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  1. You can use SL's search engine to search for groups based on topics you're interested in. On the search page select Groups then type in a topic that interests you. Like "sail boating" or "Star Trek" or whatever. Click on the groups that come up to see their group profile, and at the bottom should be a "Join" button.
  2. Just as an example of this, these days, most avatars I've seen are using around 300MB of VRAM, and it's not uncommon to see avatars using over half a gig of VRAM. SL's complexity calculations barely take texture use into account so many of these avatars are enjoying low complexity scores even though just a few of them on-screen can cause serious performance issues.
  3. You may be thinking about alpha sorting issues that caused tattoos and makeup (and sometimes skin) to appear to clip over clothing. BOM does indeed solve that. That's probably what people were talking about.
  4. Yeah, those "seam blenders" typically look worse than the seams. This is because they rely on blended alpha textures, which do not render properly under local lighting.
  5. Simply getting content creators to optimize their work goes a long way towards solving lag and crashing issues. This has been tested and proven effective in SL frequently over the years. If there were reasonable caps on avatar complexity and VRAM use then this wouldn't be much of an issue. Of course, when that suggestion is brought up some people get scared that such caps would hurt creativity or force people to have less interesting/appealing avatars, but it really wouldn't. It would simply force content creators to better optimize their work. If they have the skills to create content
  6. I think Cyrule is asking if this is a feasible feature LL could add to EEP in the future. And it's not a bad suggestion, either. There are sim surround terrain skyboxes, and they have their uses, but they also have their own limits and setbacks.
  7. I'm not so sure, given that they'll still have the option to dress it up with all kinds of skins, hair, clothing and other accessories. People didn't flock to mesh bodies because the system avatar was the free noob default. They flocked to mesh bodies because the system avatar is objectively inferior.
  8. Tutorials integrated directly into the SL experience are something I've suggested for years, but I think LL could take it even further. A large part of the difficulty in creating an avatar comes down to the way SL itself is designed. The appearance editor should come with a selection of head and body presets that put an SL user close to their intended bodyshape rather than forcing them to create he shape from what is currently a misshapen barely human starting point. From there users could opt to dig into the body sliders to personalize their head and shape even further. In addition
  9. A lot of people in SL tend to dismiss these kinds of videos, or get defensive about SL, but they often highlight a lot of SL's problems, big and small. From the lack of proper lighting to the difficulty curve in putting together a decent looking avatar, as examples from this video. These videos can also highlight the strengths of SL. The girl in the video seems to be having a good time creating her avatar, despite the difficulty. Showing the importance of avatar customization, and the sheer amount of content we have available to do so. LL could take away from this video that they ne
  10. Like others have said: Content in SL is almost always horribly unoptimized. Content in SL is dynamic, not pre-loaded. SL uses streamed physics instead of predictive. Videogames can also use all kinds of tricks to further optimize the experience, tricks that just aren't possible in SL due to its dynamic nature. Like, in a videogame, the visuals are all built in a way that looks right from the player's POV but if you were able to free-cam around like you can in SL you'd be able to see how they cheat, such as buildings with no backsides and low-poly objects in the distance,
  11. I shop primarily through the marketplace, it's simply more convenient. That said, if I'm buying furniture or animations I always check for an in-world store so I can preview before I buy. The marketplace finally supports redelivering items, too, which is a big plus. Of course, the marketplace has it's drawbacks. LL has been improving it lately, but those improvements come slowly. Hopefully LL will continue to work on making the marketplace a better shopping experience.
  12. I find the reviews to be extremely helpful. One issue I come across all too often is an item being listed as mod/copy, but the actual item you get is no-mod. There's no way to know this is what you're getting before you buy unless someone leaves a review and mentions the problem.
  13. it makes sense on a surface level, but it doesn't make sense for the SL "shared experience". Ideally, all SL users should be able to render all avatars without jelly dolls, and jelly dolls were at least partially intended to convince people to be more considerate of ARC, afterall we all want to be seen, right? Different computers giving different ARC values also kills the idea of including ARC for individual attachments in marketplace listings.
  14. My understanding is that complexity is not a universal metric. By which I mean, an avatar will have a differently ARC score depending on the computer you're viewing it from. I imagine this goes for individual attachments as well. I know this was the case at some time, at least, is this still the case?
  15. We need much better tools as far as optimizing our avatar's render weight is concerned. How about being able to select an object and see exactly how many textures are on it, and the size/memory of each? Being able to see our avatar's triangle count and texture use would be super useful, too. (Jelly dolling avatars based on these numbers is more efficient than relying on ARC, too.) What about being able to open a panel and see the texture/triangle count of all your currently worn attachments, so you can easily spot problematic attachments? Right now people are mostly fumblin
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