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  1. I know I measured myself with prims and corrected the camera angle. I thought that's common knowledge since it was one of the first things people told me to do. Thank you. I'll visit their store later. If it doesn't look too much like a pony it might be fine.
  2. Oh, okay thank you. Do you know of any horses that are smaller than the Teegle?
  3. I tried the demo of all Teegle horses. The Pony is too small and well it's a Pony ... The American Paint is too big, too wide wich means my legs are inside the body and I don't like how the head is held so low. The horses I'm interested in are the Hanoverian and the Unicorn. I want to know if they can be made smaller or if they're stuck at the size of the Demo when worn. I want to use the horse for RP and my group has realistic sized avatars as a rule I can't make my avatar over 2m tall to fit the size of the horse.
  4. I went and and tried the demo horses but every horse except for the Arabian wich is a breed I don't like is too tall and too wide for my 1.70m tall avatar. So before buying I would like to know from people who own a Teegle horse if they're resizeable and if yes do third party tack sets still fit when I make the horse smaller?
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