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  1. When I go to the section on my account info it says I've to verify my email, but it's really verified, what I can do?
  2. Tried to log in and got this message: Inventory problem detected: Contact Support spoke to Live Chat: I am sorry to hear that! We are seeing reports on this right now. We do apologize for the inconvenience. The service should be back up soon The CSR also confirmed that there was nothing I or she could do other than wait for things to get back to normal
  3. Jeremy Linden

    Password and account information

    What to do if you forget your password What to do if you forget your Second Life username Retrieve your name from your welcome email Retrieve your name from the Second Life website How to change your password How to change your email address Account Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) How do I add MFA to my account? Removing MFA from your account What to do if your account is compromised What to do if you forget your password If you know your username but have forgotten your password, go to the password recovery page. Enter your username and click Send Instructions to have instructions on how to create a new password sent to the email address connected to the account . You'll need to answer the security question you chose when creating your Second Life account. ⚠️ Please be sure to check your junk mail/spam folder, as some automated messages like password reset requests can be sent there by some email providers. If you can't recall the answer to your security question or no longer have access to the e-mail account you provided, just contact Customer Support, preferably by opening a support case. You'll be asked to verify your identity and, working together, we can reset your security question. We apologize in advance that support cannot retrieve passwords. Luckily, this won't be an issue once we reset your security question. What to do if you forget your Second Life username The username you created during registration is required to login to the Second Life® virtual world. If you forget your username, you can retrieve it: From your welcome email From the Second Life website Note: If you forgot which email address you used when you registered, you can find out on the Contact Information page of the Second Life Dashboard. You must have either your username or email address to recover your account credentials. Retrieve your name from your welcome email You provided an email address to register your account. A welcome email containing the Second Life username you created was sent to this address. To locate the email: Log into your email account and search your archives for "second life". Look for an email with your username in the subject line: "Welcome to Second Life, YOUR NAME!" Retrieve your name from the Second Life website Warning: If you registered multiple Second Life accounts with the same email address, you will be able to retrieve the username of only your first account. This is a known system limitation. Before you ever have to use this form, write down your usernames somewhere you'll remember! If you have forgotten your username or password: Click Login on the Second Life website. Click Forgot your login information? Under Forgot Your Name? enter your email address. Click Forgot Account Name. Your Second Life name will be sent to you shortly. How to change your password You can change your password, along with other account-related information, on your account page. To view your account page, log in and select Account > Account Summary from the top left side of the page. Click Account > Change Password to change your password. You'll need to know your current password in order to reset it; if you don't know your current password, or are having trouble, you can use the Forgot your login information? link from the Login page for assistance. To change your password: Login to your Dashboard. On the left, click Account, then click Change Password. Enter your current password in the top box. In the Choose a new password box, enter your new password. Please note, your new password must meet the minimum strength requirements. For tips on creating a strong password, see our Password Protection page. In the Confirm your new password box, type your new password again. Both boxes must match exactly. Click Save Changes. How to change your email address Your Second Life account is linked with an email address of your choosing, which is where things like announcements from Linden Lab and offline instant messages (if you have those enabled) are delivered. It's very important to keep your account email up to date. If your email address changes, or if you lose access to your email account, please update your email address as soon as possible. You can easily change your email address on the Second Life website: Login to your Dashboard. On the left, click Account, then click Change Email Settings. Enter a new email address after Enter your new email address. Confirm your new email address by entering it again after Confirm your new email address. Click Save Changes under Confirm your new email address. When prompted, enter your account password and click OK. Shortly afterwards, your old email address will also receive a "Second Life Email Changed" email to confirm that the change was done by you, the actual account holder. To take advantage of all of the Second Life systems which rely on sending you messages via email, like receiving copies of your Instant Messages via email when you're offline, be sure to verify your email address. Account Security Tip: Keep your account safe! Don't give your password out, and make sure your web browser's address bar shows secondlife.com to prevent being phished. There are a number of reasons why it's important to protect your account's security, including preventing financial loss, content loss, and making sure that you have access to your account so that you can continue to use Second Life. Only the original owner of an account is permitted to log in to Second Life on that account; please don't share your password or account with other people, including friends and family. Creating a Second Life account is free and easy, and it's much safer if everyone has an account of their own to use. Some tips for maintaining your account's security: Use an up-to-date email address that you check regularly. Use a unique password for Second Life; don't use this password or one that's similar to it anywhere else. Consider using password manager software to make using unique, complex passwords easier. Add multi-factor authentication to your account to add another layer of security to account updates like email or password changes. Consider using the inworld viewer setting Use the built-in browser for Second Life links only (Me > Preferences > Setup), which will make it easier to spot when you receive a link to a website pretending to be part of SecondLife.com to trick you into logging in with your Second Life username and password. You can always copy the link and paste it to your preferred web browser, like Firefox or Chrome, once the built-in browser has loaded the page. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Authentication is how Second Life knows it’s you attempting to log in, by verifying the username and password you provide. For many websites and services, authentication consists of a username and a password. Both must be correct for login to succeed; this is called single-factor authentication, because the user only has to know the password to gain access to a known account. Multi-factor authentication adds a second method of verification to the login process, in addition to a password. This second method is a code (or token) that's generated by a special app called an authenticator. Once enabled, MFA requires someone to enter a unique secret token to be entered when making changes to your account, protecting it from unauthorized changes to your password, email address, or payment method. There are several types of authenticator apps available for different types of smartphones and mobile devices, including Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, and Authy. Multi-factor authentication is currently available on your SecondLife.com Dashboard only. It's opt-in and not required, though it is an excellent addition to your account's security. ⚠️ At this time, multi-factor authentication is not implemented for the Second Life Viewer and will not affect how you log in to your avatar inworld. Please continue to use unique, strong passwords for your account and to follow good security practices. Multi-factor authentication is great tool to help protect your account, but it's not a replacement for a good password and good security. How do I add multi-factor authentication (MFA) to my account? Multi-factor authentication at SecondLife.com supports many different authenticator apps with a variety of layouts and tools, but in general, setup works like this: If you don't already have an authenticator app on your mobile device, install the authenticator app of your choice. Most authenticator apps, like Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, are free and available in your device's app store, and are regularly kept up to date with automatic updates. If possible, please choose a mobile device that has a working camera. You'll need a camera to scan a QR Code during the setup process. If you don't have a working camera, some authentication apps will also allow you to use a setup key. A setup key is a long string of letters and numbers you can enter by hand; it's visible under the QR code during the setup process. Visit your SecondLife.com Dashboard and login, if necessary. On the left side of the Dashboard under Account, click Multi-Factor Authentication. Read the instructions on how the process works, then click Get Started. Follow the provided steps to add Multi-Factor Authentication to your account. Step one is to add an entry for Second Life to the authentication app of your choice. Step two uses that authentication app to generate a pair of codes (tokens) to verify that setup is working properly. You can add an entry for Second Life to your chosen authenticator app by QR Code or Setup Key. Once you've added an entry for a Second Life account to your authenticator app by scanning the QR code or entering the setup key, click Continue. On the next page, enter the current code your app has generated for Second Life, then wait. When the app makes a new code a few seconds later, enter that new code as your second code token. These two tokens, in sequence, will confirm your authenticator app is setup correctly. In the future, you'll only need to enter one code to log in. Example: Adding a Second Life account to Microsoft Authenticator Here's an example of how the process works when adding a Second Life account to Microsoft Authenticator, a commonly used authenticator app: On a computer or second mobile device, navigate to the SecondLife.com Dashboard and under Account, click Multi-Factor Authentication. Read the instructions and click Get Started to continue to Step 1 of 2 (Scan QR code below); leave the webpage open on your computer monitor. On your mobile device, open Microsoft Authenticator Sign in with your Microsoft Account (if necessary) On the upper right corner, click the plus icon (+). When asked what kind of account you are adding, select Personal Account to continue In the pop-up that appears, select Scan QR Code Your mobile device's camera will activate (though you may need to give your permission to use the camera to allow the app to continue) Position your device's camera so the square QR Code from SecondLife.com lines up with your authenticator app's indicator. Once lined up, your authenticator app will take it from there, adding an entry for Second Life and beginning to generate 6-digit number tokens that refresh automatically. Once you've scanned the QR Code, click Continue to enter the tokens your app is now generating. On the Step 2 of 2: Enter Tokens page, enter the token that is currently visible on your authenticator app in the First token box. Wait until the app generates a new token, then enter the new token in the second box. Click Activate MFA to complete setup -- if successful, the website will confirm you've activated MFA on your account. Removing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) from your account To remove Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) from your account: Login to your Dashboard on secondlife.com Under Account on the left, select Multi-Factor Authentication If you have multi-factor authentication enabled, you will see two options: Click Disable Multi-factor Authentication with Token if you have access to your authenticator app. On the next page, MFA Removal, enter the token code from your authenticator app and click Remove MFA Alternatively, click Disable Multi-factor Authentication via Email if you do not have access to your authenticator app. A link will be sent to your verified email address. When it arrives, click it to remove MFA from your account. If you do not have access to your verified email account or access to your authenticator app, please contact our Second Life Support Team for assistance. What to do if your account is compromised Your account may have been compromised if: You can't access your account. You suddenly notice a reduced available balance on the payment source you have on file. If this happens, contact us immediately! Here's what to do: Go to the Second Life Help page and log in if you can. If you can't access your account, use the Forgot your login information? link on the right to recover your username and reset your password. Then log in. On the Second Life Help page page, click Submit a a Support Case. Under Issue Type, select Account Issue. A second dropdown appears. Under Account Issue, select Account Compromised. Fill in the rest of the fields as directed. Click Submit. Check your email for your case number. Call our fraud number: 800-860-6990. Once you do this, Linden Lab will place your account on hold and investigate the relevant transactions. This may take a few days. Once we have concluded the investigation, we'll send you an email explaining our conclusion and the action we will take. Note that all transactions involving Linden dollars are subject to Linden Lab's Terms of Service. Tip: Even if you are able to log into your account, we recommend that you change your password immediately to something secure and unique. Changing your password regularly is one good way to protect the safety of your account. For information on how to change your password, see the How to change your password section of this article.
