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Found 16 results

  1. Hey Guys! So I'm an old user, trying to revive my over 6 year old account on the same exact laptop it used to run so amazingly on. I've watched a few youtube videos with tricks and tips, which maybe helped about 1% or maybe that's just my optimism.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So if anyone here knows of ways they found to work with them, pleasee share! I'm dying with all this lag, it's immense and triggering lol. I have a: Late 2011 MacBook Pro 13"/ macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 with Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB A year or two ago, I had to wipeout my laptop and change the hard drive because it died. I did this on my own and changed my 1TB to a 2TB, since it fit and I thought things would run faster since this is my only laptop I can use. (it sucks, yes i know, macs are the last thing to use for gaming) 🙄🙃 So please, anything is HIGHLY appreciated 🙏🏼❤️✨
  2. Hello, I have used this HUD that made my avatar move at 250m/s. I am trying to make my own HUD that goes at that velocity. I have tried llSetVelocity(vector,int) but it is instantaneous. It gives a little push then stops. When I put it in a timer, the velocity flutters, goes up and down, even if I have the timer at 0.01. I do see it hit the velocity 250 m/s, but as I said it flutters. When I do llSetForce(vector,int) at the maximum force, I get the maximum velocity of about 197 m/s. How do I make my avatar move at a consistent velocity of 250 m/s?
  3. The Second Life Roads has mostly 2 lane and It's no clear speed limits for the car drivers around the sl mainland and private regions around second life. and I'll suggested an Speed Limit of Second Life Mainland to enforce with SL Highway Police Groups around the Mainland Regions. The Speed Limit of Second Life Mainland is Inspired from The Russian/Kazakhstan/Ukraine Speed Limits. The Suggested Speed Limit of Mainland Second Life are followed below 30-60 Km/h (18-38 mph) City/Community Area and Linden Homes Roads 50-90 km/h (31-56 mph) Linden/Private owned 2-4 Lane Roads/Highway (outside Built-Up Area) 70-130 km/h (44-81 mph) Linden Controlled Access Highways These Speed Limit Rule will be enforced to Second Life Highway Police Groups to reduces accidents and promotes Road Safety in Second Life Mainland Driving to Regulate the fast drivers of SL Mainlands including Chopper Riders/Racing Cars that does the fast driving on the mainland Roads in Second Life including Bellisseria Roads.
  4. Hello Everyone and Linden Moles I'm hoping there's High Speed Train in SL that runs 200 km/h Inspired by Chinese High speed rail system and There's Long Bridge between continents and Continents! Also an 4 lane highway with a Long Bridge between continents and Continents! Inspired by Chinese Expressway System built by linden! as an Great Wall of Second Life at Heterocera Extension to Sansara It's improves an transport efficiency for gemc semi trucks and infinity semi trucks also There's Long Highway inspired from Seven Miles Bridge in US Between Sansara and Jeogeot passing Bellisseria Linden Homes. That's my Very Great Idea in SL! built by Mole as Public-Private Partnership in SL!
  5. Hello everyone. I made an animation for a right-handed person that performs complex hand movements, from which I'd like to also create a 'faster' and 'slower' animation so the animation as well. Is there a simple way to do this in blender-avastar please?
  6. So, here's the issue: The SL Viewer and Firestorm don't work anymore. I mean, they start, but the framerate is really low. Especially when I move the camera angle or move my avatar. Then it can reach lows of like 1 to 2 frames per second. I'm not sure what's wrong honestly, seems related to the rendering, as it is also exceptionally slow. And it would seem it's not a server or hardware issue, as the problem persists even when I change the graphics settings to low, while the frame rate is just fine even on high settings on Singularity. Any idea what I should do about this? I should add that I've been using both of the viewers currently not working, previously on this computer without these issues. I would be grateful if someone more experienced could give me some guidance on this. Thanks!
