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  1. Hello! I have friends & family, including myself, that are just OBSESSED with Teegle horses but have limited places to ride them! While grouping up with other Teegle lovers, like Rosehaven Horse Riders, can be fun, if you ever feel like you want to explore by yourself, well you came to the right thread! I'll be sharing some places I love to go! I found it difficult to find good places to ride my horse, so I made it a thing to go and research some places to go and put them into a thread. I will also give you my thoughts on the scenery & accessibility, including lag! #1 Ville de Coeur Horse Trail & Hunting Club. This is such a beautiful scenic place! You'll rez in at an old fashion horse ranch, greeted by wandering horses, turkeys and other animals. They have main roads and specific horse trails! You can follow the horse riding signs for the riding trails. Ville de Coeur is a fine trail with gorgeous views of meadows, forests, villages, & even a view of the sea! What more could you ask for? The only unfortunate thing about this place is there is no rezzing! So you will have to add your horse to your outfit in order to trail ride here. #2 Templeton Cove Stables I'm a sucker for realistic lakes and nature parks, so when I stumbled upon this giant sim with all it's beauty, I knew that this was for sure going to go into my blog! I rode around to every place and not only do they feature great places to live but they offer great visitor spots as well! This place would be perfect for anyone wanting to roleplay a Yellowstone type style. If you do visit, I highly recommend making your way to Sister's Stroll as it's paired with beautiful scenery and a fantastic romantic view! Not to mention there are deer there!! If romance isn't your thing, you can take a gander at the Unity Park, where you and your friends can picnic and even bring your kids! One of the most exciting things for me was the Lighthouse! Climb the mountain on horse back and get to visit a lighthouse you're able to go to the tippy top to? Heck yeah! They do not give you permission to rez, so you will have to wear your horse. Sim crossings do provide lag, but it heals up in a matter of seconds. They do offer a horse for anyone to ride if they do not have one! #3 Norrland A giant sim home to plenty of scenery and vacation cottage homes for ADULTS! Come as you are and take a look for yourself the beautiful stuff here at Norrland. It was one of my favourite sims to go on as it's spacious. The owners provide guides for you as well as detailed information at the beginning of the trail. They also provide a horse for you, if you do not have one. You are able to rez your horse or vehicle. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you have a poor quality computer or internet as it does lag severely.
  2. Price is negotiable and also can be arranged as weekly rent instead of sale. Green grass parcel BEST quality mesh farm buildings & Landscaping - all transferable and included in the sale !!! If you have any questions or need info on rent options, please contact Roshy Aura via IM or note card. Visit location here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bagheera/13/148/60 Top view is showing the land layout including horse ranch area with Paddock and open green grass field, surrounded with trees. View from the open field showing secluded Garden Gazebo and the Horse Ranch below. View to the Horse Ranch View from the Barn showing the Paddock, Well and the Farm House. View from the garden showing the Farm House ALL buildings, decor and landscape is transferable and is included in the sale!!! Visit location here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bagheera/13/148/60
  3. You're looking for something that's unique but easy to maintain. Well look no further, because Duane's Fabulous Island, has this large studio available for rent right now. Large windows provide breath taking views of the refreshing green forests and the cool blue water of the surrounding lake. And because you love the outdoors and like to party, the roof has been converted into a large deck equipped with comfortable seating and a dance ball. This is adult living at its most relaxing, because this little treasure comes with plenty of private areas where couples can be alone. There's even your own private telepad and horse stable! Don't let this gem get away because at $1,500 a week it's going to go fast. Reasonable prim requests can be accommodated. The Property: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eSAGx5uEY7RPMseBo4RZfhGvBMWl84h8/view?usp=sharing Dancing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17-CeO_abuEp6vCwxJlvNzsbBCHZQiIGT/view?usp=sharing Deck View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-OMCQKYZufSsXppYKY5vQmQPlOu_Rc1H/view?usp=sharing Inside View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sSxVvJWjutv7f_jTiSRQu7rQwoX9pqhI/view?usp=sharing Horseback Riding: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T9TKpYDC733DwqcVCKX7X6Vn7zpoI_rm/view?usp=sharing Private Seating: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WaYvN6-vHLAnNE-rEA4Ka14QbspX15VD/view?usp=sharing Telepad: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UMiOMPVPNNfVDQnKjwNH5AHY6E5WxSsj/view?usp=sharing Please contact Duane Johnson for more information or visit us at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Duanes Fabulous Island/170/162/3006
