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  1. I've had much the same experience! I missed the initial rush too, but have hedged my bets and rolled and abandoned 4 times trying to get a nice lot near a public community feature. I managed to find a location on my alt that I'm relatively happy with! But my main is a tough choice. It's about as landlocked as it's possible to be right now, and has no community gathering places nearby (something that I really love in this continent and want to make frequent use of). It is however near my best friend, and that's a high selling point! It's growing on me just for having a friend nearby. I think I may be holding my twitchy finger until new traditional home sims open up, to see if I can get my ideal location of a traditional home near a public beach or pool. But who knows; in that time, my current house may have grown on me
  2. just search the map for regions named SSP
  3. No houseboat for me! I have a traditional home. The houseboats went quick!
  4. I'm curious to know if anyone has plans to reroll for a new location when the new housboats go in! I'm SO very tempted, but also nervous that I may miss out, or may get a location I like less. The gamble is a bit appealing, though! What are your plans?
  5. I don't think the Lindens realized how high the demand would be! Interest in Linden Housing has been... slim, to say the least, in years past. I think they are just as blown away by this new development as we are! And to be fair, word did go out, if you were paying attention. These houses were announced months ago, were put on display at the Home & Garden Expo, and a blog post AND video by Torley were put out when they opened up. I'd say that's a fair bit of communication! Don't be too discouraged! I also missed the memo until after homes were already gone, but I managed to get one. And I imagine all of those new houseboat areas will be coming VERY soon - they're looking pretty complete, and I see 4-6 dots a day of moles working to get them finished! Stay on the lookout
  6. Yes, this! Horse and bike trails would be lovely! I'd also love some larger inland community areas as you fill in sims in the future! The Hartnell community pool area, for example, is a really great size for a public gathering spot. But the other community areas I've found or visited (except the lighthouse islands) feel slightly claustrophobic to me, and I wonder if others feel the same way. I like to have lots of room for my camera! I would enjoy spending more time in community areas with large, open, airy spaces. Larger community gathering points would also serve to break up the cookie-cutter feeling as you move further inland, and add more scenic value to homes father from the shore
  7. I would be thrilled to have visitors at my house in Maple Cross! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maple Cross/73/70/23
  8. I added a public animesh riding horse rezzer in front of my house! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maple Cross/73/70/23
  9. I finished my front porch addon for my Winchester! I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I wound up doing two versions, one with a fence around the porch and one without. The porch is on marketplace, if anyone else would like one I'm so happy with the dimension this adds to the front of my house! I think another day I may consider making some dormers or something. I just adore a varied roof line!
  10. LL will be putting out a free orb per the security thread. After that goes out, other orbs won't be allowed any more. But right now, I think it's okay as long as it's not too aggressive. I think the gist is to be kind and open to your neighbors
  11. I would; clicking the dysfunctional mailbox is what caused my house to disappear. Might be better to have it reset now, and prevent you possibly spending a day or two later with no house
  12. I made a quick front porch addon today! I'll spend a bit of time sorting out UVs and textures a little nicer, but wanted to post progress! I love the dimension it adds to my Winchester ❤️
  13. Shhhhhhh we don't want them to be secret! Don't give them ideas
  14. It is awesome and incredible to me that your exchange worked out despite time delay blips! What a great community ❤️
  15. That looks lovely, Matty! Where did you find the roof texture? It's very well matched!
  16. The way temp attach works is that the item needs to be rezzed on the parcel first, then it will request to attach to you. So you DO need enough LI on the parcel for it to rez in the first place, but once attached, it will no longer count against your LI
  17. I spent a lot of my prims on my picket fence, two animesh horses, and a barn! As soon as I've finished it, I will be adding a temp horse rezzer so neighbors can "borrow" one of my horses and go on a trail ride around the continent
  18. The biggest prim expenditures in my home are my picket fence (29 LI), my two horses (29 LI each), and my barn (31 LI). I realize I could do SO much more with my home if I cut one or more of those things but I just love them so much! Now that my fantasy faire creations are out of the way, my next project will be making a horse rezzer so that anyone can rez and ride a temp copy of one of my horses. I've been itching to do a few trail rides around the new continent myself, so I suspect my neighbors might appreciate being able to borrow a horse or two as well
  19. I think it looks like Terminator Conan
  20. Yes exactly! Then it's free game
  21. My friend and I each managed to get one after about an hour and a half of occasionally refreshing the page. So there's still hope! I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to play the shuffle game to try for a different lot, though
  22. I'm adding my +1 to the desire for more textures and parts! I would love to have, for example, the roof texture, so I could add on architectural features like an overhanging porch and dormers! I also agree with the desire for more rez zones! And I'd like to request as well more community areas. The wiki made the claim that every home would be a convenient distance from a community gathering place, but I was unable to find one near my home, unless you're counting the roundabouts as community zones. I'd love to see more social gathering areas like pools, large gazebos, parks with benches, etc! Also, I'm assuming an option to pay for a LI increase is not feasible with the current setup, but just in case it is... that is something I would be interested in! I was able to do more than I thought I would with my 350 LI, but another 50% to double, that could be the difference between "cute side house" and "main home" for me.
  23. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Project-Bento-Live-on-the-Grid/ba-p/3084426?utm_source=FeaturedBento&utm_medium=Story&utm_term=Social_CM So.... celebration this Thursday instead of meeting?
  24. It's likely that this avatar rigged its face to either attachment bones, volume bones, or both, since I know this is a technique Dreamcrawler has used for other avatars. I've seen plenty of avatars with both attachment rigging and volume rigging that all seem to be fixed after the bug fix implemented for the jira Whirly linked on the previous page. If your bento viewer is ~2 months outdated, you would be seeing deforms like the ones you linked. The other option could be the deform animation in the avatar simply failing to play, perhaps for being on a sim with scripts disabled, or some similar problem.
  25. I think you've missed my point... The problem with your suggestion is that most people use far more gestures that are NOT specific to any one outfit or avatar than gestures that are. Things like welcome back gestures, club/DJ gestures, favorite random noises for smiley faces, etc. These gestures are not typically stored in an outfit or clothing folder. So if all active gestures are added to an outfit, then that outfit is removed and those gestures are all deactivated, the user would have to manually search through their gestures folder to find and reactivate each gesture. I don't know about you, but I probably have at least 100 gestures in my gestures folder, and I suspect that's on the low end compared to other users. Searching through each of those one at a time to try to remember what they do and which ones I was using seems extremely inconvenient. What you may want to consider instead, if you're concerned about people using your wolf talk gestures on another avatar that they're not meant to fit, is setting up empy gestures for /voicelevel1, /voicelevel2, and /voicelevel3 which do not play an animation themselves, but instead chat on a private channel "1", "2", or "3" to your AO to indicate that it should play a speech animation in your AO. That way, if the gesture is played with any other avatar worn, it will do nothing (or, worst case, will play a talk gesture appropriate to that avatar). If you need help setting up a script like this one, you could talk to Tapple Gao, who has one premade and open source.
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