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  1. Sorry to hack yur thread, but Is this what Bellisseria will look like?
  2. I would also guess it has sumthn to do with LL homes, as its in the "Linden Home" section?
  3. im sorry, but this statement is funny. How will "more ppl will be able to get one" by not allowing the auto refresh? I mean people who want them now, whether using auto refresh or not, are still........people who 'want' them and people who are getting them. Stopping the auto refresh will by no means increase any chances of people getting one. You know what i mean? It's not like there's a few people out there using auto refresh and hoarding homes LOL
  4. Worked for me. Took bout 2 weeks of off/on watching. I missed quite a few also. I bet I saw 25+ homes and 12 houseboats till I got a houseboat of my own. But it took a lot. Watching it constantly and persistently is the key. Sucks, but how bad do you really want one?
  5. ~BEAUTIFUL Bastard~ Established 2019 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menagerie/72/242/22
  6. Took 2 weeks of auto refresh and probably 2 dozen missed opportunities. But this is proof that 'patience is a virtue'. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menagerie/72/242/22
  7. The only guarantees in life are DEATH and TAXES
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_of_missing_out If you can implement FOMO into your business plan, you will make the returns/sales you desire. That is, if you have a product people want.
  9. itll still all be under Bellisseria?
  10. Since the release of Patch's post, what names do you guess will pop up in the "Select a Theme" search?
  11. the landscaping is what? I mean compared to the current land, i guess. But these silly trailers and the landscaping look a bit 2009 to me lol. Are those things even mesh? landscaping a 512=http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Honah Lee Shoal/188/85/22 Jesus, I need to be a mole...
  12. To Linden Labs, [07:06]: I do not care for "Bait And Switch" Programs. You guys introduce homes only available to Premium Memberships, and as soon as people sign up, you raise the fees?? Thats a classic "Bait And Switch". Classic!! I can't pay for a service that operates that way. Terrible business practice. And I would've been happy to pay the increase and annual fees if this was introduced in a more ethical way. Yall can suck an egg on your Premium membership. LL wont get any $ from me. -Sean
  13. I would like to lease a space in someones sky for a 20x40 club. I want to try hosting concerts once/week for no more than 2hrs each time. If anyone is interested in leasing me a space on their full region, hit me up! IGN: same
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