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  1. The product needs to have a concise product icon. I have seen many products that get 1/5 rating because someone forgot to put things in the folder, but because the product icon looks fine, people trust it. I am a heretic who prefers integrated SL advertising so I can monitor the stats, minus conversion. Generally you want to have a conversion rate of 10% for a product to be viable. So if you check top selling products it tells you how many times your product has been viewed vs brought, the brought number should be roughly 10% of the times viewed or higher, otherwise something is fundamentally wrong with your listing, ie price is wrong, icon is wrong, something doesn't ring right with the potential buyers.
  2. I don't see why not tbh. Quite a lot of qualifications can be done online now with just tick and flicks. The issue is due to online learning does not require elements of SL, so the extra step of getting into SL would be seen as an obstacle than bonus, and also consider people who doesn't even know where the shift key sits (they exist, I met them) Where for the concurrent users, SL is a fun sandbox, so you use SL as a mean to the end of the fun sandbox where you can build ridiculous shaped towns. IMO, education facility is great, like BB for example, but it's just not well suited for wider educational facilities consider some people use stone age computers and won't even know how to WASD. If SL were to have education they need to have systems where the registrant is a grey man/woman sitting right into a lecture, and let the tech capable ones to go around and discover instead.
  3. "I just notice that here in this forum most of people are american (USA+ Canada + other english countries). All is in english. " What the OP is saying is contradictory. First part he said form posters are American, title also assumes that we are all American with "Is second life American culture", then he moves to say it's all other "English countries", then because "All is in english" and somehow it makes an English speaker "American"
  4. Just have a sex toy called "Carl Sagan" and the user will inevitably ask "Who is CarL Sagan? Why is this double ended subway sandwich named Carl Sagan?" and have a history attached to a note inside the sex toy all about Carl Sagan.
  5. When people start stealing it or paying for it While the former is a form of great flattery, I really prefer the latter.
  6. Wildly implying all English speakers are from USA and Canada while wildly assuming no one outside of USA and Canada can speak English. What you did is like you scooped a cup of sea water from the beach and decided there's no whale in the sea because you didn't see one in the cup. I can assure you there are plenty of non English speakers on SL. I have Romanian tenants, Chinese tenants, Finnish tenants, they all speak English. Do you want them to wave their flag around to loudly announce their origin with a sign that says "Give me a medal"? Long story short, they have other things to talk about other than their nationality.
  7. $1.20 isn't too bad for a long lasting lesson. 😀
  8. A bad deal is not a scam. If I tell someone my car has some magic sports engine when it doesn't, and they buy it, that's a scam, because I have misrepresented something that's not factual. If I tell someone every spec of my car and sell it for twice of what it should be, someone ends up buying it for whatever reason let it be brand attachment or whatever other reason, that's just a bad deal. When you look at a parcel in SL, you see the dimension and price per SQM very clearly. Unless a landlocked parcel is being advertised as having free access, then it's not a scam.
  9. If they are stupid enough to buy a landlocked parcel for 15k I say let them be, you can change land process but you cannot change how gullible people are
  10. Abandon all land you have then go to this page https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php?lang=en-US Change everything to zero especially the bottom selection , hit save. You will still get billed for current cycle but not the next one.
  11. Look up Vila Mimosa or Tiki Town both are pretty active
  12. Just tip some in the club jar on entry if the place is not cheap and save the rest for the main meal
  13. Mine is just 100L for 200 prims or 200L for 400 prims, cheaper and has a fairly decorated neighbourhood. I also have 50L for 100 prim options, skybox and script animals are permitted too
  14. Get casperlet system. It makes management a lot easier
  15. Hilltop Townhouses 100L a week for 200 LI / Sane price for both decorated and vacant / Get all 3 levels / Open access to public road / auto-invites / Public amenities http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glaurung/172/173/48
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