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  1. Question for @Linden Lab: with the upcoming changes to monthly region tier fees, should we be expecting the cost to buy and/or transfer a new private region ($350 buy and $100 transfer for a full region) to remain the same? I have an interest in buying a new sim soon, and would like to know if I should time my purchase to reflect upcoming changes. Thanks!
  2. 1. Revisit the new user workflow. It is far too hard to learn how to use second life. Posting signs and videos on orientation island is not adequate onboarding: users should experience a live, interactive tutorial that is interesting and fun, like one experiences when starting a new game. 2. Borrow technologies from Sansar. You've already paid to develop great improvements on what we have here on sl: UI-visual wardrobe changes, VR controller gestures, a far better land solution that works based on memory usage rather than physical size on a grid. These would be huge value-adds for sl, alleviating some of sl's greatest problems: new user difficulty in learning to unbox and wear out of inventory, and prohibitive pricing structure of regions. 3. You're moving in the right direction by trying to transition to a subscription model instead of a land sale model. As others have suggested, add more tiers of subscription with different benefits, including a-la carte options. 4. Create business infrastructure. Right now, you cannot use a single creator account to answer questions with multiple CSRs except by either using an outside service or by entrusting another user with access to your cash flow. Create built-in support for the growing multi-partner business model by having branching, ticket style business accounts that can be managed and accessed at different permissions levels and can safely coordinate money and message distribution among several users. Allow these business profiles to be listed as their own marketplace accounts and object creators, irrespective of actual admin usernames. (This is a perfect high level premium option.) 5. Add sl to steam. Steam has been cemented for many years as the main place to go to discover new games. Use it!
  3. Yes, I had the same takeaway from that part, but I don't see where to actually do that. I'm thinking this may only apply to annual members who are already up for renewal before June 24th, which I don't think either of my premium accounts are. If someone figures out how/where to do this, give me a poke?
  4. The doubling of process credit fee, so soon after they last raised the fee (under a year ago, I believe) is a rough blow for creators. Maybe this new premium tier that's hinted at in the article could have a reduced process credit fee?
  5. I'm confused about renewal. It says to renew before June 24th to lock in your rate for another cycle, but I see no option on the premium page for those of us who are already annual (and not currently up for renewal) to add another year. Is this option only for those who want to change their membership type?
  6. Found on my travels today for you guys and gals who like the more secluded lots!
  7. I actually believe it's the other way around: searching "Teegle" brings up both avatar and animesh, but "Teeglepet" brings up only animesh as long as you make it one word. Maybe it's the skins that are confusing you? Skins actually work for both the avatar and the animesh The animesh is not resizable, which is a LL restriction. Vir Linden and his team are working right now on a way to use shape mechanics on animesh, but until then it's one size fits all. The three current breeds are all different sizes, though. Try the unicorn, which is the tallest of the three! Looking forward to trail riding with you guys! I'll see if I can bring some people along Sunday
  8. Most likely, the houses you saw following the first actually WERE the first, and we're already gone regardless of how fast you were. It takes a minute or so for a home to actually disappear from the rotation, from what I've seen
  9. I recommend searching by "teeglepet", one word. That has been a pretty reliable search term for me
  10. You're correct; at this time the teeglepet horses aren't on marketplace because they are still in the first phase of public beta! There are still several bugs to be fixed and several basic features still to be added. When those things are taken care of, that's when we will "kick open the doors" so to speak by listing on marketplace
  11. Unfortunately by the time I chose to abandon this parcel, I was no longer able to edit this post! Updated slurls for rezzers are: For the main continent: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Greenbow/74/228/25 For the squishy pickle: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Navigation/165/32/22 Enjoy!
  12. I can play this game! In my travels I have definitely seen some spots that wowed me! Like this house with a whole community pool in your back yard? How amazing is that? (@ Gaim) Or right at the end of your dock, in one of my favorite places, the Hartnell pool! (@ Hartnell) This park is one of my favorite places on the whole continent! And how great is this houseboat, backing right up to the park, having a boat house next door, and a beautiful view of a lighthouse right across the way? (@ Fourze) Could you imagine either stepping out the door at the back of your houseboat, or gazing out the large windows at the front of your houseboat, and being greeted with the beautiful view and wild nightlife of the Squishy Pickle? What a great life! (@ Brodovima) Living the solo life? What more could you ask for than this house with no neighbors and an enormous stretch of beach? Beautiful! (@ Carbuncle)
  13. I haven't seen a notecard or website of homes that are open for visitation, other than the homes that are set up as pubs/coffee shops/etc. The Parade of Homes hud set up by the Bellisseria Community group covers that ground, though. The hud can be picked up from the group notices, and homeowners who have opened their home to visitors have given their landmarks to the maker of the hud. The hud was given out with the promise that if at any time you want your home removed, you can message to have it taken off the rotation, so if you want to assemble a web page, you'd probably want to ask homeowners' permission and provide a similar promise. Unfortunately, with a notecard, that wouldn't really be a promise you could make.
