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  1. Let's try not to derail this thread too much, I really dont want to have to close it. For what it's worth I am happy to pose for a picture any time anyone wants if they see me out and about. Even if it's in my Linden home, just walk on up and knock on the door! Now let's make sure we are all being nice please, it's the weekend, it's time for fun.
  2. Stumble, stalk, we all have our hobbies. I assure you what I was doing was not super interesting, just a little home decorating. Next time anyone sees me out and about though, say hello, it's far more fun that way.
  3. I think at this point this post has served its purpose and ran its course, and as such, to avoid any further issues with this thread, I am going to lock it. I suggest we leave the Moles to work in peace, they are quite busy ensuring that there are enough homes out there for all of our Resident's.
  4. That sure seems like an awful lot of horses to cram into a home. I can't imagine that is very sanitary, or fun for the horses. I am sure they would love to have room to roam around, enjoy fresh air, eat fresh growing grass. I can think of much better places to have a farm, a small home is perhaps not the best place to raise a large amount of farm animals. In a more serious tone, it would be best to consider how much of a regions resource you use up, before doing so, otherwise you might get an unexpected visit from myself, or one of the many other wonderful Lindens.
  5. Hello! I just wanted to stop in for a moment and apologize that you recieved some wrong information from another Linden! I will work with the team to ensure that hopefully does not happen again. However, allow me to clarify, if you buy your premium membership before the time runs out to pre-pay, you can also make use of the pre-pay option. I hope that clears it up for you, and anyone else who might have been confused.
  6. I am going to head off and dream of coffee and Residents happily logging into Second Life! I am sure I will be seeing many of you in Second Life again very soon! Thanks for the fun tonight folks and allowing me to spend some of our down time here on the forums with all of you!
  7. Thanks for the coffee wishes! I will be sure to share them with all the hard working Lindens!
  8. We are happy to be here to do what we can, Second Life means as much to us, as it does to all of you.
  9. You can slide a cup of coffee my way!
  10. Correct! We will update the Status Grid when we have resolved the matter. It is the best place to follow issues with Second Life.
  11. 18 hours? Well color me jealous!
  12. Well I am glad my soothing presence can be here to help while it can! It might at some point need sleep, but for now, its here!
  13. I could give you a lot of ideas. Such as... Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice"? Where do forest rangers go to "get away from it all"? Why do they report power outages on TV? If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success? But for the workinds under our hood, I am afraid I am not the best person to speak about that, and the ones that are, are knee deep under the hood right now.
  14. Thankfully it does not have anything to do with that earthquake.
  15. I would be more concerned that there was a snow leopard sitting on the servers above anything else that might be going on. Also, do I get to keep the snow leopard as a pet if I convince it to move off of the servers?
  16. The best I can tell you right now, is we have a lot of people working hard on getting it resolved, and that we want everyone back in Second Life as quickly as possible. Except @CrystalFragments we are tormenting them as part of the master plan.
  17. I would be happy to have my team help with that Tarina, just send in a ticket, and then let me know privately what the ticket number is and I will have an agent help you out as soon as possible.
  18. All part of the master plan! Just like when you are waiting for a knock on the door, or a phone call.
  19. Oh no... I think they are on to us..
  20. There are things you can do! You can point them to this lovely thread, or this one Network Maintenance or our Status Grid (this is a great resource for all new people to have!) and even to our Twitter and Facebook page as well. All great places to find out what is going on with Second Life.
  21. It's a lot like watching a boiling pot of water isn't it? That being said, we are terribly sorry that we currently have logins disabled. Rest assured we have our best Lindens hard at work on it right now though! Our goal is always to avoid down time for our Resident's as we understand how frustrating it can be.
  22. It will be the new fashion style, before you know it all the famous people will be dressing just like that as well, for when they walk the red carpet. But in all seriousness, nobodys head should be misplaced...hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed (nah for reals!)
  23. Hey Guys, Thanks for tagging me on this, we are currently investigating!
  24. Hey guys, This thread is starting to get off topic, you guys know how I feel about that, especially when it interupts my morning coffee! So let's drive it back in the right direction... As one of the Supervisors of the support teams, I can say that the amount of time it takes for us to respond to our Resident's, is important to us. Myself and the rest of the support management team are always actively working to find ways to improve how we handle things for our Residents, including how quickly we can resolve whatever is causing a negative experience for you. I've seen it mentioned as well, but we also have alternative means of contact, that if it is a feature you have access to, I encourage you to use it. For all billing issues, we do have a dedicated billing line. For anyone with Premium, you can access our Live Chat, and last but not least for anyone who has Concierge access we also have a line where you can contact for a multitude of reasons and receive assistance. I would also like to point out, that the information Patch posted, is just support tickets, that doesn't include the amount of live chats, phone calls and abuse reports we also receive and address on a daily basis. I've unlocked this thread for commenting again now, I just wanted to have the opportunity to get us back on track before more comments were posted.
  25. Clearly you all are reaching it too easily, I should make the challenge harder! *walks away, laughing evily*
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