  7. In this quick guide I'll try to show you how to set up a ram disk for second life. I hope that this helps those who are telling me that now rezzing in world is somehow slow. This guide supposes that your pc has enough ram to do it. Remember that now windows 10 can use almost 3GB ram so you need at least 8GB ram even better a system with 16GB ram ( that is now the standard for most pc's of middle range).The size of the ram disk for SL and maybe cache of your browser( this is another chapter not discussed here) is just 2GB more and less. I also recommend you to disable windows automatic update for graphic drivers and stuff Keep just the updates for patches and security but don't make your windows mess the drivers of your boards and pheripherals(this might be another reason what some people can see a sudden slowness in windows 10 after updating it: it has the bad habit to update drivers of your boards too without asking you ). Windows 10 after Vista is the dumbest piece of software ever written, they made it too much automatic, forgetting always that computers are powerful but dumb, it's the brain behind them making them useful and smart. I recommend you to follow this guide here to mitigate a few this iussue that can mess up your graphic driver and other drivers of your boards and peripherals. have you ever been in your office and been screaming because a fax and a printer and other stuff all of sudden stopped working with an update of windows 10? Well that's the reason.Another hint is when you install graphic driver for your card just avoid all that useless stuff, if you don't use it drop the telemetry and audio drivers included in graphic drivers package, run a custon installation instead. For Nvidia I never install all the useless stuff but just graphic driver and physics. Many people now have already got the m2 ssd that are superb comparing their performances to the classic SSD ( Slc ,Tlc, Mlc). However their price is not always affordable , not all the residents have an hardware supporting it or just want to keep their heat away from a small case. In all of these cases to speed up your programs you can use your ram and a handy trick by then by Xp times and that still now has very decent scores. To do this first of all we need to use a program to create a ram disk if in windows. If you use linux ambient then it's a way easier : you don't need external stuff. Just follow the guide here For windows we have a few softwares that can do the trick you can choice the one that you like the most among these. I like a lot soft perfect ram disk (however it's no more free). To use the free version you must download an older version from this site. Bear in mind that it works great with windows 7, but with windows 10 because of some changes now you can allocate no more than 4 GB per each ram disk(which is still more than enough to run SL from it).However among the ones showed in the site I proposed are very good to be free, that you can download from here as older version. To create your ram disk it's very quick and intuitive most of the proposed programs above have a short guide and a very intuitive interface.Just remember when you create it to use an NTFS file system . Here I leave for you a visual example of configuring a 2 GB ram disk, using soft perfect ram disk. Anyway more and less all of them have such a simple and intuitive interface.Select the letter of your ram disk, select the size, select the file system and click ok.Then the new ram disk appears among all the other disks.The pc won't make any difference with the others but the write/read speed would be so far faster than SSD, as you can also see from the benchmarks posted in the site I linked above. Once created the ram disk we need to move to the step two which is making a portable app of our SL (this works good for all the viewers like the classic SL viewer and others that don't force you to download the files using the executable. in that case you can still avoid to install them tricking their pity way to get installed using a virtual machine and then copy the files, but this is another chapter). So download SL viewer and use a free software like 7zip to unpack it to a folder .Done this you can even customize that folder copying in its paths the xml files for windlight or some fonts that you might miss in the classic sl and want to take from other viewers. Alright done now you have it customized and ready to be zipped again to be kept on your disk as a "portable app" to copy to your ram disk any time you create it. Before we launch SL we don't want it to make mess in our folders either, like for many other programs you can move the settings folders elsewhere too. To do this we use a trick that comes handy with any other painting software or 3d software or games :we are going to use a Junctions. This is a way to decept our windows system and let it belive that the folders are still on our main disk while truly they're located on our scratch disk. Ok let's start our deception Sl has some folders located to this path C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Roaming C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Local If you don't see those folders it might be because your system is not showing you hidden folders. Enable it from your folders options in control panel. here is one of the ways to do it now it's time to create our new paths for our sl settings folders. This will help to keep the OS disk (especially if it's an ssd clean and not fragmented). Let's imagine that our scratch disk is named M: Fine let's create in our M disk a folder that will allow us to keep handy all the files we'll move and call it whatever you like for instance mysettingsl. now within this folder (mysettingssl) we move one after another the sl folders that we have in our C:...Roaming and in our C:...Local folders. How to? My hint for you is to have visible the adress bar in your windows folder. If you don't follow this 1) Open File Explorer. Click the View tab on the ribbon. You’ll see the the Options button on the right-hand side. Click it to open the Folder Options dialog. 