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  1. It sounds like you have misunderstood how the process works. Yes, the undeveloped Bellissera regions will one day spring up, completely finished, all at once, without seemingly having been worked on in that location at all. But that's not because they are auto-generated, or duplicated from the regions we are currently living in. It's because the new regions are being built, by hand, one at a time, on a duplicate of the continent elsewhere on the map. If you search for SSP on the map, you can see the WIP area and compare it to the live map of Bellisseria to see the differences represented by this last month of work. You can also scroll through the SSP thread here in the Linden Homes forum to see snapshots of how these regions have evolved over time as the Lindens and Moles have worked on them. When completed, new groups of regions will then be duplicated over - once - to reside exactly where they fit in the SSP version of Bellisseria. There is not more than one copy of any one region layout on the continent.
  2. I also lack twitter, and cast my vote for traditional as well! I like having a yard, a porch, and a little picket fence. Though I have to say, all of my favorite features of the new continent so far have been on the shore or on islands, so in terms of proximity to the places I love the most, the houseboats definitely have some appeal to me
  3. I've actually noticed changes in my regions' windlight settings in the last ~3 weeks. I hadn't changed the environment settings for my two regions (Teegle and Acres) in years before that date, and hadn't recently updated my viewer either. I had wondered if it may be a server-side change related to EEP as well. What I was seeing was that the fog and density multipliers were not working as they once did, making my usually diffused, foggy sunrise (based on AvatarOpt windlight setting) be stark bright with a solid white sky. After waiting a few weeks to see if my graphics or the region would correct itself, I finally tried changing my evironment settings, and after several tries and a region restart, found that I couldn't. The settings repeatedly failed to change. Eventually they did reportedly succeed in changing, but the settings once again were not what I was seeing in the edit sky preview; no fog. I didn't think to check on another viewer, since I had not made any recent changes to firestorm, but perhaps I should if there's a chance it's a firestorm issue... Edit: sorry for necro thread!
  4. When will residents be issued our regulation ghost bustin' packs?
  5. I already told you... they're here! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maple Cross/64/63/23
  6. When it comes available, Bellisseria is the first on the list; you don't have to touch the drop-down at all. If you refresh the page and see Meadowbrook instead of Bellisseria, that means there's not currently anything available on Bellisseria. There aren't a lot of people abandoning land right now; this will become a lot easier again in the days following the release of the new houseboat area, when more lots are available and more current residents are trading in their old homes for different styles or locations.
  7. The whole point of improving the premium perks is to encourage new premium member signups. Make no mistake; while these new homes and all of the other new premium benefits coming our way are fantastic perks for those of us who have been subscribed for a long time, the target audience here is not us; it's the new signups. All Linden Lab had to do to keep its current premium users... was nothing. This is one of those instances where it doesn't matter who's been around longest, who's been most loyal, or who's paid the most money. The only factor involved in getting one of these early homes, while supply is limited, is how badly you want it. If you want it badly enough to watch the forums and blogs every day and be ready to act the moment word goes out... or else if you want it badly enough to spend time refreshing the page until you manage to get a home... then you will get one. If you don't, then someone who wants it more badly than you will get it instead.
  8. The ghost is pretty close to my house... and I always wear a heart group tag... and I did have a pretty adventurous trail ride the other day that involved falling off a few cliffs... Is this how I find out I've been Sixth Sensed?
  9. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maple Cross/64/63/23
  10. Hmmmm.... I spy a cute new community area going in!
  11. It isn't turned off; it's locked so that other users can't respond. You probably don't want to get emails any time Joe Schmoe has a question or comment Click the "Follow" Button at the top right of the page, and each time new homes or other important things are added by Linden Lab, you will get an email that notifies you that there has been a new response to the thread by Patch Linden.
