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Found 24 results

  1. Missing someone

    Hello! I would like to ask if someone know a person with the SL name Armchairpangaea. He has been missing since 30.12.17. He usually logged in every day. I do not find him in friendlist, neither in search when I type his name.. Also I checked for him in the groups where he is a member but he doesnt appear. The only way I can find him is through chat log history. I wrote him an IM but he seems to be offline and didnt accept it. I think his account is suspended or deleted.
  2. I think I was Hacked

    For some reason I couldn't log into my second life account and I checked my internet connection and it seems fine but for some reason none of the Second Life pages like My.Second Life where my profile is, is not loading and whenever I go to marketplace it says Safari failed connection and also my viewer the loading is slower and whenever it tries to load it says something about my clock and timezone being wrong so I don't know what to do I'm freaking out and I can't change my email either the email page is not loading either SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.
  3. Hi Fellas, hope everyone of you are having a good time! well I dont know if this is the right place for place this topic, But I dont have much idea where to publish this. happen that I´m making some SL Outfits and custom avatars, but I dont have acces to the preview grid for testing those assets, I have try to contact the support to ask for the access but I dont know how to do that!, if any one here can help, I will be so happy, And maybe I can gift you some cloths
  4. Unable to Create a new Account...?

    Hello to all! I currently have a SL account but due to issues, I want to create a new account. However, for some reason, I cannot get the "Join" page to work. I can get through choosing the avatar and as far as entering the personal information. However, I am unable to proceed from there; when i hit submit, all green check marks appear but nothing happens. The page doesn't go further, no email verification and it clearly does not work. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated!
  5. Can I change my username?

    Hi everybody! Just wondering if I can change my username . I'd like to use a different email address and a new username. I'd like to use my real name. The one I'm using is just a random name I picked when I created the account. Thank you
  6. To pay or not to pay?

    Hello, I am completely new to this site and I wonder if anyone can tell me the advantages or disadvantages of paying the monthly fees for premium membership. I started with a free account, and I find it overwhelming to learn how to do all these things. I might be going away for a few months, but eventually I might want to settle down here. Should I upgrade the account now or wait? Do most people have the premium and not free account? What difference is it? thank you for being nice and answering the questions of an utter newbie.
  7. I'am due to relocate to another city & state, and need advice to manage the account before moving.
  8. account troubles

    hello this happen few months ago it only happens on this one account on all viewers i've relog rebooted my pc an modem i've cleared cache i can only log in when i do that others wise i cant log in it loads then nothing , some believe its corrupted inventory item i removed all my gestures i've charter test my avi i've turned off RLV all seem too only work for few hours then i crash an its all back too not being able too log on again i state again its only happening on this account can someone help me please ?
  9. Cancelling Account

    I want to cancel one of my avatars, so i can create a new one. I have hit the 5 limit allowed. How do I cancel an avatar? I have selected delete account on three of them, but they are still there. Please help.
  10. Can't access my SL account

    Hola! I'm gonna speak spanish as I'm sure I'll explain better! (I'm from Argentina). Ok. Me "expulsaron" de una región porque no tengo los días suficientes de vida para estar ahí y fui enviada a Mi Base (Social Island). Luego, quise reiniciar el juego porque cuando eso ocurre todo queda en blanco. El punto es que al querer comenzar, una ventana emergió y decía que no puedo acceder a mi cuenta de SL hasta X hora del Pacífico (no detallaba la hora) y decía que fui desconectada. ¿Es un problema de mi computadora o algo ocurrió con mi cuenta? No puedo averiguarlo. Sé que mi visor no es el más actualizado, pero no sé arreglarlo. Gracias! Thank you! Merci! xx
  11. hi, How long does it take for a retained account to respond? when you send the final reply that is as "guest" someone knows a free long distance number to call. out of usa How long does it take to delete an account that is held? things that are not copy but transfer, and were given to a parcel bought by group they take and erase them? Can another person take them, if he has the same group?
  12. About Premium Group slots

    So my account is in the process of being downgraded back to basic user at the end of this month; I was curious as to what happens to the groups I am in above the basic user limit? ( premium gives extra group slots and I filled a few of them with new groups). Will SL randomly pick groups to remove me from or do I get to stay in the groups I am already in above the limit? I was wondering as there a few I have to be in to maintain access to group permed items and sims. Thank you in advance.
  13. I only remember one part of my Avatar name

    Hi there, I've been searching for hours to find a way to login to my alt avatar. I created her around the beginning of this year/end of last year, and since then I have switched from the normal SL viewer to Firestorm and have not used her much at all. I am now finding that the only thing I remember about the avatar is part of the name, "Elizabeth." I'm not even sure this is part of the username, and most likely isn't. I've searched through all my emails looking for "Elizabeth" and "Second Life," all 8 emails!!...but to no avail. I'm so confused as to what happened. I even tried searching through all the Names with Elizabeth on the Firestorm viewer, but I can tell they are only usernames...Lastly, my web browser history is gone after having to wipe my computer and forgetting Mozilla login info...ugh. Is there any other way I can find this avatar? I've really been trying for a long time here and I'm willing to search through every case of "Elizabeth" popping up on SL if there was a way. I even used my main avatar and tried to search L$ transaction history because I believe I gifted between the two avatars at one point....but it is only stored 30some days! :(( The only thing I have left is a picture of what she looks like I snapped from my phone. Jan. 4 2017. Taken by SL photo first.. Could that help at all? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Everything about deleting your Second Life account

