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  1. Hello Does anyone know any good food or drink items from the Marketplace that uses animation in left hand? I have a lot of these but they have only animations for right hand :(
  2. Hey, I just wanna know how to do it so I can play music for my friends in my parcel without having to download and install lots of stuff, and it's not intended for trolling :(
  3. Hello all. I start this topic because I have some question about streaming music inworld in SL. I know there is a way to configure the Stereo Mix from Windows 10 and set it up to make it capable to play music from Youtube and make it sound through the SL voice. I was investigating and trying lots of stuff but I got nothing and... I kinda need a bit of help here. How do I do to configure it correctly? I wanna play music from Youtube through my SL voice channel Here is a screencap of what I'm talking about..
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