybody can help me with this Avatars Abuse, Griefing and destory the structures on my full sim... Ever since I purchased this full SIM on February 2016 till now I am still trying to fix and to restructure my SIM, because of the Abuser keep coming, and for some reason, I don't know how they did it... they left an object on my sim and when I return my whole parel and structure were return to me... :-( I purchase so much money on security that I feel it is just useless, yesterday, it happened again... I am tire... trying to do a project and it never get a chance to
  10. Hello, Earlier today was relaxing on the Davinci Gardens sim when a guy on a dragon kept shooting fire on me. I observed that he did not do this action to anyone else on the SIM. IF we were to compare this to real world attacking anyone would be termed as a violent act, so why not on SL? Maybe there should be the option to not only block someone's voice/text but also their actions? Kindly look into this individual, I don't know if he will be dumb enough (or troll) again to try this on me using another avatar. I have had previous incident in the past being "caged". I tr
  11. Occassionally, I have needed to send crash or bug reports and someone at LL has been kind enough to help me resolve the issue. However, sometimes it seems there is someone who uses the JIRA for questionable purposes and I wonder if there are griefers and trolls pretending to be technical support. Today I received an email purporting to be from JIRA about an issue I had with voice in world. This character stated "manorities are not welcome in SL" and named three minorities and reffered to them in derogatory fashion. He also said these minorities were unwelcome to SL because they "cause trouble"
  12. I am in dire need of assistance, and reports don't seem to be working at all. I need help. I am an officer at a sim working security and building for the area and the sim has recently been targeted by one particular individual who has been giving us issues for nearly a year. We tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but once again they've been nothing but trouble. We've submitted several reports when the instances have happened but to no avail. Now it's escalated to the point that the user has been banned from the area we work for constantly breaking the rules and he has decided he would
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