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  1. I'm not saying it would be perfect, but it would have been a helluva lot better than now where people are pushing a million tris each.
  2. Ditto. As an aside, hair that comes in multiple styles chosen through a HUD are real framerate killers. I tried out some hair this morning that, by itself, pushed my avatar over 1 million triangles. I literally detached everything else and just wore the hair and that alone was over a million tris. Luckily the hair was mod. I was able to unlink the 8 or so alternate hair meshes and only use the version I wanted to use and that was a much more reasonable amount of triangles. I look at it this way. SL is nearly 20 years old. Mesh in SL is about ten years old now. If LL had capped us at
  3. Right. I'm just saying that as far as nail shapes, feet positions, neck sizes, etc could all be alternate attachments rather than every single version all worn at once. The Kemono has like 3 or 4 different necks, two competing brands of feet that each come in like 3 different positions, and at least two different brands of nails (I think they come in different sizes but I'm not sure and not able to log in right at the moment to check) but they're all different attachments that can be worn individually. So I'd only include the variations I'm wearing at the time in my total triangle count,
  4. I'd still count them in the overall triangle count, where I would not with some other bodies, because they're non-negotiable. You HAVE to wear all those additional invisible pieces when using the Lara. That's one of the reasons why I find it easy to believe you could have a very similar body, with identical features, for a fraction of the triangles.
  5. The thing that's not obvious about the kemono avatar I shared is that there's a whole bunch of superfluous triangles hidden from view. The upper torso and nearly the entirety of the legs are are duplicated by the mods I'm using. If I were to take the time to rip apart the base kemono and remove the redundant pieces then the tri count would be even lower. I also included the eyes, head and both finger and toenails in the total triangle count which probably aren't included when we talk the total triangles in the Maitreya body. Maybe later when I can log in I'll tear down a copy of the kemono to
  6. To a degree, you can have multiple suns and moons. Make one large texture that has multiple suns or moons on it. Also consider that you don't need to use the sun or moon as a sun or moon. Here's a screenshot from an anime night sky I threw together. The moon is actually the sun, and the moon I used to create a Milky Way star field effect.
  7. And a limit on textures. I'm seeing more and more avatars pushing 500mb-1GB of VRAM. Some of us were begging LL for such limits back before mesh was released to the main grid. The Lindens at the time were confident content creators would be sane and responsible. Our mutual acquaintance in the other thread illustrates how wrong they were. ETA: And the breasts are less torpedo-like out of the shirt, but had to keep it forum friendly.
  8. On an alt I've been using the Kemono body+Rei's Chest2 mod+Glutz Leg mod+Utilizator's Normie head+finger and toenail mods+prim eyeballs. All that is a grand total of 39k triangles.
  9. What's untrue is your assertion that performance is dictated solely by the code. Any game artist would tell you that's absolute nonsense. If performance was entirely at the mercy of the code and nothing else then optimizing a game's art assets wouldn't be necessary at all. Retopologizing mesh made in sculpting programs wouldn't be necessary. Normal maps wouldn't be necessary. LOD wouldn't be necessary. These are all tools to optimize art assets for realtime 3D rendering. At the very least now I don't have to point at other threads for an example of the kind of nonsense I described in my o
  10. Which part? That people say and believe those things? Or that content in Second Life is really that badly made? Look, I'm just about the furthest thing here from an LL apologist. I'm sure that there are issues with SL's code that could be fixed to make it run better. But I'm also a graphics professional and know for a fact that badly made content creates another bottleneck. SL can, and already does, run much, much better when you optimize the content you build a sim with, and you don't load up every avatar with a million triangles and a gigabyte of textures. And SL's performance
  11. You should be aware that many people have no idea how tall their avatars are, or they believe themselves to be shorter than they actually are. The reasons for this are that in the official linden viewer, height is reported as being half a foot shorter than your actual height, and the same can be said for many of the scripted height measurement tools in SL. In Firestorm's appearance editor height is correct to within a few inches. The only way for 100% accurate height is to manually measure yourself using a prim. Also, shoes can add a significant amount to height. Especially women wearing
  12. I wholeheartedly disagree with those who say BlackDragon isn't suitable for casual day to day use. I prefer it over Firestorm in all ways except one: BlackDragon is lacking in quality of life features that other viewers have for builders. Like being able to rotate an object at it's root. So I switch to other viewers when I'm doing extensive building in SL. As for people who keep crosshairs visible to see who is looking at them, they're crazy. I hate that Firestorm made it so easy to do. That's creating drama.
  13. This is the issue, yes. But it's really the fault of LL for expecting content creators, largely amateurs with no experience outside of SL, to be responsible and optimize their work like professionals do. Most SL content creators don't even understand the need to optimize. You see it a lot here in the forums. People stating, without irony, that modern videocards can handle 10-20GB worth of textures without flinching. Laughing at the idea of limiting the triangle counts on avatars. Many of them honestly believe content isn't the issue and all of SL's woes could be solved if only LL would finally
  14. The trouble with using BOM for clothing comes down to what materials, if any, you have applied to your mesh body. If your body uses materials, then to anyone with materials enabled your clothes will look painted on to your skin.
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