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  1. Dragongate Square (Shops/residential combination buildings - promotional price) $50L / week for 200 LI/prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black Drake/223/156/53 (Please inquire if you need over 200LI) Alchemy Court 100L$ / week for 200 LI/prim (Please inquire if you need over 200LI) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Applewood/157/58/56 Gallipoli Residential Apartments $50L / week for 100 LI/prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black Drake/238/88/40 (Please inquire if you need over 100LI) Skybox 100L$ for every 200LI/prims please enquire.
  2. Just wondering how is linden dollar always so perfectly backed by USD at 250:1 ratio? It is pretty interesting to have a virtual community that has an economy more stable than real countries. I actually feel pretty confident keeping my sales proceeds as L$ especially with the current strength of USD/AUD With the MP sales sink tax at 10% I do not see how there would not be an deflation without manual intervention to inject more lindens to keep the capitalization at a certain level. Is there interview or official release on how the value of linden dollar is maintained ? The economy within second life is a pretty underrated for what it has archived, never seen anything like it in other virtual communities or MMOs.
  3. iamyourneighbour

    right or wrong?

    Very informative
  4. iamyourneighbour

    Screwed by merchant

    My take is that your lindens are gone and you got conned. Next time ask for a PayPal invoice instead. Imo lindens are more stable than quite a few of the currencies around the world always floating at 250:1 with US dollars. If you are paying over 2500 for custom job I say request for an invoice and pay in real dollars. Plus you get the other party's detail and if you need to take them to small claims court it is easier than putting subpoena on Linden Lab.
  5. iamyourneighbour

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    Copy for both. Furnishing I will not accept transfer no copy. When I want to clean the lot I want to just go parcel setting and wipe the place. No copy is acceptable with cloth items but I would prefer copy no transfer any day. Reselling old cloth is a nice appeal and feature but I would prefer the convenience of copy items instead, if you set one copy on fire whether by resizing it wrong or something else, all you need is copy from the original. Having said that I think most consumers are fine with no copy / transfer, otherwise gacha wouldn't be a thing.
  6. iamyourneighbour

    System avatar - out of style?

    Now I am curious 😁
  7. iamyourneighbour

    Conversion rate on MP promotions

    Not a priority but it would be great if we can see conversion rate (ie amount of purchase as subsequent click) into a product from a promotion campaign?
  8. iamyourneighbour

    Sales on sansar?

    I think I will wait for a bit then. Not being able to sit yet sounds pretty bizarre 🤔 Ty kindly to you both !
  9. iamyourneighbour

    Land Tier Premium Accounts

    Virtual wind power
  10. iamyourneighbour

    My thoughts on mainland

    I think mainland owners should have options to nominate land for linden home generation. And the premium user can choose whether they want to be allocated in linden residential estates or private community lands. The core issue I noticed is that people who uses linden homes usually are not familiar with land purchase.
  11. iamyourneighbour


    Official name for new continent
  12. iamyourneighbour

    Sales on sansar?

    Is sales decent for developers on sansar? And what exchange rate does the sensor dollar go against USD ?
  13. iamyourneighbour

    Looking for investors

    What a scam on an insane level. So someone sends you linden how do you define who owns what ? You saying you have no money is already a proof that you have zero track record. If you have a small shop zone fully rented out then maybe come back and try to convince people you actually have the management power. Otherwise 50% they might as well do it themselves. Even if you are serious, sorry to say this but this sounds very very stupid.
  14. iamyourneighbour

    What may be the fair price of this parcel (adult area)?

    That price isn't too bad for the water front adult land. But I think land area wise you are pretty limited, you would have to build over the water areas.
  15. iamyourneighbour

    What would you pay for it?

    It is almost always 0.5L per prim now. Above that you will have short term tenant before they eventually bail to 0.5L/prim options. Always have an option open for people to have vacant land for their own builds. Also you can poach existing tenants from similar properties which are more expensive. But as others have said, no prim is a hard sell because people will want to add their personal touch to a place.