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  1. good question. I dunno what the answer is could move back and forward between regions and see if the listen fails on the 65th time. I leave that for some one else to do
  2. there was a security update to Microsoft Graphics Component - KB44713318 11 December 2018 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4471318 what might be is the Microsoft update process switched to Safe Mode (the video card using the MS standard video driver to do the security update). Then after finishing the update never switched the NVidia graphics driver back on. So SL is crashing because MS standard graphics driver and not NVdia ask your brother to switch it back to NVdia driver, if you not sure how to do this
  3. a way around this is to make a prim platform say 10x10x0.5 or whichever. Save it to your inventory when you are up in the sky then attach the platform to your Avatar Center. Then right-click on the platform which you are now wearing, and Drop the platform will drop off your avatar and be rezzed inworld above your head. You now have a base prim platform to rez stuff on from Inventory
  4. building out what @Rider Linden said, then to incorporate functioning menu dialogs after a region crossing, the script goes something like: integer MY_CHANNEL = 42; integer establishListens() { return llListen(MY_CHANNEL, "", llGetOwner(), ""); } showMenu() { llDialog(llGetOwner(), "test", ["Ok"], MY_CHANNEL); } default { state_entry() { establishListens(); showMenu(); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_REGION) { establishListens(); showMenu(); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string text) { llOwnerSay(text); showMenu(); } } explain: showing the menu dialog again after re-establishing the listen on region change, will destroy any dead menu dialog
  5. "Man was born to love Though often he has sought Like Icarus to fly too high And far too lonely than he ought To kiss the sun of east and west And hold the world at his behest To hold the terrible power To whom only gods are blessed But me, I am just a man" - Faith No More
  6. try these links Ruth 2.0 - Copy Modify Transfer https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Ruth-20-Bento-Body-Head-Hands-Feets-Appliers-Full-Perm/15581499 Project Ruth 2.0 RC1 V2 - Copy Modify Transfer https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROJECT-Ruth-20-Release-Candidate-1v2/16068068 Ruth Too RC3 - Copy Modify No-Transfer https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RuthToo-RC3-Mesh-Body-Developer-Package/16088309
  7. i have no idea who other than Alexa Linden might have wrote similar what you say is true in part of the existing market. Buy full perm mesh template kits, texture them and sell the completed article. This will continue while mesh kit makers are prepared to continue making and selling full permissions mesh kits BOM doesn't preclude this from continuing to happen. What it does is provide an alternate way to supply templates, like clothes, shoes, hair (shells for houses, vehicles, etc also) to texture makers who can make and sell texture packs for the no-transfer template assets that a customer already has in the same way skin and makeup packs for existing mesh bodies are created and sold now. We also see this happening now with some clothing providers. Buy a mesh skirt with a single fabric texture. Buy a fabric texture pack extra. BOM just adds an additional channel for doing stuff like this i get that you Kytyna don't like how BOM is intended to be implemented in the first instance. I do agree with you that materials bakes is a very desirable thing, and I would like that as well. However, material or not materials is a LL resourcing decision, not a technical decision. So what you, me and everybody else will do is use BOM as it is, or not, as we decide for ourselves personally I would rather have BOM without materials than not have BOM at all. You seem to prefer not at all until materials are included. And if so then is all good that you feel this way
  8. yes. The incident in the sandbox happened years ago now. It was a confirmation for me about what the purpose of SL is, at least for new people there are still lots of genuinely new people arriving at the Social Islands thru the onboarding process. And there are still people who spend time at the social islands answering questions when asked. New people ask fewer questions now than they did in previous years due to the far more extensive help texts available in the viewer. Many of the questions asked by new people back in the day were about what buttons do I press on the UI to achieve a task. The help texts in the viewer these days provides most of those answers the private-run onboarding gateways have structured mentor greeter programmes. Fulfilling in the first instance the friendly face social need: Hi! welcome to SL. Somebody prepared to chat socially to a new person. Is still a few oldtime people who go to the Linden social islands on an unstructured basis to also fulfil that social need, for those who are new and have that need
