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  1. Most likely you are missing a skin shape or hair for the orange issue. Hopefully you don't have the faulty New Shirt or New Pants Check with the groups at Helping Haven or Happy Hipsters. For a temporary fix you could try one or more of the freebie shops for hair, skin and shape until you get your inventory issue fixed. If I knew your style preferences could send a recommendation or some stores names. And if I see you in world, I can send some classic items or whatever mesh I can find.
  2. I am a creative in both RL and SL. So no, you wont catch me spending lindens on a mesh body/head/hands/feet, etc. I did buy a fairly nice classic/system body a while ago, reasonably priced, too. And even if I was rich, I'd spend lindens on a house and land. May be odd, but that's just me. And that brings out my other peeve. Sims that require you to have a mesh body.. Too bad they don't know what they are missing..like our lindens and whatever they charge for membership fees. My beer (read wine or tea) is safe, no tears there.
  3. Several things I can think of.. Weirdest being avis/ people you don't know verbally or physically harming you or another avi they don't know. And then there are people who just don't get the point of SL and bother regular SL people, don't know if its trolling or griefing, but its weird and needs to stop. If you don't like SL, there are other places on the web to go to...There are other things too, but those are the worst two I can think of..
  4. Maybe there are no "girls" on the internet, but there are women. its not all guys out there and inworld.. I know I'm not a guy.. I have learned that even ifbyou favorite/bookmark a place in SL, it may not be there in a few months down the road. but its great when they *are* still there several months later.
  5. N-ot yet, there were two slight possibilities, but never happened. I have joined a group for SL/RL, but nothing promising yet Currently living in an odd area...
  6. People have reasons for not going to premium. And this tillia situation makes us less inclined to go premium. So I would say no to any push for change
  7. Yes I have, can only think that person and I did not have enough in common. On the other hand, I have been off SL for several months due to my former computer being broken by a pet and other than leaving updates on my dashboard, just some stuff here. It was not my choice to be offline... Hope to be back shortly to see all the 16B sims.
  8. @Jameson2001; Looks pretty accurate to me. The male cat knocked the PC on the floor so probably time for a new one.. For some reason that computer was messed up after the first month. Now on to find one that won't break down after one month..
  9. Well I am currently offline other than here on my cell, due to my two cats separately doing things that messed up my computer. One of them finally broke it. But I usually like being around people I know in SL. And sometimes I enjoy meeting new people. My few issues are people who don't read the profile and don't act accordingly, asking my age before you talk to me, and calling me baby or other names I ask that person not to use. Generally rudeness, mainly. But usually I enjoy being around people when I am inworld. and as one talk show host said, leave the negativity at the door. There are some people in SL just to make other SL people miserable. Those are the ones I prefer to avoid.. Well now I need to do some research and find my next computer.. hopefully sooner rather than later.
  10. A local jazz stations I'm in a technology desert currently, need to get new TV and PC. Radio and cell/mobile ok, need to get a new tablet up to speed.But definitely need a PC that can do SL and other stuff not a repeat of one that broke.I hadv good intentions but that computer wasn't the same after I went out of town.And here I am, being an ENFP and going beyond the question asked. My apologies!
  11. Well right now I'm on my cell phone. My cat messed up my computer and I am not able to be on SL. And I don't know what to buy that's reasonably priced that will also run SL. I'd like to get a Dell but no idea if they have a computer that would do that as well as be reasonably priced. Finding a cat proof model would be great too. A cat proof laptop would be fantastic.
  12. Here's the thing for some reason, LL does not work on my pc. I have no idea why. I downloaded both versions. 32 bit installed, opened ,my avie was cloudy and then the ever miserable blue circle logged my cloudy avie out.. Said I had 10 messages/chats, but those disappeared too. I just wish I knew what is/was wrong e=with this computer. I thought I was buying a pc from a brand with a good rep, but it all went downhill since I went out of town one month after I bought it..That is beyond ridiculous..
  13. I have the imperfect Windows 10. 8.1 was better.. I don't remember, it was in 2017. I was happy with Black Dragon, but when it stopped working, I had to go through other possibilities. I finally got Firestorm, and until the 6.0.1 beta, only minor issues. I probably need a different PC, but don't want to end up with another one that does not work for what I need it to do..its a definite puzzler.
  14. Linden Labs viewer does not work on my PC, at this point in time . I had CtrlAltStudio for a good bit of time, then the developer decided not to update/upgrade it. Then came Black Dragon, which was fine until I took a trip out of town for the holidays in 2017. after that, Firestorm, and was doing pretty much okay until the 6.0.1 beta ,some minor issues before that, no biggies compared to the 6.0.1 version..
  15. I thought I did. I have never had so much trouble trying to get a viewer up and running. I have clicked on the actual download several times to install it, but I get as far as saying yes, I want to run it on the PC, and then nothing. I was hoping to enter a photo competition and this is getting to be frustrating. Kind of makes me wish I did not have the 6.0.1 to begin with.. Something's not working, but I don't know what .
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