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  1. I am waiting for the next stage where the extremists wait for me to leave before proclaiming victory.
  2. Then when you run out valid points you will resolve to pick on grammar mistakes. Your strategy is to wait long enough for other side to leave. Thank you for proving my point. Didn't need a lot of work.
  3. Good try with that no U. Lets wait for Scylla's thesis first.
  4. While the other side has ample time and is typing up thesis response,this is what dear Scylla is doing: Talks about gender issues to bait out the hard line misogynist and misandrist then try to drag people who are otherwise neutral into the war, Scylla, I would like to let you know humans do not separate into mere two categories and you are dehumanizing them by putting them into two categories. Then after people who are neutral leave the conversation because they have things to do, work to go to, kids to look after you say 'ha I win they ran away' Then when you run out valid points you will resolve to pick on grammar mistakes. Your strategy is to wait long enough for other side to leave. You may think there is a gender war, like fringe members of the society thinking there is a 'race war'. Well there isn't. Stop trying to divide people.
  5. I never said what they stand for you are just projecting and strawmanning. Why are you trying to incite forum wars?
  6. IMO no change required I was expecting full on keyboard confrontation and a locked thread like the time when I talked about heritability of IQ (It's heritable science proved it) As I said, P2D ratio is good and people just need to greet each other via clicking more and not open conversations with 'Hi". There's bound to be people who don't like women or people who don't like men in SL, and those two groups as usual are trying to spin small issues into a big one like they represent everyone else who don't come to the forums. I think both of aforementioned groups are sad people and although I hold zero responsibility for those two groups being grumpy permanently and bases personal success on keyboard arguments on facebook or other social media proclaiming change, I would like to say We don't live in disneyland, there's bound to be people who will not like you, so get over it.
  7. If it worth actual money I would get RL legal professional involved. If your product isn't expecting $250-500 (hourly cost of lawyers) or money big enough to warrant an agreement, I would say don't bother. You and your assistant will need to be ready to put RL on the table as well. Just draw up general conditions, send it to a lawyer for them to review it they will either 1. Offer to redo a legally binding one for a fee 2. Provide advice on whether it is really necessary (usually free). $250 is a small coat compared to someone high-tailing into the sunset with your IP. If anyone tell you they are 'SL lawyer' tell them to go home, get an actual legal professional and not Dave RPing a lawyer.
  8. P2D in a SFW way to explain it is 'female to male ratio' Second one, it is an add on many people have.
  9. I think most men get lost at the lack of objectives, for me, I like money, so I make products and buy land. Money is like my religion, so making that L$ counter tick is my ladder and objective. Men are generally more into competitive games with clear defined goals, which doesn't exist nor do they need to exist in SL, it is a sandbox. Social wise I do not see issues, the P2D ratio is pretty good, I prefer a high P2D over sausage party. I am that guy that clicks on the back first to see if there's a slapping sound. Fashion, well, choice is pretty limited there is no doubt about that, it is the free market at work. As a merchant I can testify that female product sales (especially shoes and hair) is absolutely insane compared to males, so for the same time spend, no one with profit in mind will make male cloth when they can make another pump with an extra bow and milk in the shoe cash. If you are a 3D artist and you like money, make footwear for women.
  10. Only 75L a week for 150 prims Great alternative for no credit / can be increased at 25L for every 50 prims. Does not count building prims towards your total prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Marwood/22/40/49
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