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  1. Just going to add on my agreement with others in this thread who have suggested that one month fore-warning might be too short a turn around time. It will take time for the news to spread to more reclusive creators who may not follow the blog, the forums, or group chats, as well as time spent in redoing box images for each item and potentially perms as well. Stores that have many gachas may sit empty while creators rework their products, which could have a significant effect on creators for whom second life is their primary source of income. 3-6 months might be a kinder time frame for the creators worst affected.
  2. Seen on Lost Creek region: Two underwater railroad tunnels going in right in my backyard! The commuter's dream 😁
  3. Your horse can have multiple animation config notecards for riding and using a carriage. The Carriage set-up instructions will walk you through how to create an alternate animation configuration for any modifiable non-teeglepet carriage (carriages made for teegle avatar, water horse, breeder's choice, or elite equestrian) using the passenger animations inside the carriage. Carriages specifically made for teeglepet should come with an installer ready to go that will install the animations and config notecard on your horse with just a click, so you can skip the custom mod work. Once you've set up the alternate config, you can swap between the riding config and the carriage config whenever you need. The Frankfurt Carriage by Teegle is really the only carriage that will only work with specific breeds, because it is custom rigged and animated. Any unrigged carriage (which currently is any other carriage besides Frankfurt) can work on any breed. The part that will be breed-specific for those is actually only the harness
  4. Hi! I'm a bit late, but I can confirm that carriages on teeglepet horses can be worn. You will need a space to rez where you can link the carriage to the horse initially. Once it's linked, you can pick up the horse and carriage as a single object and wear it from your inventory. There's a set of instructions here that you can use to link almost any carriage with modify permissions to your teeglepet: https://www.teeglepet.com/how-to-make-a-cart And a few carriages listed here that are already set up by the creator to be ready to link to your teeglepet out of the box: https://www.teeglepet.com/blog/tags/carriages For an added bonus, the Frankfurt Carriage from Teegle is also fully animated, with moving reins, lanterns, and front axle! It's very cool ^^
  5. Shoutout to whoever came up with Lei Miz, the greatest sim name ever
  6. My ride got snagged by a suspicious plant while passing through the graveyard... Incredible work, Moles! I LOVE the sneaky tentacles and Cthulhu!
  7. I do plan to continue releasing more breeds of horses in all sizes! It will take some time to account for everyone's preferred size, with the enormous range of avatar sizes in sl, but I'm doing my best to ensure there will be something for everyone Also worth noting: if you check the animesh forum, there is an ongoing project by LL to one day make animesh scaleable using scripted "shapes". So one day, it may be possible to alter any animesh creature to whatever size works for you!
  8. I see this thread was moved to the Technology > Second Life Viewer forum. My suggestion was posted in the Linden Homes forum because I actually was specifically suggesting that the Bellisseria regions be made rezzable at 0, 0, 0. I'm sorry if that was unclear. In Bellisseria specifically, no one is able to use restore to last position because no one but moles and lindens can rez at 0, 0, 0
  9. I'd like to request that sims be rezzable at the (0, 0, 0) point for at least a very short period so that residents are able to use the Restore to Last Position feature. Restore to Last Position works by rezzing an item out of your inventory at (0, 0, 0) and then moving it immediately into the last position it was rezzed at, before being picked up or returned. It's incredibly useful to be able to rez out items where they last were after they're returned to inventory, either on purpose or by accident. It's especially useful with items that require precision locations, like house addons. I realize it's a big ask to create small autoreturn parcels on hundreds of sims, and I understand if you'd rather not - but I wanted to offer the suggestion nonetheless!
  10. I want a road that loops the loop~
  11. The problem you're describing is one of those things being fixed in the "big update" I mentioned above If you're not already, I recommend joining the Teegle group in world - which is a much more reliable place to get customer service than here on the forums, since I don't always check the forums! - and when the notice goes out for next week's update, you'll see it! In the meantime, the way to fix yourself when your horse is pointing off to the side while worn is just to take a small step in the opposite direction; that usually forces the horse to straighten out.
