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  1. i cant log in anymore... whats going on??

    @ SAVLMichelleCVetV How can LL give notice of 'unscheduled maintenance'? If they could give notice, it would be 'scheduled maintenance', wouldn't it!
  2. Best viewer available?

    Although it would be good advice, I don't think Linden Lab has ever actually said "get a gaming computer" and the company does mention Intel on the System Requirements page. Certainly a desktop or laptop with a discrete gaming graphics card is best for running SL but there are plenty of users with integrated Intel HD graphics as well. My desktop is over 6 years old now. It has its original OC Intel quadcore i5 750 processor and I recently replaced the degrading ATI Radeon HD 5850 with an AMD R7 370. The system still runs SL reasonably well but struggles in busy places. I tried Firestorm recently for the first time and while it runs fine in quiet places, it's very poor in busy clubs and fairs. Linden Lab's own viewer is far superior in those situations and can run at Mid graphics when FS is struggling on Low. I've run Black Dragon and its predecessor, Niran's, for years and it is by far my favourite viewer (as commented to me recently by another happy BD user, "going from Black Dragon to Firestorm is like going from a Ferrari to a Chevy"). However, you need a really good computer to run Black Dragon in _all_ situations. I switch to the LL viewer when going to clubs and fairs. I tried Singularity, which people says is best for computers struggling to run Second Life well. However, it ran well for one or two sessions then refused to open after that so I gave up on it. Perhaps it will work better than the LL viewer for you though but I've heard it's not as up-to-date as other viewers. The Second Life Third Party Viewer Directory is here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory Here is a useful link on Second Life and Intel HD graphics: http://blog.nalates.net/2016/06/20/second-life-intel-hd-graphics-how-to-improve/ If your Intel HD systemis struggling with mesh, have you tried updating your Intel HD graphics drivers? For example, here is one mesh bug affecting Intel HD: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/Why-does-this-keep-happening-to-me/qaq-p/3013588
  3. getting items from deleted trash back

    Unfortunately, Monti is right. This is the reply I received when I did exactly the same thing as you. Hi Nyll Bergbahn, I am so sorry but once something has been deleted from the trash we do not have any way to recover it. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Whitney Linden Key Accounts Specialist
  4. QUADRO or GTX?

    Likely no benefit and in fact you may experience issues in using SL or even unable to play at all with a Nvidia Quadro card. It's a bit hit and miss. Refer System Requirements too: https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/ The following cards have not been tested with Second Life, and compatibility is not certain: NVIDIA cards that report as Quadro
  5. You may have pressed CTRL+0 which progressively magnifies the view with each key press and perists across logins. Press CTRL+ 9 to instantly go back to normal view. CTRL + 8 will progressively reduce magnification with each key press. I can't think of any other key combination that would increase viewer magnification.
  6. No acess to adult in web search.

    Further to my comments above, I cannot find a recent JIRA on this issue but for similar issues reported in 2014 and 2015, the resoloution was 'Contact Support'', the answer being: Jira is not for 1:1 personal technical support and is therefore not able to provide one to one support in a timely manner.. For account related issues, please contact support directly at https://support.secondlife.com/
  7. No acess to adult in web search.

    One of my alts has the exact same problem. Has been in SL and adult since 2008 with full access to adult regions as well as adult items on Marketplace but lately adult in Search is greyed out. It's obviously a bug but there does not appear to be a solution other than opening a ticket with Linden Lab Support, which I haven't got around to yet as it's not particularly important for this account. It has nothing to do with viewer used, maturity selection in preferences, payment info on file or anything else I've tried. Adult stubbornly stays greyed out in Search.
  8. SL Viewer is crashed when I turn on the Parcel audio

    Some stations are crashing residents. Seen this happen recently at a club I go to where selecting a particular stream instantly crashed almost everyone attending. At least two were identified as 'crashers' and were removed from the selection list.
  9. The message that comes up gives a number that merely says not all residents may see you (this message seems to appear even with low numbers) but if you're complexity is only 34512 with that outfit, you can pretty much guarantee everyone will see you under normal circumstances. I go down to 10,000 at busy fairs so I can shop without lag but 150,000 for most times.
  10. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Well, seeing as there is no way to currently find out what an item will do to your ARC prior to purchase, how do you shop with complexity in mind? clothing varies so much is not even believable anymore. So, whats your secret? Simple, I try the demos and check. Black Dragon has had Complexity for ages and I'm used to it.
  11. Think a friend deleted their account?

    Yes indeed Phil! The test proved positive. My alt appeared in Search after I logged her in.
  12. Think a friend deleted their account?

    She hasn't logged in for some time Phil so you may very well be correct. I'll test your premise by logging her in today and then checking Search over the next week or so. Let you know.
  13. Think a friend deleted their account?

    Callum Meriman wrote: If they are gone from search they have been banned or deleted their account. Not correct. One of my alts is neither banned nor deleted but doesn't appear in any search and has not selected to be hidden.
  14. Syo Emerald wrote: The numbers the official viewer gives you (along with those warnings) are...silly. Everyone with a halfway decent computer will turn up the numbers, because the standart level of 80.000 is ridicoulusly low compared to how the avatar market really looks like. I have to respectfully disagee. 80,000 is adequate although I have the limit set at a more reasonable 100,000. Anyone going over that will have to be a friend I want rendered or I won't individually render them. I don't care how beautiful they think they look, I won't see them. I have quite easily adapted all my existing saved outfits to a complexity of between 30,000 - 40,000 and they all look great. Old jewellery was the main culprit in adding hugely to complexity values. My outfits include a mesh body, clothes, hair, shoes, jewellery and other minor adornments. There is absolutely no reason why others can't do the same, especially when clubbing or at other busy places. Just shop with complexity in mind and adapt to where you are.
  15. Help with Maitreya, no outfits fitting

    Hi Talistoria, It shouldn't matter which shape you use, Maitreya's or your own. The mesh body adapts except when you want almost flat breasts, which Lara can't handle. Some creators make clothes for Maitreya Lara that do not fit correctly requiring the use of the alpha hud, in particular with breasts and nipples, so it's essential to try demos. Some are so off a good fit they are best avoided. Creations by those who have access to the full Lara details usually work perfectly and can be considered 'fitmesh'. I can't think why Maitreya's own clothes are not fitting you. Recheck that you are wearing the Maitreya Lara alpha. Try Blueberry's clothes too. Their creations all fit perfectly. You could also try rezzing a new Lara folder from the original box. If you don't have it still, you can get redelivery from the terminal at the back of the Maitreya store. If you like I can meet you inworld at an agreed time and see if I can help.