  9. guilty pleasures. hmm! most from back in the day really 1) siding with a brand new person against a Second Life Mentor. at the Help island. The new person got a freebie car from the store. Worked out how to buy it. Worked out how to rex it in the sandbox. Sat on it and promptly lost control of it running over the mentor who was standing in the middle of the sandbox. Said mentor then proceeded to berate the new person. I said that the mentor should know better than to stand in the middle of the sandbox - to stand to the side like the rest of us. That the sandbox was for new people to experiment in and not a place for the mentor to hold court. Upon which a really respected Second Life Mentor told that other mentor to let the new people be 2) making my first flying vehicle, taking off from Help Island Public and buzzing all the people standing at the OIP corral. Which lead to lots of shrieking and ranting. Probably didn't help that my vehicle was a plywood box 3) Getting orbited for the first time. After I relogged I social engineered the person who orbited me to please can I have pleaseee. They gave me and I ask how does it work and they said how. I promptly orbited them with it
  10. to help get you started i will post the basic random smiler script that I wear with a classic head nextsmile() { llStartAnimation( llList2String(["express_surprise_emote", "express_smile", "express_toothsmile", "express_embarrassed_emote"], (integer)llFrand(4.0)) ); llSetTimerEvent(5.0 + llFrand(5.0)); } default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS ); } run_time_permissions(integer perms) { if (perms & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { nextsmile(); } if (perms & PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS) { llTakeControls(CONTROL_UP, TRUE, TRUE); } } control(key id, integer level, integer edge) { // dummy control event sp script will continue to run // on no-script parcels } timer() { nextsmile(); } }
  11. is not clear what your question is Jessie do you mean: I want to stop the scripts of a specific avatar from running while allowing all other avatars scripts to run if so then no we can't we do this. What we can do is stop all avatar scripts from running. Or we can stop all avatar scripts from running, except for scripts owned by avatars in our group to stop a specific avatar from running scripts on our parcel while allowing all other avatars to run scripts then we have to ban the specific avatar from our parcel
  12. the most number of people who get freebie bodies also trend toward getting free or really inexpensive clothes and accessories. 0L mostly, some dollarbies, and the odd shop sale item up to like 20-25L
  13. yes this is true. I am just speculating about what might be the reason for Omega not doing it
  14. this is potentially true as well what holds back the adoption of new bodies is a scarcity of fitted accessory meshes (clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc) so I said to Sean, concentrate on making accessory templates, as many as he can, and as quickly as he can. Take advantage of the current myriad of quality texture makers to grow his market share. Is not whose body is marginally technically better that wins the consumers' eyes. Is who has the widest supply of available accessories and the quality of same
  15. with the recent kerfuffle over UV maps for Catwa (potential copyright issues due to derivative works) then it kinda makes sense to me for Omega (being a commercial enterprise) at this time to avoid potentially similar issues with Ruth 2.0 and its derivatives. Ruth 2.0 assets being AGPL licensed and also given that Ruth 2.0 is typically distributed with modify perms, then from a commercial applier maker's pov it doesn't make a lot of sense to expend resources on creating a nice to have applier capability for what is essentially a freebie body
  16. is not a technical posit I am making, I am making a consumer market posit. Going back to the Alexa Linden April post where she said: "Benefits Avoid the need for appliers -> easier customization workflow Avoid the need for onion avatars -> fewer meshes, fewer textures at display time Avoid the need to sell full-perm meshes. You can customize any mesh you have modify permissions for simply by setting the flags and equipping the appropriate wearables." what I think is. Body and clothing makers who continue with no-modify applier-only mesh in the new BOM market will lose out to modify applier-optional mesh makers. There are a whole heap of bodies and clothes makers in the market now. And more new body and clothes makers joining them every day. Sean for example, is one of the latest new current established brands may retain their existing market share going into this new future. For the non-established and new-entrant brands the consumer market question is: Other than price, what else you got ? Maybe you have low-poly. So does every other new entrant. As the established brands will have when they make the conversion to BOM for every new entrant to this market my suggestion is to fully embrace the benefits above and realise them in your products. These are what else you got, over those who do not fully realising these benefits for the consumer isn't a technical decision per se, is a policy decision. Do I restrict my customers in what they can do with the stuff they buy from me, or do I not
