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  1. the fastest way to legit pimp increase our forum reputation is to post pics of our home and garden, our outfits or places we go in SL. I think I have given more Likes in those threads than anywhere the other posts I will always Like when I come across them is when somebody asks for info, they get it and then come back to say thanks. Thank yous will always get a Like from me and I give you a Like for the post, just because
  2. ellestones

    Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    to be fair to Sylvia, she was going off in March about when the LR game got firebombed and the meadow green was reduced to ash, even tho the game still played the same way. Was a pretty jarring contrast and yes I do agree with Sylvia that the ash made the playing environment pretty meh! since then Linden Realms is now a whole other new game. I think the firebombing of the old game was a portent signal that a new game was coming. Which we now have
  3. your message had exactly zero information in it. I don't reply to people who send me spam
  4. ellestones

    Second Life personality traits

    if it were binary then they both be kittens
  5. if you look thru the link that you provided then you will see that CBT is an accredited post graduate diploma. Post graduate certificate - Level 1 - open to bachelor degree. Level 2 requires a masters from anyone with a general health degree. The level 2 exception is a person with a bachelor degree in mental health and with extensive experience working in the mental health field then there are non-accredited CBT certificates which anyone with $200 can obtain. In the same way anyone can obtain a non-accredited doctorate
  6. ellestones

    Is it acceptable to talk about politics?

    what does Firestorm support have to do with either Philosophy House or Kant even ?
  7. you have a Masters degree in a clinical health discipline yes ? CBT national registration requires a masters degree as a prerequisite. If you do not have the required masters degree then you are not a registered clinician. When we are not registered then we are roleplaying. Roleplay - pretending to be something we actually are not
  8. you have set yourself up as a therapist offering therapy therapy is not trauma support. Therapy is a clinical discipline. You are not a clinician. You are a social worker. Social workers provide support. This is why you get kick back on this. You are roleplaying as a clinician and acting out on this as if it is real. Which is delusional be what you are. A social worker. And nobody will kick back on you
  9. ellestones

    Is it acceptable to talk about politics?

    Philosophy House most likely. Not sure if anyone goes there anymore tho. I think is still inworld, but I haven't been there myself since ages. Back in the day was quite good the debates. Back then also Kant was pretty popular as a topic with undergraduates in particular. Both for and against
  10. ellestones

    Is it acceptable to talk about politics?

    @Love Zhaoying there are some fabulous creatives in SL for sure. I remember a gothic inspired build. Merriman as I remember. Gargoyles and other creatures. Probably most memorable for the sign that said "Do Not Sit Here" on the lap of this pretty cool large stone creature. Wonder why that is I thought. So click and welll !! maybe best after all if I never sat
  11. ellestones

    Is it acceptable to talk about politics?

    the basic rule of this forum is that topics have some relationship to SL. RL politics and religion are present inworld, so if you do raise either as a topic then let it be in relation to something in SL example. I have just finished building a chapel on my home region. Is catholic-inspired. It has been created to provide a balance to what Christians would call the darkness - or might be better known in SL as a form of hedonism. We are big into hedonism on my home sim :) So the chapel is a quiet place for reflection i have always loved the painting "Penitent Magdalene" by Paolo Veronese c1586. Not to be confused with the painting by Carravagio which is sometimes called by the same name and alternatively as "Repentant Magdalene" so i was chatting with the region owner where I live about art and design and stuff like you do. We ended up talking about classic art and the painting came up. He went wooo! when he saw it. Heart love! so i said I make a chapel and we stick it in. And he went ok. And so I did. He ended up get right into it, and not even a religious person. Sourced some other religious works and pieces and put them in as well is quite nice to sit in a pew in the chapel and contemplate that balance in our lives is not such a bad thing. Too much of one or the other doesn't always work out well for us sometimes
  12. ellestones

    What Keeps You Coming Back To SL?

    i go away, come back, go away, come back, go away, come back. When I do come back the is usually something I have read or heard about, so come for a look. After looking then I end up doing what I always end up doing. Making stuff inworld with prims. Is pretty relaxing for me to do this
  13. ellestones

    Wanted: Viewer Developers

    yes true. In the meantime the developers just keep coming to work, getting regular pay cheques hopefully, and believing in the mission. When the pay cheque money runs out then oh! well another good idea that never completed. And wheres the next job queue
  14. ellestones

    Wanted: Viewer Developers

    there is that as well. If the project can provide RL funding for the team members then there be a queue of applicants lined up with CVs in hand
  15. ellestones

    Wanted: Viewer Developers

    the correct approach is the path that leads to successful completion of the project mission statement in the shortest amount of time the original mission statement was to modularise the core code base and then build indivdualised UI experiences on top of this. It now seems to have shifted to parsing desired user -experience features as you would prefer them as others have pointed out, to remain on the original mission then your team will find that after a code exploratory effort they have to build a whole new code base from the ground up. Very little LL (and other TPVs) untouched code will make it into your viewer