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  1. I couldn't agree more! I had that opportunity one time and would give almost anything for it again. To the outside world we were a M/F couple, even though we were in RL a F/M couple. very liberating for both of us. of all the experiences Ive had in SL, that was the best. We did give each other tips on how to act etc, and our adult activities were very liberating and "safe" because we knew who the other was. We did occasionally switch back to our RL genders however that was rare and it's funny because our RL genders felt odd to us in SL 😱
  2. they did find some that had Blake sea access someone parceled out for them Thank you for looking at the post!
  3. Hi there I am looking for a friend (sound corny but I really am, lol) he is looking for sailable land around Nautilus and has max of 15k to spend on it. I know thats a tall order but I have seen some recently that were 15k and Blake sea sailable so i know its possible. There are alot of properties that say they are sailable, but they really aren't. very tight to squeeze through or in some cases, it looks wide open until you realize the land between you and open water has parcels between, so though it might be OK at the moment, no way to know what tomorrow brings. Ive looked around a lot a
  4. Hi there Ive done this before, but its been a while. For the life of me, i cant remember how i did it... I have purchased some full perm clothing and want to add an alpha layer. It comes with one as both and alpha and a .TGA file. I don't need to edit it i just need to add me as the creator. I thought there used to be a button that said "add alpha layer" and i would just drop it in there and then save it as my own, but I cant find that anymore. 😮 Can someone please help? Thanks!
  5. welp I put in a request for abandoned land to be parceled for me. wish me luck! cant hurt to try!
  6. I can make "admins" if I rent it to give them rez rights etc or whichever boxes i select. I am familiar with groups, just never bought land with them before if I sell the property later, do the proceeds only go to the owner(s)? or all group members? I thought I read something about that. BTW, thank you for answering my noob land buyer questions!
  7. I can make a group easy enough. I have an alt I don't really use but he's not premium. Does it have to be in this scenario? I'm guessing no Ok, so I can buy it as one group and set it to another? In case i want to rent it out or set up a store or something?
  8. this is going to give me a lot of options, there is a so much abandoned land out there. If they set it for sale to me, how is the price determined?
  9. Ok, this is new info to me. So all I would have to do it make a group and set it to the group and I would get 1120m instead?
  10. Hi there, I am new to the whole land buying thing. I have lived in a Linden home for years but want to get my own 1024 parcel and put a house on it. I see TONS of abandoned land around but none of it is 1024. Am I stuck buying from a reseller or at a Linden Auction? Also I see some land that is slightly more than 1024... like 1120.. how do I know how much additional that would cost? thanks!
  11. hey all working on a Gianna mesh body and the Catwa Dude head I got on Black Friday. I am running into a couple of problems and was hoping to get a little advice. Head size: seems like the head is always too small for my body. I don't want a huge muscle physique, but nicely tone (like a runner perhaps) Is there a ratio you use? Arm Length: what is the right arm length? that never seems to look right to me for some reason Thanks in advance
  12. finding a RL female that wants to be or is a male here would be amazing. I'd love to try being a female here for someone like that. For me there are several reasons that it would need to be a RL female. I hope they are out there but zero clue where to find them
  13. Low for me was all white, but i put it between low and Mid and the skin appeared pretty normal
  14. i did find that slink physique works pretty well with Max. have to make the feet just a little smaller and the shoes fit pretty well too.
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