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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone experience getting scammed by a gacha seller on MP? How do we file a proper complaint on this so LL may take down the shop if a store is not selling legitimate items and its purpose is to scam people? The worst thing about this is because it is gacha, you cannot leave a review as the item is unique/only one.
  2. Hello a pleasure, I come to ask for help or information about a problem that I have, in my store I uploadgachas but recently my store when I enter it appears empty, I enter with another account and it is still empty, in my marketing list it mentions that it is being updated , but I have been two days and it is still empty, I would greatly appreciate your help or information that you can give me
  3. chicos no consigo subir mis gachas al mercado son transfer y tengo el paquetito hecho pero a la hora de subirlo sale la opcion bloqueada alguein sabe? https://gyazo.com/ff34ab2588af0af4b2b3b4aa672f8cfb
  4. Pink Power Fest is an 8 day entertainment & shopping event running October 19 - 26, 2019, featuring amusement rides, hayrides by Elite Equestrian, shopping, raffles, gachas, OOAK auctions and more all to benefit Making Strides and the American Cancer Society. Today's lineup at Pink Power Fest includes: 12:00 PM DJ ڰۣۜღ Ƙαт ڰۣۜღ (Katarzyna Dimitriaski) 2:00 PM DJ Sandie Slate (Sandie Loxingly) 4:00 PM Wytchwhisper Sadofsky 5:00 PM DJ Fuzzball Ortega w/ T1 Radio 7:00 PM DJ Filo Tani Direct SLurl to Main Stage: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strides 2/132/184/24 Pink Power Fest Main Landing SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strides 2/6/221/23 Pumpkin Patch provided by Chimeric Arts & Fashions Masks & More Direct SLurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strides 1/98/234/23 Serenity Lake - float a candle in Honor or Memory of someone who have battled with Breast Cancer. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strides 2/178/10/23
  5. Out Shop Cancer is a grid-wide shopping event in support of Making Strides and the American Cancer Society. There's one week left to Out Shop Cancer!! Time to hit the grid and fight back against breast cancer - and grab some awesome merchandise in the process!! You know you need it ALL!!! Everything from fashion for women, men, kids, dinkies! Costumes, accessories, tattoos, avatar enhancements - even some for BOM!! Role play, recreation - cars, motorcycles, an inflatable haunted house! Homes, gardens, dollhouses and decor! And much, much more! For a full list of the over 70 designers taking part, visit https://makingstridessecondlife.org/out-shop-cancer-store-…/ Or you can pick up a notecard listing in world at the Making Strides building on the American Cancer Society region. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/American%20Cancer%20Society/193/202/22 *Some stores have their items also posted on Marketplace with proceeds going directly to the American Cancer Society. These are noted on the list available on the website.
  6. Hi All, Can someone please tell me how to sell a complete gacha set on the marketplace as one unit? I want to ensure that if/when it is purchased, the customer gets the FULL set and not just one item. Thanks for all your help and advice in advance. AJ
  7. It is June 1st, 2017... went to search for something on marketplace. I set search to "newest first". Apparently, the June Arcade Event started. The search was inundated with resale gachas. Don't get me wrong, I love gachas as much as the next avatar, but this was insane! I'm hoping that there could be a way to evolve marketplace, to offer an option to search for regular products or gacha products, OR BOTH if one chooses. I think there could... I pray their could be. Marketplace is a great tool for merchants in SL. I also think the upload merchant form should have additional fields required to post resale gachas. Such as: "Is this a resale gacha"? click yes or no. I also think there should be a limit to specific words in keywords being allowed, based on what the product is. For example: If the product is "hair", then "*****" should not be permitted. Just thought I'd add in this comment since I have a captive audience. Not happy when I search for hair or other products and I get adult related material or other products, that have nothing to do with the products I'm searching for. It's a waste of my time. And please no replies trying to tell me the earth is a globe... I was already trained about that in school.
  8. Have you heard about the 2017 UAC Medieval Faire benefiting Relay For Life? We have been fundraising for Relay For Life the last 3 weeks and are now coming into our final week. We have two beautifully designed sims filled with activities and shopping. Our shield of strength hunt is a HUGE hit as well as exclusive Relay For Life gacha garden. Don't miss your opportunity to explore these to beautiful regions. We even have two, male and female, Bento Avatars on auction! Donated by Bento Alive! Come on over to Magical Heart and place your bid now! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magical Heart/146/141/23 The Bento Avatars come complete with the following: Bento Lord WildFire Tempest Avatar Complete with: Bento Bones Mesh Avatar Bodysuit Head with Hood Gloves Tempest Spell Caster Shape and Alpha Bento Valorina Magic Female Avatar Complete with: Bento Mesh Body Head with Covering Gloves Boots Belt Wings Cape Eyebrows Darkness Force Staff Shape and Alpha For questions regarding the Medieval Faire contact any of our faire staff: Mary Teodosio, Gen. Manager Ricci Juliesse, Tournaments Tayren Theas, Merchants Cracker Taggart, Travelers' Camp/Roleplay Rhiannon Colclough, Bloggers
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