    I want to know everything that happens when you delete your Second Life account. When you delete your account, is it possible to create a new avatar, using the same name as the deleted account? Do avatar names become reusable once you delete the account with that certain name? Issue: Even though I am a newbie and joined a few days ago, I keep getting banned in places for no reason! I even got banned in places where you collect money! I thought it was normal and only available to all people whose accounts are a few days old until your account is too old. The I found out that people older than my account by years still use the same "collect Linden money" places! The places say they welcome everyone, but they don't welcome me! Now it's impossible for me to earn Linden money! I can't even earn Linden money anymore to buy an outfit I want! I've tried everything such as listening to their headmasters and filing a ticket, but they never lift the bans even though they say they want to give me chances. When I want to check the status of a ticket, they say they would email me a link or something to the ticket. They never send me the link. This makes me think that the ticket things are a glitch and possibly fake. Now back to the big question. The big question is: Do avatar names become reusable once you delete the account with that certain name?
  15. LL asking for alt account & security Q & As

    Hi. Last Friday 6.23.17(US). I sent a ticket to get my account reopened. I had made this one, & forgot about it. RL got in the way, & I came back, after awhile with a different account. ANYHOW I got a reply, answered what was needed, got the OK, that the account was reactivated, but, they wanted me to pick a new security Q & A, for safety reasons, so I did. Logged in, still got the account on hold page. Wrote back AGAIN, & got a different linden (I think it said Corky), asking is that the only way to spell the answer? I said yes. Then read on further & he/she wanted me to list all my alts, & their security Q & As. I had a bad feeling about that, but listed my accounts I CURRENTLY have, & what I think was my Qs. BUT nothing else. Should I be concerned? I have had accounts stolen, in the past, & even harassed off accounts, over the last 8 years. & I've left SL because of that, for months at a time, though I still have things I've passed down over the years, from my first account, as well as boxes of things I've made. Should I wait fot a reply? Should I change my PWs on my accounts? What should I do?
  16. The Marketplace

    Is it just my account or is the Marketplace down? ... When i go to buy something a green warning label pops up saying "We are unable to process you order at this time, please try again later. You can add this item to the cart or save it to your favorites" ............ Does or has this happened to anyone else ?
  17. I have recently returned to SL after a hiatus, and I've just sold some (group) land to reduce my tier. I *think* I succeeded in getting my tier down a notch. But I have two questions. 1. On the "Land Manager" section of the website, I clicked the next-lowest-tier's radio button, and the "Land Manager" indicates I'll be at that tier ($40USD/month). But the "Account Summary" section of the site, under "Account," still reflects the next-highest tier, with a rebill date in early July. I think that's because I have to pay for whatever peak tier-usage I had in the month before that rebill date, right? So that my August bill will reflect the lower tier? 2. Also, I own roughly 4000m2 outright and have donated another 4000m2 to my group (of which I and my alts are the sole members). It's all Mainland land; I pay LL directly, not other residents. I would think my 8000m2 total puts me close to the 8192m2 limit for the $40 tier. But the "Land Fees" section says I have 4500m2 "available square meters." How can this be? Either I'm close to my tier cap of 8192, or I'm 8000m2 (not 4500m2) below the next-highest-tier cap of 16,384m2. Can anyone explain this "available square meters" field? Thanks in advance.
  18. reactivate account

    hello, I'm getting angry, i waiting now more than 30 hours to get my account reactivated. i have a couple cases opend, but no one answers it. This take now to long. pleas can you help me
  19. Account on Hold

    I need to come back with my old account from hold status. How is possible?
  20. Need to Put Account on Hold

    Is there a time limit to how long you can put your account on hold?
  21. Hi friends, I've got a premium account and it's annually billed... coming up for renewal soon. If I cancel it and turn into a free account (with payment info on file still), will it change my account's Billing/Trading limits? Thanks in advance. <3
  22. About downgrading from Premium to Basic.

    I bought the 50% off deal with the Quarterly payment and I wanted to cancel it. However, in the process, it says I'd lose "all benefits"; I don't care much about the free house or anything else, but, I was wondering about the Linden Stipend. The documentation makes it sound like I'd immediately lose that when downgrading, so, I just wanted to double-check first that I'd still get the Lindens before downgrading.
  23. How to recover very old account

    I created an account in 2006/2007 but I logged in a few times. The SL was very difficult, my computer did not help and I ended up losing interest. Now I wanted to recover this account, however the account name does not exist. I believe I did not cancel it, but it does not appear in the search. Anyone know if it could have been LL to cancel because I did not use it?
  24. OH MY GOD

    Hello. After some time I decided to log in into my sl account and everything is lost, no friends, no items, no simolens. I have no idea what happened can somebody help? I still have emails from groups I was joined as a proof.