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  1. i have been meaning to come back to this, so I do it now yes. Formal training tutors tell the students to forget about what they previously know. As the student is in the class to learn to speak the computer language. They are not in class to learn how to interpret what they know into the language being taught. Where an interpretive language is necessary to communicate to the students what they need to know, then a human language is deployed, English for example the next thing I would like to touch on is what Phil was talking about before the conversation got a bit sidetracked. An
  2. functions do exist. For a computer to run it has an operating system. A whole bunch of functions. In the tiny 16byte program above the line JSR $FFD2 is a function call to the operating system API. Its equivalent in LSL is llSay(...). In assembly, like in any other language, when there is no API function call to do what we want then we have to write it ourselves
  3. seriously Phil. Do you even know assembly ? a message for you from back in your day. It shows evaluation, conditional and branching. (a loop). Anyone reading who knows this language, knows what the message is. They will also know exactly from this program's language what computer environment is required for the program to execute 2000: LDY $00 2002: LDA $2010, Y 2006: JSR $FFD2 2009: INY 200A: CPY $13 200C: BNE $2000 200F: RTS 2010: $4D $65 $72 $72 $79 $20 $58 $6D $61 $73 $20 $50 $68 $69 $6C $20 $3A $29 functio
  4. because you think, you think like a programmer, is why say the things you do you also this earlier. " With the exception of machine code/assembly, programming experience is a HUGE/MEGA advantage when starting to programme in LSL (or any other language)." Why if your argument is true, would you exempt machine code/assembly. Assembly languages have conditionals, evaluations and branching mnemonics, just like any other computer language. is quite clear from what you say that you are self-taught. When we have no formal education then yes your view that your previous experience is o
  5. people are beginning to work out how to do this a youtube explainer by such a person is here: there are other youtubes as well
  6. the internet has many links to the statement "think like a programmer" Steve Jobs is often internet misquoted as saying: "β€œEveryone in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you to think.” And from this some people have extrapolated: "What does it mean to think like a programmer?" And some have gone on to sell a whole bunch of books and seminar attendance tickets, to explain what they think this means Steve Job never said the above misquote, and certainly never said think like a programmer what Mr Jobs actually said was: "I think everybody in this co
  7. every applicant pretty much lists C/C++, C#, Java, JScript, Android, .NET/Mono, LAMP/WAMP, SQL, XML, Python, CSS/HTML, etc etc. All the standard things along with the minimum standard qualifications: BSc, BTech, etc. When they don't have the expected standards then applicants don't make it past the intial stage a thing that lots of job applicants don't realise is that most job applications in medium to large organisations at the initial stage, are excluded by a relatively junior Human Resources staff member who has no technical knowledge of the job advertised. The staff member works from
  8. yes that is true also in the circumstances you have described I contributed what I have more for college students like @autonug who may end up reading this thread. When they graduate they are going to be in a job interview or presenting an application for funding. Someone like me is going to sitting in the end chair of the interview panel. And what that person will be looking for is not only does the applicant know what it is they are applying for, but also are able to show that they are actually applying it in their submission for example. An applicant includes LSL in their portfo
  9. i agree with the point you are making my experience is hiring technical practitioners to roles within our organisation, including programmers when we are new to a language then our experience in other languages can be a hindrance to us, during the initial learning phase. Like as an adult and we are English learning say Russian. We tend to think in English to begin with, translate it to Russian before we vocalise. When we hear russian in the initial learning phase, we tyoically translate it to english to try to understand what we just heard. We don't think in Russian. Unlike a russian
  10. oh! man lol. Tooo funny! at least you got it to go Ayane. So well done and good on you /me gives Rolig a hug πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘© and a hug for Ayane πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘© and Wulfie πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘© and xmas hugs for everyone else as well πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©
  11. i get this problem sometimes. Our causes may be different tho assuming that is not a hardware issue, like your Ethernet card is failing what I found that helped me, was to add more DNS connections to my desktop. In my case I added my ISP DNS, two Google and two OpenDNS a instructional of how how to do this on Windows 10 is herr https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10 i am only kinda guessing here, but I think my router gets flooded when lots and lots of domain-based connections (which SL has lots of) from a single external source are
  12. i am with you. This is great. Thanks people
  13. @autonug if what you mean by demand/supply ratio is show me the money, then the money is in products that use scripts to functionally enhance their mesh components if you see LSL as another way to apply what you are learning in school then that's where the money is. When you graduate and apply for a job then the more working examples of stuff that you can show in your portfolio, the better your chances of securing a job that you want
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