  4. Bea Linden

    Account balance

    US dollar balance Ways to use your US dollar balance Pay for Second Life expenses Process credit (withdrawal) Selecting a payment method Process credit request fees How long does a process credit request take? Checking on process credit requests Canceling a process credit request Wire transfers Sending money to Linden Lab Receiving money from Linden Lab In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Pусский Türkçe 日本語 US dollar balance Note: As of August 1, 2019, your US dollar balance is managed by Tilia, a subsidiary of Linden Lab. For additional details about Tilia and how it interacts with your Second Life account, please see the Tilia FAQ. All Second Life® accounts have both a Linden dollar balance and a US dollar balance. You can see both balances in the Linden Dollar Summary and Tilia Account Summary on your Account page at secondlife.com. When you have a new Second Life account, your US dollar balance is $0. You can increase your US dollar balance by selling L$ on the LindeX. The L$ can be used to make purchases inworld or on the Second Life Marketplace; the US$ can be used for other purposes related to your account. Using your US dollar balance You can put your US dollar balance to work in several ways, explained below. Pay for Second Life expenses When you pay your premium membership fee, land use fees, private estate fees, buy Linden dollars or buy a Private Region, Linden Lab charges your US dollar balance. If your US dollar balance does not cover your expenses, all available US$ credit is applied to the fee. Then we charge the remainder via your preferred payment method. If you make enough Linden dollars, you can sell them on the LindeX to increase your US dollar balance. Some Residents' premium accounts pay for themselves! If you'd prefer to use a method of payment like a credit card or PayPal to pay for certain one-time purchases, you can click the DON'T USE option next to your USD Balance. This will charge the full amount of your purchase to your selected payment method. Your USD Tilia account balance will remain on your account for future use. Process credit (withdrawal) Net proceeds from your sales of Linden Dollars remain as credit on your Second Life account, and this credit is automatically applied to your account fees as described above. If you do not wish to apply your Linden Dollar sales proceeds to your fees, you may withdraw this portion of your account credit through a real-world credit process. (See Process Credit) Note that you may only process credit due to net proceeds from sales of Linden Dollars. Purchases of account credits and credits due to gift codes or other promotional account credits are nonrefundable, and may not be processed as a payment to you. You must be in full compliance with our Terms of Service to receive any payment through the credit payment process. This includes, without limitation, the requirement to have accurate and complete registration information, including verifiable billing information. Under certain circumstances, Linden Lab may request additional information from you before processing a request. If provided in a timely manner, this extra step should not significantly delay processing times. Additionally, you must be in compliance with Tilia's Terms of Service and provide Tilia with adequate documentation for ID verification in order to process credit. Tilia is a subsidiary of Linden Lab that offers certain financial services to the Second Life community and helps Second Life comply with U.S. laws and regulations. For additional information about Tilia and the documentation required for ID verification, please see the Tilia FAQ. How can I withdraw USD credit from my account balance? You may choose to credit your US dollar balance to a PayPal or Skrill account. This is known as a process credit request, because you are requesting to process credit from the Second Life system to your real-world account. Depending on which option you choose, you may be subject to fees and minimum withdrawal amounts. Selecting a payment method When you request to process a credit from Second Life to your real-world account using the new system, you will be required to choose a payment method. To place a process credit request to PayPal, you will need to select your PayPal email address from the request form. The form lists the PayPal account(s) you currently have on file at secondlife.com, as well as the PayPal account that you used for process credit requests (if you have made previous requests in the old process credit system). To place a process credit request to Skrill, you need to select your Skrill email address from the request form. The form lists the Skrill account(s) you currently have on file at secondlife.com, as well as the Skrill accounts that you used for process credit requests (if you have made previous requests in the older process credit system). Choose one of the existing accounts, or add a new PayPal/Skrill account as a payment method in the Change Payment Method window: Note: If you change your payment method, we may require additional information to verify your identity before we process the request. This verification is for your security. Can I send funds to someone else's PayPal or Skrill account? Process credit requests must be sent to a PayPal or Skrill account that you control. They are not meant to be used to pay someone else. Is there a minimum or maximum amount? The minimum process credit amount allowed is $3, plus any fees. The maximum amount per transaction for any account is $9,999 minus fees. If necessary, you can process a larger amount over multiple smaller transactions. Process credits are also subject to economic limits unrelated to the maximum transaction amount. For more information about your account's economic limits, please see Economic Limits. Process credit fees There is a fee per process credit transaction. Fees are subtracted from the amount you enter in the form, so you will receive less than that amount in your PayPal or Skrill account. You can view the relevant fee amounts on the Transaction Fees and Payment Priority page. How long does it take to process credits? For processing a credit to a PayPal or Skrill account, requests generally take up to five business days (Monday-Friday, not including U.S. holidays) to be completed. We always strive for quick turnaround; however, holidays and the volume of transactions may affect processing times. Also, in the event that Linden Lab requires additional information from a Resident, the processing time will depend on the timely submission of the information by the Resident. The following table provides an estimate for when you should receive your USD in your account based on the day of the week you submit your request. You should expect to see the USD in your account on or before the date listed. For most requests, you should receive payment to your PayPal or Skrill account within two business days. However, for a minority of requests, this process may take five business days. Business holidays in the US will extend the two or five business day window by one day. Requested Day Two Business Days Later Five Business Days Later Monday Wednesday Following Monday Tuesday Thursday Following Tuesday Wednesday Friday Following Wednesday Thursday Following Monday Following Thursday Friday Following Tuesday Following Friday Saturday Following Wednesday Following Monday (Eight calendar days later) Sunday Following Wednesday Following Monday (Seven calendar days later) How can I check on my previous and pending requests? To view a full history of your process credit transactions, see the Process Credit History page. Any recent requests that have yet to be sent to PayPal or Skrill will say "processing" next to the timestamp. If the request looks to have been completed, but you haven't received funds in your PayPal or Skrill account, please contact Support for assistance. Canceling a process credit request You might have entered the wrong amount or the wrong PayPal/Skrill account information when requesting a credit. If you think you've made a mistake, check your Process Credit History. If the requested process credit is able to be halted, a Cancel button will be available next to the listed transaction. If you do not see a Cancel button, please contact Support for assistance. You'll need to tell us which request is to be canceled (use the date/time and the amount to identify it). Please notify us as soon as you can, as we may or may not be able to manually cancel a request once the Cancel button is no longer available on the Process Credit History page. Process credit requests that are successfully canceled will be returned to the Tilia USD account balance. Wire transfers Sending money to Linden Lab Linden Lab is not currently able to accept payment from your bank via wire transfer. Please pay for balances through credit card, PayPal, or Skrill. Receiving money from Linden Lab Linden Lab is not currently able to support payment to your bank via wire transfer. If you wish to credit your USD balance to an external account, please do so through PayPal or Skrill.
