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  1. I'm not completely certain, but you can DEFINITELY deed your 2 plots (which need to be next to one another) to a group and then it will share in the land and prims. My guess is you would then be charged for the remaining 2048. But I would contact customer support (use the chat function if you can) and find out for sure.
  2. Hi All, Can someone please tell me how to sell a complete gacha set on the marketplace as one unit? I want to ensure that if/when it is purchased, the customer gets the FULL set and not just one item. Thanks for all your help and advice in advance. AJ
  3. Yup, that's the ticket. Choose another region (I chose one from the home page in Viewer 2) and I was able to log in. What an odd message though...never saw it before. Thanks Theresa!
  4. I'm having the SAME problem. It must be grid wide then.
  5. If you get the Oprah Winfrey Network, this Thursday, August 25th at 9pm EST, they are airing the documentary "Life 2.0" about Second Life. I saw this documentary in the theateres and was quite disturbed. Not by the broken lives of some of the people involved - we all know people like that. But by the fact that it was pretty much all about that. Everyone I'm sure will have their own opinion on what the film is trying to say, but I thought it was a little skewed towards the sensational side.However, it's worth us all taking a look. I'm sure it will create many discussions. Here is the synopsis from OWN: Every day more than half a million users log onto Second Life, a virtual online world not entirely unlike our own. LIFE 2.0 explores the lives of several Second Life residents, whose real lives have been drastically transformed by the new lives they lead. 14 (LV) Read more: http://www.oprah.com/own/tv-schedule/index.html?date=2011-08-25&stype=daily#ixzz1ViRLp2Xz If you're not sure if you get the O.W.N., go to www.oprah.com and there is a box to enter your zip code and service provider to find out. Enjoy, AvaJean Westland´╗┐
  6. Nevada has pretty much covered it. In addition to shapes and skins, you also cannot remove eyes, and bald "wigs" that cover the Linden Lab hair and allow you to wear prim hair. You can only replace these items.
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