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  1. ellestones

    Creating Skill gaming whiteout a license.

    this is where you best get a ruling from LL. Is possible that even a 1L refund, being a payment to play, would probably be caught by the policy edit add: i point out where this can get murky, despite what the intent of the policy is as written pay L$1 to play. Machine auto-refunds your L$1, unconditionally. Keep playing the game tho, stay on my sim, and win some of my money the murky part is. If you win L$10 from me then did you win L$11 for a L$1 payment to play
  2. ellestones

    Five word Story Game

    for teeth free people to
  3. ellestones

    Creating Skill gaming whiteout a license.

    we only need to apply for approved skill gaming creator status when our game is placed on the market for sale to game operators to actually make the game doesn't require pre-approval
  4. ellestones

    Creating Skill gaming whiteout a license.

    yes is the operating of a skill gaming machine that requires it to be on a skill gaming region
  5. ellestones

    Secondlife declining player base

    LL have made it so that a new signup's Home is automagically set to the Social Island they went to on leaving Learning Island. This was in response to what you mention. Only time a new signup goes to a WA now is if they choose to do so from the Destinations. Or like everyone else, when their Home sim is offline
  6. ellestones

    Secondlife declining player base

    i just quote the parts that I think you are spot on with LL also tend to agree I think that building orientation today is of less importance to new signups than is socialising: talking, dancing, etc. I think LL do tho struggle with how to channel social is borne out by my own experience of observing what new people do when they spawn for the first time. The intro model LL currently use is Learning Island > Social Island > Inworld. The previous model was: Orientation Island > Help Island > Inworld. Where Help Island had an emphasis on inworld prim building activities in the very beginning of SL prim-building learning was everything to early adopters pretty much. Hence the emphasis on this then by LL circa 2007-8 when the wave of new signups surged, the emphasis of new signups (what new signups were looking for) changed. I used to stand at the end of the Orientation Island path. Only about 1 in 5 people ever made it to the end of the orientation pathway where I was standing. Some number would wink out of SL completely - typically because computer not up to spec. Others would meet people along the path, strike up a conversation and then leave with them for the inworld. Those who did make it to the end of the orientation path would then be faced with a choice. Go to Help Island or go Inworld. Only about 1 in 4 (of the 20% who reached this end point) would go to Help Island. About 5% of the total new signups when I did stand on the Help Island, I used to stand in the far corner of the sandbox at the end of the building tutorial boards. Only about 1 in 20 of those who did come to Help Island would end up beside me. Those who did would then talk to me about how to build and rez their first prim. About 1/20th of 5% of new signups. Most of the other 19 never even made it past the big green arrow. Or they did come into the sandbox, had a look round and then turned back to the green arrow is compounded today by the fact that offworld mesh-building is now where most of the 1/20th of 5% are looking to be in the first instance. And so LL's removal of emphasis channeling toward inworld building the current model of Social Island, while a conceptual improvement over the previous model, is effectively a Transit experience rather than a Social experience. The Social aspect is treated as more of an incidental by-product rather than the emphasis channel. In the same way that the previous orientation islands were. In this sense naming them as Social Island is a misnomer. if it was my decision the new signup pathway would be: Learning Island > Portal Park. Portals to the Linden-made Experiences, and portals to the curated Destinations. The Linden-made experiences and the curated destinations are where the most people congregate. The emphasis is then on social channelling - putting new signups into range of other people (both new and old) as often as possible within their first few hours/days. With the incidental by-product during this time, being new sign-ups who choose to opt out of social channelling and go their own way the current Social Islands portals do attempt to do this. However in my view they are unnecessary and are counter-productive to social channeling. Learning Island is a solitary experience. As are the current Social Islands for the most number of new signups. The Portal Parks are more interesting, are more populous, and lead people sooner to other people elsewhere inworld. The Portal Parks are like train stations. People (new and old) coming and going all the time. Unlike the Social Islands which are transit stations for new signups, never returned to by the bulk of new signups, and a destination in themselves for some few older accounts basically significant numbers of people have a reason to go to/thru the Portal Parks on an ongoing basis. There is little to no reason for significant numbers of people to go to/thru the Social Islands ongoing and very importantly like you say: We are adults. Games are cool and all that, but Experiences accessed thru the Portal Park (both Linden and private curated) should include significantly more portal destinations designed for grown ups with grown up experiences relatable in the first instance to a semblance of some kinda real world experience
  7. ellestones

    how far away is the SL sun

    weeell! as the most likely explanation is that which the observations to date conform with then sorry no turtles!
  8. ellestones

    SL = Video Game

    when we look at new users in for the first time then yes is quite a lot who come from a gamer background life experience. Has always been true this since the beginning of SL my own tendency is to relate to them in terms that they understand. Way back and now today. When a person says: How do I play this game? Then I don't engage with them on what they just said. Just say to them follow me. Up the stairs to the portals. Go thru the portals to see what there is. Top left your screen is your Home button. If you get lost then press Home and you will come back to here. Pretty much they all say: woohoo! and woosh back in the day it was follow me to the big green arrow. Click the arrow and get a destination. Click the destination and off you go. Again pretty much woohoo! and woosh in time new people who stick with it come to understand the nuanced differences between the SL experience and their gamer background experiences even tho I understand the nuances I still use words like: play, spawn, terrorport, treknology, arena, char, etc, depending on the company
  9. ellestones

    SL on some late 2000's hardware

    i quite like following projects into darkness. If you keep posting then I will keep reading
  10. ellestones

    What are you listening right know.

    if there was a Love button I would click it like @Ceka Cianci, I love when people take songs and munt them to pieces
  11. ellestones

    What are you listening right know.

    drunk wasted dudes the same all over lol
  12. ellestones

    SL = Video Game

    agree with @Penny Patton we can go all semantic, broadly speaking tho SL falls within the accepted definition of a video game. as wikipedia puts it: "A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor." "The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms; " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game but then of course we can always ignore the context and argue that SL is not an electronic game, because not-a-game
  13. there were 3 ratings previous. The 3rd was the teen grid restricted to ages 13-17, parental guidance advised when General-Moderate-Adult came to the main grid then G became the equivalent of Teen Grid PG. Adult became the extreme of the old Mature. Moderate became the remainder of old Mature plus the remainder of old main grid PG above Teen Grid PG there were differences between Teen Grid PG and old main grid PG, mostly around the levels of allowable violence
  14. ellestones

    Land Tier Premium Accounts

    Abandoned means that a parcel has been returned to LL ownership. LL will put abandoned parcels back on the market for sale to residents at some future time
  15. ellestones

    If you could create something ...

    have megabucks to hire me a dev team then I would tell my devs that I want them to make me an avatar. An avatar that is fabulous to look at in every way. I want it perfect. Then I want it brought to life. I want fabulous hair and clothes that float, breathe and move without clipping. I want my avatar to move flawlessly without clipping also then next I want a companion avatar as flawless as the first. I want them to be able to touch each other, I want them to be able to hold hands, to move together arm in arm, all without clipping think of nothing else my devs until I have these magnificient beings then when I have my avatars and only then do I want you my devs to create a world for my avatars. A world that makes sense when seen thru the eyes of the avatar. Forget about the users my devs. This world, my world, is about the avatars when we make such a world my devs then my users will see the world through the eyes of an avatar, not thru their own eyes, and go woooah! I like very muchly! Or they will go: Why is this not about me? and eject themselves and go play Second Life or go take selfies on their phones or something