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  1. Found the issue. Made a route trace to destiny and found some problems in between. The request is taking too long to reach the server and the viewer is timing out. It is a backbone problem between my pc and the grid server. Found a workaround using a vpn so I am traversing the internet from somewhere else. It's slow but it works.
  2. Hi guys. It has been a few days since I am having a hard time login into Second Life. The first occurrence was noted on Firestorm. Login fails at "Waiting region handshake". Also tried with SL official viewer, same problem. I can only login very rarely, like almost always 1/30 tries and mostly right after Windows boot. I have tried with a laptop and same thing as on my pc. So I guessed it was a network issue. Started by unplugging the modem and waiting for a few minutes. Same thing. So i tried modifying my ISP modem firewall settings. No ports are being blocked. Also deactivated all packet filtering options, literally having a totally open connection but did not work. At this point I don't know what else could be happening. I have dumped the login attempt logs here: https://pastebin.com/X2JC5NTc Can you guys see something I don't? Ping to the grid server shows no packet loss. Thanks in advanced.
  3. I am talking about well established, daily relationship? About people poofing for no aparent reason?
  4. You got along well with someone, suddenly he/she stops replying, ignores you, or blocks you from everywhere. How was your reaction? What do you think about that?
  5. Lol no. In all honesty i am the most uninteresting avatar in there. I do nothing but log in and stand around, chat with someone sometimes and that's it.
  6. I'm a programmer. I never touched LSL though. It's enough with 8 hours a day being a code monkey, by the end of the day I am too burned out to even think about coding.
  7. Hi there, I am not sure why but lately I've noticed two basic personalities among SL avatars, I don't know if SL makes you like that, or everybody tries to get in the same boat and act that way because it is a trendy thing. I've been in SL for around some time and back in the days I noticed people were more genuine, but nowadays, besides of 'pailed-looking-white-haired' avatars everywhere, there's also a trend in the way people react; 1. Man try to look alphas, dominant, they even try to sound like a greek god movie star when on voice. It's sad. 2. Women act like cold, very sexualized mean [ladies] you can't even afford to look at them because of so hot they are. Now I would accept these as individual personality trait, but not when 90% of SL acts this way. It's so fake and disgusting, people pretending to be something they are not only to be tagged as cool, popular, or because they feel the need to fit in. This Virtual World definetely lost what made people genuine here. Most populated places now are only people described above, avatars with static poses watching each other for hours without even engaging in any kind of interaction, it's so sad. Only places I still find some genuine people are in newbie landing areas, I suppose new joiners discovering this world still got the same "innocence" and admiration to discover new things and be what they really can't in RL. But then again, eventually these guys will also turn into SL snobbism. What happened? Regards.
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