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  1. Latest update from Vir's office hours meeting this afternoon; LL just hired two new graphics people, one of which has already started and the other has yet to actually start, after their new employee training is over with they're going to be put to work on EEP.
  2. So apparently the EEP project viewer is no longer coming. Instead it will be a Release Candidate, but Oz said that this might not be released for a while due to the fact that they just had a release and they want to fold in a bunch of other in development features for this coming RC.
  3. Here's the TL:DR version: The average normie avatar, especially guys, tend to be 7-9' tall. This isn't a problem except that when they see avatars that are 6' or shorter, which many anime style avatars are (Furries, too, for that matter. Also, women in growing numbers. And landowners who want to get their money's worth.) too many of them cry "Child avatar!" and try to get shorter avatars banned simply for being shorter than they are. That's stupid. They should stop doing that. I'll add that there's a simple thing LL could do to begin clearing up this issue.
  4. Not much in the way of EEP news at this week's dev meeting. Sounds like we will be getting another EEP preview viewer either in the next couple of days, or maybe Monday. Depending on how long it remains in QA. According to Oz they fixed the brightness issue and a lot of other bugs. Oz said that the remaining bugs mostly effect people running SL at lower graphics settings.
  5. The choice to which you were referring to in caps was pretty clearly the choice between EEP and Windlight. That's not at all the same as the choice between parcel/sim and local sky settings, which is what you seem to be saying now. The latter I'd agree with wholeheartedly. The former? Eh. Either LL gets EEP to work well, or they don't. If they don't, then they shouldn't ship it. If they do get it to work well, then there's no reason to give people a choice between EEP and Windlight. In most videogames, building interiors are their own separate map from the outside environment and/or change the sky settings while you're indoors. That's how they manage to get indoor lighting right. I can't speak for Sansar, but SL users tend to want to put the indoor environments in the same setting as the outdoor environment, using the same sky settings, which is where the lighting problems with windlight come into the equation. Like windlight. People were up in arms about that when windlight was new. It was almost identical to the conversation we're seeing with EEP. Here we are over a decade later and you'd be hard pressed to find an SL user who'd be happy to go back to SL's pre-windlight lighting. I'm not suggesting we blindly accept whatever LL throws our way, I'm just saying that context is important.
  6. I'm not sure this is a fair assessment. It assumes nothing will, or perhaps even can, be fixed as far as EEP's remaining bugs and issues. I'm still pretty excited for EEP, assuming those remaining issues do get fixed. Customizeable sun/moon, skies as inventory, parcel windlight settings that don't rely on your visitors already having a viewer with pre-installed sky settings. These are all things I expect the userbase will eagerly embrace. We should, of course, all remain critical of EEP, keeping the pressure on LL to fix what needs fixing, but it's premature to be outright dismissive of it.
  7. Update from this morning's meeting (which I fell asleep almost immediately after so forgive a bit of fogginess on the details). Custom stars and other neat features LL does not have time to get into EEP may be a part of a second phase of improvements in the future. Increasing the brightness and number of stars would also be a part of these post-EEP improvements, but there is no roadmap for any of this. It's all "Maybe, in the future, possibly." right now. But Oz repeated that he's big on the custom stars thing and that increasing the brightness/number of stars should be trivial. Rider also mentioned that the way they have the assets set up will make it easy to do future improvements. So there's hope yet. It sounds like EEP is inching closer to release as they make progress squashing bugs, but they didn't want to offer any definitive timeline. The big takeaway is that they're not just going to rush it out as-is, which I think most of us would agree is a good thing. Rider encouraged people to post any bugs they find to the Jira. If it's not on the Jira then they're likely not going to know it's something that needs fixing
  8. I think it's a major factor, but it's important to recognize that SL is a very flawed product, lacking in tools and development in key areas that would allow us to create more engaging content. The result is that , for many people, there just isn't much they're interested in doing in SL beyond hanging out with friends, and adult content. LL seems to be making some long overdue improvements lately, if that keeps up I think you'll find that while adult content remains a big draw, there will be more non-adult content and activities that become powerful draws to SL as well.
  9. Some sims have rules regarding height because LL's ***** policy is so vague and subjective (Quite frankly, in LL's defense, it has to be since there is no objective visual indication someone could look at to determine if an avatar is of-age. No one can tell a 17 year old from an 18 year old just by looking at them. This is the reason clubs and bars in real life require people to show government ID proving their age.), and most people have forgotten that the ***** policy was put in place because of the very obvious child avatars engaging in adult content at the time. Avatars that were clearly pre-teen or even toddler age. Other sims are more reasonable, especially these days when more realistically sized avatars are more common. So your experience will vary from sim to sim.
  10. I've got my fingers crossed. But, in the meantime, I do hope you guys are at least intending to fix it so we can have more and brighter stars. I live in a city now and still see more stars in the sky out my window than I can in EEP.
  11. That reminds me, given the new way skies will work across the mainland it's possible LL will want to come up with multiple defaults for different types of regions. They could give the snow sims snowy, cloud filled skies, and different types of day cycles for other themed regions for example.
  12. @Rider Linden @Oz Linden I wanted to point out something else about the lack of stars in EEP. Beyond not being able to make a proper rural night sky, Second Life is a virtual world. It would be great if we could push it beyond the realistic. Like being able to make the largest stars in the sky even larger and brighter than you would see even in the most remote setting. I mean, why not go crazy with it? Letting people make a night sky that looks like you're standing on a planet in the middle of the Pleiades or something. Just with the star settings. That would be amazing.
  13. I almost never derender anyone or anything unless I'm trying to take a screenshot. Jellydolls, on the other hand, I use extensively. I still think it's a backwards way of dealing with excessively render intensive avatars but it's all LL will give us.
  14. I think it's worth mentioning that you don't need a full sim for RP. In fact, it's often better to start small then grow with your sim's playerbase. A holodeck rezzer and some smart building practices can turn even a 1024x1024 mainland parcel into an immersive RP area. Besides alleviating most of the financial burden, a smaller sim means the people who come to play don't have to go wandering in the hopes of bumping into another player on the sim. Everyone is together in the same 2 or 3 environments.
  15. Mass rentals of what? Private skyboxes. Do you think the people offering these rentals expect their tenants to place all their furniture on top of the domes? Maybe you're expecting them to do a bit of skydiving to visit the neighbors?
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