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  1. You seem to have a narrow view of what "contributing" means. The same narrow view that led LL to decide they only needed to hire programmers for development. Sometimes, frequently, to properly develop a piece of software you need people with skills other than coding. When Adobe, Autodesk and other developers of creative software are developing their programs they hire people like me in addition to the programmers who actually do the code. When videogame studios are creating software very similar to what LL provides, they hire people like me in addition to their programmers. That's why their products end up being a lot more polished than LL's. I've been a designer since before Second Life was a glimmer in Philip's eye. I know how asset optimization works. I understand how content creators will use or dismiss certain features and why. I can build a sim that looks better than anything you've ever seen in SL while also giving you the highest framerates you've ever had in SL outside of an empty sandbox. I can take a tiny mainland parcel and build a fully featured RP area that is larger and more detailed than any full-sim RP area you've ever seen in SL. I know things about the LL appearance editor that I'm fairly confident no Linden realizes and my camera settings are probably the most popular custom SL setting that isn't standard in any viewer. What's more, I share all of this freely. I can say with the utmost confidence that I have contributed more to SL than you and anyone else who has ever told people "you're not contributing unless you code your own features and do LL's job for them". On top of that, I have backed up everything I've ever said about SL with actual in-world results. You want to talk about things that don't help, it's someone who isn't contributing anything at all complaining about how people who know more than them just aren't quietly accepting every bad decision LL makes. No one forces you to read my posts. If you disagree with something I say and can back that up with actual points, great, we can have a discussion and maybe we'll both learn something, but going out of your way to derail a conversation with this incessant whinging "why can't everyone just be happy with what they get?" and making snarky, ill-informed comments? That really doesn't help.
  2. Let's keep this in perspective. No one is asking for a special feature just for them. LL announced a new feature they intend to add to SL. This feature has a specific purpose, to allow content creators to stop making laggy "onion-skin" avatars by letting clothes, tattoos, etcetera all be baked directly to the mesh body's surface as a single texture (or set of textures, as the case may be). The problem some of us pointed out is that materials are such a standard feature it's inconceivable that anyone would be willing to forgo having them on their mesh bodies. This is going to limit the usefulness of this feature towards its intended goal . Either people will not want to use the baking feature because they want their skin and clothes to have materials, or they will have to stop using materials because your clothes are going to look really strange when your body's materials are rendered overtop of them. If LL goes forward with this they will feel pressured by the community to fix the issue, in which case they can either do what they did with rigged mesh and spend a whole lot of extra money and effort fixing their mistake, or they can do like they did with pathfinding and let the feature die on the vine. Even if this were completely correct it misses the point entirely, or do you honestly believe SL has not benefitted at all from Fitmesh and Bento? I know it can get irritating seeing people complain all the time but some of us actually do understand how certain aspects of SL work and can see when LL is doing something detrimental to themselves and the userbase. If we stayed silent on that you wouldn't have Fitmesh, Bento, avatar masks, alpha masking, or a host of other features you directly benefit from even if you aren't aware of it.
  3. Looks like unrigged or pre-fitmesh feet with a blend layer . Unfortunately, unless the creator made a fitmesh update there's not much you can do. Your best bet is probably to stick with shoes made specifically for your mesh feet.
  4. Like Fluff tried to explain to Theresa, the whole entire point of this feature is to make it so people stop making onion-skin avatars, which both add an extra layer of complication to mesh avatars, and are obscenely inefficient for rendering. You want to talk about things that hurt framerates, there's a big one right there. Well, here's my view. When LL introduced mesh import they had no intention of adding rigged mesh at all, because "can you imagine how much more work it would take to develop something like that?". But content creators insisted, and did not let up. So LL decided "ok, we'll give you rigged mesh but we really doubt anyone will actually use it, so we're not going to let rigged mesh use the full shape sliders, just the basic skeleton. Because, can you imagine how much more work it would take to develop something like that?" So we got the initial version of rigged mesh. A lot of us complained at how crippled rigged mesh was because of this. Some people said "Well, if you don't like it, go make your own virtual world because we should never call LL out for doing something wrong. We should just be happy with what we get." But we persisted, and thanks to that persistence, LL finally relented "Ok, we don't think anyone will actually use this, but we'll do a new version of rigged mesh called fitmesh." We said "Great, but it should also allow for facial/hand animations." To which LL replied, "No, because can you imagine how much more work it would take to develop something like that?" So, as time went on it became clear that fitmesh just wasn't cutting it, people insisted we get proper rigged mesh, finally. Eventually, after some years, LL relented. "Ok, we'll give you what you asked for in the first place." And so now we got Bento. By now LL has put a whole lot of extra work and money into developing rigged mesh, well beyond what it would have cost them if they'd just done it right the first time. On top of that, SL now has 3 different kinds of rigged mesh, and whenever a new SL user joins, they have to learn the difference between all three kinds of rigged mesh. A lot of people are going to join SL, see this for how stupid it is, and just leave. This is just one example of how, year after year, LL spends a lot of money and puts a lot of effort into making SL that much less attractive to new users.
  5. Clothes do. Scars do. Muscles do. Scales and fur do. A lot does. Fair enough, but a baking system with no support for materials is still going to be extremely limited, especially when it comes to no-mod content. Actually, it very well might in some cases. And so it's confirmed that the baking system is being done without materials support? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. It's stuff like this that has me convinced Sansar will be a costly flop.