  17. make a group. You will be the owner of the group. Make a new second alt avatar account. Add your new alt account to the group. Groups need to have at least 2 members. in the About Land \ General dialog: Deed your parcel to your group. Contribute your tier to the group. You will own the group. Your group will own the parcel. You will have all the same rights as you would when owning the parcel directly in your own name groups get a free 10% parcel bonus. 2048 + 10% = 2048 + 204 = 2252 meters. 2080 is less than 2252, so you will only pay extra tier for 1024 meters or $7 extra per month over your premium a thing about creating a 2nd account. If you make that account premium also then it will get a 1024m tier allowance, plus the stipend. Your 2nd account can also contribute tier to your group. So the combined group tier contributions will be 2048 worth in total. And you will not have to pay any further monthly extra tier payments the arithmetic: 1 premium account: $US72 pa / 12 months = $US6 per month + $7 per month extra tier = $13 per month. Return is 2048 tiers + 300L weekly stipend 2 * premium account: $US144 / 12 months = $12 per month. Return is: 2048 tiers + 600L weekly stipend combined a thing about adding your 2nd account to the group. Make your alt account a group owner. This way if you make a mistake like leaving your group (which can happen by mistake sometimes when we are in a hurry to cleaning up our groups lists) then you can use your 2nd account to invite you back into the group as an owner a final thing about group sharing with friends when adding a friend to your group: add them as a group member. Do not add them as a group owner. Accounts that are group owners cannot be removed by you (should removal from the group become necessary). A group owner has to voluntarily resign their ownership by leaving the group. Is your money, your group and your land. Most friends accept this and will also accept not being a owner and happy to just be a member and live with you on your land
  18. i like this approach a use case close to OP is when the avatar has to first touch the chair to make it sittable by the toucher only. Check on touch for distance then enable the sit another use case with experiences could be: Avatar is in proximity to a chair. They touch to enable sit, then force sit somebody else on the chair
  19. @Sean Harvey thanks for the further info i suggest something else clothing mesh and how I think this will go. It might not but it might when Modify BOM bodies become widely available then this is going to bleed into a Modify mesh attachments market. What you could do now is start making Copy, Mod, No-transfer mesh attachments (clothes, shoes, hair, etc). The sell these with full perms uv maps. So that texture makers can make textures and sell them to the people who have bought the meshes i think the way the BOM market is going to go is that mesh objects and textures will come to be seen as separate things. Buy the meshes, buy the textures. Mix n match as we like
  20. speaking as a product user then I am with Alyona on this any new body introduced at this time that is the same as the products currently on the market, same meaning onion-skinned, is not going to excite me into wanting it. What excites me as a product user is what I can do with new products. BOM is exciting to me as a new product technology what I would like is for BOM-targeted bodies to be released with Copy-Modify permissions. When Modify then I don't need an applier. I can edit add layers of textures to my own body myself. Edit add being no more hassle for me than it is now to add texture layers to the LL classic avatar body this is not to say that an applier cannot be useful. It is useful for people who have limited time to learn how to edit and texture objects and prefer a simpler Wear and One Click method i am not one of those people. I personally will not bother with any BOM body from any maker that is No-Modify. I want to be able to buy the textures and edit-add apply them myself. Same as I can now with any other texture on any other inworld object
  21. am pretty sure this is expected behaviour is how physical objects interact also. Once upon time anyone could stop a physical object (boat, car, etc) by right-click edit. After a long time LL changed that behaviour so that owner-only right-click edit would stop a physical object. I would think that LL would have changed the omega behaviour to similar-ish as they used to stop on right-click edit also, by anyone for everyone Is slightly different, phys vs omega, as I think you are saying that omega stops for a non-owner but only on their screen ? Which i would think could be seen as expected behaviour in the omega case
  22. AO HUDs typically use Contents notecards that describe to the AO script what animations are grouped to the respective HUD buttons. Stand, Walk, Sit, Run, Fly, etc Edit the Contents of the HUD you prefer to use and open any notecards contained. You are looking for a notecard that has animation names grouped/described as above. Different AOs tend to use different description layouts in the notecards, but they are all grouped in a fairly recognisable format copy animations from any existing AO (that you are not going to use) to your Inventory. Then copy them (and/or any animations that you have obtained elsewhere) from Inventory to the Contents of the desired HUD then edit the AO notecard, typing the names of the new animations under the different group headings. Stand, Walk, Sit, Run, Fly, etc. Delete from the notecard, names of animations that you don't want. And Save the notecard when done the AO will usually have a button that enables the AO script to open/read the edited notecard. Button name typically Load/Reload/Import/Reset/etc. So press that button and wait while it loads the new animation info you have entered into the notecard if the AO doesn't work and starts throwing errors. Cant find this animation or that animation etc. Then you have made a typing mistake in the notecard or haven't copied the animation to the AO Contents. Check the Contents for missing animations, and/or find and edit the typing mistake. Save and reload until the AO runs error free then can remove from the AO Contents any animations that are no longer used by the AO
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