  12. Just for clarification, I'm not a representative of Linden Lab. Just an ordinary resident like you. If you follow the thread I linked above, you WILL get an email when new homes are added - that's what the follow feature does! I suspect LL is unable to announce a date and time ahead of time because they themselves don't know. Sometimes these things take more time than anticipated; you don't want to rush out a release that is less than ideal. As for why they don't build enough homes for everyone - they are! But that will take a long time to complete. LL has said that in the coming months they will continue to add new homes and new styles. They've been kind enough to allow us to start living in and using the new continent now, as they continue to build and release finished areas as they come available. That means there will be many opportunities over the next year to get a new house
  13. Oh thank you so much! I did lots of shopping for new lower LI decor! As well as removing shadows from things, linking things, and also wound up making myself a new low LI fence to replace the one I mentioned above. I'm really happy with how much I managed to squeeze in! I'm really glad you liked it
  14. I would consider AR'ing that, if I were you. I don't feel like linden housing is an appropriate place to be parking a ton of bots (though to be fair, I don't recall seeing a rule against it, either.)
  15. That was my assumption, yes. However, enough full regions of linden housing to satisfy demand will eventually be added, one way or another. Rather than spend time decorating every region by hand, which uses prims and takes time, it seems simpler, faster, and more efficient to upgrade water regions that require no additional decoration. Just a dozen water regions with skybox housing means potentially as many as ~600 new home lots that could be available very quickly, with minimal effort. As for how having water plots for skyboxes differs from buying mainland and not building on the ground... it doesn't really! But neither does having a skybox in mainland differ from having a skybox in Bellisseria, yet here we are. I suspect there's a number of people unaware that their free 1024 allotment can be used towards mainland. I also suspect there's a desire to be near the shiny new continent. Perhaps providing nearby skybox parcels may satisfy both needs This is not at all to say that people should not be allowed to decorate or not decorate, use or not use their home in Bellisseria as they see fit. But it would provide a very simple way to add a large number of parcels near the new continent in a very short amount of time, and may be adequate to satisfy the needs of those who are uninterested in the house itself or in the community aspect. If given a bonus prim allotment, as discussed earlier in the thread, I could see this option being very appealing to those who are less interested in the other amenities the continent has to offer. Either way, I'm very happy with what's already being done and would not be at all upset to continue with exactly what we have (but more of it). I just saw the potential value in the suggestion, that's all
  16. There is no waiting list. Just follow this thread to receive an email when new houses are added: The alternative is continuing to refresh the "Customize Your Home" page until you see the new homes appear, but I believe most users who were going to abandon their homes have done so at this point. So your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for the new batch of houseboats that will be released soon (likely in the next week or two, I'm guessing)
  17. I actually really like the idea of putting some of the water regions to use as 1024 skybox housing. Perhaps set them up with single prim "floors" at the 2k level and restrict them to using the new security orb in the sky only, with public access required at the ground level. There are all of those new ocean regions connecting Bellisseria to the neighboring continents, as well as the regions in the center of the lake... Prime real estate! Perks: Users who only want a free skybox, can have one, without taking homes from those who want them Mermaids can build those deeper underwater grottoes they've been talking about here on the forums! No decor is needed outside of home parcels, so all of that unused LI can still be put towards the rezzing of boats and planes like it is now More 1024 home parcels added to satisfy demand, without adding to the moles' workload in finishing new regions; just parcel and go! @Patch Linden thoughts?
  18. I chose the Winchester for the increased floor space! I love the front porch on the thinner two story, and love that the stairs on that model are right in the front entryway, but the larger rooms on the Winchester sold me. Especially with the upstairs being one large, open room ❤️ If an open floor plan house gets made in the future, it will be a major contender for me!
  19. It's my intention to only keep one house, in the end. I was unhappy with the first location I got for my main so tried with my alt, just to see what I'd get... and landed in a spot that I liked quite a bit more! So then I began rerolling my main to see if I could luck out again, and so far haven't yet. I'm holding my alt's home temporarily, as I may decide long term that that is the one I actually want to live in, while I decide what I'll be doing with my main account (keeping, rerolling, giving up). My intention is to keep (and use!) this home for years to come, so I want to be sure that I'm happy with it! I want a home location that brings me as much joy as the continent as a whole does
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