  5. Rand Linden

    Premium membership

    Benefits of premium membership Upgrading to a premium account Linden Homes Linden dollar rewards Sign-up bonus Weekly Linden dollar rewards (stipend) Stipends for old accounts Premium virtual goods (gifts) How to get your premium virtual good Object permissions on premium virtual goods How to get help for premium virtual goods Frequently asked questions I didn't receive the previous virtual good, and the kiosk only provides the most recent one. Can I get the one I missed? Can I take multiple copies of a good from the kiosk? I accidentally deleted my premium virtual good. Can I get it back? Premium sandboxes Other premium benefits Live chat support Right to own land in popular mainland areas Immediate access to adult-only areas Increased number of group memberships Preferred access to highly populated regions Downgrading or canceling your premium membership Downgrading from premium to a basic membership Canceling your account You may still be charged for land In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Русский 日本語 Benefits of premium membership Premium membership provides the following benefits: Your own private Linden Home Linden dollar rewards Exclusive virtual goods Premium-only sandboxes Live chat support The right to own mainland parcels in popular areas Immediate access to adult-only areas Maximum number of group memberships increased from 42 to 70 Preferred access to highly populated regions, utilizing increased region capacity Access to premium-only events and experiences Voice morphing Cap on missed instant messages increased from 15 to 80 L$ transaction history increased from 32 days to 90 days Upgrading to a premium account To upgrade from basic to premium membership: Log into the Second Life website. On the left side of the screen, click Premium Membership. The Change Membership Plan screen opens, displaying a chart of Membership plans and prices. Select Premium (choose from Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual billing options). Click Save Changes. Your new plan becomes effective at your next billing date. Note: As a Premium member, you get a one-time bonus of L$1000 and receive a weekly stipend of $L300 and a 1024 square meter premium tier bonus. You may only receive the L$1000 upgrade bonus once per account. Linden Homes Linden Homes are ready-to-move-in homes that belong to a themed community and are available only to premium account members. Note: Linden Homes are available only to Residents at least 18 years old. For more information on Linden Homes, see Overview of Linden Homes. Linden dollar rewards As a premium member, you get a sign-up bonus and a weekly stipend of Linden dollars. Sign-up bonus When you first register for a premium account, you'll receive a sign-up bonus of L$1,000 deposited directly into your Second Life account once your premium membership has been active for 45 consecutive days. Sign-up bonuses are only granted to an account the first time the account becomes a Premium member (and remains so for 45 days). Weekly Linden dollar rewards (stipend) As a premium member, you receive a weekly stipend of $L300, whether you log in or not. Stipends are paid every week on Tuesdays. Payments are based on information gathered from the database as of the preceding Monday. For example: If you become a premium account on Monday, April 14, you will receive your first stipend on Tuesday, April 15. If you become a premium account on Tuesday, April 15, you will receive your first stipend on Tuesday, April 22. Due to technical issues, stipend payments may appear late in the day on Tuesdays or very occasionally on Wednesday; if you believe your stipend is late, it's worth checking the Status Blog to see if stipend payments for the week have been delayed. Note: Premium accounts which are currently delinquent will not receive their stipends while the account is past due; instead, the stipends will be placed on hold and automatically delivered after the account is no longer delinquent. (It may take up to 24-48 hours for held stipends to arrive after a balance is cleared). Stipends for old accounts The stipend amount for older accounts depends on what type of account you have and its age. Premium accounts created or upgraded from basic: On or after November 1, 2006 receive L$300 per week. Between July 21, 2006 and November 1, 2006 receive L$400 per week. Before July 21, 2006 receive L$500 per week. Certain old basic accounts get a stipend; basic accounts created Before May 29, 2006 receive a stipend of L$50 per week, if they log in that week. After May 29, 2006 do not receive a weekly stipend. Premium virtual goods (gifts) As a premium member, you periodically get an premium virtual good as a benefit. The premium virtual goods are designed by Residents commissioned by Linden Lab. How to get your premium virtual good To get your premium virtual good, go to one of the inworld vending kiosks listed in the Second Life Destination Guide: http://secondlife.com/destinations/premium/gifts. If you are logged in to the website, go to https://secondlife.com/destinations/premium/gifts instead. To use one of the kiosks: Right-click the kiosk. Choose Buy. (You won't be charged—the item is free for premium account holders.) The item is transferred to your inventory. The inworld vending kiosks only provide the latest premium virtual good. You cannot get older ones. Object permissions on premium virtual goods Premium virtual goods are no modify, no transfer, copy, meaning you can make copies but cannot modify or transfer the items. For general information on object permissions, see Object permissions. How to get help for premium virtual goods Premium virtual goods are commissioned by Linden Lab and designed by Residents. Please do not contact the creator for support. Each premium virtual good comes with an FAQ notecard to help you get started and answer common questions. If you still have an unanswered question, email premium_feedback@lindenlab.com. We will update the notecard as needed, but cannot provide individual responses. Frequently asked questions I didn't receive the previous virtual good, and the kiosk only provides the most recent one. Can I get the one I missed? No, the premium gift vending kiosks only provide the current premium virtual goods. Can I take multiple copies of a good from the kiosk? Yes! As a premium member, you can take as many copies of the premium virtual good as you like. I accidentially deleted my premium virtual good. Can I get it back? Yes. As long as the next premium virtual good has not been distributed, you can get it from an inworld kiosk. Premium sandboxes A sandbox is an area put aside for building practice. Much like real sandboxes and conceptual sandbox games, these are spaces of creativity and chaos. For more information on sandboxes, see Building tips. Several sandboxes exist for specific purposes—such as the Weapons Testing Sandbox—but the majority are simply for regular building. Signs within each sandbox area make it clear what kind of activities are allowed there. Sandboxes usually have auto-return enabled to clean themselves several times a day; look for auto-clean information before building, so you aren't caught by surprise. Since sandboxes are experimental, they may also be unstable—be sure to take regular inventory backups of anything that's important. Premium sandboxes are accessible only to Residents with premium membership. Each sandbox is made up of four regions. Generally, there is one sandbox per Linden Home continent. Find the premium sandboxes through the Second Life Destination Guide: http://secondlife.com/destinations/premium/sandboxes. Other premium benefits Premium membership provides additional benefits: Live chat support Residents with premium accounts may initiate a live chat for support issues via the support portal. Basic accounts do not qualify for this kind of support. Right to own land in popular mainland areas Residents with a premium account can buy mainland parcels and need to pay a monthly tier when their land exceeds 1024m². For more information, see Land Use Fees. The mainland is the largest connected land-mass in Second Life, consisting of hundreds of regions connected to one another with roads, railroads and open oceans. Being a premium member is a prerequisite for owning mainland parcels. Immediate access to adult-only areas Linden homes and some adult areas are accessible only to those 18 years and older. If you are 18 years or older when you sign-up for a premium membership you will automatically have access to these areas. For more information, see Age-restricted content and Accessing Adult land and content. Increased number of group memberships Residents with a premium account may be a member of up to 70 groups at a time. Basic accounts may only join up to 42 groups. Preferred access to highly populated regions Regions in Second Life have a bonus capacity to allow region owners, estate managers, and Residents with Premium accounts to enter an otherwise full Region. The default limit on the number of avatars allowed in a region is as follows: Full Regions support an extra 10% (100 to 110) Homesteads support an extra 25% (20 to 25) Open Spaces support an extra 20% (10 to 12) For full details on access to bonus region capacity, see Improved Region Capacity and Access on the Second Life Blog. Downgrading or canceling your premium membership Downgrading from premium to a basic membership To downgrade your premium or Concierge account to basic, follow these steps: Log into the Second Life website. On the left side of the screen, click Account and select Premium Membership. The Change Membership Plan screen opens, displaying a chart of Membership plans and prices. Select Basic Account. Click Save Changes. Your new plan becomes effective on your next billing date. ⚠️ If you downgrade to a basic account, you will lose all the land you own, and you will no longer have access to your weekly Linden dollar stipend or live chat support. Make sure to sell all your land before you downgrade! You may also wish to check your group land contributions and make arrangements to keep your group's land holdings in good standing. Note: If you are a member of more than 42 groups, you will not lose any group memberships when you downgrade. However, you may not join any new groups with a basic account until you reduce your group memberships to fewer than 42. Halting a premium downgrade If you change your mind about downgrading to a basic account, you can cancel your upcoming downgrade at your account dashboard at the Second Life website. To cancel your account downgrade: Log into the Second Life website. On the left side of the screen, click Account and select Premium Membership. A yellow box at the top of the screen will read Downgrade Requested. This box contains information about when your account will downgrade from Premium to basic. At the bottom of this box, click Cancel Request. Once you've canceled your downgrade request, your Premium membership will renew as usual