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  1. Ugly wall next to our land

    Yeah, in terms of encroaching items my thoughts were firmly along the lines of those sim surround landscapes which are always phantom since you can't interact with them anyway. I think going phantom-only for such items would be perfectly acceptable. In my mind, if it extends outside your parcel it should not exist as far as your neighbors are concerned, that's the important part. Giving people the experience they want, without infringing on the experience of others. I'm not against this either, though yeah it could make things more complicated than necessary. Still, options are good!
  2. Smaller Doors Anyone Can Fit Through

    You may be correct. Some houses have a separate mesh shell for physics, some use the physics of the items in the house itself. I've seen all kinds but the advice here works for all of them, even as a last resort if there are no better ways to achieve the same effect present. (I have found that some structures which do use the physics of the mesh items they're constructed from benefit from a substantial Land Impact reduction if you use a prim shell instead.) Thank you, tho, you're right about mesh creators leaving the wall above the door phantom. I've edited the post to lead with your suggestion to those making the mesh buildings themselves. I should have lead with that to begin with. The rest of the post stands as solutions to people who are not building their own mesh from scratch and need solutions to what they have to work with right now.
  3. I really wish LL had done more to encourage a better understanding of the prioirty system and discouraging bad habits. Then this wouldn't be an issue.
  4. Or How to Enjoy the Benefits of Building to Scale Without Making it Impossible for Others to Explore Your Creation! A lot of people tell me that they want to scale their builds down, but feel that if they do larger avatars will not be able to fit through doors in their sims. This is a very valid concern, but one with several very simple solutions. Before we get into said solutions, first remember that you can only resize a building that is either modifiable or includes a resize script (most no-mod houses do not, at the time of this writing, include a resize script). So your safest bet is to avoid buying no-mod. If you build mesh houses/buildings yourself I'll say right away that the best solution is to leave the wall over the door phantom. Bam! Done! You've made a building that is more accessible to all sorts of SL users and a bit easier to rescale to better suite for your customers purposes. For those of you who have purchased your buildings and need solutions to the small door problem, read on! The Physics Solution Here is a mesh house I've shrunk down to about 1=1 scale. For reference, my avatar is 6'1" (it's my crazy tall platform shoes) and the door frame is about a foot and a half or two feet taller. So how is an 8-9' tall avatar going to fit inside that? EASILY! First you need to find out how the physics for your structure are done. Many mesh buildings use a shell of some sort, separate from the mesh model. Not all structures do this. If your building has no separate physics box, a quick solution is to see if the wall over the door is a separate mesh item you can simply set phantom. Even if it's connected to the wall on either side of the door you can set it all to phantom and put two invisible prims in its place. If the building is a single structure that can't be separated you may have to set the whole thing phantom and build the physics with prims, I'll explain that a bit more later. In the meantime, let's reveal the physics prims for this house! The prim physics boxes are blue! Notice how there's no prim covering the wall above the door! That wall is completely phantom so avatars of any size can fit. All of the interior doors for the house are the same! Leave that space blank and you have doors anyone can squeeze through. So what if your structure doesn't use prims for the physics? Set the building phantom and build a physics shell out of prims like I did for this house! If you also set the house itself to "no-physics" you can often reduce it's land impact considerably! The root object of a linkset must have physics so you may have to link the house to a prim first, set the whole structure to "no-physics" then set the prim itself to "convex hull" for minimum land impact. Remember to set the physics prims to "convex hull" to reduce their own land impact. After you've done all this you can often link the no-physics house to the convex hull prim shell for even more of a land impact reduction. The entire house in this example is 21 land impact. Teleporter Solution 1 Another solution to the small doors problem is to place a teleporter above the door! Just rez a prim above the door frame, where the physics for the wall over the door begins, like so. And one for the opposite side as well. Then you simply make the prims invisible and put a teleporter script inside each. If you want this to be completely seamless you'll need an Experience Key. This way when an avatar collides with the prim they will automatically be teleported to the other side of the door frame. They may not even notice the teleport. If you do not have access to an Experience, you can put a script inside the prim which informs the avatar colliding that they need to click above the door to "duck". Setting the prim to "sit when touched" and an old fashioned sit teleporter script will then be enough to achieve the effect. Success! A door anyone can pass through! Teleporter Solution 2 There is an alternate way to use teleporters to create doors anyone can pass through. That is to make the entire doorway itself a teleporter! I like to put building interiors into skyboxes (reduces lag, increases framerates, and gives me more freedom in building) and the entrances/exits for these skyboxes are teleporters disguised as doors. You can script your own or use a an existing door teleporter like Curio Obscura's "Anywhere Door". The "Anywhere Door" is a sit teleporter. You click the door to open, then click the open doorway to be teleported to the door's destination. My own sims now use an Experience based teleporter for a more seamless experience. You click on the door to open it and then simply walk into the open doorway to be teleported. ETA: Here's a thread about scripting the doors themselves. (I'll maybe look around to see if there's a good thread on scripting teleporters unless someone wants to throw one at me!) And there you have it! Three solutions to the problem of doors being too small for giant sized avatars! I hope these examples help you out in your own sim building adventures, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!
  5. Something so simple ity should be obvious

