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  1. Rider Linden

    Coming Soon!

    You make some very good suggestions. Please take a few moments and open a few new feature JIRAs. We are still taking suggestions and that is the best way to ensure that yours do not get lost in the sea of post-it notes that litters my desk. You can access JIRA here. Try and keep it to one feature per JIRA and prefix the subject with "[EEP]" so that we can filter them correctly in our daily triage.
  2. Rider Linden

    Day and Night Cycle in a Skybox?

    Hi there Oliviatoms, You should check out the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) which we have just released as a project viewer. This new system will allow you to set skies and day cycles on a per-parcel basis. It will also allow parcel owners to set different skies at different altitudes.
  3. I'm sorry. But the ability to change a viewer's environment settings will be tied to an experience.
  4. llGetSunDirection will return a unit vector pointing at the position of the parcel's sun as defined by the environment setting. (llGetRegionSunDirection does the same for the entire region) llGetSunRotation will return the same information in the form of a rotation ( llGetSunRotation() * UNIT_DUE_EAST should give the same result as llGetSunDirection() ) A historical note about llGetSunDirection: It used to return a vector to what was known as the "Estate sun". This position was maintained by the region and had no correlation with any windlight sun positioning. The estate sun would orbit once every four hours (a "Linden Day"), adjusting the plane of it's orbit slightly over the course of 11 Linden Days making a Linden Year.
  5. Rider Linden

    Coming Soon!

    llGetDayOffset and llGetRegionDayOffset return the number of seconds from GMT that the time is shifted when calculating the current "time of day" or progress through the day cycle. So for day cycles set to 24hours it will be roughly equivalent to a time zone. From memory, the calculation is as follows: daycycle_pos = ((GMTNow + DayOffset) % DayLength) / DayLength;
  6. Rider Linden

    Coming Soon!

    Parcel owners should have access to all EEP features (unless the estate managers have explicitly specified otherwise.) The only exception to this will be sky altitudes (equivalent to what Firestorm calls "zones"). These are only settable at the Region level.
  7. Rider Linden

    Coming Soon!

    Think of it as a bit of artistic licence.
  8. Rider Linden

    Coming Soon!

    Here's a snap shot of the next version of the Region/Estate environment tab. This will be available in the next PV. Sky layer altitudes are adjustable at the region level.
  9. Rider Linden

    Coming Soon!

    Keep your eyes open, we are continuing to fill out the features that will be available in EEP. Here are a couple teaser images for what we have in the works:
  10. Scripts will be in prior to EEP going RC. There are a number of script functions already in EEP but the big ones are still under development. Right now these are what is available: For Parcels llGetSunDirection() llGetSunRotation() llGetMoonDirection() llGetMoonRotation() llGetDayLength() llGetDayOffset() For Regions llGetRegionSunDirection() llGetRegionSunRotation() llGetRegionMoonDirection() llGetRegionMoonRotation() llGetRegionDayLength() llGetRegionDayOffset()
  11. There is an issue in the release viewer that prevented the purchase of land on the beta grid (Aditi.) The EEP viewer addresses this issue.
  12. Rider Linden

    Get username from an object's owner

    As people mentioned above. The rule of thumb for any of the user name functions is: If the function has an immediate return the script function is only checking the user cache on the simulator. (There are a number of ways a user can be added to the cache but the safest assumption is "the user is in the region, or has been in the region recently." A more indepth description can trigger mental breaks.) The llRequestXYZ functions will do a call into the database if the information is not currently cached. This is more expensive and can take more time to execute (hence the need for the dataserver event.) however you will get a more authoritative answer.
  13. Rider Linden

    how far away is the SL sun

    Yes. Pizzas and orbiting space stations are also possibilities. Other features include a texture on the sun disk and custom cloud textures... among other improvements.
  14. Rider Linden

    how far away is the SL sun

    Just because I've been feeling like a brat for the past day and teasing EEP images, here's one more. (This is the sun/moon editing)
  15. Rider Linden

    how far away is the SL sun

    The moon doesn't need to keep its round shape.