  6. I wish I'd made it to that meeting. I'd have a lot to add to the comments at the beginning of the video about how adding bones would impact performance. They're not entirely incorrect, but I always find it agitating that people are willing to write off the addition of new features for fear of how it will impact performance, when the bulk of the SL community seems so adamantly against addressing the issues that are actually dragging down performance right now. Textures, draw weight, and the general problem of unoptimized content. I'm not sure we need new bones or more attachment points, but whenever someone says we can't have a new feature because of the impact on performance it raises my hackles. Let's seriously address the performance issues we have now then we can talk about what features are or are not feasible due to their impact. Anyway, don't mean to derail too much. baked textures for mesh will be fantastic, if LL includes the ability to bake materials. Otherwise, people will either just not use the baking feature, or you can say bye-bye to materials on mesh bodies. Neither of which is an acceptable outcome.
  7. survey

    Oh don't worry, I did. I'm not exactly shy about sharing my opinion on that topic.
  8. I agree with the OP that SL has changed. People can debate whether those changes are positive or negative, but the fact is SL has changed. I see a lot of people arguing back and forth about whether SL should have remained prims only, I think that misses the point. Personally, I do enjoy what mesh import allows, but I also wish that LL had continued to develop the in-world creation tools. I even believe that SL as a whole would have benefited from LL pursuing improved in-world tools to the exclusion of mesh import. Especially if LL had also worked towards improving other aspects of SL, such as the system avatars. Putting the focus of content creation on imported mesh creations has made it more difficult for the average SL user to jump into content creation, and the complexities of mesh content (from the fractured clothing market due to incompatible mesh bodies, and the multiple types of rigged mesh due to LL's mishandling of the feature) have made it more difficult for new users to get into SL itself. Another unintended downside is that many of the popular mesh bodies and heads these days are no-mod, which has diminished the ability of SL users to personalize their appearance with custom modifications. It has also lead to laggier avatars due to taking away the customer's ability to remove parts of these mesh bodies they may never use and content creators packing in more scripted features in an attempt to cover a small fraction of the features that are gone the moment you uncheck the "mod" perm. These are issues that have affected SL's ability to draw in and retain users, and while I'm not going to suggest SL is in danger of dying at any moment, it is worth pointing out that SL's userbase has been dwindling for a long time.
  9. survey

    I mostly wish it were easier to find modifiable mesh heads and bodies. Some of us like to customize beyond what is possible with a HUD.
  10. You say that like it's a bad thing.
  11. Completely bespoke avatar. Everything is customized, nothing "off the rack". And all in a draw weight right around 35,000.
  12. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this. Animations involving multiple avatars must take into account the sizes of the avatars being animated. In SL that size can be anywhere from 4' to 9' (or larger/smaller using deformers) and there is no way for an animator to account for this. So they assume the difference in size between the two avatars, usually making the assumption that the woman will be shorter than the man. How much shorter? This varies from animator to animator. The difference might be a realistic average of a few inches, or they might assume a difference of a couple feet. There is no way for them to know the sizes of you and your girlfriends avatars, and no way for you to know the intended size difference of the animations. The only thing you can do is adjust the sizes of your respective avatars. If the animations assume more of a size difference then either she needs to shrink or you need to grow. If the animations assume less of a size difference, you might want to consider shrinking your avatar. Just try adjusting your height until something works.
  13. I had an interesting encounter in an RP group the other day. First a little background: Because men in RP sims tend to be between 7-9' tall, monstrous creatures such as orcs, werewolves and minotaurs have gotten larger and larger, especially since mesh was introduced. Old prim beasts used to be around 9' tall, now it's more common to see werewolves and minotaurs and such in the 12-15' range. The thing is, a lot of the people playing beasts like to go to adult RP sims and use adult animations with human women. With the beasts getting larger and human women getting smaller it has become impossible for them to do the primary thing they go to these sims to do unless the sim provides adult furniture specifically made for this size difference. In the group chat for one such adult sim someone was complaining that even the adult fantasy sims designed for mythical creatures frequently have very little furniture for these avatars. I pointed out that such furniture is rare, and most of what is out there is not very well made and frequently no-mod so you can't even improve the appearance if you want to. I pointed out that some of the mesh beast avatars, specifically the Niramyth lycan avatars, come in multiple sizes, and if beasts used the smaller 8-9' versions they would find it easier to use most of the regular furniture. This would still make them huge next to even the tallest human women and even most human men. The responses I got from the guys were pretty consistently "I don't want to be smaller than the other minotaurs/werewolves/etcetera." One guy, in a human looking avatar, complained women these days only came up to his nipples. He was about 8' tall. When I suggested he shrink down to a more humanish size he dismissed the idea out of hand, saying that he didn't want to "look like a midget" compared to other men. Again, I get that if you normally hang around sims where everyone is tall, you're going to want to be tall too just to fit in. No judgement from me, I totally understand that. But when you find yourself spending more and more of your time in sims where women are half your size, all the furniture is too small, and you need special furniture made exclusively for super-sized avatars, maybe it's time to start considering a smaller avatar. Even if just for those sims.
  14. That is so strange. These skin makers are losing sales doing this, I guarantee it.
  15. I don't mind changing my body shape a little, in fact for clothing such as many tops, where you expect the clothing to change the shape and physics of a woman's chest. I have a clothed version of my shape to adjust for the chest, plus physics made for the type of top. But this makes it more difficult to change shapes for clothing such as pants where you'd need a whole set of different versions to go with top/topless combinations. I'd really only have to worry about my chest and not everything else. Pants in real life do not make my hips or butt any smaller (if only!). Different people are going to have different priorities, of course. There's nothing wrong with having different shapes for different outfits, but it's not feasible or desireable for everybody, that's going to contribute to the longevity of the demographic who do not use mesh bodies. I'm really not sure about this. Skins are skins. It's super easy for a skin creator to include a classic skin layer in the same package as an applier, and I suspect most will continue to do so because there is absolutely no reason for them not to. It's money on the table, it would be rather silly not to pick it up when there's no extra work involved on their part.