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  1. you have ONE password that you use to log into all the services LL offers. There are not separate inworld and forum accounts. You might log into the forum days weeks months or years after you joined second life but its all the same account. Im pretty sure if I logged out of the forums I wouldn't be able to log back in, because I cancelled my account. I'm also reading the forums on my main, because i logged out this account on my computer but not on my phone. I'm pretty sure some concerned forum citizen will bring this to a mods attention and they will rectify this unfortu
  2. totally same account so that a violation in one gets you punished in the other and yet, a week after I terminated my account, and am dead inworld so to speak, I'm still alive and well in the forums.
  3. no new ego, this was my forum posting account. I'm done with the forums so there is no further need for this account. I was only posting because I was amused that a week after I cancelled this account I'm still logged into the forums.
  4. yes i know that but if i cancelled my account how can i still be logged in? are you suggesting that if i never log out i can continue posting on the forums without having a second life account?
  5. ok this is an amusing glitch of some sort. I deleted this account over a week ago. Trying to log in to second life gives me the message "account not found" yet im still logged into the forums and can still post. I dont plan on resuming posting I just thought this was something intersting to share. Im sure a Linden will fix it when brought to their attention. 😁
  6. he should just sign up for second life then he can be any age he wants to be
  7. ive seen avatars that are 11 years old yet they claim they are 21 in rl oh you started when you were 10 in rl? yea right
  8. its even better when you find places to play during your explorations. For example, Mt Everest has fully equipped camps on the way up in case you need a break.
  9. nothing wrong with that at all, as long as you make that clear right from the start.
  10. me and my bf have been exploring Christmas / winter sims lately. Last night we climbed to the top of Mt Everest. As for s e x thats cool too. Are you bi?
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