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking for horse-drawn vehicles that you can attach to your avatar or wear anywhere, without the need to rez a carriage or a horse. I think I've seen just a few over the years, of varying quality but there don't seem to be hardly any at all; quite a few vehicles need rezzing but come with an attachable horse, or need rezzing and has the need to supply your own attachable horse (this usually seems to not work, because these horses are made for riding, not hitching to a carriage) Some vehicles also need rezzing, but seem exclusively designed for horse avatars. The RealHorse Rideable Stanhope Gig and Goddard Buggy from Elite Equestrian are the best ones I've found and the first one that comes to mind; I'm wondering if there are any others like these; horse AND carriage included, attachable and complete with sounds and animations. I've seen sleighs as well; I'm wondering if there are any carriages that are much LARGER or much smaller, but are solely for personal use only, without the need to rez. In fact, the ones I've mentioned often explicitly state DO NOT REZ. Some carriages I've seen can carry up to four passengers and come with two or even four horses. These are always the rezzable variety. Perhaps there are even vehicles that are pulled by animals other than horses! If anybody knows any others and can make recommendations, I would be most thankful and appreciative. Let me know; - Charlotte Sinclair
  5. 12PM SLT - Saturday, Nov 21 No entry fee! ABOUT THE EVENT Join us at Copper Horse Village for our inaugural Show Jumping competition. This will be a 6-event championship series. Bring your own horse (Teegle, Avatar, or Water Horse) or use a schooling horse available for free at the stables. This 6-month cup series (held the 3rd Saturday of every month) will have unique jump courses for each level of rider, including beginner friendly options. Free registration. Books will close 30 minutes before the event start, so register early! Arena will be open the week of the event for practice. Awards will be handed out at the conclusion of each event. Overall series standings will be tracked for a season championship. Season champions will receive a trophy along with other awards. LINKS Arena SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Country Hideaway/53/21/22 Registration: https://tinyurl.com/y6g8yttv Discord: https://discord.gg/VFPr8VUVWs
  6. The fair is in town! Welcome to the very first Jasper County Fair! The Fair has arrived to Fox Hollow TODAY, August 26! It has All the things you love about a county fair including a petting zoo, theme park rides, fair food, and a live horse show! It is located on Fox Grove, attached to 9 other regions that make up the community of Fox Hollow. And did we forget to mention admission is FREE? FEATURES Ferris Wheel Spinning Teacups Harlem Shake Tilt a Whirl The Dragon Roller Coaster Bumper Cars Carousal Sky Drop Helter Skelter Slide Turtle Shock Swing Petting Zoo Kids Zone Mini Games Live Music Live Horse Show Food Court & More! TELEPORT
  7. Judging from past posts, it seems like there are horse enthusiasts here, so I thought I would ask to see if anyone knows. Do any animesh horses allow for things like adding a braided mane? I understand that some accessories, like saddlebags, may not move properly with an animesh horse, so should I give up on trying to find one compatible with a hunter braid and just get a bento horse? I was hoping to eventually have land and keep my horse rezzed at home, which is why I was interested in animesh. I'm trying to figure out whether the mental picture of the horse I want may be incompatible with having that horse ever living on my land.
  8. Hello, Yesterday I finally purchased my first Animesh horse, a Warmblood from Water Horse after a week or more worth of researching all the animesh options available at this time. I know there are two other stores out there that sell animesh horses but with not so many customization options. I wish to purchase a Teegle as well but I am unsure of the differences/similarities between the two. And without further introductions, this' my Stallion boy.
  9. Hello! I am currently looking for any job of any difficulty that allows for me to either work with any type of horses or be a horse and provide services that way! If I were to work with horses I don't mind tending to your equine pets while you are out busy or anything but, if there is any jobs requiring me to BE a horse then I am all up for it too! Pulling carts, providing riding lessons, E.T.C. Any amount of pay that is over L$50 a hour is fine? Or we can negotiate! I own a Teegle horse avatar for any horse related jobs and I also have a bento human avatar that is one of the freebies you get when you create a new account, she is pretty, it's the Trixie one.