on your next billing date. Canceling your account When you cancel your account, it is deactivated and you will lose access to it at your next billing review date. If you're thinking about canceling your account entirely, consider leaving it active with a basic membership, which costs nothing to maintain. If at some point in the future you should choose to revisit Second Life, your avatar and your inventory will be here waiting for you. You can cancel your account by going to the Delete Account page after logging in with your Second Life username and password. This link is also accessible through the Account section on the left of your Dashboard. Once logged in, select the reason why you have chosen to delete your account and then find the Cancel Account button at the bottom of the page. Your account will remain open until your billing review date, as account maintenance fees are paid in advance. Tip: If you want to keep your name, avatar, and inventory for possible future use but don't want to pay the reactivation fee, you can downgrade to a free basic account instead of canceling your account altogether. You may still be charged for land If you cancel or downgrade your account from premium, you may still be charged for your most recent month's land holdings, depending on your billing cycle. Land allowance fees are calculated based on your previous month's usage. As stated on the Land Pricing & Use Fees page: Thus you are always charged for your premium membership and the maximum amount land you owned during the current billing cycle, regardless of whether you cancelled your account before the end of the month. For example: You own 2048 meters of mainland on your premium account, Jane Pumpernickel. You decide to downgrade to a basic (free) account on your next renewal date, July 1st, so you sell your 2048 meters of mainland to your neighbor, Marcel Baguette, on June 30th. Your monthly land allowance fee for your land is usually $7 (in addition to your premium membership) based on the amount of land you own. On July 1st, your account converts to a basic (free) account as you've requested, and will no longer be charged for membership fees. Because you owned your mainland from June 1st-June 30th, your account will be charged $7 for the land allowance used during that time. Note: When you cancel your account, it remains active until the end of your payment period. You may still log in and use Second Life during this time. For instance, if you buy a yearly Second Life membership and cancel it the next day, you'll receive many of the benefits of premium membership through the end of your membership period, though owning mainland with a non-renewing subscription is not currently supported by the land system at this time. If you'd like assistance with your non-renewing premium subscription and benefits, please contact our Support team.
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    Overview Why provide billing information? Second Life billing policies Premium membership Land use fees Private region fees Auctions Region rental Linden dollar exchange How to view or change your billing information Adding a new payment method Associating payment methods with payment types Changing stored payment information VAT and changing your billing country Processing credit on your US Dollar balance Accepted currencies and payment methods PayPal Skrill Understanding Transaction History Understanding Account History LindeX Land fees Billing for land holdings Private Regions Mainland holdings Preventing common billing problems General Credit cards PayPal Using PayPal How to setup payment with PayPal Contacting Linden Lab billing support Common issues and frequently asked questions I can't update my payment information I'm having trouble paying—what's going to happen? I paid US$ for something, but it's not showing up yet I get a "Not Authorized" message when entering billing information Why was I charged $1.00 on my credit card? Issues with American Express Why was I billed an additional transaction fee? Issues with prepaid and gift cards I receive an error message when I try to make a Marketplace purchase using my Credit Card or PayPal account In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano 日本语 Português Русский Türkçe Overview Why provide billing information? Although a basic account gives you full access to Second Life and does not require a credit card or PayPal account, if you add a credit card or a verified PayPal account you can: Get a premium level account. Own land. Buy or sell Linden dollars. Second Life billing policies Read the full Second Life Billing Policies, also linked to from the Terms of Service. Linden Lab® will bill your account only under very specific circumstances. All charges are deducted from your U.S. Dollars (USD) balance first, and then from your credit card or PayPal account if your USD balance is insufficient. Premium membership Premium account holders are charged according to the payment plan they have selected. Depending on the plan, charges may occur monthly, quarterly, or yearly. See your Account Summary to find out your current billing rate. To change your billing rate, see the Upgrade/Downgrade Membership page. Land use fees The land use fee (also known as tier) is a variable monthly charge that increases with the amount of land you own in Second Life. For more information about land use fees, see the Land Pricing & Use Fees page. Land use fees are separate from private region fees. Private region fees In addition to the initial charge to buy a private region, owners of private regions pay a monthly fee to Linden Lab. Private region fees are charged directly to your credit card or PayPal account, and are separate from other land use fees. See Buying private Regions for a comparison of private region fees. Note: Private Region fees exclude VAT and GST. Visit the Land Portal for more information about land types and pricing, including access to the Land Store and Auction site. There are fees for certain region changes, such as renaming, moving, or converting to a different region type; see Managing Private Regions for details. Auctions Some land auctions are denominated in U.S. Dollars. Winning an auction incurs a one-time payment, but can cause an increase in your monthly Land Use Fees if the additional land moves you to the next Land Tier. For more information about land auctions in Second Life, see the Auction FAQ. Region rental It is possible to rent an entire Region for a short period of time. The cost of renting a Region is L$4000 per day, paid in full on the first day of the rental. Note that this price is listed in Linden dollars (L$) instead of U.S. dollars. For more information on Region rental, visit the Land Portal. Linden dollar exchange All Residents have the option of trading U.S. Dollars for Linden Dollars (L$) on the Linden Dollar Exchange (LindeX). LindeX charges are generated on a per-transaction basis; you will only be charged if and when you decide to make an exchange. You may also purchase Linden Dollars inworld by clicking the Buy L$ button next to your inworld Linden Dollar balance. For additional information on LindeX transaction fees, see the LindeX: Fees page. Some credit card issuers charge a small fee if the payment settles in a currency that is not native to the card. If you're in the United States and are being charged a foreign transaction fee with your current credit card, try deleting and re-entering your payment method. This should resolve your foreign transaction fees; if it does not, consult your financial institution for details on their schedule of fees. Warning: If you find any suspicious or unexpected charges on your credit card or PayPal statement that appear to be from Linden Lab, gather all available information and open a billing support case for investigation. How to view or change your billing information To view your billing information, see the Billing Information page on the Second Life website. Note: For security reasons, you can only view the type of card affiliated with your account and the last four digits of the card number. You cannot view the full number. On the Billing Information page, you can view your current Linden dollar (L$) and US dollar balances, view and add US dollar payment methods for your account, and set which payment methods will be used for different types of purchases. Adding a new payment method To add a credit card, PayPal, or Skrill account to your Second Life account, click Add a Credit Card, Add a PayPal account, or Add a Skrill account. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a billing agreement with PayPal or Skrill, or fill in your credit card information accordingly. Once you have added a payment method, it is saved for your account and you can associate it with various types of payments. See the next section for more information. You can also add a new payment method during a transaction, when selecting a payment method. If you add a credit card, PayPal account, or Skrill account in this way, it is automatically associated with the type of payment being made. Associating payment methods with payment types You may specify which payment method you would like to use for each of the following payment types: Buying L$ in the Viewer Buying L$ on the web Buying land, Premium fees, recurring fees To associate a payment method, go to the Other Payment Methods section of the Billing Information page and click Change next to the payment method you would like to use, then check boxes next to your desired payment types on the provided list. You may remove this association at any time by clicking Change next to the payment method, then un-checking the boxes next to the associated payment types. You can also change an associated payment method during a transaction by choosing a different payment method or adding a new payment method for that transaction. Changing stored payment information To change stored information about one of your payment methods, you must delete that payment method and re-enter it. You may delete a stored payment method by clicking Remove next to that payment method on the Billing Information page. VAT/GST and changing your billing country Your selected country determines the payment methods available to you. Normally, you should not need to change your billing country, but you may need to update it if you are traveling or have moved to a new location. You can change your billing country by clicking the Change button next to your country's name on the Billing Information page. Countries and Areas Subject to VAT or GST Countries belonging to the European Union (EU) Norway Australia If your billing country is on the list above, you may be subject to the collection of value added tax (VAT). In Australia, this tax is called the Goods and Services Tax (GST). If you are a business and are reselling, or adding value to Second Life before providing it to a consumer, you may be eligible to provide your government-issued VAT ID number or your Australian Business Number in