    I want to point out a few additional thoughts about land pricing in SL. First, hey, we'd all like land in SL to be cheaper! That would be great! Hell, I'd love for it to be free! That'd be awesome! But, in order to keep the lights on, LL has to cover their expenses and, according to statements from LL, land cost is where LL gets most of their money. Not the marketplace. Not premium accounts. Land ownership. Now, there are arguments to be made for lowering the price of land to get more people buying land. I've made those arguments myself, but that's not what I want to talk about right now. Right now I want to point out that if you own land in SL, chances are you're wasting most of it without even realizing it! That's right, you own more land than you realize! Here's the thing, from prims to mesh to avatars, everything in SL can be made larger or smaller...except land. If you want more land you have to buy more land. You can't go into "Edit Land", grab the little white box in the corner and stretch it all larger like a prim or mesh object. There's no "Land Size" slider you can adjust to make your land larger or smaller like an avatar shape. If you're paying for 512sq.m. of land that is all you get. If you make all of the content on that land larger, you are making your land smaller in relation. Here's an exercise, rez a cube and make it 10x10m. That's the size of a 33x33 foot room. Don't make any walls yet we're just doing an exercise here. Ok, so there's are 10x10m(33x33') room. For reference, my avatar in this scene is 6'1" in those shoes. So slightly taller than average for an adult man in the real world. Now let's decorate, but we're first going to decorate with furniture at the typical sizes furniture in SL comes at out of the box. Looks comfy, right? Keep in mind most men in SL are 7-9' tall, so significantly larger than my avatar in this picture. That's why I seem so small despite being 6'1". You can find women of all sizes in SL, tall and short, but it's extremely rare to see a guy shorter than 7' in SL, so most furniture in SL is made to accommodate men 7-9' tall. So let's see what happens when we resize the furniture to be 1=1 scale. That is, how large these items should be if we're assuming realistic human sizes for avatars. Wow, my avatar doesn't look tiny anymore, and look at all this extra space! It's as if we suddenly have more land to work with! Almost twice as much space it looks like! I'd recommend avoiding no-mod furniture since you obviously won't be able to scale it down like this if you can't modify it. Now, with smaller items like furniture, you don't typically save much Land Impact by scaling it down, you're mostly saving space. A couple points here and there, but it's not usually a huge savings. But with buildings, on the other hand, if we reduce the typical SL house down to 1=1 scale we're often going to see huge Land Impact saves. I usually manage to cut the LI of a house or other structure down to half when I reduce it closer to 1=1 scale. Buildings also tend to be scaled up much more than furniture. Again, furniture is scaled up to accommodate 7-9' tall avatars, but buildings have to accommodate SL's awful default camera placement so people tend to make buildings, vehicles, etcetera more like double scale. If you make a room much smaller than 10x10m you're going to have a lot of issues with the camera, but we can fix this! Click here for an article about the camera settings I've been using since at least 2007. They solve every camera issue you're going to run into when trying to build smaller. Better still, LL will be adding these settings to the official viewer in an upcoming viewer update, along with tools to change and save your very own personal camera placement settings! So look forward to that! And I'm not even saying we should all be building to 1=1 scale, so please don't misunderstand. Even with my improved camera settings I would not recommend making rooms much smaller than about 10x10 (but be honest, 10x10 is already tiny compared to most rooms in SL buildings) and I'd even suggest making ceilings a little taller than you'd find in real life. The key part of that is "a little", not a lot. By doing all this you should be able to free up about twice as much space and anywhere from 1/3 up to about half your Land Impact. And this is just one trick to getting more value from the land you're paying for. Just one trick that allows you to build more using less land. There's other tricks to, such as using rezzer systems that allow you to save environments as rezzable packages that are only rezzed on your land when you're using them, and using skyboxes connected via teleporter doorways to build vertically instead of horizontally to take advantage of the 4000m of space above your land. I think LL should do more to showcase these tricks to people so that they can see the true value of the land they're paying for and maybe not feel quite so much like SL land is overpriced.
  6. Ugly wall next to our land

