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  1. ellestones

    llTargetOmega... what is client-side?

    am pretty sure this is expected behaviour is how physical objects interact also. Once upon time anyone could stop a physical object (boat, car, etc) by right-click edit. After a long time LL changed that behaviour so that owner-only right-click edit would stop a physical object. I would think that LL would have changed the omega behaviour to similar-ish as they used to stop on right-click edit also, by anyone for everyone Is slightly different, phys vs omega, as I think you are saying that omega stops for a non-owner but only on their screen ? Which i would think could be seen as expected behaviour in the omega case
  2. ellestones

    ao combinations

    AO HUDs typically use Contents notecards that describe to the AO script what animations are grouped to the respective HUD buttons. Stand, Walk, Sit, Run, Fly, etc Edit the Contents of the HUD you prefer to use and open any notecards contained. You are looking for a notecard that has animation names grouped/described as above. Different AOs tend to use different description layouts in the notecards, but they are all grouped in a fairly recognisable format copy animations from any existing AO (that you are not going to use) to your Inventory. Then copy them (and/or any animations that you have obtained elsewhere) from Inventory to the Contents of the desired HUD then edit the AO notecard, typing the names of the new animations under the different group headings. Stand, Walk, Sit, Run, Fly, etc. Delete from the notecard, names of animations that you don't want. And Save the notecard when done the AO will usually have a button that enables the AO script to open/read the edited notecard. Button name typically Load/Reload/Import/Reset/etc. So press that button and wait while it loads the new animation info you have entered into the notecard if the AO doesn't work and starts throwing errors. Cant find this animation or that animation etc. Then you have made a typing mistake in the notecard or haven't copied the animation to the AO Contents. Check the Contents for missing animations, and/or find and edit the typing mistake. Save and reload until the AO runs error free then can remove from the AO Contents any animations that are no longer used by the AO
  3. ellestones

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    enflamed residents
  4. ellestones

    Upgrade from GTX 560 ti

    go with a brand new 1050TI then i just recent got this card and stuck it in my 6 year old computer. Goes good, and I didnt have to upgrade my power supply or change out my motherboard which I would have had to do, had I gone with a 1060 or higher when I connect the 1050TI to my old screen (1920x1080) then is noticeably higher FPS in SL overall on all scenes and configurations than with my old 660GTX card. Easy hitting 60FPS when by myself in mesh body and lots of mesh attachments. Marginally higher when crank the configuration to Ultra. Marginally higher meaning about 2-5 FPS extra on Ultra overall scenes with my new (2560x1440) screen then in SL is about the same to marginally better FPS overall as the 660GTX + (1920x1080). Just a whole lot more pixels and crisper view which is why I got it
  5. ellestones

    Getting the initial position of a duplicate object

    with dragcopy, the new copy is at the position of the original object and it is the original that is dragged/moved with KFM enabled then when the dragcopy is completed, the moving_end event in the original object should fire. The script in the copy at the original position being reset like you have observed
  6. ellestones

    EEP LSL Scripting

    thinking about how this might be done. Am not sure of the current status of the LSL commands but reading Inara Pey's last blogs about these then so far seems it is: llGetEnvironment() which reads the parcel property and llSetAgentEnvironment() and llAdjustAgentEnvironment(). So all good on being able to get the parcel environment and set the players windlights using a script LL may have already thought about being able to detect what environment setting a player has, but it wouldn't hurt to make a jira about it if you want Bellimora if so then I would suggest a jira request for something like: integer llSameEnvironment(key agent_id, key environment_id) is similar to how llSameGroup() works. So not to be too nosey about visitors to the region. On the game arena we just want to know if the player is using the arena environment or not a code example of how this can go: key player = "some player uuid"; key environment = "our environment uuid"; integer warned; integer game_on; if (game_on) { if (!llSameEnvironment(player, environment)) { llSetAgentEnvironment(player, "our environment name", 1.0); if (warned) { llRegionSayTo(player, 0, "You are gone!"); llTeleportAgent(player, ...somewhere_not_here...); warned = FALSE; } else { llRegionSayTo(player, 0, "Environment change violation. You are warned."); warned = TRUE; } } } else // person is not in the game { // so do nothing }
  7. ellestones

    Blender 2.8 anyone?

    i downloaded it. I like :) i might even use it now
  8. 4 years as a renter like you mention in other thread. One day over your last day and all your stuffs mass returned. Thats pretty brutal. Is business sure but still pretty brutal
  9. ellestones

    Reporting abuse - is there a point?

    LL- owned sandboxes usually
  10. ellestones

    Landlady still using my sim name that I paid for to LL

    i think that you will only have any chance to be able to force a name change of the current sim if you can provide RL evidence that the name is your RL trademark. And probably also be able to show that the now usage of the region is some kinda landscaping oriented business
  11. ellestones

    Reporting abuse - is there a point?

    LL Governance look at every abuse report. How they decide from there seems in the first instance to depend on who Exactly Linden is, when the report is reviewed. When it is the same avatar account doing the harassing over and over, then Exactly Linden morphs into Banhammer Linden