order to be excluded from the collection of VAT or GST. If you see "Subject to VAT" under your billing country's name on the Billing Information page, you can add your exception by clicking Add VAT Exception or Add Australian Business Number and providing your ID. For more information, see VAT frequently asked questions Processing credit on your US Dollar balance You may request that some or all of your US Dollar balance be credited to a PayPal or Skrill account by performing a process-credit request. Please see the corresponding section of the Account balance article for full details. Accepted currencies and payment methods You may use the following payment methods with Second Life: Visa American Express MasterCard Delta Online (non-U.S. Residents only) JCB Diners Club Discover (U.S. Residents only) Visa Electron (non-U.S. Residents only) PayPal Skrill The currencies accepted for payment include: CAD, AUD, JPY, EUR, GBP for non-U.S. Residents, and USD for U.S. Residents Note: If you have had a payment method on file since before December 7, 2011, you may need to remove and re-add that payment method before making payments in non-USD currencies. PayPal To use an existing PayPal balance when making transactions with Second Life, it must be in USD. You can convert your balance to USD at paypal.com (PayPal may impose exchange fees). Skrill Skrill offers a variety of payment options including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, along with over 100 local payment options listed on their Payment Options page. For a complete list of currencies accepted by Skrill, visit their official website and view the page on Fees and Availability. Understanding Transaction History You can view your transaction history in two places from your account page on the Second Life website: Account > L$ Transaction History Displays your Linden Dollar (L$) transactions for the selected date range (up to 32 days with a basic account, or 90 days with a premium subscription). You can also download the data in XLS (Excel) and XML format. Linden Exchange > Manage > LindeX Order History Displays: Your Linden dollar and US dollar account balances. Your remaining LindeX™ trading limits for the next 24 hours and 30 days. Your remaining account billing limits for the next 24 hours and 30 days. Your LindeX™ Exchange Transaction History, including both closed and open (unexecuted limit buy or sell) orders. Understanding Account History Choose Account > Account History/Statements from the sidebar on your Second Life account page to access your account history. This page shows all your account transactions for the previous 45 days that involve real-world currency. LindeX For purchases of Linden dollars on the LindeX, you will see two entries: one corresponding to the L$ buy, and one corresponding to the transaction payment. So, for example, this is correct: Time Confirmation ID Note Amount Ending Balance 08/17/2010 08:41:22 102230685019 Customer Payment ($7.75) $23.23 08/17/2010 08:41:22 - LindeX Currency Buy $7.75 $30.94 Because of timing issues these may appear in the opposite order. So, for example, this is also correct: Time Confirmation ID Note Amount Ending Balance 08/17/2010 08:41:22 - LindeX Currency Buy $7.75 $30.94 08/17/2010 08:41:22 102230685019 Customer Payment ($7.75) $23.23 Land fees When you purchase land, pay land maintenance fees, or premium membership fees, you will see three entries: One entry for the payment One entry for the purchase One entry for the VAT charge (if applicable). Time Confirmation ID Note Amount Ending Balance 09/09/2010 09:42:18 - My New Land (Estate: My New Land) $1,029.00 $0.00 09/09/2010 09:42:18 - VAT charge for United Kingdom at 17.50% $180.07 ($1,029.00) 09/09/2010 09:42:18 102234890171 Payment of 814.49 GBP, Visa ending with 1038 ($1,209.07) ($1,209.07) Again, the entries can appear in any order, so the far right column can look different in each case. Billing for land holdings Private Regions As with all US$ transactions, Private Region (island) setup fees first bill against any US$ credit in your account and then against the payment method you have associated with buying land. If you are using PayPal, you may need to adjust your monthly billing allowance. See the next section for instructions. If you use a credit card, you may need to notify your credit card provider of the upcoming purchase. See Account balance for details. Mainland holdings On the mainland, billing is based on peak usage for the prior 30 days. As stated on the Land Use Fees page: Once the peak usage has been billed, your peak usage is reset to the current amount of land you own or have donated to a group. All land owned or donated during the prior 30 days is counted regardless of the amount of time for which it was held. Account fees, which are separate from mainland billing, are based on the user's signup date and are paid in advance. Preventing common billing problems Below are some common causes of billing problems and steps to prevent them. General Make sure that you have payment information on file when attempting to make a purchase. Transactions with Linden Lab require you to specify a form of payment to charge when you make purchases or payments. Credit cards Here are some common reasons for credit card failure: You entered the credit card number incorrectly. You did not enter the billing address or entered it incorrectly. It should be the same address that appears on your bill. You did not enter the name on the card or entered differently from how it appears on the card. Billing Information page. The credit card is not in the list of accepted payment methods (see above) You did not enter the CVV (3 digits on the back, or 4 digits on the front for AmEx) or entered it incorrectly. The card is expired, or the expiration date was entered incorrectly. There are no funds available on the credit card to validate it. We send a US$1.00 authorization to ensure that a credit card is valid. This is not a billing, but the card must have at least US$1.00 available on it to pass validation. Your monthly payment limit is reached, and/or your bank is not authorizing any more transactions. The issuing bank has not pre-approved transactions with Linden Research, Inc. Contact the issuing bank to resolve the problem. If you are outside the US, your card may not be set up for international/overseas transactions (this is very common with Visa Electron). If none of the above applies, contact your credit card provider to determine the cause. You may also contact Linden Lab Billing Support. PayPal One of the more common issues with establishing PayPal as a method of payment is that the PayPal account isn't Verified. To use your PayPal account with Linden Lab, it must be verified and be capable of making instant transfers. See PayPal's Help page for information on how to verify your PayPal account. Linden Lab does not accept e-check (bank account) payments through PayPal because they cannot be processed quickly enough to match the instant delivery of virtual goods and services. Therefore, we require that you have a credit card on file with PayPal as a backup payment source, or that you have an existing USD PayPal balance sufficient for any purchases you'd like to make. Without a sufficient USD balance in your PayPal account, you will not be able to use it with only a bank account. ⚠️ If you'd like to use your PayPal account without having a backup credit card on file, please add USD funds to your PayPal balance before you make a purchase. When you add PayPal as a method of payment for Second Life, it creates an automatic payment agreement. These automatic payment agreements have a default monthly limit (usually US$250.00). You can raise or lower that limit for your agreement with Linden Lab to meet your needs at PayPal's website, but if you'd like specific steps on how to do that, please visit PayPal's Help page and search for automatic payment. See Using PayPal for more information. Using PayPal How to set up payment with PayPal First, if you have any existing automatic payment agreements with Linden Research or Tilia, Inc at PayPal, please remove them. To remove existing payment agreements, follow these steps: Log in to your PayPal account. Click the Gear Icon. Click the Payments tab. Click Manage automatic payments. In the Automatic payments section, if you have any existing billing agreements with Linden Research or Tilia Inc, select and cancel them. Next, return to SecondLife.com and add your PayPal account as a method of payment: At SecondLife.com, click Login on the upper right (if you are not already logged in). On your Account Dashboard, click Account on the sidebar on the left to expand the Account section. Select Billing Information Under Other Payment Methods, click Add a PayPal Account From here, you'll be taken to PayPal's site to log in and set up the automatic payment agreement. Once your preferences are saved at PayPal, the Billing Information page will show your PayPal account has been added successfully. If you wish, you may also select what types of transactions you would like to use your PayPal account for by clicking Change under the 'Used for' column on the Billing Information page. Some Residents prefer to use different methods of payment for purchasing L$ in the Second Life Viewer, for example. You must have funds available in your Preferred funding source (PayPal balance) for any purchase to go through. If you do not have enough funds in your Preferred source, the remaining balance will be drawn from your Backup funding source (bank account or credit card). Note: Regarding PayPal passwords and security: The page where you log into PayPal is a PayPal page. We do not receive this information; PayPal does. It's a good idea to look at your browser address bar to ensure you see a lock icon to the left of the webpage's address; this helps to ensure that you're on a secure website. Contacting Linden Lab billing support If you have a non-technical issue related to billing concerns, you can call the Linden Lab billing team at the following numbers: US/Canada (toll free): 800-294-1067 Long distance (not toll free): 703-286-6277 Our Billing team is available from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday. Common issues and frequently asked questions I can't update my payment information If your payment methods are not updating properly, it often has something to do with the bank or card issuer. Some credit card companies will automatically decline or hold for review international charges (or "online gaming" charges) as a safeguard against fraud. If you are located in the U.S., delete and re-enter your payment method. This will make it go through the domestic processor, which reduces the chances of your financial institution putting a hold on the transaction. Important: Credit and debit cards may require up to 30 minutes to update in our system. Even if you receive the message “your payment information has been successfully updated,” it may take up to 30 minutes for purchases to successfully complete. If