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  1. No one's going to tell you this but it's all in your product picture That's how you see products with 5x one star reviews. People don't even read the product page. Your product icon needs to be consistent, supports branding (it will build don't think it wont) Try uploading the hottest cake in the world the next killer mesh whatever and don't add the product icon = you wont get any sales.
  2. I was thinking, instead of having the person making skin appliers pasting a link to a certain product in the description, there should be a input field of some sort on the edit page of the applier to point to a specific product the applier is made for and an option to purchase both the product the applier is intended for appears alongside purchasing just the applier. That way we create a chain where the mesher can choose to sell full perm or only permit appliers
  3. Business has been booming without me doing anything. I think the virus actually revived online services
  4. Fortuna Hills Parcel can be set to private $150L for 300 prims a week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xenosaur/97/115/63
  5. It is quick cash but remember it is also possible for them to add in automatic sweeps without telling you. In late 2019 if your product has any trademark brand words (Gucci, LV, Disney etc in ANY part of your product) it becomes automatically delisted. Another platform which I will not name has mesh analysis to determine if you actually should be getting paid, so if you bank on second hand intellectual property (Tattoo showing Link etc) you can run into the filter later on which will make all of your product become useless. If you are going to do that, find ones where they are more lenient on second hand use of IPs, Disney for example is known to chase you to the edge if the world to stop you from using their IP while Yoko Taro doesn't mind at all and even encourage it.
  6. Hi can we have conversion tracking with the listing enhancements? At the moment we can see times viewed, and times clicked but I would like to have the conversion captured as well. A bit like the facebook pixel or google analytics when someone makes a purchase through that click, that way the effectiveness of the ad can be fine tuned
  7. Thanks, the fee is indeed more reasonable than elsewhere. Plus I don't pay shipping so I guess 10% is a fair ask 😁
  8. I can see some of the promotional fees have been lowered and I am getting taxed higher on some products, was there a major MP patch I totally missed out?
  9. More lots added - Big sailable land still available get 1 week free on prepaid of 4 weeks or more!
  10. Dragongate Market has expanded, only 2000 prims left. 75L for 200 prims, you are free to run shops or just live in any of the units, no restrictions. One box per person please, if you need more prims please contact me first. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black Drake/225/210/53
  11. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Khisanth/225/161/37 Industrial pier next to protected sailable canal. Natural overlay also available, comes in two sizes, 2400m2 or 1200m2 1200m2 lots can be made private with security orb. Casperlet auto invite. To see all rental boxes in the gazebo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Khisanth/177/101/41
  12. It's like, you have this fully connected world alright, then people choose to self isolate on a platform in a sky.
  13. The city is a canvas and the residents paint it 😁
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