  12. Hi guys! I wanted to pop in and provide a few quick answers/corrections: @Alyona Su mentioned that teeglepets automatically update on their own and are always up to date: that's not actually true! Currently, any time you redeliver your horse, you will receive the most up to date version back. In about a week there will be a major update, which will be the last time we require redelivery to update! After that, your registered horses will be able to update their scripts using only an updater prim. @Matty Luminos asks how to change her pet back to its default texture; currently the only way to do that is to have your pet redelivered, but after this coming update each pet will include its own skin applier in the box. @Haselden mentions Mythril as an animator for Teegle: this is partially true! Mythril (Monstaar Resident) is one of the leading third party animation shops for Teegle and offers lots of additional animations that can help make your horses unique, and has very recently signed on to offer a few bonus animations to be included in the upcoming update! But for the most part, I am the modeler, animator, all-around designer for Teegle, and handle most of the visual design as well as overall planning and coordination. We're hoping in the future to expand beyond our primarily two person dev team of Teager on art and Tapple on scripts, but we're not quite there yet! (So we apologize for the long amount of time between updates; we're hustling our best!) @Haselden also mentioned the cartoony skins of Teeglepets. I chose to go with a handpainted look as the "primary" look for teeglepets, standard out of the box, because I think they look nice and set us apart! (You can tell right away when you're looking at a standard Teeglepet, that it is a Teeglepet.) But the teeglepets do actually work with an enormous catalog of hundreds of skins from first and third party creators, many of which are photorealistic, and some of which even include their own materials! So there is no one official look for teeglepets - I see people do some wild things with customizing their babies If anyone is looking for additional information, I recommend taking a look at the Teeglepet.com website, especially the features list page! The in world Teegle group is also a great source - our community is super helpful and can answer a lot of your questions ❤️
  13. I respectfully disagree. There are always more potentially useful use cases for a new technology than the intended/most obvious one. I've actually been expecting to build BOM functionality into my teeglepet animesh horses instead of adding LI-heavy tattoo layers to them. BOM for these horses would be useful for the applying of unique paint markings, leg markings, and facial markings over your choice of hundreds of base skin colors, allowing for a great deal more customization in creating your own unique horse. It would also open up the accessory market to creators who don't know how to make or rig mesh, allowing them to create saddle pads, blankets, leg wraps, and other skin tight accessories using only textures. If those BOM add-ons can't be used on a horse that is worn, though, I hesitate to add BOM support. The average consumer will not understand why their horse's unique marking works when rezzed but not when worn (that is, if rezzed animesh does work; i wasn't clear on that from the article and haven't had a chance yet to try.) So, asking again for @Vir Linden - is full animesh support planned, or is this being viewed as too narrow a use case?
  14. I'm disappointed that the wiki says it will have no support for worn animesh. Animesh seems like a great use case for BOM, being new enough to not have established other norms, and with built in added incentive to keep land impact down. I recognize that it could work for an animesh solution that is designed only to ever be rezzed, but for the many animesh objects that are advertised for rez or wear, I feel the different implementations will be confusing for the end user. Is full animesh support something that's on the roadmap, or is that being viewed as too narrow a use case at this time?
  15. Sorry about that ❤️ I do still intend to finish it but I've hit a bit of a rough patch irl that's slowed down all of my projects, including the Adams addon. I really appreciate your patience! Rest assured it's not abandoned ❤️
  16. Oh thank you! Wanting a big window wall is exactly why I set out to make this! And yes, I made all of it ❤️
  17. The bed is ~BAZAR~ Traveler Double Bed (10 LI) The patio set is DIGS Genoa Daybed (9 LI) and Genoa Coffee Table (2 LI)!
  18. My cats would never eat me! That would be far too much work for such fat, lazy, pampered kitties when they could just have tuna from the can
  19. And finally, my other back patio that branches off the master bedroom! This has become my favorite new hangout space! With a little derendering, it has a great view of the water and the docks, which I love ❤️ I can even see the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from here!
  20. The back of the house with a little sitting area and Blush's pergola addon: And my little hammock spot! I was so glad I managed to keep my hammock; I wasn't sure I'd have the LI for it, but I made it work!
  21. I'm working on an extension for the back of the house to add a living room, master bedroom, and master bath. It's not quite finished yet, as evident by the lack of doors, but I couldn't wait to decorate it Some shots of my new living room and bedroom:
  22. The room to the right of the entryway became my kitchen and dining room:
  23. I finally (more or less) finished decorating my new home in Cape Lively, and I love it! Front porch: Entryway: I wasn't sure what to do with this space, so it became de facto cat room I turned the room to the left into an office space with reading nook and gaming station:
  24. Yes, animal adoption rp is actually quite common among animal avatar roleplayers, and among family roleplayers. Many of the child adoption centers where children can find parents and siblings also offer a pet section for animals to find owners, and a few animal-specific adoption centers, kennels, veterinary offices, etc have also popped up over the years to cater to animal roleplayers and their families. More often than not, these kinds of services are not a for-profit venture. They're run by kind souls who simply enjoy interacting with animal avatars
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