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  1. In general, such a script turned out. but I did not quite understand how. but it works. if someone explains I will be grateful. default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(5.0); // timer } timer() { float itra; for(itra=0.004; itra<0.06; itra+=0.004) { llSetScale(<itra,itra,itra>); llSetPos(llGetLocalPos()+<0.0007,0.0,0.0>); } llSetScale(<0,0,0>); llPlaySound("ff0600f0-d8f4-20f6-52ec-a03bc520fee3", 1.0); } }
  2. Hello! I have a bubble gum script and I need to change it. I need to link the gum to the rezzed object, remove the animation for the avatar from it and leave only the effect of inflating the bubble and the sound of a pop. In general, so that the chewing gum worked for the rezzed object and not attached for the avatar. please tell me what needs to be changed! Thanks for help! init() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); llPreloadSound("ff0600f0-d8f4-20f6-52ec-a03bc520fee3"); llSetPos(<0,0,0>); llSetScale(<0,0,0>); }
  3. if anyone is interested::: in my own efforts, i managed to find a suitable option with a good price / quality ratio (they have a New Year discount now). this is AMOK. Believe me, these are the best jetfighters that can be found right now in the sl. and most importantly - working instruments! Yes, and they look pretty. I tried many demos, yes, some look cool, but no working instruments. for me it was important to find handsome, with a realistic flight and working instruments, the jetfighter and AMOK were 90% right. they even have their own combat system and some support vice. but i recomme
  4. does it mean several scripts for several doors? or i understand incorrect? but can it be done by one script if its not too difficult?
  5. @Ethan Paslong @Fionalein @LittleMe Jewell Thank you very much for your interesting and informative answers! I not only found out the answer to my question, but now I can easily fly a real jetfighter! and not only the jetfighter! but also all modes of transport, even alien! I think now I can take part in the NASA space program! I have mastered tantric yoga and can easily move in space and move objects with the force of thought, as well as control the weather and changing the time of day! thank you very much my gurus! I will never forget you and your most valuable advice! Than
  6. Hello! Please advise a good mesh jet fighter with a working dashboard. like a f16 or mig29. THANKS!
  7. @Rolig Loon @Ceera Murakami Hello! Thanks for the great script, but what if there are several doors? please help add another door? And what if the doors open in different directions and along different axes? THANKS! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  8. Hello! help please! I tried to rig the bento mesh avatar for the first time, but I failed. it uploaded as simple mesh object. the usual skeleton works well. What is bento's difference from the usual? Need some kind of plugin? Why does not work in the usual way? i use blender/firestorm. thanks!
  9. Hello! Please advise how to save resources when uploading a mesh at the expense of the shape of physics? which physics is better to use for objects that do not need physics at all, in particular, a rope and other small elements, and can it be done so that object do not have any physics at all when they are uploaded? thanks very much!
  10. Hello! Thank you very much! I think one will suit me.
  11. Please advise a good door script without a hinge for vehicle (boat)! what requirements should it meet? Thanks!
  12. this is strange but this is only observed by me in safe hubs
  13. Hello! What is this strange black lines stretching from one avatar to another? it looks like a "look at" but there are a lot of them at once and they are black. (firestorm viewer)

    Security Orb Question

    No it's not Lorena's orb...

    Security Orb Question

    hi, tell me please, why does the security orb work in some places and not in others? I tried it on the land of Lorena Chung-works perfectly. but if the land is rented through a rentbox, say, a skybox of some kind, it does not work. why? thank!
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