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  1. I wonder what happens if you save chat history to a new pc and go back to the first without changing settings? Can chat logs be saved on another pc than the one you are currently logged into when the settings were set to the other pc? Maybe my question is silly, I just want to know if its possible for chats to go to another pc
  2. Thanks for the replies I know there are differences among people/couples and that's why I started this thread to get different personal opinions. For me like 6 hours a day would be way too much. 1 hour is a bit too little if it is always like that.
  3. Also I remember he talked about partnering after a couple months, but I wasnt ready then
  4. Just curious how much time each week or day you spend with your loved one in sl in average? When does it become too much and when is it too little to keep it together?
  5. Thank you for your reply. Im not sure how those things worked out, it turns out she was there before I met him.. So it might have been her he was bored with, and maybe it fluctuated or something. No idea haha.. But you are right, I don't want to be treated like that.
  6. No, my partner has an alt that has a partner. So he has 2 relationships. The reason I found out is because of a mutual friend of that girl that is also his partner....
  7. He is not with her now, he was. So I must have met him while he was with her. And partnership with me happened either right before or after it ended with her. He lies a lot yes. He is single in rl, but still how he get time for all this haha.
  8. Totally agree with all you said. It's all the lies that bothers me.
  9. I partnered a man in sl some months ago, but he has had an alt he was partnered to ever since I met him.. We've been together for 1 ish year. The girl he was partnered to had changed her last name to his so it was like a marriage?? I never done that, too weird for me. He is not with her anymore.. he said she left. He has lied to me and surely to her too. Is it reasonable to conclude that she was the one he was most into? He was reluctant to partner me at first but then he wanted to when it was over with her.. but I'm sure that she could have been aware of the account I'm with.. he is such a big flirt too but I don't care. what does this mean for me.. is it possible that he does love me as he say or is that a lie too? I'm not sure I'm that keen on monogamy.. but the lies.. ugh., and he is possessive, doesn't want me near anyone else..
  10. Thanks for reply There are no bad motives on my part and not about advertising either.
  11. I wanted to know if there is a way to search on a word and get hits on profiles that has that word in them. With that I mean that for example if I want to know if a person's name is mentioned in someone else profiles, if I could search the name and the other profiles turn up? Is there a way to do this? Sorry if Im posting thsi in the wrong tab
  12. I'm just curious what typically happens to a girl playing slave in Gor? If coming into Gor with a Master she gets to know. Is it more likely she gets sold and sold and captured fast? Is it a high risk? And yes, I know this is individual, but I'm just curious what tends to typically happen. Some master/slave relationships can get deep.
  13. I'm in contact with a potential Dom that has a few subs from before. I have never been in a poly relationship before. I wonder what some experiences around it may be? I know this is highly individual, but would like to hear some opinions or experiences I suspect I am far more likely to acceot and feel comfortable with it when I know about it from the start. Also I have been in a poly more regular partnership in sl from before that I had no problems with. I But I also know I can get jealous.. I think the green monster could more easily come up if I feel like He prefers another sub hehe But on the good side I would have freedom to see other people if I wish in this case, which would help (even knowing that I could even if I may not actually see someone else helps). I know this would be better knowing about it from start than someone lying and it turns out they meet others anyway. I have a very good impression of this Dom, so I am considering it.
  14. I'm new to dominace/submission, and want to explore that side of myself. I am a submissive female looking for a male Dom. I have some thoughts about what I want and my limits. Respect is important, and also looking for something that can last a bit more than a one time encounter. Also not into pain or humiliation. But very open minded. So how could I go to find such a relationship? I have been looking at some places, but seems hard to really get to know people. How/where do dom/subs normally meet? And how to know who are serious about it? I know these things don't happen overnight.. Any tips or advice are appreciated :)
  15. For that person you spend time with, kiss, naughty poseballing, travel, chat, laugh, support each other.. Is it easier for girls (in general, I know Im generalizing now) than guys to get feelings in sl? I know for me, in the middle of an intense moment with that fellow player in sl, I can get emotional and physical sensations, like if they say they are caressing my lower back, I can almost feel it physically. Ijust wonder if it can be as powerful for guys? Knowing guys are often more visual and that there are no actualy physical touch involved.. Jut watching the avis and writing.. What about jealousy and possessivness, is that common for guys to feel for girls they like and hang out with a lot in sl only?
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