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  1. I have a current 16'' MacBook Pro with Radeon 5600 8Gb 2048bits GPU (Intel), When I boot on windows (bootcamp) and lower the resolution to 1920x1080 it 's crazy. it can goto over 200fps in light places like skyboxes. Now my question is, Rosetta 2? can I get that with the upcoming M1X Macbook pro? wat is the max you ever got with the M1? in FPS? no matter what is ahead of you? try the emptiest place... If it can, then the m1x might be a beast for SL!
  2. Very nice, finally someone nice in this forum, You just gave me hopes to mankind.
  3. It’s a feauture in SL marketplace...
  4. Have you ever used SKU's for items?
  5. So, Why did my CEF stop working in my Official viewer? I thought it was because flash was uninstalled, os it was a coincidence?
  6. Adobe Flash ends Dec 31st 2020. Media prims use flash player and Adobe prohibits its usage after Dec 31st 2020. The plug in is media_plugin_cef I believe. So?
  7. This creator is the best in SL, please hire him
  8. Looking for a Designer that knows how to do targa alphas in photoshop to do only Two buttons for my HUD PNG works, but in this case worksome due the alphas being text, circles, etc. Paid inworld
  9. I just reported one of those spam things from a store (again) that when you go there you stay on a list that they divide in several objects owned by several avatars, and spam everyone with them. nothing has been done, I get the spam all the time since over a year... I think that you THINK whoevery ou reported they got banned, because you were told by front support that someone was dealt with but no details are given. But in the end... i am still spammed and no way to unsubscribe or block.
  10. I've been with them on the phone many times, i probably know more Lindens and Sansars than you do. and some of the people I am talking about are still out there and never ever got banned and they have over 2000 avatars. Who do you think you're insulting? Have some manners and don't be over yourself, I am not talking about some kid insulting another like you are doing. Talking about some real deal things that should be dealt with.
  11. So I am right? noone can show me anyone banned... So we're just wasting our time filling reports for them to say "We can't tell you what we did". I'll check back on this post to see if someone else has anything... but my hopes are gone.
  12. Yes, after being 9 years in SecondLife me and hundreds of people reported a whole lot of people, trolls, griefers, hackers, etc. 0 has been done, in fact, they are still laughing and claiming they "own" Secondlife I don't know of any report that has actually worked... Do you know someone who Ll has banned? and why? and how long it took? And did they make another account and come back doing the same? because 1000 reports over years, report abuse function, tickets, support chat, phone calls, worked 0 in 9 years.
  13. I fixed it thanks to your idea! trick it ahead on a random unused channel, \m/
  14. Ok I coded a work-around solution. Saying it twice seems to refresh whatever is making the server/client slurl request. Thus, saying it in another channel seems to work. As usual not perfect but makes the official viewer look pro and stuff.
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