2) Click the View tab. Locate and tick the checkbox named “Display the full path in the title bar Now open a Note and keep it on your windows ( in this note we will copy and paste the original and the final locations of our folders, just to keep them handy). So move to the path C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife From the adress bar of the window copy the adress and paste it in your note. Now cut the folder "SecondLife" located in C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Roaming\ then Paste it in the folder of your M: scratch dsk that we called (mysettingssl) in your M disk navigate to the SecondLife folder just pasted there and from the adress bar copy it's path it will look like something like this M:\mysettingssl\SecondLife Now time to get our hands dirty a bit with the command prompt (launch with administrator rights). mklink /J “C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife” “M:\mysettingssl\SecondLife” Here is where the Note where copied and pasted folders locations from the adress bar will come handy now; instead of typing them all you just paste them when you run the mkdisk command The syntax and the logic is always the same anytime you want to use this command so: mklink /J "C:\the original path" "M:\the new path" where M can be any other of your disks for scratch or partitions (or even a ram disk if you decide to move there also those folders and save the whole ram disk created as an iso to launch each time avoiding to use a scratch disk for settings too). If you did the command well you will read in your command prompt something like this: Junction created for C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife <====>M:\mysettingssl\SecondLife and in your folder "Roaming" located in C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Roaming\ you will see the icon od SecondLife folder appearing with the short curvy arrow meaning itìs now a junction.the system still belives that it's there, but physically it's not there. Now repeat the same steps also to move the second life folder that you have in in your C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Local in your scratch disk M go to the folder you created and named "mysettingssl" within it create another folder named like "Sllocal" or whatever you wish and move there with the Junction method I showed above the SecondLife folder that you see in C:\Users\your_pc_account_name\AppData\Local. In our Ram disk let's create a folder and call it for instance cache (or whatever you like for SL cache). Done now we just need to move to our Ram disk ,once created it , and copy there our zipped "portable secondlife app" then unpack it in our ram disk. Assuming that you call your ram disk something like N: Make a link of your SecondLifeViewer.exe (that is in your second life folder unzipped in your ram disk) by right mouse click menu and paste it somewhere in your ram disk. now right click on the file you just pasted named for instance "SecondLifeViewer.exe - link" go to properties and where you read "destination " we will specify some paramethers to force the cache to our ram disk most of those commands are shown in the wiki page of sl that you find here. In our case we just neeed a simple string like this. --set CacheLocation N:/cache --set NewCacheLocation N:/cache (if the ram disk you created has a different letter change N with the chosen letter for your ram disk paste this string after the SecondLifeViewer.exe in the destination path of the secondlife.exe - link properties window, that you just created. That destination pat in that window will look like something like this N:\Second_Life_6_2_4_529638_x86_64_Setup\SecondLifeViewer.exe --set CacheLocation N:/cache --set NewCacheLocation N:/cache (don't forget the space between SecondLifeViewer.exe and the string you created to force your cache there and to specify cache paths in parameters use the slash instead of backslash, like in the example above). If you want as a trick to not repeat this anytime you start your pc you could move to your ram disk also the settings folders that in the example above I showed you how tomove to a scratch physical disk. Then save the whole ram disk as an iso file to load by your ram disk program. bear in mind each time you update sl viewer you may need to refresh the iso putting there the new version of your "zipped portable sl". Now you're running your second life and its cache and settings from a ram disk. Ok the short lecture is done I hope you didn't fall asleep. Coucou
  8. I hope There's Upcoming High Speed Train by LDPW Moles in the Satori Region,Nautilus,Corsica that I wished very well with Electrified Rail constructed by LDPW Moles. runs from West to East in Satori and Corsica and the South to North in Nautilus. connecting point to point. the LDPW railcar speed is 160 km/h. and no need driver to control the train. like YavaScript Pods. and There's LDPW Road Accessible Ferry Port constructed near water. you can teleport the car from ferry to Ferry (ETS2 Ferry Style) like Teleportable Satori Tunnel. with Parking and LDPW Road Access are build in the Waterfront. Especially Jeogeot,Nautilus,Nautlius City,Corsica,Gaeta V and the Satori. These Things are used for the December-January SL Town Hall Meeting. very good idea by me. to Second Life Employees and Moles!.
  9. Hello! Is it possible to alter the script of the aviation speedometer, showing the horizontal speed in the speedometer, showing the vertical speed by rotating the texture?
  10. Hello. I have been using second life viewer for years. Lately I notice that it's incredibly slow even if I use an high-end pc. In detail I can tell you that the last good viewer I used was the version "Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686". The next updates had as result a consistent cut off of fps ( about 3X less fps than the fps I got with the viewer version I mentioned above). I've been waiting since August 2017 for a better viewer or something that run smooth like the version Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686,I opened a Jira, but nothing. What is still strange is that looking in the wiki there are ways to run older versions of the viewer and I did this when the first newer versions with lower fps appeared. The result was each time I used the earlier vesion(Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686) my fps were raised up by 3X than the fps I get with the newer versions of the viewer. My question is. What has changed in sl since the release Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686? that I know by then animesh and bake on mesh were still at embryological state of projecting Is it, by chance, that newer versions support only directX12?
  11. Hello! I need some help please! I'm trying to make a speedometer. Does anyone know what is the actual speed of the flight or walking avatar in the sl? I need to calibrate. I tried two speedometers at the same time they show different numbers. Thank you!
  12. i just got 1 gig internet speed would that cause me to c rash in second life
  13. Using the official SecondLife viewer, is there a way to set my controls so that when I press left or right to turn my avatar, they continue rotating more than 1/16th of a rotation before the rotation drastically slows down? This makes it very, very difficult to walk around.