  14. You said similar to me, when I posted The Drowned Mouse arcade in group chat: that you "wouldn't want to live next door to that, or even on the same sim". The actual neighbors, however, have had no complaints. Several of them have popped over to play games and enjoy a chat by the pool. My own house is a few doors down from one of the open houses you are referring to, and the through traffic going to and from that open house was the main reason I eventually chose to stay in that location. My other location, which I originally found prettier, soon grew still and dead. The human interaction at the busier location brought me around to loving a location that originally didn't interest me. The whole appeal of Bellisseria, for me, is the people. I, like many others, have other places I can retreat to when I want a silent, low traffic, low lag hidey hole. Bellisseria isn't that. It is a tightly packed, highly populated, sardine can of a continent... and that brings me so much joy! People passing means things happening, conversations starting, unexpected roleplay, and all the little moments that make sl fun. In my opinion, all of these open-door, user-run locations add to that feeling of community, not detract from it. After the project is finished and the Lindens and Moles have moved on, it will be the onus of the residents to keep community alive.
  15. Although I understand the reasoning behind not allowing rez zones for fear they would cap regions, you could theoretically get the same effect from people idling in vehicles. If vehicles are a risk we can manage, perhaps this might be too, at least on a trial basis? I do feel that it would be a nice compromise to allow only premium members to rez in residential regions, and maintain that everyone can rez on unpopulated regions. As pointed out, it seems unlikely that someone who has paid for premium would intentionally grief. And allowing users to rez in these zones greatly increases our ability to plan and hold events without the need for monitoring or assistance by LL Perhaps this could be managed by reducing the LI alotted to that parcel to ~50-100 LI remaining, so that only a few things can be out at a time. This reduces the risk of flooding regions (except by rezzing of vehicles, which is already a risk) and offers a decent amount of wiggle room for residents to host parties, rez photo aides, and flesh out role play scenarios as needed. @Patch Linden
  16. You need to have your alt set the land to your group in About Land, and then your main needs to be wearing the group tag in order to rez. Also, make sure you are reading inside your property borders, not on the Linden land. If you have trouble rezzing on the mesh floor, try rezzing on the terrain ocean floor beneath the watery section of your parcel. And, if rezzing inside your home, move your camera out to check if your furnishings actually appeared on the roof or outside - that has happened to some!
  17. I can understand all sides of the discussion here! I can definitely understand how with the scarcity of homes currently, those without would hope that others would give up their "spares". But I can also understand how those who are paying for multiple premium accounts and worked hard to get homes for their alts would feel entitled to keep them. I don't think any one point of view is more right than any other. But I certainly look forward to a time when all houses are available in abundance and anyone can have as many as they like! For me personally, it came down to a strong desire to be heavily involved in the community, and therefore wanting to have a home location that best lends itself to community involvement. Originally I thought that meant I wanted to be near a community destination. The scarcity and RNG nature of the new linden homes drove me into a bit of a choice paralysis: home A1 not near anything, reroll and get home A2. A2 is okay but not ideal; afraid to let it go, I instead roll an alt and get B1! B1 is also okay but not ideal, roll B2... and onwards for a while. My account and my alt's, between the two, went through seven houses after the initial batch of homes were sold out, just picking up what others had abandoned via rerolls. I suspect others may have also picked up multiple homes due to a similar choice paralysis and may eventually find that they don't have as much emotional connection to one home as the other, and therefore release it back into the pool. I did eventually wind up releasing my alt's house - which was the one I originally liked better! My main's home is utterly landlocked, with endless rows of other houses in every direction, and was not at all what I originally wanted. But I found that the extra homes also meant extra traffic, and the unexpected bits of community interaction I've had in that house have led me to develop a greater emotional attachment to that location (The houseboat I posted for public visitation, "The Drowned Mouse", is actually not "mine". It belongs to my irl boyfriend's account, who only wanted a place to set as his home location and change outfits, and gave me full permission to decorate it however I wanted. And what I want is fun community interaction - so I made it a fun community destination!)
  18. Updated SLURL for mainland horse rezzer: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Greenbow/74/228/25 And adding The Drowned Mouse: a public hangout spot that also has a horse rezzer for the Squishy Pickle: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Navigation/157/33/21
  19. I spent all day decorating my new houseboat! I chose to turn my houseboat into a public barcade/party boat, which I named The Drowned Mouse! Here you'll find lots and lots of games, a great pool deck with floaties and cuddles, a fire pit, a bumper boat rezzer so you can go zooming around the atoll, and a riding horse rezzer so you can do all of your beach horseback riding! Located just a short walk down the beach from the Squishy Pickle! Come and check it out http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Navigation/157/33/21
  20. several users have made public cafes and bars, so no, I highly doubt you would be kicked out - as long as you're not charging money
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