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  1. So? I already knew that. English is my native language. It's a synonym for tsunami, and that is a word happens to be a loanword in English. Doesn't seem that inconvenient to ignore the word seeming imperfect. Tsunami literally means harbour wave if broken down and may not necessarily be something happening in a harbour. But yeah you could argue that and maybe the hammer should come down on the gacha sellers, but LL is also responsible for moderating them, like how gambling proper got regulated into skill gaming regions.
  2. Not the same? It's literally a case of a tidal wave vs a tsunami. Gacha is essentially a lootbox with 1 item. Gacha itself is a thing, and a word that's primarily found in Asian markets, but lootboxes are effectively the western equivalent. If they were not the same companies would just be adding gacha to their games to circumvent anti-lootbox laws. Dota 2 and CSGO and TF2 all use what are definitely gacha if you look at how they work, but those are classed as lootboxes. So dispensing with all the semantics that ignore cultural differences, this is just about banning all the lootboxes.
  3. Artificial scarcity is an enemy we should not have to deal with in a system where data can just have copy/mod permissions and let people mod their avatars, or have some degree of certainty in buying something without missing out for a very inexcusable reason. Much like no-modify items, no-copy items are deleterious to lasting SL gameplay. I want to say every user would prefer to be able to copy items they have and modify them without losing the original or changes to it. Gacha will entertain the gambling addicts panning for fool's gold, but the rest of us are left with useless little stones coming mainly in colours meant to be bland or offensive. The community is divided on this and there are those of us actually boycotting gacha, which is a sign to me something is majorly wrong with it. It would be interesting to see a poll on how many people gamble vs how many do or do not buy the resales. I don't even buy resales.
  4. So just perfected individual animations? The exact same thing is achievable in SL with custom avatars and custom animations if anyone so chose. The problem we have is avatars are all made by different people, rigged differently, etc.
  5. Everyone is struggling to find RP. Men, women, inbetween. You need to cast a wide net to find a good collaborative writing partner and sims only fit so many people. I recommend fantasy roleplay sims, not Gor, but Beast Forest is a pretty good one inclusive of furries, humanoids, and demi-humans. In a proper RP sim people are very wiling to approach first as well.
  6. It was a fad that people were creating tons and tons of AFK sims because they thought they could profit off of it. Building in SL is also a fun challenge and people do like to pursue trying to create new sims. In spite of the supply of AFK sims, there wasn't actually an increased demand to keep them afloat, or they got bored/didn't have the time. So we're simply seeing the bubble pop if the AFK places have indeed reduced in quantity. However I do not believe that they are dead, they are back in equilibrium. I've done the AFK doll thing now and again and my tips were about same as when I started at the sim I have been using. There are a number of ways for prospective courtesans to solicit clients: adboards at sims to encourage IMs; simply being present in a club which permits you to have escort advertising titles, profile features, and pick up clients IMing you for such; being in a brothel or strip-club proper as an employee; and lastly sitting at an AFK sim waiting for people to IM or take liberties. As Zeta said it is not entirely AFK. In many places in SL it may seem like the sim is dead when in fact everyone is whispering to each other. If an AFK sim seems to have a lot of Johns passing through it's likely that some of them are getting a little more than a passive poseball experience, and this can be reflected in much higher tips than the 10L, 20L, or 50L courtesy tips people leave. I know how to make a moderately successful AFK doll and could clone it and use it effectively for perhaps 5000L, to make a top of the line human one will be much more costly. I'd be looking at expected revenue of 200L per week hands off, while I eat the cost of leaving a computer running which nullifies profit if I only have 1 doll out. If you consider there to be any profit margin for it it's actually incredibly slim, in time and money invested for sim owner and afk doll alike. So once you get past the fad of it, and initial novel attraction, it's just another small niche in the mosaic of SL.
  7. Literally also means literally. As we get into semantics AFK means away from keyboard but you will find at AFK sims it means things ranging from "asleep," to actually "away from SL playing a game" or "logged into 3 different accounts in this AFK sim and others, potentially keeping tabs." The sims happen to be called "afk sims," but are also tagged with escort, etc. in many cases. It's also possible to return from this afk state, say hi, and send an unsolicited friend request. If someone felt like it, upon ceasing AFKness, they could stop sitting and TP away - that would really be a mood killer. Of course, before messaging anyone using a doll of yours it's probably good to make a judgement call of whether that is a good idea. If they look like the type to enjoy some RP, but resort to their current activity, giving them some RP may be fun for all involved and secure a tip. It's not black and white.
  8. A friend said good things about Kitsune Society.
  9. AFK can mean a lot of things, including, obviously, being tabbed out or mainly doing something else. Being active when someone sits dramatically increases the chances of getting good (200-1000L range) tips. It does sound like they were just desperate for lindens, but people who freak out at any sign of activity from their partner should probably leave those sims.
  10. I don't believe in people's initial approaches being creepy, but just undesirable and not lining up with what I want to see. I often get annoyed at the IMs I get implying I should act as a sub and bottom. My avatar doesn't look like some hardass dominatrix and has some interactive, possibly submissive component. 90% of the attention I get is people wanting to be on top, 100% of those times I don't like it. I've stated in my profile I am mostly dom. Anyone IMing me for RP or poseball should have read it and tread carefully if they wanted to do dom things with me. It often ends up in violation of consent, but I don't worry too much and gently ignore people. It's usually a minor amusement to receive any new IM; I consider myself pretty approachable.
  11. Add "NOT demo" and then have fun sorting through listings not actually tagged demo or with DxExMxO in the title because the makers are obnoxious.
  12. I think you need to box them and then sell the box.
  13. Desudesudesuka


    On methods of trial versions for items. - Time limited things which delete themselves after a period of time. As discussed in another thread this is common for rezzables. - DEMO labels to prevent misuse by making them impractical to use without looking dumb. Bleeds into the next point. If they like it, they will buy it to get rid of this. Hair and mesh parts generally have this. - Limited functionality items, crippled versions of full items. People may want to upgrade. - Sample items. Like at the grocery store these are examples of other products but without variety or quantity. I've seen this with eyes and some nomod clothing. This can paint you as generous and drive people to your shop. What do you prefer, for what type of item and why? Obviously only certain methods can be used for certain types of items. Secondly, strategies and logic behind demos besides just making a single sale. Pros. - A demo reaches possible customers who might not even be interested in your products, and gives better metrics on what is grabbing attention. - People see your item in the MP, click the page, and then leave. If there is a demo or sample you can avoid losing people here. - Promotes confidence and trust in your product, and possibly your shop in general. - Encourages returning customers to purchase more products, seeing that new items of the quality they expect are being released. - It saves the amount of description and display you have to do of a product by allowing people to model it themselves. - There is an advantage over shops who do not offer demos as you offer better service. - You could have the item message them thanking them for trying the demo, purchase if they liked it, link the shop, and ask for a review. They can contain landmarks and other ads for your shop. Feel free to add anything I missed. Lastly, cons. - There is a time and Linden investment in making good trials and samples. - Can be negative if not done properly. - You need to make it worth it. Metrics metrics metrics.
  14. No. I'm reluctant to clutter my shop with demos =/= there is no demos, I don't make/believe in demos. It's purely a statement of fact I dislike the process of making them.
  15. I'd love a demo system that doesn't make us have to create two listings for every single product. Maybe listings which have multiple versions you can choose to purchase from of what is basically the same item with small variations. This would also condense colour packs and fat packs.
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