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  1. I actually think this is the calmest thread on the forums right now... 😂 We all understand that this new feature (which they obviously didn't have adequate time to stress test) will have some problems. It helps to share experiences to help each other figure out what works and what doesn't, as well as to let linden lab know about the problems we're seeing on our end when things don't go as planned!
  2. I thought you were literally suggesting "The Wilds" as a home theme! Jungles, treehouses, Swiss Family Robinson... I was on board!
  3. I didn't have problems getting back to the page, as Kayden did. I can get back just fine by clicking the link provided, but seem to be reaching the limit again about 2-3 refreshes in, at 1 minute per. This time I tried waiting over a minute after reopening the page before starting the refresher (though if that was the problem, it should have only kicked in at the 9th refresh, but hey, bug testing!) The next time I hit it I'll try closing the page entirely and see if that makes a difference
  4. I very much hope they're not doing this by IP address. Tracking by account would be far more reliable
  5. Am I the only one who keeps seeing this message, despite having set my refresh to 1 minute as requested? I even tried waiting 10 minutes and starting fresh, in case it was somehow rolling over refresh count from the previous 10 minute period, but I continue to see this page after a refresh or two
  6. Next week's regions have been named! What makes Penitent Beach so Penitent? Maybe it needs a hug.
  7. I don't think it's entirely fair to be upset with creators for not taking the time to personally teach you. As kira said, there are many resources out there to help you get started, and those resources are put out there by people who have the time and desire to teach, which may not be true of every Joe Artist. It's an extremely time-intensive, long term project to mentor another individual in a new skill, which is not necessarily a service every creator has the time or energy to provide for everyone who asks - especially at no real benefit to themselves, since (in my personal experience) most of those who ask for that kind of guidance are not particularly willing to pay for their mentor's time. I find that when someone approaches me with a general attitude of "teach me how to do everything", that even if I did have the desire to teach them it's simply impossible to know where to start, or where to end for that matter. It is a promise of a bottomless investment of my time - writing an empty check so to speak - and therefore my answer is nearly always "no". But when someone approaches me with a single question needing to solve a single problem, I am far more likely to provide the answer if I know it, or even to go digging in their blend file until I can find it and explain how I've done so. If it is evident to me that the person asking the question has researched the problem on their own and has tried multiple solutions to fix it, that goes a long way with me: not just because the person has shown initiative, but also because it reduces the likelihood that I will need to devote the next four hours of my workday to explaining my solution, then explaining the explanation, then explaining the explanation of the explanation, and so on. In researching and trying things on your own, you build up a base level of familiarity with the problem such that when I respond that the square root of nine is three, your response is "oh I get it now!" instead of "what's a number?" Or, to put it another way, it's like the equivalent of asking "How do you say 'book' in French?" instead of asking "How do you speak French?"
  8. You taught me a thing! I didn't realize that changing textures or transparency on a prim would cause it to export with multiple material faces, and I've already re-exported part of the add-on I'm currently working on using that trick, which makes my life so much easier in cleaning up the mesh. I am therefore absolutely thrilled to be able to teach you a thing too! If you hit space in blender (with your mouse over the 3d window) and type in "quad", you will see an option to turn tris into quads. This will work best is your sl build is all snapped to straight lines on the grid, not at angles. Then, in edit mode, you can hold alt and right click an edge to select the whole edge loop, then hit x and "edge loops" to remove that whole edge loop. That'll help you get that poly count down
  9. So you're the one with the go button! No wonder Beth is sweet on you
  10. There have been four sims released since the announcement on monday: one on monday, one on wednesday, and two on friday. Part of the announcement said that they would not be announcing each individual release. I recommend watching in the Bellisseria Citizens and Bellisseria Community group in world, as well as visiting the in-development regions yourself in world
  11. Ooh! I'm sure this is old news for some, but it looks like they've finally connected sims down to the top of the lake! Or the "Bay of Fourze" as we're apparently calling it now... or the eye of Terminator Conan as I will forever call it
  12. I actually think the people who are using their alts to try to find a better location are making it easier, not harder, for other people to get a home. Without those people, there likely would not be the day to day turnover that we see now, where 5 or 6 or 7 homes a day will pop up on autorefreshers at all hours of the day. I know that those random, daily abandoned homes have been a great help for those unable to be online during linden labs working hours. I've seen many users in the bellisserian groups get their first bellisserian homes that way
  13. Mystery solved: it's a Squishy Pickle shack!
  14. Ah yes, Beaver, from the well known Beaver contractors of the Spruce Department of Civil Projects
  15. So it looks like both Jamesborough and Gallaudet were released today. Perhaps one sim a day was more of an estimate?
  16. Also: I really love the name Racoon Run. I'm digging these critter names for regions. More critters, please ❤️
  17. I highly doubt they'll be giving away a second region today. It was only on monday that Patch made the announcement that they would be shifting to a release schedule of one region per day; I imagine they will want to give it more time and planning before considering whether it's in their best interest to try a different schedule. (Not to mention, they don't yet have enough regions finished to allow them to move to 2 a day; they would run out VERY quickly at that rate.) I imagine what we see here is just a new visual indicator that this sim is finished and ready to release, when it is this sim's turn to release, next week/two weeks from now. I wasn't sure until now what the red line around a full sim meant, but it seems pretty likely it meant the same thing. Maybe they added the text for OUR benefit, so we are better able to track progress Edit: apparently I am way off base, because it looks like they released a second region today: Gaullaudet - which I'd figured was earmarked for Monday. Go figure!
  18. you're looking in the right place, Emilia When a traditional home or houseboat is available, there will be a fifth option in the dropdown menu that says "Bellisseria".
  19. It doesn't actually give any more people homes. No matter how many regions are releasing at a time, homes are being finished at the same rate by the moles. If more regions are released at once, that means releases happen less often. So whether 60 people get new homes in a week because of 3 different releases of 20 homes a piece, or 60 people get homes in a week because of one release of 60 homes total, the end result is really the same.
  20. I think she's referring to the original green pickle which is located east-central to the main continent on the SSP map
  21. Thank you @Quartz Mole and @Abnor Mole for your continuously straightforward and informative answers
  22. I think it's as good a plan as any. No matter what the lab does, there will be people who are unhappy. People were unhappy about the original release of ~2000+ homes because they didn't hear about it. People were unhappy about the Squishy Pickle release of ~700 homes because everyone was told exactly when it would happen and they went quickly. People have been unhappy to wait until large batches of homes were finished. And people will be unhappy to have small releases every other day. There's no pleasing everyone, but it seems apparent that LL is listening, learning, and trying new things to see what works best.
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