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  1. iamyourneighbour

    Would like to Trade Properties But at a Cost - Is this fair?

    Mainland 2048 doesn't worth 7000. You are getting ripped off, just put in a ticket and request for land auctions go shop around for a bit
  2. iamyourneighbour

    Sort of a "border" in a homestead

    Send me location in world I will have a look
  3. iamyourneighbour

    Skybox from just 750$L for 1500 prims

    Still more for rent now get extra two weeks free when you pay first week rent!
  4. Skybox for rent / Negotiable size / Prim allowance Discreet location - Wait for group invite - You will get 1 week free added manually. (100L for 200 prims or 200L for 400 prims skybox can also be made at request please message me) SIZE: 4096 sqm, 64m x 64 m Rent: 1500L per week How many prims: 3000 prims Pets and plants? Allowed Shops? Allowed CasperLet meter location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Khisanth/120/92/1503 SIZE: 3200 sqm, 40m x 80 m Rent: 1250L per week How many prims: 2500 prims Pets and plants? Allowed Shops? Allowed CasperLet meter location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Khisanth/179/76/1703 SIZE: 2560 sqm, 40m x 64 m Rent: 1000L per week How many prims: 2000 prims Pets and plants? Allowed Shops? Allowed CasperLet meter location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Khisanth/101/76/1252 SIZE: 2560 sqm, 40m x 64 m Rent: 750L per week How many prims: 1500 prims Pets and plants? Allowed Shops? Allowed CasperLet meter location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Khisanth/94/76/1852
  5. iamyourneighbour

    Help for School Project

    Oh boy. A lot of the universities and colleges here are for adult role-playing and not education purposes. The Sims owned by IRL universities are usually for promotional purpose. There is one to west of Jeojeot. But if you want to see classes in action join Builder's Brewery where they run periodic classes in SL to teach people about creating in world.
  6. iamyourneighbour

    People of Color needed for magazine article

    This forum never fails to amuse 😂 I am not into identity politics but if that's what you want to do fill your boots. I would recommend not having a photo and email to match if you decide to get into level 1 internet bloodsports.
  7. iamyourneighbour

    Captured on secondlife

    I like this forum 😂😂😂
  8. iamyourneighbour

    Problems listing my first item on the Marketplace

    Same, their GUI is slightly different but you can list regardless.
  9. iamyourneighbour

    SL making it a hassle to get Lindens

    Where abouts do you live? I know for some countries have stricter control regarding e-money (mainly to prevent money from going out of the country) Turkey is one to some aspect, China is big on preventing money from going out via crytpo but I dont think there's any bars on lindens. I know Dutch had some issues when terrorist in Paris was a monthly headline because they were funneling money any possible way they could find. Bulk of South American countries have similar measure to prevent money being moved offshore en masse. Long story short, I do not think it's LL, more likely your host country has financial restrictions that LL has to comply to.
  10. iamyourneighbour

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    That's actually a very smart idea LOL I would do that if I was to setup ban line around my house. But I dont mind random wanderers so I haven't set any up yet.
  11. iamyourneighbour

    Bringing two sims together

    I have a homestead I have an island Uhh! Homstead-Island!
  12. iamyourneighbour

    Marketplace Homepage Feature

    I am going to be the devil's advocate and say the advertisements work quite well. Your product icon needs to make the sale; a successful product shims have a 10% conversion (10 sales every 100 views) A really good product that customers want and like will be upwards if 11%-20% If your product is not having a 10% conversion rate, it is not the ad, it is most likely your product not having enough appeal, too expensive, or raises alarm bells when consumers look at them. I have three products that has been on promotion for checkout page for last 6 month and they still continue to pull in customers. Of course you don't always get 100% winners. If your conversion is too low on an ad, cut renewal save ads for winner products
  13. iamyourneighbour

    SL making it a hassle to get Lindens

    Mine withdraws to PayPal never had to give bank info. By the way, making money on SL is quite easy I rack in about $500 after costs per month. Anything above $1000 PayPal/SL will ask for your info. Also what's the issue with linking it up if you aren't doing something shady ? And it can also be reactive, if you have got lindens that's not really rightfully yours and someone reports it, you need to pony up verification.
  14. iamyourneighbour

    MainLand Types

    I will keep it short Adult rated land - can be configured to become moderate and general Allows all forms of SL niche fetish, BDSM dungeon etc Moderate land - can be configured to become general land, cannot be changed to adult Clubs, lingerie stores etc basically 18+ stuff without promoting people to bang General land - permalocked to general, cannot be changed to moderate or adult Basically family friendly contents only Having said that, moderate land is usually enough for your private activities unless you really want to set up outright adult contents.
  15. iamyourneighbour

    what is the best way to find a roadside 1024 parcel?

    I recommend driving on the road to find them