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  1. I have been wondering about this for some time. I do get griefed, pushed, multiple objects sticking to me, giant *****es engulfing my avatar, etc. Everyone gets that. It's SL, so it kind of comes with the territory to some extent. I never engage, just block the person, mute the objects if I can, and file a report. I'm sort of not sure if there's a point though. I mean does anyone really look into these things at all? Many attacks are petty and personal; I mean, who cares? How does it get investigated? Does it get investigated at all? Does the culprit at least get a warning? I'm sort of not sur
  2. Well, the title says it all. I'm certain that the conduct of Marketplace merchants is at least a tiny bit regulated. I need to file a complaint about one, and my question is: where best to start? Any advice, please?
  3. Yes, I did place a limit order... Would you please, please kindly advise me how I might cancel the order? I already got the confirming email...
  4. In my many years of using SL, nothing like this has ever happened. I made a role play alt two days ago, registered a card with it, made some purchases; all fine, as it should be. Then, today, I purchased Lindens, got the conformation e-mail, my credit card was charged, but the Lindens NEVER arrived! I don't even know who to turn to! Please help. I definitely do want to get those Lindens I paid for but then cancel my card. Honestly, I'm speachless. Any suggestions, please?
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