your purchase fails, please wait 30 minutes before trying again. If you're having trouble getting a payment method to update: If you have waited at least 30 minutes and are still experiencing failed transactions or information that is still marked as "pending update", please delete and re-enter your billing information or try an alternate method of payment (credit or debit card). To update your billing information: Go to Your Dashboard. Click Account. Click Billing Information. Update your billing information then click Submit. If the update is successful, you will see the message "Your information has been successfully updated". To avoid the risk of failed transactions, please wait 30 minutes before transacting. This allows the payment processor time to fully update. After the second attempt, if transactions are still failing or information is still pending update, contact your credit or debit card issuer: Ask to speak directly to the risk and security department. Explain that you wish to authorize your card for charges from Linden Research and Second Life. While on the phone, clear and re-enter your billing information. The bank or card issuer should then see (and approve) a temporary $1 verification charge. (This verification charge will disappear automatically; you will not have to pay it.) If you are still unable to complete a transaction after following the above steps, please contact Linden Lab billing support for further assistance. I'm having trouble paying—what's going to happen? If we are not able to bill your account for the balance due, your account has 30 days to settle this balance due before we place your account on hold. During this first 30 days of delinquency, you can continue to use Second Life and log in as usual. Your Premium membership stipends, if you have any, will be placed on hold until your balance due is settled, but will be delivered once your account balance is cleared. After this 30 day grace period is over, if you continue to have a delinquent balance, we will place your account on hold. During this period, you can go to your account page and update your credit card information and manually settle the balance to immediately reactivate your account. While you can still access secondlife.com to clear the balance due, you will not be able to access your inworld accounts while delinquent. For more information, see Delinquency policy. If you're concerned about upcoming Premium charges, you can convert your account status to basic membership to keep it available to you at no charge by downgrading your account. Please note that if you own land, you may need to sell or abandon ownership of that land in order to downgrade. Charges for mainland are based on the maximum amount of land that you owned in the last billing period, so there may be one more payment due before fees cease to be incurred. You must clear all charges for land owned and land tier donations to avoid additional fees. If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your account or making payments, please contact our Support team for assistance. I paid US$ for something, but it's not showing up yet There are a few things related to Second Life that you need to pay for using US$. These things include: Premium account Land use tier Purchasing L$ from the LindeX In most cases, charges for new premium subscriptions or increases in land use tier should appear and be available immediately after purchase. If you're on the website, you may need to log out and log back in again to refresh your information. If you've purchased L$ and you haven't yet received them, it's possible that you have made a Limit Buy, a special type of L$ purchase that may take longer than usual to arrive. For more about Limit Buys and how they're created, please see Limit Buys on the Buying and selling L$ page. You can also check your LindeX Order History on your Account Dashboard page at SecondLife.com, under the Linden Exchange section on the left sidebar. When something like your land fees are due, the charge is applied to your account automatically in the evening (Pacific time) on the scheduled due date. In some instances, you may see a balance due message on your account if you check your account around the time that land fees are charged; don't worry, this doesn't necessarily mean that there's a problem. Balances are typically charged automatically overnight, or you can click the pay your balance link from the Account Dashboard at any time to resolve the message if you'd prefer not to wait. In general, if you're having problems that seem to indicate the system doesn't realize that you've paid for something, please contact our Support team for assistance and they'd be happy to help. I get a "Not Authorized" message when entering billing information This error message typically means that the institution issuing the card you're trying to use has rejected the attempt to set up a payment agreement. You should contact the card's issuer to resolve this problem. This can sometimes happen if the card issuer believes activity to be unusual, or if you haven't used a particular card before, and can only be resolved with the card issuer (as they're the source of the rejection). Why was I charged $1.00 on my credit card? We have to attempt a small, temporary charge in order to establish your method of payment in the system. These are sometimes known as temporary preauthorization charges, which are relatively common when establishing a new payment method. These temporary charges are only visible on your account until we receive confirmation from your payment method issuer that everything updated correctly and is working properly. Once we've received confirmation that your method of payment is valid, we cancel the temporary charge, which tells the credit card company to remove it. While these temporary preauthorization charges might appear on your account statement, you don't have to pay them, and they will disappear automatically on their own. If you have any questions about a temporary preauthorization charge, please contact your credit card issuer or PayPal customer support for more information about how they might appear on your account statement. Issues with American Express If you're planning to purchase land or L$ through Linden Lab with an American Express card, you should first call American Express and authorize an open billing agreement with Linden Lab. Once American Express has enabled it, you should be able to use your American Express card to buy land or L$. Why was I billed an additional transaction fee? When payments are settled in a currency not native to your payment method, your bank may charge what is commonly called a "foreign transaction fee." This fee is not generated or collected by Linden Lab, and we can't control or cancel it. If you're in the United States and are being charged the foreign transaction fee on your current credit card, you should try deleting and re-entering your current payment method at https://secondlife.com/account/billing.php. This process should stop the foreign transaction fees in most cases; if they continue, you should contact your financial institution to learn the details of your personal situation. Issues with prepaid and gift cards A common cause of payment method failure is the use of unsupported card types. At this time, the majority of prepaid cards are not compatible with our system, even if they bear the VISA/AMEX/Mastercard logo. This includes cards purchased at retail stores, rechargeable credit cards, and bank-issued check cards. I receive the error message "This transaction cannot be completed with your chosen payment method, please purchase L$ and reattempt your purchase." when I try to make a purchase using my Credit Card or PayPal account on the Marketplace Occasionally, purchasing L$ with your credit card or PayPal account as part of a Marketplace transaction can fail, particularly if the Marketplace is unusually busy. As a workaround, purchasing L$ separately at SecondLife.com and then returning to the Marketplace to complete checkout will typically resolve the problem. To purchase additional Linden dollars to complete your purchase: On the upper-right of the Marketplace page, click Buy L$. If you don't see a Buy L$ at the top of the page, you can also visit SecondLife.com and select Buy L$ from the Linden Exchange section of your Account Dashboard. In the Linden Dollars (L$) box, enter the amount of Linden Dollars necessary to complete your purchase. Click Place Order. Return to the Marketplace and check out using Linden dollars as your method of payment.
  7. I have some Linden dolls, but I can't complete the payment to buy free goods. Even the fishing rod used by the novice can't be paid. I don't know what's wrong with my account.
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  9. Hola necesito ayuda, acabo de revisar mi cuenta (que es básica) por que quiero actualizarla a premium, sin embargo en la información de "premium" solo salia este mensaje: Cambios de tipo de cuenta: No disponible Tu cuenta de Second Life es de un tipo especial que no se puede cambiar. Tipo de cuenta: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- La verdad no se por que me da eso, y quisiera saberlo no se si alguien me podría ayudar o si necesito contactar al soporte. Yo pienso que es por que he comprado varias veces L$ por medio de la página de compras oficial de Second Life, por la misma razón que mi cuenta es básica. Por que mi cuenta no es tan vieja, la creé en 2014 pero aún así no he estado al tanto si en las politicas cambió algo con respecto a esto. Agradecería mucho su ayuda.
  10. This is for my Brixzynith Account not the Medeea Account. I don't know why it came up like it did.
  11. [[ sorry, my friends asked me to delete this thread - i don't know how i can do it, so... if some admins see this, please delete it ]]
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    Verifying your email address

    Email verification After you create your Second Life account, you will receive an email requesting that you verify your email address for Second Life. Click the verification link in the email to verify your address. A verified email address is required in order to: Receive offline instant messages and group notices Receive offline friend requests Participate in land auctions Receive Marketplace sale notifications by email Re-sending the verification email If you lose your verification email, or if you wait more than 24 hours before verifying your email address, you can request a new verification code. To request a new verification code: Visit your account summary on the Second Life website. You must log in using the name and password you have selected. Click Change Email Settings on the left side of the page to visit the Change Email Settings page. Next to Your current email address is:, click the Verify link. An email containing a new verification link is sent your your email address. Click the link in the verification email to verify your email address for Second Life.
