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  1. I respectfully disagree. There are always more potentially useful use cases for a new technology than the intended/most obvious one. I've actually been expecting to build BOM functionality into my teeglepet animesh horses instead of adding LI-heavy tattoo layers to them. BOM for these horses would be useful for the applying of unique paint markings, leg markings, and facial markings over your choice of hundreds of base skin colors, allowing for a great deal more customization in creating your own unique horse. It would also open up the accessory market to creators who don't know how to make or rig mesh, allowing them to create saddle pads, blankets, leg wraps, and other skin tight accessories using only textures. If those BOM add-ons can't be used on a horse that is worn, though, I hesitate to add BOM support. The average consumer will not understand why their horse's unique marking works when rezzed but not when worn (that is, if rezzed animesh does work; i wasn't clear on that from the article and haven't had a chance yet to try.) So, asking again for @Vir Linden - is full animesh support planned, or is this being viewed as too narrow a use case?
  2. I'm disappointed that the wiki says it will have no support for worn animesh. Animesh seems like a great use case for BOM, being new enough to not have established other norms, and with built in added incentive to keep land impact down. I recognize that it could work for an animesh solution that is designed only to ever be rezzed, but for the many animesh objects that are advertised for rez or wear, I feel the different implementations will be confusing for the end user. Is full animesh support something that's on the roadmap, or is that being viewed as too narrow a use case at this time?
  3. Sorry about that ❤️ I do still intend to finish it but I've hit a bit of a rough patch irl that's slowed down all of my projects, including the Adams addon. I really appreciate your patience! Rest assured it's not abandoned ❤️
  4. Oh thank you! Wanting a big window wall is exactly why I set out to make this! And yes, I made all of it ❤️
  5. The bed is ~BAZAR~ Traveler Double Bed (10 LI) The patio set is DIGS Genoa Daybed (9 LI) and Genoa Coffee Table (2 LI)!
  6. My cats would never eat me! That would be far too much work for such fat, lazy, pampered kitties when they could just have tuna from the can
  7. And finally, my other back patio that branches off the master bedroom! This has become my favorite new hangout space! With a little derendering, it has a great view of the water and the docks, which I love ❤️ I can even see the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from here!
  8. The back of the house with a little sitting area and Blush's pergola addon: And my little hammock spot! I was so glad I managed to keep my hammock; I wasn't sure I'd have the LI for it, but I made it work!
  9. I'm working on an extension for the back of the house to add a living room, master bedroom, and master bath. It's not quite finished yet, as evident by the lack of doors, but I couldn't wait to decorate it Some shots of my new living room and bedroom:
  10. The room to the right of the entryway became my kitchen and dining room:
  11. I finally (more or less) finished decorating my new home in Cape Lively, and I love it! Front porch: Entryway: I wasn't sure what to do with this space, so it became de facto cat room I turned the room to the left into an office space with reading nook and gaming station:
  12. Yes, animal adoption rp is actually quite common among animal avatar roleplayers, and among family roleplayers. Many of the child adoption centers where children can find parents and siblings also offer a pet section for animals to find owners, and a few animal-specific adoption centers, kennels, veterinary offices, etc have also popped up over the years to cater to animal roleplayers and their families. More often than not, these kinds of services are not a for-profit venture. They're run by kind souls who simply enjoy interacting with animal avatars
  13. I actually think this is the calmest thread on the forums right now... 😂 We all understand that this new feature (which they obviously didn't have adequate time to stress test) will have some problems. It helps to share experiences to help each other figure out what works and what doesn't, as well as to let linden lab know about the problems we're seeing on our end when things don't go as planned!
  14. I thought you were literally suggesting "The Wilds" as a home theme! Jungles, treehouses, Swiss Family Robinson... I was on board!
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