  14. Hey guys! So this one's got me a little stumped, I don't know how to approach this to get the desired result. I'm making some "drones" that will wander, but also follow and move between a predefined set of positions within a sim. I've opted for llMoveToTarget for this, but face an inconsistency, if you will. I somehow need to calculate the damping value for llMoveToTarget based on the distance between vector points, so that the movement speed of the drone seems "realistic". By this I mean, for a short distance the drone should move slower between the points, but for a longer distance it should speed up to make the wait less, but without snapping to the target point. I've already toyed with the idea of using llVecDist for this, but don't quite get how I can use it for my issue. Any input would be fantastic!
  15. A comment about the Project Viewer "Alex Ivy"version, available here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers I've always played with different viewers, and betas, but folks, this is simply an incredible viewer! I use the Mac version, and it rezzes my very complex home sim faster than anything I've ever seen before, brilliant colors and sharp images, movements incredibly smooth. You simply have to try this! Can't say enough good things about it, despite being an early beta, and look forward eagerly to a release. Well done, LL!
  16. So a little while back, while the forums were offline for the new site update, I had a question I wanted answered: what loops are fastest in mono, and what stipulations should be taken into account when scripting them? As it turns out, this is quite an interesting topic that has a lot of commentators scratching their heads. Well, I'm not here to talk about efficiency, but I am here to definitively conclude which loops appear to be fastest (and when they usually are). Using a simple script that can be found below, I conducted some tests (in mono) to see what loops finish fastest with no arguments inside of them to test the true speed of the loop itself, from a practical approach without considering the theory behind it. My results could be considered a little odd, as the answer of 'fastest' actually appears to vary based on how many iterations you happen to be looping through. The results of my particular test are printed below, as concluded by the script found at the end of the page: 'for' loop time to 100: 0.000000 'for' loop time to 1,000: 0.024513 'for' loop time to 10,000: 0.044505 'for' loop time to 100,000: 0.596119 'for' loop time to 1,000,000: 6.318980 'do-while' loop time to 100: 0.000000 'do-while' loop time to 1,000: 0.030374 'do-while' loop time to 10,000: 0.114235 'do-while' loop time to 100,000: 1.198419 'do-while' loop time to 1,000,000: 12.739420 'while' loop time to 100: 0.000000 'while' loop time to 1,000: 0.014845 'while' loop time to 10,000: 0.116710 'while' loop time to 100,000: 1.200627 'while' loop time to 1,000,000: 12.317580 loop time to 100: All loops evenly matched for practical purposes. loop time to 1,000: 'while' loops beats all; 0.015529 seconds faster than 'do-while', and 0.009268 seconds faster than 'for'. loop time to 10,000: 'for' loop beats all; 0.06973 seconds faster than 'do-while', and 0.072205 seconds faster than 'while'. loop time to 100,000: for loop beats all; 0.6023 seconds faster than 'do-while', and 0.604508 seconds faster than 'while'. loop time to 1,000,000: for loop beats all; 6.42044 seconds faster than 'do-while', and 5.9986 seconds faster than 'while'. In simple conclusion, loops are a funny business and they can vary based on many probably factors. Please use the script to do the experiment yourself, as learning is always a personal endeavour! I hope this was helpful at least to someone, and that it might lead to better scripting habits in the future for all. Have a good one! default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if(llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { llOwnerSay("Beginning loop test.\n "); integer i = 0; llResetTime(); for(i; i < 100; i += 1){} llOwnerSay("'for' loop time to 100: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); for(i; i < 1000; i += 1){} llOwnerSay("'for' loop time to 1,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); for(i; i < 10000; i += 1){} llOwnerSay("'for' loop time to 10,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); for(i; i < 100000; i += 1){} llOwnerSay("'for' loop time to 100,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); for(i; i < 1000000; i += 1){} llOwnerSay("'for' loop time to 1,000,000: "+(string)llGetTime()+"\n "); //----------- llSleep(2.0); //----------- i = 0; llResetTime(); do{i += 1;} while(i < 100); llOwnerSay("'do-while' loop time to 100: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); do{i += 1;} while(i < 1000); llOwnerSay("'do-while' loop time to 1,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); do{i += 1;} while(i < 10000); llOwnerSay("'do-while' loop time to 10,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); do{i += 1;} while(i < 100000); llOwnerSay("'do-while' loop time to 100,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); do{i += 1;} while(i < 1000000); llOwnerSay("'do-while' loop time to 1,000,000: "+(string)llGetTime() + "\n "); //----------- llSleep(2.0); //----------- i = 0; llResetTime(); while(i < 100){i += 1;} llOwnerSay("'while' loop time to 100: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); while(i < 1000){i += 1;} llOwnerSay("'while' loop time to 1,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); while(i < 10000){i += 1;} llOwnerSay("'while' loop time to 10,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); while(i < 100000){i += 1;} llOwnerSay("'while' loop time to 100,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); i = 0; llResetTime(); while(i < 1000000){i += 1;} llOwnerSay("'while' loop time to 1,000,000: "+(string)llGetTime()); } } }
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