    Ah yes, the "if you don't like it, LEAVE" argument. The fact is, different people enjoy different types of experiences in SL, and there's plenty of room for all kinds of people. In my opinion, forcing everyone into a single experience seems counter to the entire concept of SL.
  7. Ugly wall next to our land

    If you are not on the parcel where the object is being rendered it does not exist. That's how 3D rendering works. It's no different than me choosing my own windlight settings for my parcel, a feature that is coming soon. The windlight skybox covers the entire sim so I am, in effect, placing my windlight settings over your land, but unless you're on my parcel with the windlight settings for that parcel active, it's not affecting you in any way.
  8. Ugly wall next to our land

    I think it's pretty obvious that this is not at all even remotely what I was suggesting. I'm not sure how you got this idea.
  9. Ugly wall next to our land

    If you're not on the parcel with the object, then the object isn't there. It's a lot like parcel windlight settings in that regard. Your setting might have the ugliest parcel windlight settings you can imagine, but unless you go to their parcel, you'll never even know. Then don't use the feature? There's a huge market for parcel and sim surround landscapes. People like to be able to change the view outside their window even if they can't afford the entire small continent it would take to make explorable mountains a reality. You might as well say that having windlight clouds is frustrating because you can't go flying around them. And sure, volumetric clouds we can fly through and around would be fantastic, but would stripping away the windlight sky clouds really be an improvement for anyone?
  10. Ugly wall next to our land

    I've been working on an article about this very issue and how LL unintentionally pits neighbor against neighbor when all many of us, probably most of us, really want is an affordable space that we have complete control of and no neighbors to contend with. And Linden Lab could provide that! Easily! Years ago I suggested to the Lab that they offer a new parcel feature Just a couple of new checkboxes in the Options tab of your land information. One checkbox would make all objects on your parcel invisible and phantom to anyone outside your parcel. This would allow you to do things like buy a 512sq.m. plot of land and surround it with a huge sim sized mountain range, as if you were all alone in the mountains. Your neighbors would be entirely unaffected, unable to see or touch the objects. Only you, and anyone on your parcel, would even know the mountains were there. The second checkbox would make all objects outside your parcel invisible/phantom to anyone on your land. Your neighbor has a huge ugly wall bumping up against your parcel border, or even encroaching directly onto your parcel? Check this box and it's gone, everything outside your parcel is gone. Even encroaching items because they are anchored outside your parcel. You effectively have the sim all to yourself. These features would also be a huge boon to performance because you'd no longer have to download or render your neighbor's builds. Sim owners could use this effectively to build rental parcels completely separate from their neighbors so everyone has their own private little world over which they have complete control and no need to worry about the neighbors. A month or two ago I spoke directly with Oz Linden about this feature and he seemed to really like the idea, saying that they've actually talked about it at the office and are mainly trying to figure out how best to implement it. However, at the same time he admitted it was not a huge priority for them right now. LL seems to be making a lot of positive changes lately, so I can be patient, but it might help if more people were talking about solutions like this.
  11. Firestorm v5.0.11

