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  1. Probably not. But as far as I know, lying to others about being rich, young, slim, single/married, stunnigly attractive, phenomenally well hung, a successful DJ or a tough biker in RL isn't a criminal act. Whereas, if I was to walk around a street in the US wearing marine gear, I might be challenged and rightly arrested or at least insulted/shunned if it could be proved I was a phoney. So just wondered, why is it so different if someone gets on voice in an infohub and tells everyone they're in the forces, when they clearly don't have a clue what they're talking about?
  2. Should it be illegal for SL residents (and bannable) to falsely claim to be in the (RL) military, in text and in voice?
  3. 50s is a rubbish theme 🤢 Hate Elvis and doo wop 🤮 Won't take part, this sucks 🤬
  4. I'll take the 1,000L off your hands if you feel uncomfortable with it ?
  5. Nah, it is cowardly. ? What do you think impresses one's SL g/f more? "Hold on, I'm going to tell the sim owner this person was rude about you and hope he gets booted". Or - give 'em a smack in the gob and have a fight! fight! fight! This option could also save a lot of doomed SL relationships, where the woman realises her Gorean master is actually a tell-tale and dumps him for a furry instead. I dunno, if people are worried about griefing, LL could make it so if you get knocked out, you get logged out for a few hours on 'hospital break'. That would keep a lid on casual violence IMO.
  6. I was playing GTA 5 on the weekend and suddenly realised - SL would be SO much better if there was an option to have a fight, in-world. I know you have brash attacks but they're all a bit lame and don't work on some sims. As things stand now: PERSON A: You just insulted my wife. PERSON B: I think her Freebie Island ballgown's insult enough. PERSON A: (PMs club owner to get PERSON B banned)... Which is cowardly - would be much better if they could step outside and have a fight and beat each other up. Can't LL work this into SL as an option? They could make it so you don't get punched/kicked if you mute the other person (also cowardly, but OK if you are an old lady being griefed, etc)
  7. 1) Join 42 groups 2) IM each group, saying something like, "Hey, I've just made a motorbike/dress/skybox...I just need 10L for the texture...will pay you back AND give you a free copy of (whatever the item is)" 3) Many will ignore you or have a fit but a number will give you money, so you will probably get 100-150L. 4) Leave the groups, join some brand new ones, repeat.
  8. Everyone should follow the rules of Freebies World Group: NO HI / HELLO / HOLA STOP SPAM NO FOOL OF SOMONE
  9. They claim they won't get involved. So, if I buy a 2,000L sports car on Marketplace and the creator delivers me a prim cube with prim spheres for wheels, I can't claim my money back or report him/her for misleading sales/fraud, as this is a 'personal dispute'. However, if I'm passing by a tiki hut and the paranoid couple inside tell me to go away, and I inform the man his partner is a "smelly, ugly old cow" and sit outside, he can report me and LL suspend me for 3 days!!?! What's that if not a 'personal dispute'???
  10. Creepy clowns attacked the grid last Halloween - loads of people chased them around different sims, firing guns at them for revenge - loads of people got banned. And Ebbe Linden actually LOGGED OFF because he said he was scared of clowns and didn't wnat to get involved so another Linden had to get up at 2am and start banning people
  11. That woman is so fat, looks like she's eating those dogs...
  12. Medhue Simoni wrote: The whole reason the ban is in anyway needed is because we are bombing them. What garbage. When have Iraq, Turkey, the Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, Bali or Pakistan ever 'bombed them'? All have been attacked though. Something to do with Islam being a regressive religion. All you people slating Trump need to grow up and kick yourselves into touch. Do you think an Islamic Caliphate would allow you to come onto SL and dress how you want and play with sexbeds and adult SM sims? Do you think a Caliphate would allow you to do ANYTHING you currently take for granted?
  13. When people ask "How do I become a SL DJ?" the answer should be - CAN YOU PLAY THIS? if not...then "YOU CAN'T" And if your club doesn't play this...you should be AR'd :smileyvery-happy:
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