  10. *CHAMPION HORSES* *The Arabian Cup* 2018 Come watch all the fun and excitement!! • 5 Laps of Endurance • Open to all certified champion jockeys with qualifying arabians, traiting 95 and above • Minimum of 12 points required for qualifying horse 10 QUALIFYING RACES: TO BE HELD: ◘ October 21, 2018 (Sunday) @ 10am SLT ◘ October 22, 2018 (Monday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 23, 2018 (Tuesday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 24, 2018 (Wednesday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 28, 2018 (Sunday) @ 10am SLT ◘ October 29, 2018 (Monday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ October 30, 2018 (Tuesday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ November 4, 2018 (Sunday) @ 10am SLT ◘ November 5, 2018 (Monday) @ 5:30pm SLT ◘ November 6, 2018 (Tuesday) @ 5:30pm SLT OFFICIAL RACE DAY: Sunday, November 11, 2018 @ 12noon SLT 10 qualifying horses with a minimum of 12 points will participate in the big race. In the event there are more than 10, then top 10 fastest time qualifiers will be used. Jockeys will be able to choose gate positions in order of highest points earned - first choice, and so on down. Follow the SLurl to find out more information http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Champion Headquarters/73/124/30
  11. My intent here is to have animated flame tail and parts that are on par with the mane that I already got from a mod. https://gyazo.com/a3a6e7c9a8a366aae46f3c51ced17410 https://gyazo.com/d618b7e35d87f04d5c5dc8cb30b0f46e The way this mane works is a series of flat textures grouped together and rigged to follow the neck. I want to have something made to match for the tail. The tail itself doesn't -have- to move, but it would be nice to include if possible to avoid a stiff appearance. Edit: I am not interested in offers wanting payment up front. I've had to turn down a large number of people with strange offers, and one who took money and ran with it. If you ask me to pay up front I am going to tell you to go to hell.
  12. We have 5 stalls available for rent in our stable at Shadewyck Rural Rentals. Each stall will provide its tenant with 50 prims of land impact for rezzing and access to two regions for riding along dirt roads, trails, beaches, and other open space between our rural home rentals. This is a good opportunity for those who RP as horses or those who simply wish to have a place to rez their favorite pet. The regions are very quiet and beautifully landscaped for everyone's enjoyment. Our home rentals tend to go very quickly when they become available, so please stop by and take a look at the stable and have a ride around our regions today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadewyck/46/141/28
  13. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone was interested in living on a medieval themed community sim? I havent made it yet. Im trying to see if there is any sort of interest first. There will be a medieval themed town. A kingdom. Lots of awesome medieval tournaments (jousting, sword fights, archery etc...)role play and a few marketplaces. As well as lots and lots of hidden stuff to explore and trails to ride horses on! There will be about 50 housing rentals. Some in the town, some farms. I cant afford to make it if there isnt enough interest. Please let me know your thoughts
  14. L$1500/wk for 1500 prims on a 3920 sqm parcel. Rezzed house is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with basement and attached garage. Lovely beach view and quiet region. Stop by and check it out before it's gone. Our rentals tend to go fast when they become available. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadewyck/159/225/23 We also have horse stable stalls available for horse avatars or riding horses for only L$50/wk for 50 prims!
  15. Shadewyck Rural Rentals currently has a home/parcel available for rent. We also have stalls available for rent in our stable for those interested in playing or keeping a horse. Home/parcel is available for L$1800/wk with a land impact allowance of 1800 prims. The parcel is 1968 sqm in size and located at the corner of our region with water on 2 sides. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadewyck/198/35/23 Stop by and check it out before it's taken as our rentals go fast when they become available. Stable stalls are only L$50/wk for 50 prims.
  16. Unicorn Gardens is looking for experienced auctioneers to join our growing family! have fun and earn lin keep 100% of all tips work in a friendly drama free environment love horses? love breedables with in sl? have general knowledge of breedables like interacting with others? then this is the job for you..IM Unicorn Shepherd in world for Details..
  17. Shadewyck Rural Rentals is now offering 5 individual stalls in our community stable for rent. Perfect for those who either use a horse avatar or for those who love to ride. Rent is only L$50/wk for 50 prims but we will negotiate with those who may need more prims. Stop by and see if our region is right for you today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadewyck/42/138/28
  18. I have looked and looked for a good centaur avatar and I really cant believe how small the centaur community is. Even the xenomorph is doing better than the centaur on sl. This is what I have researched, please tell me if I am wrong about any of these: Breeders Choice Centaur- Would have been perfect but it was unfortunately made before bento and now people are complaining of animation problems and nobody is making mods for it anymore. BeetleBones Centaur- The front legs are oddly shaped and from what I have heard it does not work well with any AO's Realistek Centaur- There isnt much information on this one. But because of the price I am not going to buy it until I know more about it. If any of you have it or know anyone who does please speak with me.
