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  1. llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TEXT, "testing", <1, 0, 0>, 1.0]); Something like this? But it still being "hover".
  2. Is this posible to make a " hover "text into a child prim without script inside the child prim? i just dont want the text being "hover" the prim.
  3. I was trying to make something that makes a secuence of things while a key is holding but if the key is released then the secuence will stop. I´m working with this but if the key is not holding the secuence still being called until to finish it. How could i make it? control(key id, integer held, integer change) { integer pressed = held & change; integer down = held & ~change; integer released = ~held & change; integer inactive = ~held & ~change; if(SECUENCE) { if (held & change & CONTROL_DOWN) { llOwnerSay("1"); llSleep(1); llOwnerSay("2"); llSleep(1); llOwnerSay("3"); llSleep(1); llOwnerSay("4"); llSleep(1); llOwnerSay("5"); } if (~held & change & CONTROL_DOWN){ // llResetScript(); llOwnerSay("Released down."); }
  4. the bracket was just a mistake when posting here. But it seems it is == and not = in the DRAWN set to true
  5. Well i´m a bit confused right now with this..i can´t get how to make the scripts turn on the first comand if this was already on...i mean i wanna turn it off for a time and then if it was on it gonna turns on again, but if not it going just to keep off. if(llGetOwnerKey(id)==llGetOwner()){ if(message == "On") { DRAWN = TRUE; llInstantMessage( llGetOwner(), " ON"); else if ("off" == message){ DRAWN = FALSE; llInstantMessage( llGetOwner(), "OFF"); } else if("onifon" == message){ if (DRAWN =TRUE) { llSay(-222,"off"); llSleep(6); llInstantMessage( llGetOwner(), "onifon"); llSay(-222,"On"); } } }
  6. I got it took me a bit but i did ty
  7. Uhmm i´m using this but how could i make it ignore the owner? i can´t understand it, sensor (integer num) { integer i; { for(i=0;i<=num;++i) { vector p1 = llDetectedPos(i); llLookAt(p1, 1.0, 1.0); return; }}}}
  8. https://gyazo.com/a7231cc6616c9f1dcaf9a81a4398027a Something like it, that look at, but ignoring the owner and when the person jump or something like that the object rotate too (no physical object)
  9. You mean llSensorRemove(); ?. And about the look at ignoring owner how it could work exactly i was testing but it is now working well llStopSensor();
  10. I wanted to make a non physical object that looks at near avatar repeatly with a rotation, (ignoring owner) and when only the owner is around it stops the sensor line. Basically I have this: }on_rez(integer rez) { llSleep(2); llSensorRepeat("", NULL_KEY, AGENT, 40, PI, 0.3); }sensor(integer detected) { llRezAtRoot("Object", llGetPos()+ <3, 0.0, 0.0> *llGetRot(),llRot2Fwd(llGetRot())*30, llGetRot(), 0); } no_sensor() { } }
  11. Yay i got it just added a toggle switch and it is now perfect. Really ty very much ❤️
  12. list lAllPositions; vector vOffset = <0,0,2>; integer i = 2; default { state_entry() { } touch(integer num_detected) { // I just fixed this so it starts with link #2. while ( i <= llGetNumberOfPrims() ) // Get the local positions of all prims { lAllPositions += [ llList2Vector( llGetLinkPrimitiveParams( i, [ PRIM_POS_LOCAL ] ), 0) ]; // Load them in a list ++i; } llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_SET, [ 34, 2, PRIM_POS_LOCAL, llList2Vector(lAllPositions,0) + vOffset, 34, 3, PRIM_POS_LOCAL, llList2Vector(lAllPositions,1) + vOffset, 34, 4, PRIM_POS_LOCAL, llList2Vector(lAllPositions,2) + vOffset ,lAllPositions ]); } }
  13. [script:New Script] Script run-time error [22:05] Lists may not contain lists
  14. lAllPositions += [ llGetLinkPrimitiveParams( i, [PRIM_POS_LOCAL] ), 0) ]; Error Syntax
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