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  1. that's a pretty assumption. As my password was 9 numbers - capital - special character - sec - 01. :-P
  2. that's the thing, i didn't. my username was rudy yoshiyuki idk what happened
  3. holy crap... it did not even occur to me that it was psychopathbackwards........ I'm contacting support... maybe they can help me..... this is freaky.
  4. Hi, I have returned to SL after an extended vacation, and i thought i could not remember my login credentials. So i requested a password reset, but it appeared that my username was changed ???? into SdrawkcabHtapohcysp. So after that was figured out, I could log in again, but everything I previously owned was gone. My account was empty and noobisch. Anyone that can explain this ? And maybe knows a fix ? Thanks.
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