    The problem is that SL is a superb example of "The Tragedy of the Commons" at work. All the lag you experience, all of the obnoxiously bad load times you experience, the low framerates and absurdly high system requirements that are seen as just a part of the SL experience? All of that is your fault. And my fault. And the fault of anyone who has ever logged in to SL, because we all want to be the exception when it comes to resource use. We all want to use more than everyone else. And if it's just us doing it, how can it hurt? Except it's not just us, it's everyone else, too. Let's examine how this applies to the LOD issue. LOD exists to allow more detailed 3D models to be rendered without an enormous performance impact, since when LOD is used as intended, models get less detailed the further they are from you. Someone who actually puts the work in can make these LOD transitions virtually seamless. And it's not difficult! If you know how to make a 3D model then you absolutely know how to make a simpler version of that model, and a simpler version of that simplified model, and so on. All it is is a little more effort. But inexperienced, or just plain lazy, content creators instead try to game the system by making a much more detailed large model and cutting out their LOD so the items completely fall apart even at moderate distances. So they tell their customers "Raise your LOD settings in the viewer and it's fixed!" But it's not really fixed, is it? Because now anyone who does that has to pay in the form of drastically reduced performance. Well, ok, but how does this fit with the "commons" dilemma? Well, soon, to compete, more and more content creators are gaming the system in this way and spreading the same awful information to their customers. Before too long, it is almost impossible to find content being sold that doesn't require you to crank up LOD and suffer the bad framerates and increased lag that go along with it.This forces everyone to reduce their graphics settings for pay absurd amounts of money to run SL at a level they could have easily experienced on cheaper hardware if content creators weren't telling everyone to crank up their LOD settings. In the end, we are all affected.
  12. Animesh is gonna be a big thing, guys

    I don't think anyone was trying to suggest pathfinding is a part of the animesh project, only that animesh will spark a renewed interest in pathfinding as we'll be able to use it together with animesh to create believable animals, robots, and other NPC type creations to populate and move around environments. Without animesh, pathfinding was the cart without the horse, which really limited its usefulness. Pathfinding also brought on some nasty performance issues for sims way back when it was introduced, which was the original question and what people were talking about with regards to physics: has LL had managed to fix those problems so that pathfinding will be ready when people start realizing how useful it will be with animesh, or is it on the roadmap of future improvements we can look forward to?
  13. Kemono/Utilizator Good Base For Femboi?

    I have seen some people take the Kemono body and turn it into a regular human looking body that wouldn't look out of place next to people wearing Maitreya, Aesthetic, etcetera. So you can do it, it's just a matter of messing with the shape and combining it with a non-anime head like Utilizator's own "Normie" bento head. The down side to this approach is that the kemono body does not use the standard SL skin UV so you need to find a kemono skin for the body that will match well with whatever SL UV skin you use for the face. Not impossible but it is more work and if you're not into modding it can limit your options. The up side is that the Kemono is modifiable, so if you ARE into modding this opens up a lot of personalization options that simply are not there for no-mod bodies. In addition, the kemono body is not hurting at all for clothing options. It's very popular among content creators. So it really depends on what you're after. Maitreya with the flat chest add-on is probably your easiest approach. Kemono will take a lot more work but allow you a more personalized look. I have not seen the Curious Kitties bodies that Emma is mentioning, but it's always good to check out all your options!
  14. WOW! Dress complexity

    I want to point something else out bout complexity, rather something complexity fails to take into account: memory. Right now you can come in at a reasonably low render weight and yet have a worse impact on performance than any avatar around you, simply through excessive texture use. Avatars with render weight around 60-80k, but with 500MB to a GB or more of textures slapped on them are frustratingly common. There's currently no tools to measure this or manage it on ones own, but such a tool has been submitted to both LL and Firestorm, so hopefully we'll see that become common in the near future. This is something people really need to be talking about because such excessive texture use is usually the biggest culprit behind the everyday performance issues and low framerates everyone experiences in SL. Throw that in with fixing how render weight is calculated, how land impact is calculated, and closing that loophole for render weight where creators simply cull the lower level of detail models that no one will ever see anyway and LL has a clear list of things they could fix that would help drastically improve the way SL runs for everyone.
  15. Animesh is gonna be a big thing, guys

    I really wish people at LL would weigh in on these technical discussions more. We really shouldn't be in the dark about this stuff. There should be documentation, explanations from LL, hard technical details we can look at and go, "Ok, so that's how it works." We're not dealing with the unknown mysteries of the universe, we're talking about essentially a videogame engine developed by people. Aside from bugs, there should be no "unknowns" where we have to just throw about evidence and observations and try to determine a reasonable explanation for what we're seeing.