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  1. Found the issue. Made a route trace to destiny and found some problems in between. The request is taking too long to reach the server and the viewer is timing out. It is a backbone problem between my pc and the grid server. Found a workaround using a vpn so I am traversing the internet from somewhere else. It's slow but it works.
  2. Hi guys. It has been a few days since I am having a hard time login into Second Life. The first occurrence was noted on Firestorm. Login fails at "Waiting region handshake". Also tried with SL official viewer, same problem. I can only login very rarely, like almost always 1/30 tries and mostly right after Windows boot. I have tried with a laptop and same thing as on my pc. So I guessed it was a network issue. Started by unplugging the modem and waiting for a few minutes. Same thing. So i tried modifying my ISP modem firewall settings. No ports are being blocked. Also deacti
  3. I am talking about well established, daily relationship? About people poofing for no aparent reason?
  4. You got along well with someone, suddenly he/she stops replying, ignores you, or blocks you from everywhere. How was your reaction? What do you think about that?
  5. Lol no. In all honesty i am the most uninteresting avatar in there. I do nothing but log in and stand around, chat with someone sometimes and that's it.
  6. I'm a programmer. I never touched LSL though. It's enough with 8 hours a day being a code monkey, by the end of the day I am too burned out to even think about coding.
  7. Hi there, I am not sure why but lately I've noticed two basic personalities among SL avatars, I don't know if SL makes you like that, or everybody tries to get in the same boat and act that way because it is a trendy thing. I've been in SL for around some time and back in the days I noticed people were more genuine, but nowadays, besides of 'pailed-looking-white-haired' avatars everywhere, there's also a trend in the way people react; 1. Man try to look alphas, dominant, they even try to sound like a greek god movie star when on voice. It's sad. 2. Women act like cold, very sexu
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