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  1. I will never...have never.....shall never....understand your weird desires to have sex with a father figure and especially not one you call "daddy". Makes me wonder about the real truthful desires of these people, especially the "daddies" who for some reason seem to get off on the idea of having sex with a younger "daughter". Pedophiles by another name?
  2. I really feel like....some of you....not all but some..... are just CONSTANTLY hovering on the edge of your seats with a printed off copy of the TOS in one hand, petrified look in your eyes, mouse in the other hand....scanning each thread wildly and and muttering to yourselves "Something here breaks TOS.....we must maintain order.....WITHOUT THE TOS WHAT IS THERE......ANARCHY....THE TOS MUST BE UPHELD....." Also OP, I think its weird that prospective mom to be feels the need to mix "sexy", "baby girl" and "daughter" into the same sentence. I will never understand you fantasy incest role-players and your desperation's for role-play daughters that double as your sex partners... Although I will give you this, your level of weirdness somewhat normalises my experimental adventures with a fur......never mind.....
  3. I think it depends which part of the forum you are in. Most of the trolls I notice tend to hang out in General Discussion. However if you are seeking advice in say....Scripting or Building then I tend to notice trolls far far less. Having said that though, there aren't THAT many trolls in General but I do see your point.
  4. Not at all, I appreciate what you originally said I just disagree with some of it. I do agree with you on the first part of your response though, if they do get sansar to that level then by all means lets use Sansar. But in terms of this thread..as I stated above I was just curious. Also, I am more than aware how difficult it would be to make a basic rigging system like that. I was just suggesting it as one way to think about it. I know there would be far more to it than what I stated. Im only basing my knowledge off how the user end process of rigging works in blender, I'm definitely not an expert on the matter. More than happy to accept that this is probably impossible but at the same time....its a feature I would love to see someone pull off. Btw dont take the tism comment personally. I didn't mean it in a way to literally say you had autism or as an insult to anyone with autism so I apologise if thats how it made you feel. I meant in a playful way to stop taking things literally as if I'm demanding these features.
  5. Troll : One who seeks to gain a reaction from an individual or group of people. I dont believe I did that.
  6. I was playfully poking fun at her. Il say the same to you that I said to her....dont tism out too hard over it
  7. Sansar is not SL2.0, even the Lindens have stated that it is not SL2.0. They may share some similarities but they are totally different beasts going down totally different paths. Your missing the point of what I was saying. I wasn't talking about doing it in the way Sansar has. I was talking about a fully revamped version of SL in a whole new world with greater features added to what already works in the existing one, therefor enhanced LSL. Creating your script and seeing its results in real time alongside others who are either helping or critiquing vs on your own in a IDE maybe?. Also keeping the immersive experience of the new world without needing to install 23424 other programs?. Once scripting is fully implemented in Sansar you are going to have to go off and learn C# and what all of the available libraries that sansar as access to can do before you are able to make anything too meaningful like...some kind of game or other experience. Having an in world scripting client allows the user to learn IN GAME and see their results in real time and have fun doing it. Not all developers are super hardcore individuals who autism out over having things the best possible way for them. Some people just want to open SL and start designing something...hence why we should carry that theme over if SL2.0 was ever a thing. See second to last sentence in #2 and parts of #3 See second to last sentence in #2 and parts of #3 Other programs have built in or installable bitbucket support. Case in point the external editor Atom. See second to last sentence in #2 and parts of #3 See #3 So your comparing the ability to move points, move edges and generate a few random trees and some grass as being the equivalent of building Maya into it? Grow up kiddo As opposed to what, new users being kicked and banned by age restrictive products and as stated in a post above, causing them to take offence and quit SL for being banned, in their eyes, for technically nothing. Even the lab doesn't agree with you here as they finally accepted it after years of people trying as a potential new feature. So they must like the idea to some degree. Also others have voiced support for it so.....enjoy that branch on your lonesome... Were you not around when SL had clouds?. They weren't animated mesh floaty things you know, it was a full on cloud mist that was around 500m upwards and extended for maybe another few hundred more. It was seriously neat. Plus whats wrong exactly with a weather system. I know lets just stay static and never progress in anything and remain stagnant. I created a village once inside the cloud and it was like having literal mist moving around you, something I have yet to see from windlight. Im aware of how rigging works but at the same time there are ways I think you could accomplish a basic automatic rigging feature. For example weights copied from the default skeleton with the option to select which bones you do not wish to copy from and then sliders that simply adjust strength and also blend. Might work might not....but still a feature to consider. Look this thread was supposed to be nothing other than some fun. Not something to be taken super seriously. The lab will never create SL2.0, they are fixated on Sansar. I was just curious is all what people would want to see in a new version of SL if it ever was to be created. Try not to tism out too much over it otherwise your gonna give yourself a hernia ?