  13. Does anyone know what happens to your inventory if you delete your sl account? Is it recoverable if you decide to reactivate, and if so, is there a time limit before it becomes unrecoverable? ETA: Particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has had actual experience with this, given the info available online is a bit vague.
  14. Hiya I'm wanting to create a new account but some of the names trigger an error message that says "username fragment is blocked." What does this mean? I'm only using characters and not using any phrases or words that are disallowed. I know when a username is taken, the error message will be "username exists." Any ideas?
  15. Well I was in Black Dragon in the middle of a hunt.. Looked away for a minute and I was disconnected. Happens sometimes, no bid deal.. Closed the viewer but when I tried to connect again and was weird because it said that my password and or name were incorrect... Then I tried on Firestorm and i got this message: All my accounts were erased (as you see it says: "username" instead of the last avatar used. So I freak out.. Went to log in here and couldn't.. I tried another account and I could. So then I tried to change my password and now it's all good, I could log in successfully.. but the question remains: wtf happened?? (since I can't understand that message, maybe because I'm in paranoid mode)
  16. Hey there! I finally meshed my wife/alt avatar. Yesyes laugh, but since I'm married with myself I really have less drama 🤪 Anyway, I'm not into sexual content, but some (a lot) items in the SL Marketplace are listed as "adult content", even some random skins are, and somehow I can't access to this content with my wife or give it to her as a present. In SL she can get adult content, but not in the Marketplace. I'm sure, when I signed her up manymany years ago (04/2007) I didn't gave her an underage birthday. And it's over 13 years ago, so... I'm very sure she has to be over 18. I can't find a way to correct her birthday or whatever is needed to give her access to adult content on the Marketplace (I think I've searched every page on the SL website). Any ideas? Or do I have to give SL payment info for her? Thanks a lot in advance!
  17. You have to have a premium account to change your name. So what happens if you change your name then your premium account lapses? Does your name revert back to the old name?
  18. I've never been banned from Second Life but I'm having log in issues and I'm trying to rule out all possibilities, no matter how far fetched. Is there any website or place on the Second Life main page that will tell me if I've been banned? Should I get an email? I just want to rule this out as a possibility ASAP so I can sleep.
  19. Hello, can someone suggest me who I can reactivate my account? I mean, I submitted 2 tickets some days ago, and I still haven't received any mail from LL.
  20. Jeremy Linden

    Usernames and display names

    Usernames The format of your username depends on when you registered the account Logging in with your username Using a Viewer with separate first and last Name login fields Using a Viewer with a single name login field Showing or hiding others' usernames Changing usernames Fees and guidelines FAQs and troubleshooting Display names Allowed characters Setting or changing your display name Showing or hiding others' display names Information for content creators and merchants Both username and display name are visible on objects Username is shown in transaction history Search covers both usernames and display names If customers know your username, don't set your display name to avoid confusion LSL uses only "full name" derived from username In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano 日本語 Português Pусский Türkçe In Second Life, you have: A username, your unique Second Life account name that you choose when you register your account. Once chosen, only Premium users can change their username (standard fee applies). A display name shown to others inworld and on your profile. You can change your display name as often as once a week. In addition, you can always reset it to its default, your username. Your username and your display name are totally separate. If you haven't set a display name, then it defaults to your username. Usernames Your username is the unique account name or account ID you use to log into Second Life. By default, it appears above your avatar inworld and identifies you to other Second Life Residents. You can also set a display name that appears above your username. The format of your username depends on when you registered the account In 2010, Second Life changed from registering new accounts with a "first name" and "last name" to a single-word username If you registered your account after mid-2010, you created a unique, single-word username; for example: mortimer1980, or jsmith57. When you log in to Second Life, you simply enter the username you selected when you registered. If you created your Second Life account before mid-2010, you have a Second Life "first name" and "last name" that determine your username as follows: firstname.lastname. For example, if your Second Life name was originally Joe Smith when you joined, your username is joe.smith. Your username is a unique and personal account identifier in Second Life, and as such, many systems within Second Life depend on it. Changing a username is difficult, and as such, can only be done through a fee-based web service. See Changing usernames for more information. However, you can change your display name as often as once a week. There are no fees associated with changing your display name. Your display name appears above your username by default and is a flexible way to identify yourself to other Second Life Residents. 💡 Tip: Resident is a special last name; most Second Life viewers will hide the last name Resident by default. If you're changing your username and you'd like to have a single-word name (like a rock star), Resident is the name to choose. Logging in with your username The official Second Life Viewer requires a single username. However, some third-party viewers still have fields for a first name and a last name. Using a Viewer with separate first and last Name login fields If you are a newer Second Life Resident with a single-word username: Enter your username in the First Name field. Enter resident in the Last Name field. For example, if your username is thejoesmith, enter: First name thejoesmith Last name resident If you are a longtime Second Life Resident with both a first and last name, simply enter your first name and last name in the corresponding fields. For example, if your Second Life name is Joe Smith, enter: First name Joe Last name Smith Using a Viewer with a single name login field If you are a Second Life Resident with a single-word username, simply enter that username along with your password and log in as usual. If you are an older Second Life Resident who has a first and last name, you have two options: Enter your first and last name (in lowercase, separated by a period) into the field provided OR Enter your first and last name separated by a space (case does not matter). For example, if your SL name is David Dearheart: Username: david.dearheart OR david dearheart OR David Dearheart Then enter your password into the Password field and log in. Showing or hiding others' usernames You can't control the display of your username to other Residents, but you can control whether you see others' usernames and whether you see your own name. To show or hide usernames inworld, both above other avatars and in chat: Log into Second Life. Choose Me > Preferences from the top menu. Click the General tab. Select the Usernames checkbox. If the box is checked, usernames are shown. If the box is not checked, usernames are hidden. Click OK. A club scene showing usernames and display names is illustrated at left. In this image, some usernames are blurred. Notice that only the username is shown above avatars who haven't set a display name. Changing usernames For a fee, Premium account holders may change their usernames permanently at SecondLife.com's Account Dashboard page. Changing your username will update your login information accordingly, unlike a Display Name. To change your username: First, log out of the Second Life Viewer on the account whose name you'd like to change. Be sure to log out of every viewer completely. You cannot change your username if you're inworld. Visit the Account Dashboard at SecondLife.com and log in, if necessary. On the left, click Account to open the Account submenu. Click Change Name. Review the fees: Basic accounts: Not eligible for name changes Premium accounts: $39.99 Select from: Go back to one of your previous names > Next Step Choose a new name > Next Step If you do not want to change your first name, uncheck the box next to Change first name and continue to the Change last name section. To change your first name: Make sure the box next to Change first name is checked. Enter your new first name in the New first name box. If you only wish to change your first name, uncheck the box next to Change last name, then click Review Changes to continue. To change your last name: Make sure the box next to Change last name is checked. Select a last name from the pool of available options. Different last names will be available at different times. Once a last name is removed from the list, it is not made available again. Once you have used a last name, it will remain available for you even if it's removed from the general list of available names. Available names you've used before will appear in the list beneath the current list of publicly available names. Once you've made your selections, click Review Changes. Review your requested account name change. Please make sure everything looks perfect, including spelling and capitalization. Once you're satisfied, click Continue to checkout Continue through checkout process to pay for your new name. Once your name change is complete, you'll receive a success notification in your web browser and an email confirming your account name has changed. Fees and guidelines Account Type Name Change Fee Premium $39.99 Basic Not available Guidelines You may choose to change your first name, your last name, or both. If your last name is currently Resident, you may select a 'classic' last name from several available options. If you've changed your name before, you may revert to your previous name (standard name change fee applies) Usernames must fit the guidelines of