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  1. I would like to lease a space in someones sky for a 20x40 club. I want to try hosting concerts once/week for no more than 2hrs each time. If anyone is interested in leasing me a space on their full region, hit me up! IGN: same
  2. Sean Azambuja

    Looking for Commercial spot

    Im trying to find a spot on land or in the sky. somewhere i can set up a club. I need to have access of the stream obv and am looking for 2K-3K prims at most. TYVM and sorry if this is in the wrong area. SL/Sean Azambuja
  3. I am trying to link a sailboat with a small rubber inflatable boat using a linkset script https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Nikkis-ReLink/7285637?page=1# Everything works great until it says, •Wait before you get the Permissions Request and accept it." Please tell me where i can "you get the Permissions Request and accept it. Where do i "accept permission request"??? I am in SL viewer btw Let's go, Step by Step: • Rez your Object (A) where you want to add Objects without breaking the Link Order. • Rightclick your Object, navigate through the Piemenu and choose "Stop all scripts." • Rez the Objects (B) you want add to the Linkset. • Be sure your object A and object(s) B are not physical enabled atm :-) • Add to any object B you want to add the ReLink (PhysicsShape: ...) Scripts. (Only in the root prim) - If you have a Mesh and want not collide with, use PhysicsShape: None - If you have a Mesh and want collide with is, use PhysicsShape: Convex - If you don't have a Mesh use PhysicsShape: Prim I highly recommend to not mix Prim with None/Convex. In that case you should set any "Prim" to Convex or None. • Repeat the last two steps with any Object you want to add. • Move your new Objects B into position (Can be done later too) • Drop the ReLink (Master) into Object A • Wait before you get the Permissions Request and accept it.?????????????? • The Link will be breaked and relinked in Order, this Process can take up to some minutes. After this process is done, all ReLink scripts are removed. • Rightclick your Object, navigate through the Piemenu and choose "Reset scripts." This step is optional, in fact that the link order is not changed, scripts will work properly after the linking state when setting them on running state again. But some scripts does initialization things on resetting what depends on the number of Objects in the Linkset, so i recommend, to reset the script's always. • Rightclick your Object, navigate through the Piemenu and choose "Run scripts." • Test your Thingy, to be sure all works fine. • Take a copy :-)
  4. Sean Azambuja


    Looking for HP5 beach rezzer. Ill rent. IM Sean Azambuja
  5. Sean Azambuja


    Im looking for someone who has an HP5 Surfboard Rezzer. Please IM "Sean Azambuja" in world. Ill rent
  6. Sean Azambuja

    6,190 L$/Week Prims 5000 Area 65536 Sq.M

    just sent you an IM in world. Thanks
  7. i can commit to whatever. Looking to buy but nobody selling. Offer 25000L/mo rent. pm me in world or here
  8. Sean Azambuja

    No ripoffs here -26 K full homestead full month full admin rights

    interested...pm sent
  9. Sean Azambuja

    WTB Grandfathered Homestead

    Want To Buy Grandfathered Homestead= title says it all, tyvm!
  10. Sean Azambuja

    Grandfathered Homestead

    $300+$300 transfer fee?
  11. Sean Azambuja

    Grandfathered Homestead For Sale

    $300 + $300 transfer fee?