  8. You know whats hilarious. I suggested that exact same thing in a Jira probably around 2 years ago and was told "Its not within the scope of....*insert reason here*". Im happy someone actually finally got that accepted, well done!.
  9. There are several forum posts, blog posts and other sources explaining this. Also a video link in a locked thread near the top of General Discussion that has the video from the last linden town hall meeting where these things are discussed if you want to watch it.
  10. As I'm the OP I thought I should probably list the features I would love to see... --Scripting (Because scripters never get enough lab love in my opinion)-- 1. A revamped LSL scripting language. Perhaps designed to be similar to languages with more simplified syntax such as Swift or Python with class objects, switches, new functions to allow rotation of the avatar etc etc etc 2. A revamped script editor in world with enhanced debug options such as stepping through your code. 3. Custom libraries to be added so scripters can store their own custom functions and call them via something like : import funcAESToString() and then later on in the script be able to call that function. 4. Linden libraries that can let you import pre made setups for items such as vehicles. E.g : import vehicleLLCar, that you can then modify to suit your own end. 4. Native Bitbucket / GitHub support. 5. Redesigned particle system to be brought more in line with the kind of particles and effects you can create in Unity and other similar softwares. 6. All scripting still kept in world... --Building-- 1. I would like to see a variation of prims carried over but more enhanced than what we have at the minute. Perhaps with basic mesh modification options such as being able to move and stretch points and edges. With new shape types added such as cogs, hexagons, flat planes (basically a single flat poly with one face). Also the max sizes increased to 128x128 or 256x256. 2. A process added that is similar to Prim 2 Mesh. If you create something and link it you can convert it to a DAE object which gives it a much lower land impact cost. 3. Trees, plants, grass creation tools by default. 4. All building still kept in world..... --Land-- 1. Increased region sizes. I would be happy with double what we have now so 512x512. 2. New type of terrain, maybe voxel...maybe other...that allows for greater modification of the terrain in your region. Perhaps the terrain even divided up into multiple texture squares so you can apply more than 4 textures to create something truly unique. 3. Ability to set on a regional control panel the minimum age of avatars that are allowed in the region such as 1 day, 30 days, 60 days etc. 4. A realistic rain and weather system including clouds....I miss clouds in second life....it was fun to build inside of them. 5. I would say cheaper but to be fair I understand that the lab has to make money somehow, so, more value for the same money (see above). --Mesh-- 1. Some kind of automated rigging program on import that auto rigs the object with a default set of weights that you can modify for each bone with sliders. Similar to how shapes in SL work. 2. Complexity cap. Set high enough so people can still bring in models that are fairly detailed but not so high that we end up with a plant pot that has 600 land impact (Yes iv seen some..). --Other Stuff-- 1. Create folders inside of objects to help organise large projects that require lots of animations, scripts, notecards, sounds etc etc. 2. Longer sound clips, maybe 60 seconds?. 3. An idea for Sansar ported to SL 2.0 which is creating one parent account and then being able to create sub accounts aka your avatars from that parent account that all share the same inventory. 4. Support for VR for those that want to use it. 5. Reliable controller support. 6. Some kind of automated viewer tutorial for new players that points them around the basic use and operation of the viewer. That will do for now xD
  11. Time for a random fun....what if thread! Okay so, lets suppose that LL had decided to develop SL 2.0 as opposed to Sansar. What new features would you love to see in SL 2.0 and what features would you carry over from Second Life and how would you improve them?.
  12. Its pretty dead. Lets be honest. Yes there are people using VR and yes applications are being developed for VR but in terms of the hype and pick up they thought it would have...its dead. VR in my opinion as it stands is a fad that has a long long long way to go before it becomes something seriously mainstream. There are too many barriers right now for the average person to pick it up on a regular serious basis. Motion sickness, cost, limited amount of VR experiences etc etc are just some of the issues facing it. Im more excited by the various developments of augmented reality glasses than I am VR. That will come eventually. They have said several times that there will be a Sansar viewer for Mac at some point, probably not any time soon though
  13. You never told me it was a friend, you made it seem like it was some random that just messaged you when you entered a sim xD. Then your fine, the only reason I said you might get banned is because recently iv seen people be given amounts as low as 2k by people acting weirdly and suddenly their account is on hold due to *insert reasons of money here*. If is a friend giving you money then thats fine, keep it, spend it, take yourself to one of the adult sims and find yourself a nice sex starved kink zombie who will exchange you a fun night for some new hair!.
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