the Terms of Service for account names. Accounts with a Custom Last Name must contact customer support for assistance; the web portal will not permit custom last name changes. Names are limited to 31 characters in length. If you've made a typo or mistake on your name change, please contact customer support for assistance. FAQs and troubleshooting Can I pay for my name change in Linden dollars (L$)? No. Username changes are charged in USD (United States Dollars). If you have a credit on your Tilia Account Balance from selling Linden dollars (L$), this credit can be used towards a name change, though. For more information on how to use your account balance in Second Life, please see our Knowledge Base article. How often can I change my username? There is no limit on how often you can change your username, but the standard fee will apply each time you do. Help! I made a typo when I changed my name. How can I fix it? If you've made a mistake or typo in your username, please contact our customer support team for assistance. Known Issues Your user history at wiki.secondlife.com will not carry over to your new username; any edits or content you may have added there will display the username you used at the time of the edit. Your chat logs and user settings folders, located on your computer, may not automatically carry over. The viewer will make new folders with your updated name. If you'd like to copy your user settings, please see our guide to Backing up your user settings and preferences. If you have a display name set, and choose to change your username, your display name will not change automatically. Please update it if you'd like to make any changes to reflect your new username. For further assistance and questions regarding name changes, please see our Name Change FAQ or contact our Support team for help. Display names Your display name is: A name you choose shown to other avatars in the Second Life virtual world. A string of characters up to 31 characters long that contains at least one alphanumeric character. It can include most Unicode script characters, spaces, and some punctuation. Distinct from the username you use to log in. Not necessarily unique; other avatars may have the same display name as you. You can choose whether or not to show other Residents' display names and usernames inworld. If you choose to view display names or usernames, they appear in the name tags above every avatar and in chat. Allowed characters In addition to letters and numbers, you can use the following characters in your display name: ' (apostrophe) - (hyphen-minus) . (full stop) : (colon) · (middle dot) ֊ ֊ (Armenian hyphen) (Hebrew geresh) ״ (Hebrew gershayim) ་ (Tibetan tsheg) - (hyphen) ’ (right single quotation mark) ‧ (hyphenation point) = (katakana-hiragana double hyphen) · (katakana middle dot) Setting or changing your display name You can change your display name once every seven days, but you can Reset it at any time, which makes it appear as your "classic" Second Life first name and last name, or your username. To set or change your display name: Log into Second Life. In the Second Life Viewer, click Me > Profile... or in the toolbar. Click Edit Profile. Click Display Name. Type the desired display name in the field under New Display Name. Type the name again to confirm. Click Save. Note: Changes to your display name may take up to 24 hours to propagate throughout all of Second Life's systems. Showing or hiding others' display names To show or hide display names inworld, both in chat and over all avatars: Log into Second Life. Choose Me > Preferences from the top menu. Click the General tab. Select the View Display Names checkbox. If the box is checked, display names are shown. If the box is unchecked, display names are hidden. Click OK. Information for content creators and merchants Both username and display name are visible on objects Object properties and build tools show both the username and the display name of an object's owner and creator. During Linden dollar and other transactions, both your username and display name are visible. Display names on objects change when you change your display name, although it may take up to one day for the change to appear everywhere. Username is shown in transaction history Your transaction history shows only usernames for both buyers and sellers. Search covers both usernames and display names When you search for a Resident, search results contain both display names and usernames so that you can easily determine which John Smith you're really looking for. If customers know your username, don't set your display name to avoid confusion To emphasize your username, don't set your display name; this way your display name and username match. As a precaution, you may also advise your customers that they should only pay avatars/objects matching your username. LSL uses only "full name" derived from username LSL functions return the "full name". For example: Username: kelly.linden Full name: Kelly Linden Display Name: Teh Kellz For more information, see LSL Avatar/Name in the Second Life Wiki.
  21. I've sold my land and downgraded my account to basic but I have till February till my annual subscription finishes When I cancelled I was looking to save some money but forgot I had subscribed annually. I was having a look at the new linden premium homes on Bellisseria and really liked what they have done Q1. Are these new premium homes ever available? When I go to get one on my account page all they ever show are the old Linden homes and nothing about the new home Q2. If they are available and I can get one, is it possible to reinstate my premium account before it runs out in February?
  22. Eli Linden

    Обзор аккаунтов

    ⚠️ В настоящий момент мы готовим обновленный перевод данной статьи. Самая актуальная информация доступна в статье Базы Знаний на английском языке. Приносим извинения за неудобства. На других языках Типы аккаунтов Базовый Премиум Привратник Неактивные или закрытые аккаунты Закрытие аккаунта Повторная активация закрытого аккаунта Статус оператора по сценарию На этой странице описываются три различных типа аккаунтов в Second Life. Управлять своим аккаунтом в Second Life вы можете с веб-страницы https://secondlife.com/my/account/. Типы аккаунтов Существует три типа аккаунта в Second Life: базовый, премиум и привратник. Базовый Базовый аккаунт в Second Life является совершенно бесплатным. С базовым аккаунтом вы можете: Владеть землёй или частными регионами. Арендовать землю в любом месте, в зависимости от предпочтений землевладельца. Заключать соглашение о частных регионах или землевладениях, принадлежащих другим резидентам. Подавать заявки в службу поддержки по вопросам в ограниченном объёме. Однако, с базовым аккаунтом вы не можете: Владеть землёй на материке. Получить доступ к общению в чате в реальном времени. Один игрок может иметь несколько бесплатных базовых аккаунтов в соответствии с с политикой поочерёдных аккаунтов. Премиум Премиум-аккаунт требует ежемесячной платы. С премиум-членством вы можете: Владеть землёй на материке, включая Linden-дом. Получать бесплатные эксклюзивные виртуальные товары Получить доступ к премиум-песочнице Подавать заявки в службу поддержки по вопросам в неограниченном объёме. Начать онлайн-чат со службой поддержки. Получать еженедельное пособие в Linden-долларах. Более подробные сведения см. Linden-доллары (Получение вашего пособия по премиум-аккаунту). Более подробную информацию см. Премиум-членство. Бонус за регистрацию При регистрации премиум-аккаунта вы получите одноразовый бонус в размере L$1000 примерно через 45 дней. Привратник Каждый аккаунт с землевладением, оплачивающий налог на недвижимость или категорию на сумму более чем половина региональной стоимости материковых участков, квалифицируется как аккаунт привратника. С аккаунтом привратника вы также получаете доступ к специальной области чата и телефонному номеру портала поддержки. С базовым аккаунтом можно также претендовать на службу привратника. Владельцы базовых аккаунтов могут владеть недвижимостью и частными регионами, регистрация и ежемесячные расходы которых оплачиваются отдельно от земли на материке (которая может принадлежать только владельцам премиум-аккаунтов и привратникам). Базовый счет, удовлетворяющий описанным выше требованиям службы привратника, может считаться резидентом на уровне привратника. Статус оператора по сценарию Если у вас есть аккаунт в Second Life, который в основном управляется оператором по сценарию или «ботом», вы должны идентифицировать его как бот, указав его статус на своей странице аккаунта в Second Life. Идентифицируя боты, вы помогаете нам предоставлять вам более точную статистику по аккаунтам и результатам поиска inworld. Более подробную информацию о ботах и операторах по сценарию см.: Раздел статуса оператора по сценарию на вашей странице аккаунта на веб-сайте Second Life. Политика в отношении ботов. Неактивные или закрытые аккаунты Пока вы в хороших отношениях с компанией Linden Lab (не имеете просроченных платежей или не нарушаете каким-либо образом Стандартные правила сообщества и Пользовательское соглашение) ваш аккаунт в Second Life может оставаться неактивным без ограничения по времени. Это означает, что ваш аватар и ваше имущество будут по-прежнему храниться на серверах Second Life. Закрытие аккаунта Если вы думаете о закрытии своего премиум-аккаунта, рассмотрите возможность оставить его активным на базовом уровне, на поддержание которого вам не придётся затрачивать никаких средств. Если когда-нибудь в будущем вы захотите ещё раз попасть в Second Life, ваш аватар и ваше имущество будет ждать вас здесь. Если вы решили закрыть свой аккаунт: Войдите на веб-сайт Second Life, указав свои имя пользователя и пароль Second Life. Перейдите на страницу Закрыть аккаунт. Нажмите кнопку Закрыть аккаунт в нижней части страницы. Ваш аккаунт будет оставаться открытым до дня пересмотра счета, если плата за обслуживание аккаунта будет оплачена заранее. Повторная активация закрытого аккаунта Если вы закрыли свой аккаунт, вы можете восстановить его в зависимости от того, как давно он был закрыт. ⚠️ Внимание: Даже если ваш аккаунт будет восстановлен, имеющееся имущество, земля, и баланс с Linden-долларами могут быть утеряны. Чтобы начать восстановление: Подайте заявку в службу поддержки. На вопрос What type of problem are you having (Какого рода ваша проблема)? выберите пункт Billing (Оплата). Выберите Повторная активация старого аккаунта. Введите требуемую информацию. Нажмите кнопку Submit (Отправить).
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