  19. Come soak in the sun drenched life of Santa Ramona Valley (SRV) or explore your darkest fantasies. Come visit us today to see what the Valley can bring you! The location below will take you to our Welcome Center where you can join our IC, OOC and criminal groups, find our website, meet our Admin staff as well as familiarize yourself with SRV. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinpusher/162/97/2001 Greetings from Santa Ramona Valley! We are an adult rated, modern urban Second Life roleplaying community set in a coastal valley city. Located on the border of Southern California and Mexico we offer a unique roleplay experience catering to all walks of life from the very rich to the very poor and anywhere in between. Ours is a sim in two parts. Santa Ramona Valley Sim is a California Border town. We are lawful good in orientation so our police and other city services provide competent, reliable services to our citizens. We have plenty of businesses where one can work and play and are always looking for good leads for both Sim and Player Owned businesses. We have lovely ocean views, plenty of housing, and even a nude beach! In the center of the city you will find our China Town district, offering many fun businesses and a dark corner in which to create mischief. What city would be complete without a redlight district equipped with a strip club, pawn shop, homeless shelter and more. Come visit and allow us to inspire you in an beautiful and immersive environment. Our second sim is just over the border wall. Little Mexico offers an authentic Mexican experience. We would love to see this part of our sim grow and thrive. We have ample opportunity for creative play, including smuggling over the border or the strife in trying to seek a better life, or escape that which haunts you. We have a build ready for a Mexican Cartel or thriving criminal scene, and welcome criminal players intent on fair and fun play to come join us. A system of caves and tunnels connect Little Mexico to Santa Ramona Valley enhancing your ability to covertly smuggle goods or hide away from retribution. Little Mexico has a brothel, tourist attractions, a gorgeous beach and Surfing! To jump right to Little Mexico, click here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little Tobago/135/226/30 You may be asking yourself, what does this place have to offer me? It’s quite simple, common goals. We are all seeking a place to expand our stories where we can achieve the dreams and aspirations which drew us to Second Life in the first place. Offering free form roleplay in an immersive environment and citizenship-we make citizenship here easy. Touting a rich lore and so much to discover we aim to provide you with the excellent roleplaying experience and a place to call home that you have been looking for! Explore our website to learn more regarding our rules, history, local news and much more. We welcome human and realistic animal players. All players must be adults. https://www.santaramona.com/
  20. Wow, I can't wait until I am home from work and can try them out. Today we’re excited to announce a set of 8 new starter avatars which are themed Renaissance, Mystic Heroes and Angels & Demons. In this release, for the first time ever, we’re offering Bento avatars! Yes you heard it right, all but the Mystic Heroes in this offering will be Bento-equipped. Some of the avatars are ride-alongs, which mean they include horses as a Bento attachment, while others boast animated wings!
  21. I've sent a suggestion to LL about this issue, but I'm not sure how often they look at those. In case you don't know the new Rhiannon avatar comes with a bento horse. So I was a bit excited and wanted to try it out. Someone at Linden Labs decided she should ride side saddle and not astride. *sigh Now, maybe that would be a cute option to have, but she can only ride side saddle. I tried to add the male's horse AO, but it works only for male avatars. It was once considered "vulgar" for a "proper" lady (Hope you sense the sarcasm...) to ride astride. I like to think we're beyond that now, especially at LL. So please give us the option, at least, of riding astride. Thank you.
  22. Auction Mariachi is looking for auctioneers! Multi breed auction house is looking for callers to join the fun family setting no work place drama here! experience is appreciated but not necessary as we are willing to train open schedules available keep 100% tips earned if your interested feel free to contact me in world via a NC and I will get back to you soon as I can...Thanks Poe Poe Pendleton Gall (asadamorrisey) General manager -Auction Mariachi
  23. Well there it is. Looking for one weeks and weeks in the marketplace. Nothing. Any idea? Experiences? An inworld store perhaps? There are a few options but they move like a 2 frames animated gift. Rez and/or mesh. Thank you.
  24. My character's name is Jupiter and she is an adult mare. She/myself are looking for friends of all shapes and sizes. I admit I'm a bit biased towards other animal avatars, but I'd love to befriend anyone. I mostly hang out on historical sims of all kinds where I like to roleplay a lot. Not into that kind of stuff? That's OK we can always hang out on other lands. I am easy to get along with, I can be a little shy at first but once you get to know me I think I'm a big goofball. I am not looking to get tied down to a herd or a family or anything. I enjoy my Second Life freedom too much. I am just looking for someone to talk with, chat with, and laugh with. Hanging out occasionally would be a huge bonus but I won't be one of those clingy friends who message you offline 30 times a day, so no worries with that. Lastly, I am mostly online on weekdays but I try to be on at least some on weekends too.
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