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  1. Check the keywords in other languages. For me, I tried just as you did, to remove all English keywords. Then I saw this post and removed either all German keywords (automatically added in English) or the actual German words I added myself (where "Kinder" was the word prohibited, not "Kind").
  2. No, neither did I say that? I am refering to that in the tab for German, when you remove the keyword "Kinder" that got the listing banned, it goes active. "Kind" is ok.
  3. But why is "Kinder" not allowed as a keyword in German?! Anyone knows? 🧐
  4. Canis, I had the same happened to me as well, about 26 unlisted items, all related to children (skins, clothes). I tried to remove a single keyword from the german translation (kinder) and that seems to work just as you mention.
  5. @Chic Aeon I don't think the levels has anything to do with how much land you own (or not). I don't own any land, have a free account. My husbands avatar own 512 sqm and has a premium account. Yet we both have the same levels as for LindeX and Process Credit, both higher then the new "default" levels. I double checked just after the new level announcement and again today.
  6. I do most of the time now. It is way to much work to list a single item, in my case for each skin tone. I just pack them all in one folder or box and use that for all listings. I do not see a reason this would not be allowed.
  7. For both of the suggestions below, I assume you are using some kind of graphic software as well to edit your snapshots. If you are using system clothes or clothes layer on a mesh body, only wear the actual clothes and nothing else. If you are using mesh clothes, only wear the mesh clothes and put on a full body alpha OR rez the mesh clothes. Take snapshots against a green, blue or white background, delete/mask everything but the clothing. Set the background as transparent and save as .png or use alpha layers if you are familiar with the use of them, save as .tga. Upload the
  8. Not sure which vendor system you use, if it is Casper there is a helpful information page you could check: https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/CasperVend_2/Quick_Start Casper Vend and profite sharing: https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/CasperVend_2/Profit_Sharing There are many reasons people prefer vendor systems instead of a simple sales script, mine are these: Gifting option Demo option without extra prims Gives landmark and/or information notecards Records of sales history with great statistics over regions, sales (L, amount, best sellers etc.) Ef
  9. @Nomasha Syaka, if you refer to your store on the marketplace as your page, no you can't. Your items will be listed according to the algorithm behind the sorting preferences chosen by the user viewing your store.
  10. Skidz has a great sandbox, it is free and staff online basically all the time to avoid griefing.
  11. If you know the name of the item you purchased, try to download your transaction history from your account page instead. You can get your transactions as CSV, XLS or XML do your search there from there. As you find your transaction ID, send it to the merchant, it might help them to find your purchase more easily.
  12. Updated information here: https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/Outages Unlike other vendor systems, Casper are open about the outages. I tried a few over the years and this is the best vendor system I encountered. The statistic and sales information (place, lindens, amounts etc.) are great features for any merchant plus the option to include both inworld and marketplace sales. Outages will happen to any vendor system, the difference is how they openly share the information about the issues.
  13. Instead of getting an investor to start up your business, have you considered to work to earn lindens within Second Life? Various places like hosting events at clubs etc. could slowly enable for you to build up a small amount to start to invest in full perm mesh to resell. It does work but requires some patience. I know by experience since I started that way myself, not wanting to add any of my real world money. Best luck.
  14. You would basically be selling part of your ownership, investors are bosses. Why do you need money at all? Does your business actually require external investment? Why not put your own money to start-up slowly and retain 100% of your business, consider rather to reinvest all funds back into the expansion and growth of your business as opposed to losing a chunk of your business to an investor? Something to consider if possible first.
  15. My deepest condolences to Sylva’s family and friends. I had the blessing of personal contact with Sylva, such an amazing person she was with a wonderful witty humor and bright intellect. A quote from her Second Life profile: "In the end, the measure of a human's achievement will be how they are remembered - or forgotten". Sylva was the best animator in Second Life. Her spirit and great work will continue to live on. Sylva, you succeeded and will always be remembered. Rest in Peace. For those who wish to support Sylva's RL daughters and family, please consider visiting The Sylva Petrov Mem
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