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  1. I believe all that "launches today" is the preview for the third style of linden home: the trailers
  2. Whoops! Posted in SSP before I saw this thread, but I'll post here too! My little quickie gif tour: https://gyazo.com/297f9d19a68a7a79f3ffb46ab432f139 https://gyazo.com/224a9950bca0431ca62099331162882c https://gyazo.com/e9f1b0da0f61962872f9e49f6c35b4d7 https://gyazo.com/b017203c73091fad09c79c09b3fe9629 https://gyazo.com/998c48b44293961e14bb08ab6c5a84cd
  3. My quickie tour of the new house theme! https://gyazo.com/297f9d19a68a7a79f3ffb46ab432f139 https://gyazo.com/224a9950bca0431ca62099331162882c https://gyazo.com/e9f1b0da0f61962872f9e49f6c35b4d7 https://gyazo.com/b017203c73091fad09c79c09b3fe9629 https://gyazo.com/998c48b44293961e14bb08ab6c5a84cd
  4. I'm pretty fond of New Hamsterdam
  5. I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty pleased to see a duplicate thread where the OP is positive, instead of complaining. More of these, please ❤️
  6. More new homes going in! I've been checking in every day at 10-11 am SLT and finding that that's a great time to watch progress happening
  7. Before Sergio bumped this thread yesterday, every response here had happened before the announcement of "super premium". Respondents had no reason to believe another tier of premium would be coming. I suspect, depending on the perks offered, several people here may be doing exactly that.
  8. I wonder if this is that event venue we've been hearing about!
  9. And now I'm watching Abnor do some interesting things with parcel lines... wonder what he's working on?
  10. Looks like a new airstrip has gone in near the new area
  11. Oh good, they've begun work on Teagertopia! 🐭
  12. There are actually a lot of people in sl who really love gachas. If there weren't, they never could have become as prominent as they are today. I believe for those who genuinely love gachas, that love is driven by a desire to feel unique or special. By offering rare prizes that are more difficult to get, the reward to the people who win and use those rares is that they get to feel like they have something that not everyone else has. I've seen comments that gachas would only be ok if those same items were also offered individually or in fat packs by the seller. But in the act of doing that, the seller would be eliminating the thing that (I think) primarily makes gachas appealing. Another reason people love gachas is the possibility of paying lower prices for good quality content. I often find, personally, that the rare objects in a gacha don't appeal to me and it's the regular ones that I want. In those cases, you can expect a reasonable chance of doing a few pulls at ~25-75 lindens a pop and win at least one of the items you were interested in, which you may have paid 300L for outside of a gacha situation. Or, as others have said, buy it on marketplace from a reseller to be sure you're getting exactly what you want
  13. It's okay for SL to cater to more than one kind of person, or to people who like more than one thing. If gaming isn't your cup of tea, that's perfectly fine; you don't need to play games in sl. The fact that you personally don't want to play them doesn't mean that no one else does, nor does it mean that it would be a bad thing to develop further infrastructure to empower creators to make them. The average resident in sl is over 30 years old. Outside of sl, the under-30 demographic has a heavy involvement with video games and mobile games. Creating new infrastructure for game development could be a fantastic way to open sl to new, younger users and further boost the sl economy, promising greater longevity to the overall platform... Not to mention unlocking a lot of doors for current creators to make even cooler stuff. You might be surprised by the ways creators might find to use features intended for games to instead expand upon experiences like clubbing, sailing, and even shopping
  14. I volunteer to take it! I want a pool right outside my window; yes please! I will struggle through the hardships of a boatless existence
  15. I actually prefer the random lottery over a waiting list. If there was a waiting list, it would still be a first-come-first-served list, just based on when you found and signed up for the list, as opposed to when you found Bellisseria. But having a list would allow no hope of trying to switch to a different home location. If you weren't happy with the location you were given, you'd have to wait until every other interested resident had a home before you could try for a different location. As it is now, there are several residents abandoning their homes each day, and opening those homes back up into the pool, so it's possible to try for a spot that better suits you. If a list were implemented, I would want it to apply to only half of the homes for each new release, and leave the other half to the random lotto.
  16. I had a similar issue recently where I noticed I seemed to have far fewer LI available on my sim than I normally do. I don't have exact numbers, but on that day one particular renter reported that their shop which was usually 116 LI had jumped to ~150 LI, though they hadn't changed anything. The number later returned to what it had been previously. I suspected it may have had to do with project ArcTan, though I haven't heard anything about ArcTan in a few months
  17. Ok, I adore the cupcake wallpaper.. 🍰
  18. New lots outlined today, and roads going in now
  19. I wish SL were better equipped to make custom games! We've seen the beginnings of gaming infrastructure with experiences, but I'd love to see tools better empowered to create a game within a game. Built-in infrastructure to control the look of the user's avatar, to create custom quests of various kinds (kill quests, gather quests, escort quests, etc), to create custom UI's and camera sequences and story mapping... would open SO many doors for second life! I know that I, as someone who aspires to one day create an indy MMO, have boggled over the hard problems with multiplayer gaming: replication, networking, security... and then come back to SL where that's all handled for us, and breathe a sigh of relief. If we could actually use that infrastructure to create custom games as artists, without having to reinvent the wheel... second life could do so much! I had thought from early talks about Sansar that that was what Sansar was intended to be, but looking at it today I don't feel like that is their goal any longer.
  20. The green houses they put up look like the house pieces in the board game Monopoly
  21. There's a lighthouse right across the way, and it also seems small to be a lighthouse, so we can probably eliminate that. It could be a squishy pickle shack, but the area doesn't look quite beachy enough. So I'm guessing probably a new community pool! Which would be great, since that northern-central area of the map is low on community gathering spots. Perfect place for one
  22. decoration gone in on the first of the sims
  23. As much as I want to squeal with delight at the idea of a small old town square with a park in the center, or a boardwalk lined with shops and an event venue out over the water... I don't think allowing real creator-owned stores in bellisseria would realistically work, scale-wise. There are just too many creators who would want to take part. In accommodating everyone, we'd create a whole second bellisseria-sized continent that's wholly commercial with low traffic and low visibility. I could really go for a large event venue with fake shop fronts, though! 50's ice cream parlor, anyone?
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